FastJet stops flying to Malawi

Budget airliner, Fast Jet has announced that it has stopped its flights to Malawi, a move that will impact negatively on businessmen.

FastJet stops Malawi route

FastJet stops Malawi route

End of FastJet flight to Malawi

End of FastJet flight to Malawi

Officials of the low-cost Africa-focused airline , offering probably the cheapest fares, said they have been forced to pull out of the Malawi market because of the continued nose diving of the kwacha and Malawi government decision to issue it with a licence to land at Chileka Airport in Blantyre.

Rosebury Satha Sambo, chairperson of Tourim Council of Malawi described the Fast Jet closure of shop in Malawi as the dark day for Malawi tourism.

“They were the cheapest. Most people who never dreamt of boarding a plane had a chance,” said Sambo.

She also said this was a big blow to small and medium business people who used to spend three days in a bus from Malawi to Tanzania but now used to fly for two to three hours.

Fast Jet made their fares extremely low at K40, 000 though people had to pay for all their luggage and buy drinks and food on board the plane.

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26 thoughts on “FastJet stops flying to Malawi”

  1. george says:

    Umbava pa malawi wakula ziko silingatukuke

  2. namarokoro says:

    When I read the comments of the readers of Nyasatimes I feel sad for my mother country. The country is full of idiots or wise people do not read nyasatimes. FastJet simply could not make profit. How can you make the flights that cheap considering all the fuel, maintenance, parking expenses, etc. The owners simply did not understand what they were getting into. Ask South African Airways, they are battling big time now.

  3. gani says:

    Big blow to malawians

  4. Mlauzi says:

    Efforts to woo other investors will come to nought. This curtailment and other regrettable events like the closure of some PTC shops, electricity and water outages, a currency on a perpetual downward spiral, insecurity interalia are sending wrong signals to potential investors.

  5. This is Malawi administered by Dpp. I think nothing good is coming out of Malawi during this era of dpp rule. Anthu aqwa zawavuta basi asanamizire za cashgate.

  6. Nosedive says:

    No worries, little Kahuna will charter the whole plane for his entourage to this years UN meeting in NY.

  7. umziya says:

    Its all because of the visionless DDP

  8. ray says:

    koma ako kokha kali kumapeto on the right tiyeni tikaombere mmanja amangwetu. Ndikukafuna chibwenzi pepani a nyasatimes ndingakapeze bwanji kameneka?

  9. Tt says:

    the easiest business to do in Malawi: is the god business, become a pastor and speaking in tongues about material promises and most idiots (the deeply religious ones) will pay for it! Any genuine business is likely to fail!!!!

  10. Pillar says:

    This is the present Malawi and its fruits

  11. judah says:

    wages of sin arrogancy on the part of this lomwe govt protecting these other expensive airlines stupid

  12. John the Baptist says:

    Very Sad. God help Malawi. Otherwise the Malawian Airlines will be right at our throat if left loose-right on the jugular vein.

  13. Me says:

    To me, these guys came too cheap. It was difficult from the onset to make a profit with those minibus fares. No wonder they have closed.

  14. John Mwalungila says:

    A big blow to Malawi tourism. Kwacha nayonso yanyanya kuchepa mphamvu.Later, we hear ……….airways has withdrawn its services to Malawi. Pull up your Sox man.

  15. Thokozani says:

    I can not understand the whole drama. our country is doomed

  16. mbanga says:

    koma zoona izi. tsopano chileka yatani? akaniza kapena ayi.

  17. 2016 welcome says:

    Hunt for an African media house to write good about Malawi. It has never been this worse on leadership in Malawi. But the moron at the state house sleeps with ease.

  18. sporomatic says:

    So SAD that Will slow down the pase of business Thus make kwacha further Fall.

  19. Willie Chirwa says:

    The reasons dont add up. First its the Kwacha sliding too much for them and second government has forbiden them to fly into Chileka. Suppose the government had given them the right to land at Chileka Airport would they have stopped their flights? Nosense and rubbish! The main reason from this hulabaloo is their request for additional landng rights has been rejected full stop not the kwacha sliding. Where the kwacha slides you increase your fares end of story. Fares are never static in this crazy world. We have an airline which we also must protect from collapse, one white lady once remarked to Lobengula of then Southern Rhodesia “Give a stranger an ox and not the whole herd of cattle”. Fastjet wanted us to give them the freedom of Malawi skies which would have slowly eroded the bussiness of our just established airline. Do we want to go the same Air Malawi way we have stakes in Malawian Airline not Fastjet. Hamba kahle Fastjet the faster they come the faster they go.

  20. No name brand says:

    Aviation is cut throat

  21. chimwemwe zakumva says:

    no wonder we continue to be poor,that is also a reason why most of our commodities are priced highly than well to do countries.just imagine it is better and cheap to subscribe for dstv in south africa than in our own country.

  22. Kamtedza Mwale says:

    Dear Fastjet I dont understand your explanation. You were simply supposed to do two things a) Raise your fares comensurate to the Kwacha or stick to the equivalent of your original price in US dollars b) Charge us little more to recover your licence fees for Chileka landing. Had you done these two things you would still be the cheapest and you could have maintained your profit margins. Is there any other explanation?

  23. Chimwemwe says:

    And Malawian airline iyambenso kutisenda tsopano. They slashed their fairs from almost 300,000 to 100,000 return with the coming of Fastjet. pano ndie they will slash us with even 400,000!!! Thieves

  24. salador saan says:

    zofuna. kuba too much amalawi. kaya zanu izo. bola enafe tinafinyako bele la chi hostess chimodzi.

  25. Morris says:

    boma I hope you have now realized the impact of the continuous falling of kwacha Goodall you need to pull your socks up

  26. Sadist says:

    That’s the sad reality we are in. The thought of boarding a Taqwa again to Dar es salaam is another nightmare. The buses plying this route have no regard for the plight of customers. The coming in of Fastjet was quite a big relief. Gosh we are back to the dark days again. RIP Malawi

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