Fire in Chaponda’s office believed arson, Malawi police investigating

Fire firefighters have been tackling a major blaze in disgruntled Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda’s office at the Capitol Hill in Lilongwe.

Fire Engulfs Ministry of Agriculture Offices

Ministry of Agriculture gutted

A witness described seeing people preparing to evacuate before the offices were gutted, reportedly after being alerted of the expected firre..

Chaponda was at parliament when the fierce fire was raging, charring official documents and other important office equipment in the top floor of the Agriculture ministry headquarters.

The first fire fighting vehicle was stuck in the mud as the vehicles rushed to the scene in the heavy down pour.

Staff from the building were assembling at fire assembling point whilst others were at car park, watching from a distant and helpless as the fire raged.

Chaponda’s personal assistant Semion Boyce was among the members of staff who hurriedly left the office when the fire started.

There are no reports of death and injuries yet and the police said they were investigating the matter.

Chaponda has been named in a presidential commission of inquiry as a suspect in corrupt practices in the infamous maizegate, the procurement of maize from Zambia.

People believe the fire is work of arson  after findings of the Commission of Inquiry instituted by President Peter Mutharika implicated Chaponda as being suspected of ‘inappropriate, suspicious and corrupt’ dealings in the maize deal.

When Chaponda appeared before parliamentary inquiry he explained that he used his personal email address rather than the official government one in his communications on the maize deal.

He said his office caught fire and destroyed the IT server.

In Parliament on Tuesday,  Rumphi East Member of Parliament Kamlepo Kalua alerted the house on the fire as Chaponda walked out of the House when the Deputy Speaker commented on the fire incident.



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60 thoughts on “Fire in Chaponda’s office believed arson, Malawi police investigating”

  1. diso says:

    Rule out word” ACCIDENT” at a time of this,NO NO NO NO NO NO NO BIG NO

  2. chaponda says:

    ma guyz a dpp maunjeni anu mwamva

  3. Likezio says:

    Kodi ndikoyamba kuti building imeneyi iyake moto? Nthawi ya Chihana when he was a minister,same thing happened but nobody said nothing.why is CSO’s in Malawi act like Anti-government? Kodi figure ya ndalama mukuti yabedwa about K9billion..mukuitenga pati?..coz as much as i’ve read the report,there’s no where they wrote that The money was released at the bank into the hands of Chaponda or Admarc. Eish..i don’t think anyone who didn’t vote for DPP will talk good about the party..but for us southerners..DPP runs in our blood.u can’t do anythng to change us from that..we all know that CSO’s in Malawi are opposition.

  4. Moseliwa Khanyiwani says:

    This is very unbearable. Do we love Malawi? lets put all issues aside. Do we need to destroy fractures at the expense of hiding the information? Please Malawi let us love this country

  5. Likwezembe says:

    This is sad story God will punish u due to maize gate.

  6. Malawans u can write comments but one thing u can not is to go on the Street and show your ager. What is the problem? Where is PAC, human rights etc? Are u so coward? The stuip Police shoot for NO reason and yet they are less paid. Look now where u are. This is the end of Malawi. The whole World is laughing at u. It can not be accident at a time of this. Raise up go on the street. Or military coup. Peter is not a president. These buildings were built during Kamuzu whom DDP blame. Where are u going to get money to renovate the buildings? Trump is right. U get education in Europé and America Come home u are useless. Also he is right some African countries need to be recolonised especially Malawi. Look What u are. U wanted american professor u got useless professor. Better than a village man. The whole DDP is old educated useless people. Destroying a nation. NO future for young generation. But Its up to The to say enough is enough. Why waiting for 2019.

  7. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    mbava zavuta pa malawi

  8. phiri says:

    Dpp,chaponda,Apm the most corrupt party in the history of this country.of all offices @capitol hill why fire burnt offices of a culprit being suspected for corrupt practices in maize saga .a calculated move to destroyed witness.DPP will never win confindence of donor support as long as it remains in power.malawi pull up your socks!!!

  9. Mkk says:

    passivity is disease which is destroying Malawi. These politicians r ruling corpses the late.We r the living dead thus the reason we r being manipulated anyhow.

  10. Mlomwe Weniweni says:

    A Malison Ndau anachotsedwa chifukwa cha chilungamo, koma a Chaponda akulimba chifukwa cha umbava. Peter waonjeza naye afufuzidwe.

  11. sazilala mbuno says:

    za zii, watumidwa ndi ndalama emme mawango ndiwe citsilu. wayamba bwanji moto. tsilu iwe huleee iwe

  12. Gutamz says:

    the government employed the civil servant and now this corrupt government is failing to pa them or else the people around the pot are playing pick so i pick next, now there is this where buy people are damaging the properties. if I was there in malawi i would be among the group to set your offices into fire because what what is happening affects every individual. how do you espect teachers to do their work when you stress them like this yet you already stress them buy paying them little only enough to buy kamba. amalawi tigwirane manja pophwasula ma office awo. its high time to wake up. zimaufiti mpakana nazo muoffice. Petter think about who you are today its teachers who shapen your brain now you decide to take chances.

    look a family of more than 10 members in which only one is working and paid that little coins now you are not paying them. how are they going to survive?

    May God please take you…….. before you grow horns

  13. Alex Gama says:

    Amalawi anzanga chonde tikuyenera kupemphera kwambiri chifukwa TIKULAMULIDWA NDI MADEMONI

  14. You can stop a protest but you cannot stop a revolution. So beware, everything has its expiry date. Everyone needs to learn that God’s grace is sufficient for as long as we do not frustrate it. God help in your own way.

  15. Kenkkk says:

    Now you know how dpp is run by thugs and thieves. Now you know that all critical and important fires in Malawi are carried out by dpp. Stupidly and savagely dpp thinks fires destroy evidence and grants them freedom. And you call these savage dpp people educated?

  16. Woo Kachidowo says:

    Chaponda, and his gurus dont love this country. They can do anything just to benefit. They can set fire on important building like capital hill. Cant they kill just to enrich themselves? Yes they can. Chaponda is a murder! Didnt he kill poor Malawians when he store that maize meant for the poor dying Malawians? What about poor people paying tax on everything including bread who contributed to that building?

    This is our only malawi. For how long shall we live in captivity of the greed?

  17. Cry says:

    MEC fire, Ministry of Agriculture Fire, Markets Fire. What will be next DPP

  18. wakuba alibe malemba says:

    I don’t even know where exactly to start and end but in short…President Peter is failling to sense the danger that he is nursing both for Malawians and himself….behind chaponda there are some evil forces in the name of Mrs Chaponda aka prophetess which are actively controlling the president…now if i were the prof who professes to has stayed in the US for over 30 years and learnt and practiced American democracy i would have fired Dr Chaponda forthwith. But see how the president sleeps on duty, the commander in chief, so awful and shameful

  19. Hon Pwhisi says:

    so there will be no trace of information.
    clever mafia idiots, Dr Banda built that building with our taxes pamene inu munali phee mukudya ma pizza ku USA,now we have to repair this mess with our taxes.
    this shows that u had sleepless nights now heart attack is around the corner God is in control tifinya ma kolona

    1. kamulonde says:

      Indeed Kamuzu built these SOLID housed with our mony nde wina angodzuka lero mmawa nkuwotcha zoona? Who is this kuti tidzimuopa? Look at ESCOM mpaka pano no renovations. Kuti apange renovate kukhalanso cash gate. Ku malawi nkonyansa nkale and these buildings atleast ndi zomwe timati tili ndi ma buildings owonekako. Koma watiyenjeza. Kupusa a Malawi.

      Ku Romania kwamveka fraud ya only 48,000 USd koma onse ali mu street demanding their dismissal. Ife atibela kangati? Luteo ndi uja pa iye yekha anatulutsa 4 billion.

  20. Matchona says:

    God z watching u chaponda……..ife sitingamangolira daily iwe nkumadyelera tax payers money……..mulungu wakwiya nawe

  21. Can`t talk more but this wat we call maize-gate eiiish yafikapo. Bwana mpaka kuyamba kukazinga chimanga mu office… eah hope chinakoma2 nanga mpkaka 1 hour self break ku parliament. Lets love our own Malawi this is another case of destroying government properties/assets. He has to pay for this, civil servants are suffering for their salaries, money is nowhere to be seen only circulating in gorvernment sectors. Please consider us because we are the ones who put you on that position.

  22. Tione says:

    Ndi Chaponda mchimanga yemweyu with his accomplice APM to hide evidence. We don’t need to look far

  23. Galubetere says:

    Aaah chauta bwerani muzatiombole.

  24. naphili says:

    now go and burn his house! A Malawi kupusa inu! Can`t you see thia is a deliberate act? Evidence destroyed tha is it. Case closed. Stupid Malawians!!

  25. Dennis Maxitar says:

    Kodi sioffice yomweyi inasyanso nthawi ya achihana ali ndunanso? Chenicheni ndichiyani ndi office imeneyi

  26. nyowani says:

    god have mercy on Malawi

  27. Amaduh Mbadwe Cassim says:


  28. Who ever has done this, destroying public property just to score points in this maizegate issue. will be punished by God. It may be the minister or his cronies trying to destroy evidence or indeed the minister’s enemies trying to completely destroy his future as many one-sided thinking Malawians will and have already concluded it is him. The truth will out. That aside I salute Chaponda for bulldozing his way to find maize and prevent the massive hunger we were all staring at. Muluzi ananena “..a Malawi timaiwala msanga..” zoona mmene mminda inalili in Southern and Central Regions somebody can stand on the podium to say Govt painted a grim picture of impending hunger just to get their hands in cookie jar? Didn’t we all cry for ADMARC to start buying undried maize in April even before the budget passed just to out-do the vendors? Didn’t we use the govt security system to prevent vendors buy too much maize? After those decision are bearing fruits we now turn around and say after all there was too much maize!!

    1. Contrarian says:

      “That aside I salute Chaponda for bulldozing his way to find maize” – how did he “bulldoze” hiz way to find maize?

  29. mtete says:

    Bwana APM, Chilima said it. “You do not tame snakes”. See what one runaway serpent is doing. People advised you to suspended/remove Jolijo for fear he would tamper with evidence while investigations were underway but as an ostrich you are you stuck your head in the sand. Perhaps you advised your comrade in crime Chaponda to torch his office to make it hard for Mr. ACB Kondowe to probe him. Even a child knows the fire was deliberate. Here is your anointed successor ranting about a colleague Gondwe and castigating Northerners and accusing them of engineering his downfall. Is this the kind of leader Malawians (even Lhomwes) want. Chuck him out; otherwise we will conclude his corrupt tendencies have your blessing.

    1. Concern Citizen says:

      Of course peter is involved. How would he treat chaponda the thief with kid gloves if he wasn’t?

  30. Apao Kugola says:

    For as long as we let Peter Mutharika dictate on us regarding how to deal with Chaponda, such bad things will continue. Some people will even lose their lives as the president continues to shield Chaponda. They know each other. In this arson, obviously, Chaponda is the first suspect. But watch how our police will work on this issue. If it were a common person, he would have been arrested already as the first suspect only to be cleared after the investigations into the arson. As a nation, we are hearding towards a very dangerous direction. People will lose hope in our law enforcers and it will be very difficult to keep law and order in Malawi if these things continue.

    By the way, where is Public Affairs Committee (PAC)?

    If somebody has a toy, please lend it to me.
    Otherwise, Happy Arson Valentine Chaponda Day.

    Cry Beloved Country.

  31. The Analyst says:

    “Do not be deceived. God cannot be mocked.” – Galatians 6:7. You see . . .
    . . . When the Seventh-day Adventist Pastor (Malopa’s) car was torched by unknown people, didn’t the Police find . . . slippers which were identified to belong to one of the suspects?, who was later on arrested? – (Nyasatimes, 24th January, 2017).
    . . . Nanga, although the passports for Kumwembe/Manondo showed that the man had travelled (abroad), didn’t the call logs show that the guy was here, pa Bwandilo pompa apa? Simple truths . . .
    . . . It is impossible to erase all evidence! (See Kasambara/Kumwembe/Manondo case).
    . . . There is a limit to which one can be clever! (See Kasambara case).
    You see, we often think that having a PhD is a mark of intelligence and perhaps wisdom, but are we not being made to believe otherwise here? Nanga inu . . .
    . . . Doesn’t whoever started the fire (yes it was started) think that even though the IT server is burned here (Malawi), the mails can still be accessed from the other (Zambia) side?
    . . . Yes, by burning the files, the guy may have erased evidence, but doesn’t this lawyer (in name only) know that lack of evidence is not proof of innocence?
    . . . Yes, (from recent events) we can predict that APM cant take any action on Chaponda, but doesn’t he know that govts do change? And thus that he can still face justice?
    . . . Is he not denying himself peace of mind when (for the next 10 years), he has to carry the burden of “ndimangidwa liti”,”Ndimangidwa liti.”?
    . . . There is no any greater punishment than unhappiness. And mkuluyu; alibe mtendere!

    1. bob says:

      You are right when one is guilty you live up with it throughout your entire life. Secondly ministerial offices at Capital Hill are such that nobody can easily intrude carry out such an arson unnoticed, unless the minister himself, secretary, or close aid.

  32. Phsyuta says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkk !! A opposition/atumbuka ndi anthu opanda nzeru zedi. Apa ndiye mwadzikodzera mmanja. Mwalephera. Simudzaununkhanso mpando. You have created enormous symoathy for Chaponda.

    1. MASTER says:

      how does this issue link to tumbukas? who chaired commission of inquiry? which supreme Court Judge ruled that that Chaponda must be reinstated on his positon? he is Justice Danstan Mwaungulu from North,i think he ws just professional based on eveidence he had beofre hime during the ruling, who recommended that chaponda must be investigated? MAYI MSOSA is from thyolo a lomwe also, she was just professional based on the evidence she had before her, never bring tribal issues on such matters man!!!!

    2. Tione says:

      Iwe phyuta ndiwe galu wamchila kekekeke! Wamva?. Iweyo uli kuti? Kapena anakutuma iweyo eti? Pali choseketsa apa?Bullshit!

    3. hoitty says:

      Sympathy from you and your thieving mother and father

    4. patriotic says:

      U r very stupid, phyuta.

    5. Big says:

      Only from fools like you.

    6. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      you are a sinking and stinking idiot. you are benefiting from money stolen by Chaponda

  33. Tsalayekha Mzika says:

    Let’s blame ourselves for this. We don’t love our country. We are basically led masses not citizens. That is why corruption is everywhere even in the so-called NGO’s or CSO’s and in the Opposition. That’s why we can make noise but cannot demonstrate on mass-scale. Why? Too selfish and cowardly. When will we learn to get angry with action rather than making useless noise. The opposition is in majority why are they not doing something? Where are the so-called intelligent people who can make a meaningful contribution? Nowhere!!!.

  34. The Partriot says:

    One can burn an office but cannot burn the truth.
    “When the house is on fire you break the door to rescue thr child!”. Thats what Chaponda said last week… there was fure in his office! What a prophecy!!!! The only problem was nobody broje the doors to rescue the computers!!
    By the way do we have CCTVs at capital hill?

  35. Dum Mzasi. says:

    We new these before this is witchcraft you Chaponda and your friend Peter the president allowing the office to gut fire to disterb the information of maize gate. Zitsiru zawanthu!

  36. The works of crooked mr Ibu’s government and his minister Chapondamchimanga

  37. tozer tsono says:

    Long live “Justice” Fire!
    Raging ever supreme
    As the flames purify the air of suspicion
    All is good now?
    The Stampede crushing the intentions of law, heh!
    Checkmate or is it?

  38. Richard Soko says:

    Masewera eti?

  39. patrick says:

    timanena ife, muchoseni munthu tifufuzeee

  40. Mboba says:

    George kachimanga koma…shm

  41. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Oh! No! This is sad.

  42. Papa Chalo says:

    Mbava ndi mbava. Fisi ndi fisi. Rigged Elections, burned votes in Lilongwe, stole documents at Germany Embassy, Stole Maize; now burning office. These people (team) is satanism team if you don’t know. Wait and see how God reveals their true colours.

  43. john says:

    when the late Bingu dead we all said rest in peace but the time we shall loose this cowards we will need to bury them the same day.Please matchona inu zinthu izi zikumangidwa munali kutali ngakhale msonkho wanu kulibe chonde mukamwalira mukapume bwino.

    1. Concern citizen says:

      Aii! Akamwalila, Satana ankhale nao!!!

  44. CHAPONDALISM says:

    DPP at it again. First it was MEC warehouse, Lilongwe Market, and now Capital Hill offices. these property belongs to Malawians NOT ..DPP. kodi a Malawi tizagona mpaka liti. this is a good time to react.

  45. masambero says:

    Only time will come no one remains in power for ever the world is watching you

  46. Zondiwe says:

    Arson is a very serious offence.
    It is important to identify the arsonist. and let the law take its course.
    One criminal act seems to be leading to other criminal acts.
    It is so sad that our stars are embroiled in controversy.

  47. CHAPONDALISM says:

    DPP at it again..MEC warehouse and Today Chaponda’s office. Wationjeza amalawi..let me ask good citizens of Malawi, kodi tigona mpaka liti? Capital Hill its our/Malawians property. WAKE UP MALAWI THIS IS A GOOD TIME REACT..!!!!!

  48. Bazzoka says:

    Truly we are being governed by mafias.

Comments are closed.

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