Farmers rebuff new tobacco selling system in Malawi

Tobacco farmers in the country have rebuffed a newly imposed Integrated Production System (IPS), introduced recently to sell the crop, saying it’s dangerous.

Tobacco farmer protest

Tobacco farmer protest

Farmer with his bales of tobacco

Farmer with his bales of tobacco

The system allows farmers to grow tobacco only on contract basis with the government.

A petition has since been presented to government. One of the signees of the petition Akunkwindira Mpinganjira said “the IPS is killing the Auction System of buying tobacco.”

According to the petition, the system “is exploiting and dangerous to Malawi local farmers.”

Salima North West legislator Jessie Kabwila told the current sitting of parliament that the IPS was indeed reaping on the farmers.

But agriculture minister Allan Chiyembekeza was unmoved by the farmers’ request.

“They are free to join the system or not,” he said.

A farmer in Dowa, whom Nyasa Times visited, showed us 150 bales of tobacco which he alleged could not be sold “due to discrepancies in the system.”

He added: “Knowing that I was desperate, some tobacco buyers came to me wanting to get the bales at K6 000.”

Malawi is an agro-based economy with more than 60 per cent of her foreign exchange coming from the tobacco exports.

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21 thoughts on “Farmers rebuff new tobacco selling system in Malawi”

  1. Dusty says:

    Gimbogo lets go with time if the merchants are saying we more tobacco on IPS and govt of nyasaland should say no to their demand.Do you know that will mean the end of tobacco farming in nyasaland.U remember very well,some four years ago there was high rejection rate on auction system why? Coz tobacco merchants were dictating the market and they were offering better prices on IPS crop.Take it in your mind that our government is toothless and broke,it can’t come to the rescue of farmers.Let us take this seriously so not joerpadise the future of tobacco.Gov’t of Nyasaland should make sure that there is a proper legislation to govern the system otherwise tobacco merchants will become more powerful than government of the Nyasaland republic.IPS is a good system than auction system where there more levies and commissions on every single dollar charged on every kilogram of tobacco.

  2. Gimbogo says:

    Why is 80% of the tobacco selling on IPS and 20% on Auction ? Why not leave it oppen 4 farmers to choose what they want

  3. IPS WOYEEE 2015 says:

    IPS is good, those who feel like their jobs will go are the ones against the system, whether u like or not I will be implemented. No farmer is being forced to join the system, go in field the only good tobacco u can find is under the system,,,,,kusadziwa zinthu bwanji

  4. Dusty says:

    Alfred Chauwa and Mr Mpinganjira IPS is agood system as compared to auction system.You know Malawi has been using auction system 4 a long time and what have we benefited.Auction system has ripped farmers more with lots of levies.I know you are conniving to frustrate TCC and Dr Bruce Munthali on IPS coz ur financier will loose bussiness and revenue in form of levies and commissions on tobacco auction system.Mr Mpinganjira,did they pay u that 200,000,000.00 u were claiming from them?

  5. Jozza says:

    Fellow mwians pliz learn to comment issues u know better, both systems r there and 1 is free to choose any selling system he wishes. In IPS buyers r saying they want to know and trace all growers supplying tob to them with fears of GMO, human rights in all tob growing areas, envirnmental conservation, child labor issues for sustanable farming in Mw. Some of u r not in this industry and u know not anything but u choose to comment. Learn to learn b4 commenting. Sorry if u insulted.

  6. Mngoni says:

    Umenewo ndiye timati ugalu kwambiri, iwe chi Mpinganjira wakhuta maungu a mudimba eti? Chitsiru kwambiri iwe, umadziwa m’mene fodya amawawila kulima? Ukayambe walima wekha ndi mkazi wakoyo Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fotseki

  7. Malawian says:

    IPS siyabwino. Alimi akuvutika nayo. Auction system encourages competition and this makes prices to go up whilst this Contract farming tobacco buyers buy tobacco at the minimum prices because they face no competition. This system is reaping off farmers. Am saying this because i have experience n i work in the industry. Trust me guys tisauka nazo izi. Farmers will end up being trapped in ngongole and they will become tenants for these buyers. IPS is NOT as good as its being presented on paper. What is happening on the ground is totally different. That’s why the farmers don’t want it. The government is imposing the system on the farmers due to pressure from the buyers. Its being threatened that if it doesn’t implement the IPS, some buyers will pull out of the tobacco industry in Malawi. It is NOT a good system TRUST ME

  8. makito says:

    The problem with our system, especially if you have former technocrats like Dr. Chiyembekeza, is that the administration tend to think for the masses. Civic education is necessary to inform the people concerned and the public in general and measures must be put in place to address the loopholes and side effects of the system. These must be clearly communicated.

  9. onanana bank says:

    System imeneyi alemere ndi Bruce ndi Nzache Allan Chembekeza Pano awerengera kalekale

  10. Kokotowa says:

    This is stupid! This Mpinganjira guy must be retarded!

    Nobody is being forced to be on IPS!

  11. Iwe musiye mtolankhani watilembera Ife alimi apa. Ndiwe mbuzi eti

  12. Iwe Mkwapu ndiwe Chitsiru wamva bwanji u Kuti IPS ndiyabwino

  13. Iwe Levi Pherani ndiwe Galu mbuzi IPS ikuliza alimi NDIPO silembedwa kamba ka corruption ku fodya.

  14. Hakimu Banda says:

    Iwe Alevi ndiwe Galu mbuzi yamano kusi Ife tikuyamika kuno kwa Santhe reporter ameneyi kamba kobweretsa nkhaniyi poyera kodi Mwina watumidwa eti.
    Ambiri salemba Nkhani izi kamba ka ziphuphu koma uyu walemba Kuimira Ife kuno kumudzi.

    Ndiye zachamba zakozo Iwe Pherani usiiretu.shatapu mwana wa hule. GALU.UMALIMA IWE? IPS umaidziwa Iwe?

  15. Maximum Prison says:

    Si umbuli kukana IPS koma chilungamo palibe! Auction imathandiza kugulitsa fodya mmene alili pomwe IPS akugula kungosangalatsa alimi ochepa koma osadziwa kuti pamapeto pake awapweteka powadula ngongole mma dollars ngati fertilizer anagula munthu mma dollars?Apa nkhani ndi yoti ndi angati systemyi ikwapindulira? Ma company amafuna alimi azitenga zipangizo pa ngongole then kunamizira kuperka mitendo yabwino komano mapeto ake nkudula ngongole moonjeza! Kw alimi oziyimiira pa okha akubvutika kugulitsa fodya chifukwa ma company palibe cholowa chawo!

  16. vac says:

    IPS is not the tobacco buyer’s initiative but customer demand.IPS means Intergrated Production System..In other words mukamalima tobacco wanu make sure you are not using child labour etc

  17. JB says:

    mbuli ndiwe mkwapu, ngati ku India ziko losogola kuposa malawi anapanga scrap out IPS completely kubwelera ku auction system. munazolowera kukupangani dictate azungu chinachilonse kopanda kufunsa. even Botswana auction their diamond anasiya kupitisa kunja kuti azikawaikira mitengo azungu, koma kuno umbuli mwati azungu akuwuza zoona. iwe ukapita kogula tomato kumsika unayamba utaziyikira mtengo wekha malonda asali ako? wake up please.

  18. LEVI PHERANI says:

    I would have preferred a balanced view on IPS. Unfortunately this reporter has not provided one. He has shown complete lack of knowledge on the system with his biased reporting. How about those that have opted for it? You should have argued on their part as well so that in the end one concludes that the system is wrong.

    Next time could you please provide a balanced article.

  19. Patriot says:

    Number 1 poorest country in the World.
    Congratulations DPP
    Congratulations Malawi

  20. MKWAPU says:


    1. Hi Mr Mkwapu….sindikuivesesa IPS chonde tandilongosolere…whatsapp 0999512102 or flash me I’ll call u back….

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