Famine blamed on sin, climate change: Snr Chief asks APM, Malawian to repent

In an interesting twist to the calls for President Arthur Peter Mutharika to resign have cropped up. Snr Chief Kalonga of Salima says it’s ‘sin’ and climate change that must be blamed for Malawi’s social-economic woes.

Chiefs Forum

Chiefs Forum

In a second phase of the senior traditional leaders meetings to dismiss calls that Mutharika resigns, Snr. Chief Kalonga said those calling for the President to resign, President Mutharika, and all Malawians must repent.

“There is a bad omen that had befallen Malawi because of our sins. Malawians have wringed God and must repent so that these signs of the end of times may depart us. The whole world also knows that climate change is what has brought along the food shortage.

“As chiefs, we therefore see no reason why Mutharika must resign. He did not bring this famine and economic problems. Neither did his party. We emphatically say he cannot therefore resign,” he said, signing off with an ‘Amen’.

Along with other central region chiefs such as Chaza, Tsabango, of Dowa and Lilongwe, among others, including Lukwa and Kaomba of Kasungu, the senior chiefs were reacting to calls by some opposition leaders who say Mutharika has failed and must humbly step down.

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and and the People’s Party (PP) insist the president is ‘inept’ and must go.

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and PPs firebrand Kamlepo Kalua, both MPs of the National Assembly, have been joined in the calls for Mutharika to go by PP caretaker president Uladi Mussa.

The chiefs claim such calls are misplaced and have the potential to ignite civil war in the country. They say every Malawian is their subject and they have the authority to speak out through the newly formed Chiefs Forum, their mouthpiece on issues affecting the country.

“We are not political in any way. We have formed our forum as custodians of peace and tradition. The entire southern Africa is affected by climate change bringing drought and food shortage. We said in our new constitution that each elected leader shall stay for a five year term before seeking another term.”

At the same new conference, Snr. Chief Kaomba asked the opposition politicians to instead join Mutharika to find lasting solutions, such as irrigation and also mechanised agriculture.

He also warned the police against abuse of their powers around this growing tension. Police arrested Kabwila and others following a WhatsApp leaked conversation allegedly plotting a coup.

Malawi is dogged by erratic rains that have brought drought and poor harvest, economic low down due to donors withdraw following the infamous Cashgate scandal.

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This is an evil institution that used to sell its own sub ects for mere salt or alcohol. Trust then at your own peril. This institution no longer stands for the truth but self preservation.


Your ignorant absurd god knows nothing about climate change, that ignorant god should never have been born!

the director

fool chiefs


let me request snr. chief kalonga to first repent himself and then should ask the fellow chieves to repent too for not being honest to malawians. If they are honest let them reveal who is funding these meetings. That money would have been used for buying maize to feed the staving Malawians. Greedy chieves. Malawi cannot progress.

my job

mbuzi za anthu izi palibe chabwino apa mwina iwo so akuchindidwa ndi peterla muzaziwona mukagwa, anthu akumavutika inu muziti fyafya apa akuchindeni kwambili


I think we are heading to the domesday. I could not imagine our honourable chiefs can be so myopic to see the situation on the ground. These people have no regard for human life.. Remember God is. Keeping an eye on everything you are doing, very soon you shall. Repay. Bravo Jessie and Chakwantha.


These Chiefs will one day pay for their headless comments. We will one day have a president who will not give them an ear. Nowadays, one does not need a chief to win elections. Chiefs are not the voice of their subjects. Cant they see that Dubai is in a desert but we have not heard of hunger there?

Bright mkosi

Adakutimani ndindani achanga inu moti kwanu anthu sakuvutika ndi njala . Mchifukwa chani mutachoka ku msonkhano kuja mmayimbilaso a kabwila omwewo kuti akupepeseleni kwa aChakwela poti mudangotumidwa chabe

Pita Matha

That is why we always say Mafumu anthu ndi mabulutu, you can be used anyhow. If you are saying Malawians should repent, who brought the sin? Is not the same person whom you are praising to day because he has given you small envelops who suspend the law that allow gayisms and lesbisms in the country, ask him to repent. But kind of chiefs are, who do you represent?


You group of idiots ,PAC has told you idiots to distance yourselves from Bulldog APM.
Zausilu basi.

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