Five robbers jailed for 10 years: Hacked Phalombe couple

The Phalombe First Grade Magistrate Court has convicted and sentenced five men to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour for robbery with violence.

The five convicts for the awful crime

The five convicts for the awful crime

Accoring to Sgt. Augustus Nkhwazi,  Police Public Relations Officer for Phalombe, the five were among the group of thugs that attacked the family of Mr Luka Mangani 31 years of Mankhanamba village T/A Kaduya in Phalombe.

The thugs were armed with panga knives when they attacked the victim on the night of 12th September 2014.

They hacked Mangani and his wife before they went away with money amounting to Mk825, 000.00 and a sports bicycle.

Appearing before the Phalombe First Grade Magistrate Court, they all denied the charges levelled against them.

However, the police prosecution team paraded four witnesses who testified against the five. The court found the five guilty of the offence  of robbery with violence.

Passing the sentence, First Grade Magistrate Felix Mandala noted that the offence committed by the five was a serious one.

He said they inflicted too much pain to the victim who was hacked and at the same time lost his money and property.

The Magistrate  noted that such acts by the accused pose threat to the people in Phalombe and the country at large. He therefore sentenced the five to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour for other would be offenders to learn.

The five are Mike Maxwell 29 of Mzizira village T/A Mthiramanja and Alick Chikopa 26 of Naliya village T/A Chikumbu in Mulanje, Bizwick Chizombwe 22 of Ngoniwa village T/A Nkalo and Masautso Kaipa 31 of Mulandani village T/A Mpama in Chiradzulu and Victor Maseya 25 of Mtambalika village T/A Njema in Mulanje.

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42 thoughts on “Five robbers jailed for 10 years: Hacked Phalombe couple”

  1. Dr. Mango says:

    They should have been sentenced to not less than 14 years.

  2. AMFUMU says:

    They will not serve the full 10yrs.They must just relax,serve about 6yrs and they will not be too old to go back and hack some more people.They should have gone forever

  3. Eric mbamboo says:

    These pple are devils , go to. Hell

  4. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    What Lomwes knows best.Uprooting other people’s limbs because of money.Evil people.Get education please!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Khalidwe Madeya says:

    This journalist did not have adequate information about this case… how were these people identified as the suspects? thhe way this story is report is like the convicts were just picked from somehwere and told thhat they are guilty.

  6. Bring back capital punishment

  7. Blessing says:

    Introducing the ID will b an answer to solve crime in Malawi as forensic investigation ,using finger prints and dna will b used in court as evidence . Iam sure one of the jailed men is innocent

  8. aunt so says:

    Koma apa ndiye chigamulo sichinayende bwino lo zachepa anthuwo achuluka mina zina awonjezela kusogoloku

  9. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    this time none was ib pxxxx uniform !!

  10. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Anthuwa mukuwatumiza Ku gym kuti adzatikhapenso.

    Kodi a court mulibe firing staff, to shoot them immediately after judgment?

  11. kazidyani mutsegura says:

    Mwawona na alomwe mwawapatsa zaka zochepa, akadakhala wachiyawo tikadava kuti 32yrs

  12. Ngondongo says:

    God forgive them,,,,

  13. kaukonde says:

    more crimes were committed by jb as she stole money resulting in many deaths in hospitals and donor suspension and that is why she is now a fugitive from justice hiding in RSA.

    1. Petro Banda says:

      Iwe kaukonde mutu wako umagwira nkhani yambava JB chikumukhudza ndichiyani?Yankhula ngati munthu wanzeru,umati ife tisekerere zopusazo.Pangani mareasonable comments musationongere mbiri yaNyasa Times ayi.

  14. Mc Nyopex Tuzuke says:

    anthu oipa amenewa adulidwe makosi Kuti ena atengelepo phunziro

  15. Tengupenya says:

    Is it 10 years total (2 years each) or is it 10 years each (total 50)?

  16. Nyapamphi says:

    Akwidzingindwe amasowetsa mtendere anthu

  17. MASITENI says:


  18. mboma says:

    all of them from lomwe belt a place full of thugs in this country

  19. kauniuni says:

    kill the mother f***kers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Chikadzakuwani says:


  21. Zanga Phee! says:

    They will be among those forgiven the next three years on independent cerebration as long as they behave well in jail, you can see their faces no stress at all,that was 50/50 to kill or to be killed why charging them less? days are flying now ten years is just nothing think tank about your judgement in stuff, other wise you are creating tension to our community,see my name.

  22. chims says:

    heartless people,you steal and hack the victim. I will commit a crime so that I meet you there and deal with you once and for all.if I kill someone in jail is it a crime?

  23. Kwame says:

    Give them life sentence kukolola pomwe asanalime and kupeza ndalama asanakhetsele thukuta zimbalangondozi 10 yrs zachepa. Anthu asamagone chifukwa cha anthu oyipa ngati amenewa? Shupit

  24. Pata phiri says:

    Waist of time n money as the murderers will have to b fed now for ten years y don’t just hanv them to death an eye for an eye a murder for an murder

  25. tonde says:

    This is the magistrate we want. Not the Judges who pass lenient sentences to thieves who stole millions of kwachas.

  26. chembe says:

    Ten years basi????Kulimbikitsa umbavatu uku.We don’t need these beasts amongst human beings.Leave a mark on them

  27. [email protected] says:

    hahahahaha phalombe,chiladzulu ndi mulanje koma yaaa!

  28. mlomwe says:

    alomwe alomwe

  29. Charter says:

    kasangalaleni pa ndende makosana!

  30. Citizen banda says:

    Not in prison. Just throw them in shire river at least crockdiles can say thanks and stop attacking innocent malawians

  31. George Lihoma says:

    Many thanks to First Grade Magistrate Felix Mandala.Criminals are a menace to society so mwawapangitsa manyazi ma magistrate anzanu aziphuphu omwe akumalamula mbanda zoopsa ngati izi mochepa kwambiri komanso modabwitsa malingana ndi milandu yawo.Conglatulations and keep it up.

  32. good job phalombe police

  33. True patriot says:

    We are all Lhomwes why then hacking our fellows?How do you then expect other tribes to respect us and our HE?

  34. mlongoti says:

    alhomwes at it.

  35. hoitty says:

    Mbava zimenezi sizikanalekerapo kuba ayi. Taonani umphawi wakeo. Zovala zamunthu okuba 850 000 zimenezi? kaunjika wa K200 simukanakwanisa? koma kuba nkuthuzula masacheti. Rot in jail

  36. Alf the jumz says:

    stealing less than k1m get 10 years in prison, but k65m for 3 years, k180m for 9years no truth at all.

  37. alukosyo says:

    Kill them period.

  38. chikondi says:

    akalowe basi, anthu oipa !!! Malawi is now full of thieves, you hear about them almost each and every day.

  39. mgemi says:

    10 years zachepa. On review by high court give them 25 years each

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