Filipe Nyusi elected new Mozambique president

Filipe Nyusi of the governing Frelimo party has been elected Mozambique’s next president, the National Electoral Commission said Thursday, giving final results.

Nyusi officially new Mozambique president

Nyusi officially new Mozambique president

The commission reported a victory for the former defence minister, who garnered 57% of the vote, in presidential and legislative elections in the southern African nation two weeks ago.

Nyusi’s nearest rival, Afonso Dhlakama of the former rebel Renamo party, won 37%  – well up on the 16% he won in 2009.

President Armando Guebuza was constitutionally barred from seeking re-election for a third term. He won 75% in the previous election five years ago.

Guebuza will hand over early next year to Nyusi, 55, who will steer the country as it starts to tap vast natural gas resources recently discovered in the north.

Frelimo, which has ruled the former Portuguese colony since independence nearly 40 years ago, also won the majority of seats in parliament.

Renamo and Frelimo waged a 16-year civil war that ended with a peace deal in 1992, but Dhlakama took to the bush again in late 2012 as his supporters waged a new low-level insurgency.

He emerged from his mountain hideout just weeks ahead of the vote to sign a peace deal with the Frelimo government.

Dhlakama has accused Frelimo of rigging the polls, but has ruled out a return to violence – a reassurance for investors interested in Mozambique’s new mineral wealth.

The elections saw isolated outbreaks of violence in parts of the vast country of 24.5 million, while foreign observers voiced concern over alleged irregularities in the counting of votes.

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32 thoughts on “Filipe Nyusi elected new Mozambique president”

  1. mozpip says:

    a Malawi point of correction, moz is not civilized polically. I’m here in moz and the type of politics moz is practicing is of un civilized countries it has never happen on earth whereby almost a million of votes went nul unvoid but for moz thats possible the only problem malawians have is luck of respect to your authorities. respect your president then talk of other countries

  2. Ibrace says:

    Thats true kunokuli vuto

  3. The world is made of different countries with
    different rules, regulations and laws. Within
    each country the rules, regulations and laws for
    that country apply. Your country’s legislation
    does not apply to any other country. Another
    country’s legislation does not apply to your
    country. Different countries have different
    Delaying swearing in of President does necessarily mean ‘civilized’
    RSA is more civilized than Mozambique but they never took so
    long before conducting swearing-in
    ceremony,we don’t even have a clue the real reason behind decision to derail
    The tendency of belittling ourselves
    should stop
    In our eyes(Malawians) foreign is the best
    We’ve have our own way of doing things so is other countries

  4. vindere says:

    Awa nde Mayiko osati kadziko aka amati Malawi. Asa! kautsilubwanji.

  5. Monrovia says:

    It seems many people in Malawi are not conversant with their own republican constitution. A hasty swearing in ceremony was and is a not as a result of MEC or APM. You mean people can’t know that this is what is enshrined in the constitution? Or you mean our legislators and lawyers are daft? To me I think those who are daft are the ones who don’t know what their own republican constitution stipulates with regards to number of days for a president to be sworn in!.

  6. MULOMWE says:

    zisiru inu eti! kuno ndi ku MALAWI, NYASALAND osati apwitikizi ,eight days basi APM woyeeee!!! nyusi zabwino zonse Dhlakama uzipita ku ngolongoza kuja kuli ajawa

  7. mike says:


  8. chishimba says:

    A Malawi kuthamangila swearing,look our friends it realy shows that they are civilized kuno ati eight days basi kuba basi zautsiru,anzathu two months ngati ku america chisankho chinayenda bwino ndi cha 94 basi mwambela Tembo,Mbuya pano Chakwera sikuti apm anapambana koma anabera zidziwika Mulungu si munthu

  9. Stable says:

    Congratulation Nyusi

  10. EMBOMBENI says:

    APM is a God choosen president for Malawi.we prayed to God to give us a good leader and not the type of hule lira joyce banda who accepted same sex marriages.Whether u like it or not,APM is the your President.LONG LIVE APM. DPP WOYEEE

    1. popi says:

      EMBOMBENI, you are so stupid. mkamwa mowolama. kutsegula mkamwa, just to say chit? why not stick to issues, koma kutukwana?. be ashamed.


    So Mozambicans are better civilised than Malawians. They don’t rush to swear in the new president as we Malawians did. Look Gebuza will hand over power to the new president next year. Osati za kuno za usavegi, ubulutu. Malawi chonde dzuka!

  12. Congratulations President elect Filipe Nyusi as well as the current president Armando Guebuza. Mozambique is a pride to this part of Africa. A shinning example of how a nation can come from ashes to prosperity. Please show the rest of us how it is done especially the potentially mighty DRC.

    Malawi, we have an extremely weak Ministry and Minister of Foreign affairs. This was the time to mend fences with our prospering neighbors of Zambia, Mozambique. Lets swallow our pride and work with them for the benefit of the region as well as our selves. If there is no change from the current state of affairs, I would recommend a shake up of the line ministry in question.


  13. Ambolozio says:

    God guide him ‘n’ give him long lyf pitala short lyf.

  14. Cashgate 1 says:

    Something worthy learning (Peter and MEC). When you have won fairly, you don’t rush for swearing in, at least that’s a good practice. I am convinced that this is the manner pre and post elections should be handled. Osati 12 koloko usiku kulenga zotsatila, kenako the following day swearing in, how did you know you will win? unless pre arranged. Not even handovers! shame Malawi. That’s why you keep on lying to us that munapeza m’boma mopanda ndalama, really? Govt without money? never heard. Why because handovers are not done. Our constitution must have that clause. There must be a period to do proper handovers. Osati zamasanje amapanga azigogo alipowa. 57% that’s fair enough good win, atleast majority have spoken. In Malawi democracy has to be redefined for it to make sense.

  15. Timve says:

    “You are the best option for the two countries have of developing together ”
    Sure? Malawi and Mozambique developing together? Day dreaming. When he was appointed as a Presidential Candidate he had visited all all Malawi s neighbors and Botswana, South Africa, Namibia Angola and the list continues! Did he come to Malawi? No
    Malawi developing together with Mozambique? Tell your friend to authorise the feasibility studies for Zambezi water way . May be with that Malawi can also develop

    As it is the Nsanje inland port studies will wait for approval when Frelimo leaves government.

  16. madalitso says:

    ok ndamvetsa mwa mvemvemve. congrats neba

  17. nyaluwiro says:

    i jst want to congradulate de winning party koma osusa mvesesa next election muzawina ok, osabwelera mjango.

  18. chenkope says:

    Che Pitala Mathanyula mwawona anzanu owina…57% and aged 55. Kwanu kuja sikuwina with 30% meaning 70% did not vote for you moreover you are close to 80 years what a shame??????? 30% yochita kuberanso. MBUZI iwe meee!!!!

  19. Cicero says:

    With the recent civil war in Mozambique, the elections must be praised. Their constitution is good. We Malawians must adopt Federalism plus the 50+1% to curb the current Tribalcracy termed democracy. It is shame that we are ruled by mindnight six & mindnight government.

  20. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    Ine ndiye sindiku nvesa ndirowa nthengo , mwati wawina ndani ? ala mesa wawina kuno ndi PETER ABWANA PROFESSOR MUTHARIKA, sopano uyu , mwati President wa Atumbuka-kumpoto kikikikiki koma NYUSI.

  21. angondo says:


  22. Counsellor says:

    Congratulations Comrade Filipe Nhussi, formerly Defence Minister and General Manager CFM. We remember well the good times spent together in Limbe (Malawi Railways), and Nacala (CFM Norte). We believe you are the best option our two countries have of developing together. Regards to family.

  23. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Anthu ansanje, njilu, kaduka, ugogodi inu. Malawi ndi dziko loima paloka afterall limkalamulidwa ndi apwitikizi pomwe ife anali angelezi. Wagwa nayo omdala musiyeni APM alamulire ikazafika nthawi yanu tizakusapotani OKEY!

  24. Boma iLooooo says:

    Why should we always copy what others are doing? Our elections results will be announced withing seven days akulu. When there are issues, we have Kenyatta and company to make rulings.

  25. Momo sam says:

    55 years a good age osati zathuzi.

  26. Patriot says:

    Anthu a nzeru. Asankha mnyamata osati NGALAMBA tinasankha kuno ija.

  27. Nobel says:

    Good for them to have a new president. What the rumours that Malawi officials helped to rig the elections? Malawians lets be level headed becoz time will come when things will not go the way we contribute to political developments in foreign countries. Remember the Bingu /Sata saga? (RIP)

  28. pearson sadala says:

    Tutu bem amigos. Muinto obrigado eu nationale electio’s de mocambicano.
    Shame on mbendera.

  29. boston mlotha says:

    peaceful election congratulations

  30. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Why can’t Malawi not adopt the Mozambiquecan electro system of inducting the elected president after 90 days the result are announced ?
    Announcing elections at midnight should stop completely , Malawi electro system is very corrupt that is why donors do question the results.

    The Malawi Electro Commission is there to appoint heads of state for Malawians that’s why we find that our heads of state do come in the government without a good number of Members of Pariament , what a shame? The Electro Commission should not be there to be appointing political leaders for Malawians.
    It has now reached a point where by the citizens of country want to introduce the federal system of government. It has all come at a good time where by the present president can not handle this problem , by hiring the expired the President Bakili Muluzi it will not assist Peter Munthalika. Let’s wait and see.

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