Father to sue Malawi army over son’s wrongful death: Football fan’s burial Sunday in Kasungu

Police senior superintendent Stanley Mwale , father of the late soccer fan Geoffrey Mwale who died in the wee hours of Friday in Blantyre says he will file a wrongful-death lawsuit agaist Malawi Defence Force (MDF) for for the death of his son over football violence.

The late Godfrey Mwale's father paying their respects at College of Medicine Mortuary (CoM).

The late Godfrey Mwale’s father paying their respects at College of Medicine Mortuary (CoM).

Mwale, who has been lying unconscious at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre since May 10, succumbed to serious head injuries he sustained during the incident that occurred after a league match between Red Lions and Surestream at Kamuzu Stadium.

His father said on Friday that he will seek justice for the death of his 24-year-old son, saying it is clear that the soldiers assaulted the deceased .

“This is a wrongful death caused by solders of MDF who brutally attacked my son using TATA truck only used in Malawi by the military. It is not over until it is over,” said grieving Mwale.

Police failed to make any arrest in connection with the beating of Mwale with Police spokeswoman Rhoda Manjolo saying in usual statement “ investigations are underway.”

Messages seeking comment from MDF spokesperson Lieutenant Paul Chiphwanya and Red Lions chairman , were not immediately returned

However, MDF chief of training Brigadier General Paul Phiri recently told Nyasa Times that they are doing their own investigation into the matter and will take appropriate action if their officers are found to be in the wrong.

“All we have is hearsay and we are making our own investigations before taking any course of action. We know football authorities did their investigations and punished our team but we also need to know the root cause of what happened on that day,” Phiri told Nyasa Times.

“ Discipline is the corner stone of the military job and if we find that some members on our side were in the wrong, we will take action. Similarly, we expected football authorities to act on those that provoked the situation.”

Godfrey Mwale has become a second soccer fan to lose life to violence at a domestic football match within a space of just over a year. Lemiyasi Josita died in similar circumstances during a game between Mighty Wanderers and Silver Strikers at Balaka Stadium in December 2013.

He is expected to be buried on Sunday at his home village Chiwengo in the area of Traditional Authority Chilowamatambe in Kasungu.

Following the violence that erupted at Kamuzu Stadium, Sulom fined Red Lions a total of K3.6 million and banned eight players from the military side from taking part in Sulom activities for a maximum period of one year. The players in question were found guilty of assaulting referee Boniface Chapinga after the game.

Chapinga had denied Red Lions three goals apart from awarding two penalties to Surestream, who managed a two-all draw against the soldiers- courtesy of the two penalty kicks.

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53 thoughts on “Father to sue Malawi army over son’s wrongful death: Football fan’s burial Sunday in Kasungu”

  1. Achalume says:

    Kukhala ku fellowship ma comment onsewa ndikanati Halleluaaaaaaaah ndipo inu nonse mwalemba ma comment mukanafuwula kuti Ameeeeeeeeeeeeen.Army woyeeeeeee.

  2. Chikuni says:

    phanani ndinu asilikali nokhanokha.

  3. Dido says:

    Iwe ninkhuuzeni kaya ukuti kachiani ndiwe galu wa mchira. Inu mission yake iti yomwe munapita inu? Kapena yomweyi yokamenya macivilliani kumipirayi? Missioooooniii, mumaidziwa inu mission?

  4. Kulibe kantu says:


  5. Ismael mdala says:

    How can soccer be butful like this.very sad.

  6. pasimaro says:

    Mulungu akulangeni, anthu okonda akazi weni

  7. chikoya says:

    exercising usoja on civilians? shame. zitsiruzi zikungolipidwa popanda ntchito yomwe zikugwira.

  8. Tatopa says:

    Bwana Phiri akufuna root cause yomwe ichite justify the killing chitsilu iwe galu iwe mphaka iwe ukutanthauza kuti sukudziwa kuti no matter what kumenya ref ndiye chopusisisa padziko lapansi ngakhale zitalakwika. Mbalame ina ikuti tizawafuna asilikali kuti atani? Apite ku Tz akaone agalu amenewa

  9. Abuwawa says:

    May his soul rest in internal peace. Bambo mwale give them tough time mpaka mulandire compasation

  10. Taweni says:

    Let us have only one team from the Army in the country. The issue of having multiple teams does not help sports in this country. The soldiers have shown that they are dangerous and may not be controlled by the police.
    Observe them when entering and exiting the field of play and they do not show orderly behaviour of lining up and moving in single file like fellow soldiers do elsewhere.


  11. ninkuuzeni says:

    do u kno kuti aliyense ali ndi nthawi? uyutu yake inakwana ndipo amangofuna pofera.

    iwe ukuti amalanda akazi aeni…ndekuti akaziwo ndimahule they seduce these soldiers & mesaso akapita ku mission mumasoka azikazi awo?

    musiyeni mwale akapume,,24yrs? he wasnt working,xooling even doing a viable business? aah pano akusekelera kuti wafa ali virgin definately will be included pa choir of the saints…OH HOLY MARY

  12. Clement says:

    Ayi.. chokamba ndilibe. Mzimu wake uuse mu mtendere mnyamatayu…

  13. Isil says:

    May t soul of Geofrey Mwale RIP.
    MDF if I was your commander, would have compaseted before taken to book.
    WARNING : Blood on the moon
    or apologise to the nation and family

  14. shupit says:

    these people hav no moral. the man has died untimely death

  15. Penjaninge says:

    Agang’azi awa,ahippo,acrocodile,mbuzi za mabere kukhosi pankolo pa amanu,mwapheranji nzangayu?bwanji?next season ma team achisilikali onse atuluke mu league,akamenye socials,koma zandiwawa mweee!y satan y?

  16. kabotolokamo says:

    MDF my foot ! Killing people is no Defence but foolishness …….

  17. Moses Makoko says:

    In all fairness, why should soldiers be participating in super league? Let them be playing social football amongst themselves. Our soldiers have nothing to do. Recently launched saw them beating a bus driver on their way to Dzalanyama forest. What our soldiers do in malawi is totally strange, how can soldiers form a choir/band? Please take them off football circles.
    To my fellow malawians, let’s stop going out to watch football. In South Africa, fans no longer go to the stadiums to watch matches, u can verify this.

  18. Anganga says:

    Let all the Malawi Defence Force Teams be punished by not allowing them to participate in Super Leage for at least 10-15 years so that they may learnt a lesson.

  19. Gwape says:

    Koma mbuzi zimenezi tatopa nazo. osangowachotsa mu ligi bwanj.

  20. Gwape says:

    Koma agalu amenewa tatopa nawo osangowachotsa mu ligi bwanj.

  21. Again says:

    Somebody with JC/MSCE, a soldier in the poorest country in the world which has never been to war angapange chani chanzeru. When I am a president very soon, I will make you redundant. You are using TATAs (funded by tax payer) to humiliate legitimate Malawians? I don’t think mwandivanso pamenepo MBULi.

  22. wiwiwi says:

    Kupusa kulimbana ndina monthu modzi training ndi training for six months kuma training mwanayo nonse mboli zanu

  23. munthu Wamkulu kwambiri ngati church la katolika says:

    geofrey muuse mu ntendere man.
    MDF mwaonatu vuto logwiritsira mphanvu molakwika
    Matimu aasilikali ayambe apuma mu ligi.

  24. Dr. butros-butros gurlie says:

    Sulum ikhwimitse malamulo ngat team yayambitsa ziwawa izituluka mu super league….

  25. Misi anguisher says:

    Red lions ingochokeratu mu supperleague basi

  26. Afumu Phiri says:

    sadzuka komaso MDF sinakamutenge kuti apite ku ground

  27. James mkoko says:

    Chokani sitikukufunaninso my Super L sitizikaonelanso mpila Wa SATANIC wanuo aka nalakwanji ARMY kulimbana ndimunthu mmodzi kapena munamva kuti bamboo make ndi A POLICE?

  28. akalupilipilimubobo says:

    lets wait and see what God is going to tell us

  29. Teddie Msukwa says:

    Lets face facts on ground: 1. Malawi’s top drunkard society= MDF
    2. The most active society in prostitution in MW= MDF
    3. Ministry where you will find dull pipo = MDF
    4. Department that do not respect the authority = MDF
    These are just some of the qualities of most soldiers, but know this: God shall bring judgement on everything that you do to innocent people. To those soldiers that are good enough to people, I say sorry for the insult that you will bear, and to the father of our beloved lost son, ( you will not understand these things here on earth, just be yourself and the Lord shall reveal as to why this happened to your son.

  30. thinktankmalawi says:

    Stupid army…hiding the truth…ashamed of MDF ….an army that is hostile to unarmed civilians is a weak army…

  31. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    This is sad.In football people or any competition they are winners and losers and people should learn to be accepting than being physical to each other just because you are at the losing side.Probably the army should be banned in all games with civilians.Football unites different type of people.
    These civilian games and millitary has been uniting them.All these thugs who were involved in killing this innocent young man should be heavily punished.Those Tatas bought by civilian tax payers are not meant to terrorise civilians.They are failing their role of the job.

  32. zoshola says:

    ndikadakonda Red Lions ichoke mu supper league. RIP Mwale

  33. Prophet says:

    Tidzaonana next fixture ya asilikali

  34. Nyoni-nyoni says:

    Koma mpaka wapita nyamata uja, yet red lions is still in tnm?may the good God panish them all who played to cause this death.not forgetting super leage of malawi for not eleminating the whole team. amen

  35. JJB says:

    People have been saying, Football is the devils game.

    In some countries players get shot for scoring.

    This boy was killed for what?

    People will wake up too late to realise the devil at play in football.

  36. Nyachi says:


  37. Mbewe ku mphani says:

    Kodi driver anayendetsa TATA truck kupita kumeneku ndindani? All the people who joined this truck are they still MDF staff. Ask them if they assigned by their superiors and let their superiors tell us the truth. They all went there with one motive – to kill. So why delaying.

    MDF this is straight forward issue, don’t fool us.

  38. sir bentby says:

    I suggest the punishment they received must be doubled, or else all these military teams must be expelled from TNM superleague. their teams rely upon taxpayer funding, then why butchering those who pay taxes,
    shame migwanya…

  39. Napanya says:

    Akulu akulu tiyeni tileke mwano ndi asilikali athuwa chifukwa atipha tikapiliza mwano wathuwu. a soldier is trained to kill…..kkkkkkk

  40. clif says:

    ndilengeze pano kumpira sindizapitaso koma amene anatengatp gawo mwazi wa ameneyu udzamutsata moyo wake wose,ndanena ndanena

  41. Mthandeni says:

    We don’t need army in malawi because we can not fight any army in the world.Mukapita
    Ku peacekeeping mission you think ndiye nkondo

  42. Kasungu says:

    These Deaths here in kasungu is not strange by govt machinery ,first was Gadama today is this innocent boy ,soldiers ? No but enemies of Malawi may Maulana do his work here by verting its arsenal otherwise the country is on fire. One wonders why the whole state president can go there and cheer the people who are terrerising its own citizens . We have come to conclude that these soldiers only protect the president and his family . We demand a statement from both the president and General commander . Ladies and gentleman we talking about somebody losing Life unwillingly here this is barbaric on the part of our soldiers wear a human .

  43. May the soul of Geofrey rest in eternal peace.May God comfort the family.

    Koma a Maulana mwaona zomwe achita ana anu kupha an innocent civilian please remind your ana anuwo what their primary role is in the army.The Malawi Army is really a disgrace.Ndakhumudwa kwambiri.

  44. zizi says:

    You Malawian Soldiers shame on u, ikawola imozi ndekuti zawola zonse, i dont know anthuwa kaya ndiotani, i dont admire thm, i was with my friends coming from town we met them at a certain place here in Mzuzu, thy were in uniforms, thy were five together, it was around six oclock, tinadusana bwino bwino later on anayamba kutithamangisa, with the grace of God kusogolo kumabwera gulu la anthu then thy left us kumapita,ndikhulupilira akanati gwiririla, oro atapanda kundifunsira ndiribe nawi ntchito, RIP Mwale

  45. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Those dogs must pay…minimum 20 years in prison each!!!!!! Umoyo wa wauchigawenga wakula kwambiri amongst these so called souldiers. Kodi paja ntchito yawo ndi chani mmalawi muno?

  46. Honest says:

    MDF knows well who beat the guy. They are just hiding each other. The tata was for mdf as the father has already said. It carried soldiers. As they came by the bus stand the tata stoped. Three soldiers jumped out and attacked the young man as the media had said. The other soldiers at this point were probally watching their fellow hooligans pouncing on the young man and they knew them. Just either mention each other or come in open and surrender yourself so that the law can take its course. Apa biii muvunda matongo muona.

  47. Mgoloso says:

    Opha mzake aphedwe, Rest in peace mwale.

  48. joe mgawa says:

    very sad may GOD comfort de family.

  49. harrinya says:

    God’s eye is upon those soldiers who killed this innocent young boy..the world can let u walk away free..but God wil not let u…guilty concious wil eat ur healthy


  51. Steve says:

    Apepese and apatsidwe chilango chokwanira. Why do these guys instead of promoting peace end up terrorising us??? Amandikwana bwanji. Worse still amakhalanso mmagulu akuba. Professional ethics is thrown to the dogs by these guys. I loathe them. They make me angry such that I can spit in their face. Eish!

  52. chaiwone wawo says:

    I find the situation very sad than a life has been lost in this way. Suing is the way to go for the parent but put facts together otherwise you lose money through these good for nothing money hungry lawyers. I hope evidence will be there to prove this case against MDF soldiers. My the soul of the young man rest in peace.

  53. Charombanthu says:

    Take these hooligans head-on. A life has been lost here, for what, a soccer match? Our prayers are you Mr Mwale in these trying times.

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