Flames donate money to ailing former keeper Trust Lunda

Malawi national football team, the Flames, donated K38,000 to former Big Bullets and international custodian Trust Lunda, who recently underwent surgery at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe where he had his toe amputated.

Lunda given support

Lunda given support

Lunda, who was discharged and now is back in Dwangwa left Bullets for South Africa in 2011, before coming back home this year.

Flames team manager Clement Kafwafwa confirmed the news with Nyasa Times before the team’s departure for Ethiopia, where they will take part in the Cecafa Cup.

Kafwafwa said they thought it wise to render support to a fellow colleague, who once played for the Flames.

He also said Lunda contributed a lot to the success of the Flames in his time, therefore, they decided to offer a little help they could afford

“We thought it wise to help our friend with a little something after the technical panel led by Technical Director John Kaputa and players. We could have loved to go as a team to give him the money on our own but since the team is leaving around 3 for Ethiopia we have given the money to Blue Eagles team manager to handle over the money on our behalf,” said Kafwafwa.

The former Flames towering defender also urged companies to come to Lunda’s rescue as he needs support at this critical time.

Since he came from the rainbow nation, Lunda has been in the hospital for three weeks, and Bullets officials and players also spared some time to visit him when the team was in Lilongwe to play Epac FC.

The Peoples Team bought him several groceries and they also gave him money.

In his remarks on a telephone interview, Lunda said he was happy that his colleagues for the Flames remembered him.

“ I didn’t expect them to remember me because it has been long since I played for the Flames . I hope that they will do the same for other former players,” he said.

Many soccer lovers in this country remember Lunda for his reflex skills.

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54 thoughts on “Flames donate money to ailing former keeper Trust Lunda”

  1. Joseph Moyo says:

    umphawi d mpaka 38000basi! malawi ndi mbola bas fam muchitepo kanthu mupeleka zambiri

  2. emmanuel nkhata says:

    to be frank K38000 is too small for someone to survive

  3. Wa Maule weniweni says:

    Get well soon.

  4. Lev says:

    a FAM shame on you yet mukukanganirana maudindo kuti muzikatibera ndalama zathu chonsecho mukulephera kupereka chithandizo chokwanira kwa fomer players athu akwadwala, kkkk k38000 mungachite nayo chani mutakhala inu? iiiya musamatiwonjeze ifenso zimatiwawa

  5. Tonde says:

    Sausande i agree with u ,zoona nkumanena kuti fam yapeleka thandizo meaning 35.000 yanuyo ?zopusa apa ai bola mwamva ,

  6. Zymology says:

    fam, ar u crazy? ndalama zomwe mu mabisa za mumaget umu ndizongokwana 38 pin basi? demet,shit!

  7. ziz says:

    FAM imangoziwa kuba koma osafuna kuthandiza ma players akakhala pa mavuto

  8. thecitizen says:

    shame on you!!!! wat can K38,000 do?

  9. Temaco says:

    K38,000 (R1000)from National Association zoona?What a Fuck is this?Ndimmene zinthu zadulilamu K38,000 apanga nayo chiyani pa Malawi?

  10. mluya says:

    Guys come on!1000 rand?that shows how poor we are and its an insult to this soccer legend

  11. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    We need to put these guys on insurance for life. It’s a sacrifice to play for the national team.

  12. Ayaya kumudzi says:

    An insult

  13. Sate8 Sauzande says:

    Munthu mmodzi akumatha kumwera 40grand pa Kamba.This means every delegate and player travelling to Ethiopia was forced to pay a minimum of K1000.00.What a shame!!!!Chipepeso ndiye mumva kuti a FAM apereka coffin plus K800,000-00,BB Fc K500,000 plus transport,Noma K200,000-00 .Malemba akuti;chimene nkono wamanzere wachita,wakumanja usadziwe meaning kuti musaime pachulu mukachita zachifundo.God is watching us guys!!

  14. Gonto says:

    That money is too little to let the whole world know. It is less than R1000 .It is shame.

  15. diego says:

    U must be joking al least apereka nanga inu mwachita chain,kuzolowera zaulere

  16. Andrew K says:

    Can you guys be serious? What ll he gona do with a mare MK38,000? Nawe Kafwafwa u think thats worth mentioning?

  17. Fortune Nuka says:

    Is it K38,000.00 or K3

    80,000.00 ?

  18. Mbwindi says:

    those of you who are saying the amount of money is too little,how much have you contributed?

  19. mohamed says:

    Guys what ashame K38000 for the national team?What a little amount and think of devaluation of kwacha what he will use to buy for that s mount? ????shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!@@!!!!!!!!

  20. chakuchanya says:

    Sibwino zopusazi kupanga publish.National team ndi Dziko osati zitsiru inu. K38000 ndi ndalama yoti nkumatinyasa nayo kuti mwathandiza munthu.
    osangonena Kuti Lunda wadwala basi bwanji. Choncho akusankheniso. Stupid.

  21. erne says:

    38,000 that’s a joke

  22. njanje says:

    For Gods sake mpaka ndalama imeneyo kulengeza kuwanthu ndithu asaaaaa less than £50 hmmm ufititu uwu ndithu

  23. Mbuya says:

    Why cant u get ve money which u hv used 4 going kwa singanga ku MJ and gv him ?

  24. Paul Omaliza Makoka says:

    I think ndalamayo asonkherana ma player okha okha a national team. FAM yao sanapeleke.

  25. palestine ku mosko. says:

    yap smthing is better than none koma, mwaonjeza. ka 3400 meticais kosakwanaso 4 grand metical koma paka dziko liziwe, ma nyasa times mkati. koma uphawi waku nyasaland suzatha.

  26. Benson Chirwa says:

    Walter are you keeping the money for campaign? To buy more fridges for the affiliates? To give them MK5M each? Ndalama zikupha paja new wife eti?

  27. Issa says:

    National team yapanga donate 38 euros
    National team yapanga donate 40 dollars
    National team yapanga donate 30 pounds

  28. Can we bullets suppoters please contribute some money even k200 each head can make a difference these days 38000 mk is nothing though a good idea by our poor players from the national side.

  29. Otanjere says:

    Inu mwapeleka zingati mukamati ndalamayo yachepa? Ampatse yoti mpaka agule ka Bongo?

  30. humphreys says:

    Olo ine pandekha ndikhoza kupeleka k50,000,but am just avillage guy so what more of the national team starting with the FA president to the players donating 38,000,shame,trust ukanakana(ili ndi dziko mawa ndinu!!)

  31. soha says:

    Shame shame ka 38.000 ndi chani from a national team.

  32. Cocoon says:

    But you people are just a joke, Water Nyamilandu could easily donate a lot more. Stop using players for personal gains.

  33. SONG says:

    Although it is better than non but 38,000 is little as compared to Flames. This is a national team and the amount is little.

  34. GRM says:

    Mmmm. Koma nkhani zina? Pali nkhani apa?

  35. Uncle Chekacheka says:

    Better than none

  36. Victor says:

    An offer is never small hkmdidi what have you contributed yourself?

  37. Ssshha says:

    38,0000 malipiro ya azilonda kwa amwenye. Nyastatimes how can u write such stupid stories. Hahaha it’s not worth it.

  38. Thyolo man says:

    Is it K380,000.000 or K38,000.00

  39. levelheaded says:

    $65?the whole flames? Fuck you Kafwafwa and your friends. Komanso Linda wachita kuvutika cha mtundu wanji klandira 38pin? Ndili ine nditawatukwanà chifukwa sindichedwa. Zukhala ngati ndatukwananso my comment’yi eti? Oooooooo eya!

  40. kangulu says:

    Really shameshul mpaka MK38,000.00 ndiye kuti anthu mumapereka ndalama zingati aliyense? Walter Nyamilandu wapereka bwanji? asamangoziwa kuziwa kudya ndalama zakuba ku FAM m’malo mothandiza ma player omwe akuvutika

  41. Mbewa zatha says:

    This is an insult! Is from Kafwafwa himself of the Flames as a team?

  42. God First says:

    May God remember our brother, Trust during this time of pain. I wish him quick recovery. Let me thank the Flames for the timely donation as i disagree with Hkmdidi who feels that it is too small. If he can manage more than this let him do likewise and if there are others out there who can do what Flames have done please go ahead to donate whatever you have regardless of amount. remember you give out what you have.

  43. Shuz says:

    Are you guys serious ? Mk 38000
    Not even R1000 ….ooo! God .
    Get well soon brother……!

  44. Causemore says:

    It is unfortunate that the whole Team donated such an amount to someone who contributed to the development of football at national level. I would rather ask FAM officials who spends a lot of money in campaigning for various positions now to do something to this young man . It is hard to believe that People like Suzgo Nyirenda and Walter Nyamilandu fail to come up with policies that will cover our national team players .

  45. kalitendere says:

    38,000,00 only

  46. Zaraffi says:

    Cumon! Pliz tell me am missing something here.K38,000 from the whole FAM,is that even worth making headlines? It just shows how cruel, stupid and inconsiderate FAM is.

  47. Galu Mtabeni says:

    Shameless idiots. Mabatire lende lende kukapereka K38 000. Bola kungokhala than insulting Lunda.

  48. Naliyela says:

    Get well soon Trust!!

  49. kent says:

    Its not a donation rather it is an upkeep money to buy some shoprite basket groceries.

  50. KoKolikoko says:

    Hahahaha only 30 packets of sugar what ajoke you are not serious pliz

  51. Hkmdidi says:

    The whole Frame donating a meagre 38,000! Kkkkkkkkkkkk! This is laughable

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