Police arrest 2 over Kamuzu Institute wrangle as govt, athletes reach an agreement

Police have arrested two girls at Kamuzu Institute for Youth following a fracas that ensued when Minister of Youth Grace Chiumia led an entourage from her ministry to end the wrangle over the use of the institute.

Chiumia:  They can use the institute

Chiumia: They can use the institute

Some youths from surrounding areas and athletes blocked the entrance at the institute to prevent government officials from entering the premises.

It took time before the police managed to calm the situation and the government officials, including officials from her ministry, were allowed in to meet chiefs from surrounding areas, councillors and athletes to chart the way forward following the government decision to let the Lilonge University of Agriculture and Natural Resources use two rooms for out of campus studies.

However, the police arrested two girls whom they accused of leading the mayhem.

Nyasa Times is yet to identify the two and the charges they are answering.

At the institute, after the lengthy discussion, the athletes and representatives of Kawale residents allowed that Luanar can use part of the institute.

Minister Chiumia assured the athletes that they can carry on with their training undisturbed.

However, the traditional leaders told the government to make consultations before implementing such decisions in future.

The meeting ended on good note as both parties shook hands and smiled at each other but it remains to be seen how the implementation will work out as the facility mixes sports and tertiary education.

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Thomas Taimu

Make consultations? Where is this country going? Is the structure community owned? Just because it is government owned and the community has been allowed to use it does not make it a community structure. May be we are mistaking it for LDF structures that are community owned and the community contribute somehow in the erecting of such structures. We are taking our freedom too far and no wonder 20 years of multiparty has seen us slide further into poverty instead of improving from where kamuzu left the country in 1994

Winston Msowoya
Are Malawians walking while asleep?Are we to believe that without Banda we could not have won our freedom from the British? The real facts are,without Banda,freedom in our country was inevitable what ever the case.Banda or no Banda,the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland,was on the verge of collapse because of the peoples’unequivocable desire to destroy it.As to our independence,nothing could block the rising billow towards independence because we had gallant and highly educated young nationalists to lead us without Banda.When Banda arrived in 1958,he found that the masses of our country were highly organized under the young and brillint leadership… Read more »

That thing is not there to help an institution or some selected youths but all youth who are in need of that facility.this gvt should be careful when making decisions.akatero akufuna agulise kwa ma china.



Terms & conditions apply



Obama mukusamba bwino tsopanotu koma cholanda mwamuna wa Sharonzo musiye mbwezereni mwana akungochita uhuletu ndi azibambo a eni ku Lumbadziku chifukwa cha inu. Pano Sharon anabalalika mutamulanda mwamuna pano mukulandanso Institute. Hahahahaha Shame on you!

Bambo atuwiri

Ntchito za a chewa mogwirizana ndi chakwela


apolisi ndinu opusa kwabasi,simungachoke ku kawale kumazatithira tear gas ku chilinde & ku 23…………….zulo mwabowa, this is simply the reason why we burn your homes,cause mumatiputa….za ku institute zifika bwanji ku 23………………..screw you police, you are stupid


Bravo Obama and Mwandidya! Please bring sanity to the Ministry. The days of Saidi are over.


Boma ili ndi lamazoba mukulimbira malo oti simunakheseko thukuta misonkho yomwe inapita pamene paja peter kulibe sanasonkhe nawo malo amene aja kamuzu pomanga anati ndi malo achinyamata choncho misonkho yomwe mukulandila inu mangani malo oti luana izigwiritsa nchito osamangopereka kumulankho wava chiumia

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