Finance expert to head Malawi anti-corruption body

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has hinted that a finance expert will replace Supreme Court judge, Rezine Mzikamanda, as Director General of the country’s anti corruption organization.

Justice Mzikamanda: Returns to Supreme Court bench to be replaced by a financial expert

Justice Mzikamanda: Returns to Supreme Court bench to be replaced by a financial expert

Mutharika said on Monday at a news conference at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre  that it was necessary to have an anti-corruption leader with such credentials because of the nature of the work that the graft-busting body does.

“We have to do this because the ACB largely deals with fighting against financial crimes,” he explained.

Mutharika said this was part of his strategy to make the ACB efficient and effective.

The Head of State  added that he has increased allocation of resources to the organization to expand the circle of its capacity.

“We are doing everything possible within our resource limitations to make sure that oversight institutions and law enforcement agencies should be well funded,” said Mutharika.

One of the challenges affecting the work of the ACB has been inadequate resources in terms of man power and money.

Mzikamanda returned to the judiciary from where he was a second a couple of weeks ago as part of the changed that Mutharika has made to the leadership of a number of public institutions.

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19 thoughts on “Finance expert to head Malawi anti-corruption body”

  1. kuli bxwino angosiya asamalengezenso

  2. Mneneli Wonyenga says:

    Which Rhomwe is this one? We are just waiting.

  3. Amwene says:

    Lets be honest here. The leader of the body thats supposed to monitor discrepencies in the government should not be appointed by the leader of government. Thats very redundant. Its like an accountant setting their own controls to ensure that money is not stolen. As much as i agree about a financial expert being appointed, I believe this financial expert should be appointed instead by a pool of supreme court judges and supreme court judges should in turn be appointed by a vote amongst high court judges. Our head of state holds too much power.

  4. yuona says:

    Bola kupa zinthu zotsatana ndi ma report oyenerera komanso mosakondera mtundu wamunthu.

  5. Penu says says:

    Ndi nthawi yao anthu amenewo asiyeni 20191 sili patali .Bola .comaso akuona zomwe zikuchitikazi.

  6. Chaholi Chifipa says:

    You want to blind all of us that you are doing a good job, while in actual sence you want to put a Lomwe there………………

  7. wamkulundani says:

    Just say you would like to put there your man/woman. Osabisalira ku Financial expert. Lawyers too are financial experts. I thought you are a Lawyer too how come you don’t know this aspect. Remember the subjects you lernt man.

  8. rose says:

    Yes that’s a good move !I propose Ligoya Perks.

  9. Well done a big hand to you Mr. President we really need a new way of thinking and doing things Put new faces in all crucial government positions and they must really be professional never appoint to appease rather recruit to improve and enhance government delivery system efficiency . Some of these C.E.O’s have been there for a long time but the institutions they head have lost track and are no longer functional instead of profiting the government they have become a liability the government instead of getting something from their services is always tasked with the responsibility to fund these non functional government agencies .Lets replace the bosses all close down all government agencies which have become solely dependent on government Funding.
    there are only a few government run businesses which are making huge strides one good example is The Lilongwe Auction Holdings Limited .What Mr. Matabwa (C.E.O Auction Holdings Limited) and his team have done is quite impressive the man has proved that Malawian companies can strive and make headlines all it takes is the desire ambition and passion to move forward we have seen the coming in of so many services and products and even the marketing base has been grown so big with the coming in of Auction Holdings Commodity exchange. We need more hardworking and proven successful C.E.O’s like the Auction Holdings Limited C.E.O

  10. Peter Muthanyula says:

    The problem is not the leadership at ACB. The problem is the political interference, which leads to selective investigations/prosecution. Insulate that institutions from politics, and unleash it on everybody, regardless of position in the political circles. Full stop!!

  11. Kodi says:

    So long as the Director owes allegiance to the Appointing authority nothing is going to change. Recruit a Director on merit and let him or her be answerable to Parliament otherwise tikungonamizanapo apa

  12. joelmoses says:

    the lawyers in have failed malawians big time, lets try other professionals

    1. Mneneli Wonyenga says:

      Like an Engineer eh!

  13. He want to put a robbot whom he will be operating by remote

  14. nkunthamasese says:

    Watch!!! another Mlomwe is coming as a Financial expert.

  15. tika says:

    How do you get gud results when all the officers of acb when they have not paid.

  16. MaiMai says:

    Agogowa basi atha nzeru zili ku Malawi. .

  17. Ineyo says:

    Lets try these other professions than Lawyers every where, who in most of the times are rigid and self centered

  18. John says:

    Jah jah jah,,, wasn’t Mberndera and the rest of them credible a while ago? Look at them now. The whole gvt needs a massive make over, a complete overhaul, osamangoyika zigamba za nyowani pa trouser la kale, it makes the whole thing ridiculous!!!

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