Fake K314m project: Malawi education officials face community anger

Communities in Malawi’s northern district of Nkhata Bay are up in arms against the country’s Ministry of Education following a K314 million (US$762 136) school project which was earmarked for the district and despite being approved in 2010, the project has not yet started.

The communities suspect that funds for the construction project at St. Augustine Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) might have been misappropriated or the project was just used as a political campaign gimmick by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which was in government then.

Minister of Education, Emmanuel Fabiano:

Minister of Education, Emmanuel Fabiano:

Communities surrounding the school claim that government, through the African Development Fund (Malawi/ADF Education V Project) was supposed to construct various facilities including a laboratory, a library and a reading room, a staff house and bring water services, solar power installation, and classroom equipment.

But none of these have taken shape.

“What we saw out of the whole project is the delivery of school desks, computers, photocopier, printer and laboratory equipment in 2013,” said one community memeber in an interview when Nyasa Times crew visited the school with the District Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Committee.

The visit was led by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) of the Mzuzu Diocese which has also raised an alarm over the ‘ghost’ project.

Officials at the school disclosed that several officials from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Lilongwe visited the school to, among other things, monitor infrastructure construction, yet there was no infrastructure under construction.

The officials also said that between 2010 and 2011, construction machinery (Grader) was brought to the school, but it was withdrawn within two days.

The same years officials from the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) also visited the school to prepare for install electricity on the supposedly ‘constructed’ structures, according to information from the school’s records.

According to an advert from the Ministry of Education that appeared in The Daily Times, the country’s widely circulating daily, of December 5 2011, which bidders were called to construct, complete and maintain a laboratory, library and reading room, a staff house, water services, solar power installation and associated external works.

These works were supposed to be done in nine secondary schools in selected districts, including Chadabwa (Lilongwe), Katewe, Katsekaminga (Dedza), Kambale (Neno), Muhasuwa (Chiradzulu), Mpinji (Thyolo), Mkumaniza (Chikwawa) and Masenjere (Nsanje).

District Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Committee chairperson John Chunda said the information they have shows that funds for the project were released, but they might have been misappropriated since there are no structures on the ground.

Acting education division manager (EDM) in the North Pauper Mkandawire confirmed of the supposed project but said his office has never been consulted on it as he said it was being supervised by officials from the ministry’s headquarters.

Director of education planning in the Ministry of Education Victor Lungu confirmed that the school was among 30 secondary schools nationwide earmarked in the project.

He, however, said the project which was under Malawi/ADF Education V Project was phased out in 2012.

“The project was initiated to upgrade about 30 secondary schools nationwide and each school’s allocation was $800 000 (about K314 million). By the end of the project we were only able to work on 18 schools,” saids Lungu.

He dismissed fears of misappropriation of funds for the project saying the 12 were left out because of lack of funds.


Lungu could not explain why there was a deficit when the project had a budget for 30 schools.

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38 thoughts on “Fake K314m project: Malawi education officials face community anger”

  1. Central says:

    Vuwa imeneyo ndiyo ikuyenera kukhala ntchito, osamalolera anthu azigwiritsa ntchito Boma lanu kumaba ndalama za mitsinkho yathu!! This is ‘coz they know that the district is full of boot lickers!! Msowoya ndiye wakuuzani zofunika kuchita, mukayamba eni akenu ife tikuthandizani………….!!! Koma a Vuwa, koma kuika kumbuyo anthu akuba ndi a tsankho ndiyo ntchito yao……………………………………..!! Mwana wa Njoka Vuwa………………………!!

  2. Charter says:

    This is the type of journalism we need. Now, let the people demand accountability from elected leaders.

  3. Osalimbana ndi Lungu. A fana ocheza boo. He is a displined guy. Osazikonda pamalo ali onse. He strategises.

  4. Mukungotokota anzanu akutakata ali phee.

  5. Komatu olo atalowamo a bomalili lonse anthuwa ndi amodzi. Bola a Civil Society angotenga bomali mwa kanthawi kuti tiwone ziri mkatimo.

  6. chekambewa says:

    koma mkuthekeka lero mpaka 2014 wooooooooooo

  7. BAULENI says:

    Release The Names Of The Cashgaters please !!!! NO NO NO NO !!! BUT WHY !!!

  8. kholowa mkabudula says:

    That is what you voted for, what are you crying today?

  9. Nigerian boy says:

    Peaceful resolution to all issues is the best! If malawians want federalism then the government must listen to the voice of the people……and for those calling for seccession of the north that will be a suicide mission! Never ever try that!!! There is no how most african countries will support such move and rest of malawi will not allow that happen! Take a look my country nigeria will not give funds to the north of malawi should they secede from malawi….why? Because if nigeria supports that, then ‘biafra’ a defunct republic in the south eastern part of nigeria will be watching the events going on and would also try to secede from nigeria! So is the case of so many african countries were there has been call for seccession by parts of most countries………….

  10. Don Chigwe says:

    MCP please take the DPP to task otherwise they must be removed from government.

  11. Mcferson Chalemera says:

    Fisi ndi fisi or it moves from one forest to another forest. It won’t change. DPP,PP,UDF,MCP All these parties anthu ake alibenazo kanthu anthu akamavutika. Bola zawo zikuyenda.

  12. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Nanga za district hospital zili pati? Wasovenge ada Kaunda Vuwa Symon, paja zoterezi amazitsata!

  13. ada banda says:

    mwanguluwa anganya, mwana winu yula ada kasambala Raphael wali kwimba makopala yonse, mundapulike yayi va cashgate wali kwimbatu na mkulu wake wa ku mzimba yula.

  14. Chabazo says:

    This smacks of another cash gate. MPs should take this up, especially those from Nkhata. No Victor Lungu has his own skeletons in his cupboards. Musiyeni kaye. he better stay quiet.

  15. Mbanangwa says:

    Maliana, budget is indeed a financial plan and it does not money is available. However, money could be said was available. The feasibility study to kick start the project symbolizes that, otherwise people from Escom, te ministry of works would have not come, otherwise they used. Particular vote, if not, the viament used to secure travel etc allowance would have been explained. To hell, federalism is the way.

  16. John says:

    Iyayi a Maliana (11.1 above) mwataninso kodi. Chizungu chakuthawani mwina? If they just “planned” without the money being available as YOU are understanding the article, then where did they get some of the equipment and furniture that was delivered? Anatenga furniture yaku Ndata mwina? A Malawi koma, ntchito kumangoneneka tokhatokha aphawife, odya makobidi ali pheeee zimimba zili ukooooooo. Re-read the article again please, may be with a dictionary this time?

  17. Wananga says:

    Chidaganya chibwere. It is the only solution to such developmental problems.

  18. BIWI says:

    vuwA ameneyo !!!

  19. Black Market says:

    Feuderalism a must, no compromise even if it means another July 20

  20. eye eye says:

    Each school is budgeted and then there is lack of funds…only in Malawi!

    1. Maliana says:

      Please use your brain. Don’t you understand, a budget is just a plan; it does not mean money was available?

      1. makito says:

        Lungu just said funds were available for 30 schools, 800,000 each. Inu nde mukuwerenga ziti?

  21. chekambewa says:

    Chamba chanucho mukagwere nacho kuthengere

  22. wakwidu says:

    Mr Lungu is a liar. Why then did they not phase out the procurement of equipment,some of which were taken to the school about ten days ago? Equipment started arriving some three years ago. That is not a sign of phasing out. The truth is,the procurement team was not told of the scheme to swindle the money. It was left out. The building team is at the center of this. Can Mr Lungu tell us when exactly was it phased out and why? How many districts were affected by the phasing out. I blame former MP for being interested only in giving media inteviews on nonsense of praising leadership instead of following up projects. His main activity was throwing about money while his friends were busy on projects. This is just one instant where money has disappeared.


  24. Sibongire says:


    1. mboma says:

      Goodla Gondwe in 2010 was never minister of finance, mind u he was finance minister in first term only from 2004 to 2009, that time it was ken kandondo or ken lipenga, ask these guys will tell u everything, but still it was under the wise and dynamic leadership of Bingukikikikkkikikkik

      1. NB Parent says:

        Finance minister was linguist Ken Lipenga. Joseph Mwanamveka was PS. Education Minister was either farter George Chaponda or Mathanyula Peter Muthalika. Mwaiwona???

        Ada Chunda, go deeper on this.

  25. Mauapaseli says:

    Zikwanje Camp is ill of thieves!

  26. Black Market says:

    Osanyengelera mangani zenizeni, mukataye makiyi pakati panyanja. If not, tell us who swindled these funds tikonza tokha. we know where these thieves are staying.

  27. mboma says:

    hence we need secesation on this, such type of governance is scary i tell u!!!!

  28. John says:

    And of course the school from the “dead North” had to be the one phased out! Izotu za DPP

  29. John says:

    And of course the school from the “dead mNorth” had to be the one phased out! Izotu za DPP

  30. CONGO MAFIA says:

    That’s why Federalism is a must to tackle such lack of tranparency and accountability. Federalism now…

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