Chasowa murder inquiry will drag on – Justice Minister

Malawi government will take a long time before engaging foreign investigators to establish how Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa was killed.

Chasowa was buried here after he was murdered by regime agents during DPP-led government

Justice and Constitutional Affairsminister Samuel Tembenu has said the government wants to consult the police to find out which areas the foreign investigators would cover.

“Until we are told which critical areas the foreign investigators would cover, we cannot invite them now,” he said.

He said the government cannot use the evidence in the Robert Chasowa commission of inquiry to prosecute the suspects, saying it is “unreliable”.

Chasowa, a fourth year student at the Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi was found dead on campus in 2011.

The then poice spokesperson Willie Mwaluka said he committed suicide by jumping from a roof top but hospital examinations showed he was clobbered to death and left at the campus already dead.

The inquiry found high level Democratic Progressive Party officials, including the former regional governor, Noel Masangwi and some police officers responsible for the death.

The DPP led government is dragging its feet to prosecute the suspects.

Police spokesperson James Kadadzera asked for more time to get the information before commenting.

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7 thoughts on “Chasowa murder inquiry will drag on – Justice Minister”

  1. mtete says:

    I have the solution. Ensure DPP is voted out of office come May 2019 otherwise the issue will drag on and on. DPP is suspect number one, UDF is DPP in disguise and PP dilly dallied for two years. I think I have given a good lead.

  2. mtete says:

    Here is the solution: Malawians must ensure DPP is voted out of office in May 2019 Chasowa case will be concluded within 100 days of the new Government. Just make sure it is not DPP, UDF or PP. The first is suspect number one, the second is DPP in disguise and the last one Dilly dallied for two years. I think I have given a good lead.

  3. toser tsono says:

    Just bring in foreign investigators; if you haven’t solved the case by now, how do you figure you can advise foreign investigators what to investigate? You are delaying the investigation to make sure all the the evidence and witnesses vanish.
    Inquiry upon inquiry upon inquiry – a government wasting time and money.
    Time there seems to be plenty of it for a government lacking vision or value system, while money, hmm-m-m-m, one wonders why this government will spend meagre resources on inquiries that either end up in fire or just go nowhere.
    Incompetence Mr. President maybe?
    Surely it is not a label
    But a self-infliction.
    Malawians have hoped and hoped for someone with vision to move the country past the successes of countries like Rwanda, Mozambique, etc, who had to recover from colossal wars. Rwanda is also land locked. But Malawi is run by the same persons above the law figureheads, lacking vision, and cold at heart. Malawians are to blame too for choosing leaders blindly and lacking empathy. Do you have to wait for justice until your own child falls victim? Rally for answers in Chasowa’s murder and force the government to invite foreign investigators. Remember the same happened to former ministers Gadama, Matenje, Tsangala, and mp David Chiwanga. To this day, no one has been brought to justice.

  4. The Partriot says:

    No matter how long it takes Chasowas murder will be solved one day and nonse mukukhuzidwa tidzanyonga! Its better that the culprits should be tried while the DPPgovernment is still ruling…than when it goes out of government!
    Just like in 2012….DPP one day will find itself out of government and all the maizegate, cashgate, Chasowa, Njauju cases will be solved within a month!!

  5. hoza john says:

    Tembenu You are shielding crooks and Killers in DPP. Want until God punishes you.

  6. Andrew says:

    We are in very serious problems. You do not know the tail and the head of each and every story in Malawi. The burning offices in Lilongwe etc. All these will go unanswered.

  7. Chimanga says:

    Honorable Minister, If you say the report is unreliable, bring them immediately to look at all areas. You can not ask for advice from the police who are accomplices according to what you call ‘unreliable report’. The Police will hide all evidence as they are suspects……. Shame on you. You speak as if you are not a lawyer. Kodi ku CHANCO amagulitsanso ma degree eti?

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