First Lady cheers twins born on Christmass in Malawi

Over 100 babIes were born on Christmas in health facilities in Malawi and First Lady Gertrude Mutharika on Christmas Day cheered mothers and Christmass babies in the maternity ward of Mangochi District Hospital.

The First Lady and a mother carries hold twins (boy and girl) born on Christmas day

The First Lady and a mother carries hold twins (boy and girl) born on Christmas day

At least there were 165 babies born at the hospital between December 20 and December 25, with 24 born on the eve of Christmas.

.Authorities said three babies were delivered through caesarian section.

Madam Mutharika hristened one baby born on Christmas Day, Emmanuella Loveness.

The First lady pesented assorted gifts to both ante and post natal patients.  The gifts comprised orange squash, cooking oil, blankets, sugar, buckets, bath and laundry soap.

Speaking in an interview after the visit, Madam Mutharika said she decided to cheer patients at the hospital considering that the period of Christmas was meant to be for sharing whatever little one had.

“I am making this visit to the hospital on the understanding that the festive period is supposed to be a period of sharing and I would encourage people of good will to consider visiting people in hospital and prison because such people cannot celebrate the season with their families,” she  said.

“I decided to come here to share with the patients, especially mothers who have given birth and those who are in labour the joy and happiness of Christmas and also encourage them that they will soon be discharged from the hospital,” she said.

District Health Officer for Mangochi, Dr. William Peno, commended the First Lady for taking time during her Christmas holiday to cheer the sick at the hospital, saying the facility is usually overwhelmed with high numbers of patients.-Reporting by Mana/Nyasa Times

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22 thoughts on “First Lady cheers twins born on Christmass in Malawi”

  1. Gambatula says:

    Ma boilo amalwi tichepetse mpaka 100 babies

  2. kachasu says:

    Gertrude looks like nzimayi wogulista kachasu ku ntandile

    1. Chimwemwe Jamali says:

      You will be punished by God for insulting someone who has done nothing to you. Or is it because of your poverty. Sometimes it makes people aggressive.

  3. BEAM what do u think with yr comment. Let me ask u question how many times did u go to visted the sick people and thereafter u pronounced all over MALAWI that u have done this. Unknown person.

  4. Stacy Amos says:

    spread the xmas cheer

  5. w.moir says:

    that .s the only help firstlady can do.

  6. bamusi says:

    We want to see her own new baby. After all is it bables or babies as written in the first paragraph? Is ti hristened or christened? Any way it came during the time people were snorring. Next time visit elders.

  7. Mauya says:

    It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth….and the right of every child to be born!Unfortunately monsters from the West similar to Pharaoh and Herod during the infancy of Moses and Jesus respectively are here in our midst brainwashing our mothers and families to mercilessly kill their own babies in the name of women rights and freedom of choice.What a contemporary infanticide(baby killing) of our time!
    And paradoxically these helpless innocent babies are indeed being butchered by their very mothers and the medical professionals while legislatures,lawyers,religious leaders etc carrying the UN Human Rights Charter look on.Congratulations madam First Lady for cheering our mothers and babies.

  8. BEAM says:

    When you were not in power, how many times can you tell us that you visited the sick in a hospital or even in prison? So now that you are in such a positions with the NACgates around you want us to believe you as a cheerer when in fact you are thieves. If you did not nacgate then how come that you so called well wishers have paid back the money to NAC on your thefty behalf. Mind you we are no longer fools but just on lookers to see how the useless devil is working within your selfish minds. God is still saying something for you to repent and be delivered.

  9. wapano says:

    Overseer kkkkkk

  10. Halal says:

    The birth statistics at this hospital makes sad reading and are shocking. You Muslim people can you in the meantime stop building mosques in areas where they are not really needed and divert the money towards family planning activities in Mangochi otherwise don’t over flood other districts who are taking family planning issues seriously. If you don’t change your production statistics Mangochi people should be quarantined so that they face the consequences of population explosion.

  11. Mauya says:

    Akamati KULERA, UCHEMBERE WABWINO ndiye ndiumenewutu mpaka anawo nawonso akule kudzakhala nduna za boma,mapresident etc.Wosati kutaya mimba,pills etc ayi…mabodza!!Thank you madam Fist Lady for this gesture mwina khalidwe lopha ana osalakwawa mdzina la kulera (“safe”ABORTION, Reproductive Health,Population Control Programme,Safe Motherhood etc) kuchepa.

    1. brutsha says:

      Man you sound pedantic in your views. I hate abortion but family planning should be encouraged . Humans have the ability to control themselves and not let nature go loose.Here is what one great son of Africa Julius Nyerere said on family planning,” Bearing children is the gift God gave to both humans and animals but raring them up is where the difference is; especially sending them to school, giving adequate food, providing them with decent accommodation, proving them with decent clothes”

  12. dalitso chirimba says:

    kuli chiani chooneka kugulu kuchoka kwa a muthalika. they are just a pair of dumbheads and their heads are just a brains container period nothing more. chilima where are u? please stand up in place of these 2

  13. Andrew phiri says:

    Hish! a big sign! To b honest with u ma fellow readers i waz very much inquistive to know de writer of dis story & was very much shocked to c dat its Nyasatimes writing something posive about de first couple. What has come over u now guy! Zodabwitsa kwambiri first lady kulemberedwako zabwino koma ndiye kwatani! The next thing iz to hear that Ntambo & his friends are organising a National protests demanding an explanation as to where de first lady got de money from to cheer de sick. Shame on u!

  14. mbuya says:

    Shaaaaa! The feshto lady looks human WITHOUT SUN GLASSES. Bravo advisers!

  15. Mr Ibu says:

    Amalawi what we know best is kukwata and kubeleka. We will remain poor for the rest of our lives.

  16. golingo says:

    Foolish first lady!!! Bweza ndalama za nac mbuzi iwe!!!!! Tamuoneni pomwe alipo mafupa okha okha!!!! A pitala ndiye mmachinda chani pa menepa

  17. Chiswamphika says:

    Iwe the so called oversear,where have u done journalism in the land?Just shout up coz u dont know what 5W’s and H means

  18. Umbuli says:

    What’s up with the hair Gertrude?…

  19. Overseer says:

    At least for the first time nyasatimes has written something positive about the first couple. I know it is because the author is not Tenthani and his friends who dont see anything positive from the first couple but used to see positives in Joice Banda even after cashgate, maizegate, jetgate and bedgate scandals

    1. Bethlehem says:

      Spare us from cheap arguments please. You mean when she wrongly obtains money from NAC and arrogantly refuses to refund the media should not talk about it? What people like you should now concentrate on is to help her regain her integrity instead of wasting time making reference to issues of JB era. One thing I can assure you is that you have a very tall order but wish all the best nonetheless.

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