Federalism talks take centre stage in Malawi

Demands for federal system of government have taken centre stage with the debate growing day by day with Bishop of the Anglican Upper Shire Diocese, Brighton Malasa  suspecting the calls are not being made in good faith.

The Diocesan Bishop said those calling for federalism have no credibility and that they should not be taken seriously as they are the same “greedy and selfish politicians”.

“It could have made sense if they were new and neutral people,” he added.

Malasa:  Federalism campaigners have no credibility

Malasa: Federalism campaigners have no credibility

But a pressure group pushing for federism in Mzimba led by Dr Bina Shawa has trashed the Bishop’s remarks, saying the calls should be handled in accordance with citizens’ demands.

He said citizens be allowed to decide on federalism other than suppressing them.

Shawa said government should accept there is a wind of federalism and “allow public debate so that the people decide the type of system they want instead of dividing people into proponents and opponent.”

He warned that failing to come out and allow public debate will polarize the country and will encourage enmity.

The CCAP Synod of Livingstonia has said the push for federalism should be national.

President Peter Mutharika has been dismissing such calls as unnecessary . The President has since dispatched his aides to lure traditional leaders  in campaigning against federal government in which sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and constituent political units such as states or provinces.

However. Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya,  has called on chiefs to understand “things” before making decisions.

Speaking at the annual cultural event for Tumbuka ethnic group in Rumphi,t Gonapamuhanya, Msowoya made reference to a biblical story where the Jews chose Barnabas in place of Jesus to be freed from crucifixion.

He said: “When people don’t understand things they tend to make wrong decisions. Even the Jews in the Bible chose Barnabas instead of Jesus.”

“But if they had known that Jesus is the truth and life, they would not have made that decision. Understand first. Do research. If you don’t understand, ask, even if it means asking your children.”

In Europe, most countries run federal system of government  while in Africa, federal system of government is practised in some countries including South Africa and Nigeria.

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Mine z question, wat made Malasa to brought this issue of federasm?something z not going well with the so called leaders of Malawi. If this ,does care the views of the so called poor Malawians , many Bokoharams will be formed in our country , musamaganize kt anthu kt akhale zigawenga amangosankha ayi, koma kumakhala kutopa nkuponderezedwa ,ngati zikuchitikazi ,ndithudi zinthu sizikuyenda mwachhulungamo kwathu kuno, kungoyambira nthawi yazisankho mec yopanda chilungamo,akhoti okonda ziphuphu, mavote oyera kuwerengedwa ku Ll adapsa nothing was done,enafe mpaka lero ndalama sitidalandire za mec mpaka6 manz ,yambani kulamulira kumene nde nyanyi increament 24% aphuzitsi ipte7 &odl2… Read more »
crispen kandido

i am not a politician hence not selfish as purpoted by the honourable Bishop. but i believe in the call for federalism because of one good reason = PROPORTIONAL DISTRIBUTION OF DEVELOPMENT.

Most of us here are saying the tumbukas are useless then why dont we let them leave on there own. malawianswill never be grateful they have beeen coming too our regions and helped build our beautiful cities and towns but we have really shunned their region when they cry out aloud they are useless aaaaah my foot. come to think of this: new stadium Lilongwe, new cancer hospital-Blantyre or Lilongwe, new university- Ndata new what what lilongwe and blantyre as for mzuni you just evict TTC and University occupies alas they have the reasons to seek federalism worse still secession.… Read more »

Mr Malasa, What i can advise you is that if you feel a moving air (wind) just know that there are two points of unequal pressure. Visit both points b4 u jump into nasty and ashaming conclusion. Just keep your bribes intact and hidden while already ex[posed to God

Ngoma, Thomas, London
Ngoma, Thomas, London
The Cat is out of the bag. Federalism will indeed happen. However, amidst all the huha we as a nation must ask ourselves; is it really the priority at this stage? Will federalism really develop Malawi? This is just another social-political jingoism mirage that will come to pass but economic development will continue to elude this nation. We broke ‘the stupid federation’ but failed to create wealth, we became independent but failed to create wealth, we defeated dictatorship to bring about skewed multiparty democracy but failed to create wealth for this country. We make very good progress on the social… Read more »

These northerners are selfish. First it was issue of quota system they went around the globe telling donors to stop assisting Malawi. The quota system is no longer there now they have started again on the issue of federal system of government. If we say no they will start all over again telling the donors not to assist Malawi. But all in all Malawians will suffer. We will not look up to the politicians to help us. Kudzikonda bwanji?

Hey! we never cling to northenors to be part of Malawi. I tell u Malawi wl be better off without mtundu umenewu. As for federalism its all about politics by those who know Malawians wl never give them chance to become presidents. Its a way t create small governments which they can get chance to rule. With federalism the game z; there wl be 4 governments, easy fr ppliticians to share. One central government in lilongwe, and 3 regional govermments one in south one in center and another in north. At all cost, gues about administrative costs. However fr ppliticians… Read more »
crispen kandido

i support you mkamwini


Chayambisa federal system ndi chiyani? nkhani ya cashget yatha sopano ndi federal government. Advisers of APM tengani bwino khaniyi chifukwa wina azakomoka nayo (we don’t want cardiac arrest or Ebola)


As a democratic state, let us allow this debate to take place but not in one region but the whole nation. Notheren region is not Malawi on its own and can not decide for all of us. We should all participate in this dicussion to make Malawi a federal state.

Life is a choice and we have to agree to have Northeren State, Central State and Southeren State. Therefore, no one region can dectate the others.

The Objective Person
I have red and followed with kin interest on all the issues you honourable people have raised on the issue of Malawi going federal but one thing that leaves alot to be desired is instead of you saying the evil of federalism you are busy talking tumbuka this tumbuka that. If they are uselesss people why do you insist on them holding onto you? You have no aorta to be commenting on what does not belong to you. Just give Caesar what belongs to him. May be you do not know the Northern region and Central region are the Engine… Read more »

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