Fake doctor exits Malawi for paper work

The Rwandan-born Dr Nice Oliver, who claimed that he is a South Korean trained physician is currently outside the country for paperwork, Nyasa Times understands.

Dr Nice's massage parlour

Dr Nice’s massage parlour

Nice was detained and questioned by Lilongwe Police for posing as a physician and operating a clinic, Vigen Medical without proper academic papers.

He was also claiming that he is a local agent of Vigen Medical Company of South Korea even though there is no contract with Jio Media LTD, Vigen representatives in Africa.

Soon after the police arrest, Dr Nice left Malawi for Rwanda through Tanzania for “processing some papers which the police had asked,” according to one of the workers, who opted for anonymity but works at his Malangalanga clinic in Lilongwe.

According to the employee, the police had asked for some working permit, academic and business registration certificates.

“We gave then the registration certificate but the rest are being processed,” said the source without elaborating  how and where they are being processed.

Lilongwe Police Publicist Kingsley Dandaula said after  he was questioned, Dr Nice was released pending further discussions.

He has two branches in Lilongwe at Malangalanga and in Blantyre at the Trade Fair grounds.

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21 thoughts on “Fake doctor exits Malawi for paper work”

  1. Manuel, HSA,s are trained through Phc. We hav three colleges for them in malawi, which poison or toxic drugs hav they given u? HSA anakulanda mkazi mwina nchifukwa ukulemba manyi. Do u think a ministry are stupid? HSA sapeleka injection ya malaria but rather immunization and contraceptives, and they just a few who are trained. Comment things on ground and not kut usangalase mazoba ako, learn to be serious and not childish, grow up idiot.

  2. Mr.Bambo says:

    Apa ndiye walasa nyani tchende.

  3. Cashgate1 says:

    Its time Malawi govt do audit all foreign doctors and see if they have legitimate papers. Sukulu imavuta and its not fare for others to practice yet they have never been to school. People’s lives is also at risk. Malawi govt be serious for Gods sake.

  4. Chamiyendo says:

    Its not a clinic its a massage centre. Atolankhani mumalemba mopepela mukalandila ndalama. Simesa pali wina ali pa upland pa maula ndi pa limbe apa. Same services. Winayo simmesa ntchito yomwe amadziwa ndi kugulitsa mowa wa mmasacheti ndi kupanga kumbucha. Why are you linient on him. Akuikani chibhanzi eti!

  5. snaiper says:

    Akukagula ku tz amatero amenewa , go to kansungu DHO u will find one nurse there

  6. MFUMU YATHU says:


  7. Manuel says:

    But w should also clean the inside of our house as well.As am talking now MOH is giving very toxic drugs to non-technically trained pple like Health Surveillance Assistants to mass poison Malawians (“takasuzumira” lero akuomba nawo mfuti eti!) including injections for malaria drugs&contraceptive(without learning the geography of nerves in humans?) specialised meds! U wl be shocked t learn that HSAs hav never seen the wall of any health sciences college, they just pick girlfriends/relatives of those in authority, no matter how dull.Any surprise that most of illegal clinics in the villages r owned or supplied by HSAs?

  8. womenslib says:

    A massage clinic huh? Sketchy.

  9. Mngoni weniweni says:

    During za m’maboma programme I heard of a certain person being arrested for operating a clinic without valid documents. Am talking about a fellow Malawian. But here is a stupid foreigner being given a chance to go and collect his man made papers back home!! Will he come back? If yes, will he be tried in a court of law for operating a clinic without proper documents? If not, then we have a rotten country! Law enforcing bodies are busy punishing Malawians while foreigners are swimming in blue watered pools!! Kusewera ndi moyo wa munthu bwanji?????? Very sympathetic!!!!!

  10. Kika kanawe says:

    Lets wait and see the truth will always prevail.

  11. Bantu says:

    so, he was operating without a work permit? And, somebody is still processing his academic papers? What kind of nonsense is this, Malawi!

  12. eye eye says:

    So one can open a clinic before scrutiny of papers? only in malawi? and worse more without work permit or relevant immigration papers….only in Malawi!

  13. Zimamvetsa chisoni ndi mmene ma regulatory authority athu alili, so myopici on real isseues. Only concentrating on tissues.. Our concils mmmmmm… leaves alot to be desired. Katangale basi. How can a medical practitioner open a clinic and oprationalize it wothout supporting documents. Malawi a moto anatilowa mu bongo sitiganiza olo pang’ono. mxiiiiii

  14. Babalu says:

    Mr Nice is really a nice guy, so welcoming at his clinic. Nsanje basi. Anthu ambiri akuthandizika kumeneko am one of them.Ndiyetu a boma mugule zipangizo ngati zimenezija muzithandizira anthu mzipatalamu.Mapilisi atopetsa mshaaaaaaa!

  15. nsanje port says:

    Medical council is busy collecting money and gave stiff penalties of MK30,000 for late payment of annual fees for lowest medical qualification,to my surprise its only nurses council that seem to be vibrant on the ground while medical council is just money hungry but has no passion for human life in the presence of money.

  16. jumujum says:

    amalawi dongosolo limabvuta kwambiri

  17. original gobe says:

    ine ndikuona ngati kuti anthu akunjawa amauzana kuti kumalawi kuli anthu opusitsitsa dziko lonse lapansi ndiye kuli money yoti idyedwe kumeneko.

    refugee amatha kukhala ndi benz mwini dziko akukwera kabaza. nkhondo ku rwanda ndi burundi zinatha kale-kale.

    1. Joel says:

      Zoona ayenela kuti amauzana amenewa chifukwa a ku ethiopia amabweranso kuno akuti akudutsa kunka ku SA kkkk


  19. Mr.Bambo says:

    Its not true that he has run away to process the papers,the guy has a wedding in November and soon afta shall be returning to Malawi.Nsanje bwanji kodi?We know that it is a fellow Rwandan operating a similar kind of Massage Clinic and were once partners that is fabricating all these lies.

  20. Gologolo pa mtengo says:

    What comes first? Opening of a clinic or checking of qualification papers? Medical Council of Malawi plz jack up!!!

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