FND asks Malawi govt to release ‘official names’ in Cashgate report and pursue K92bn graft

One of the vocal civil society groupings, the Forum for National Development (FND) says the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led-government must not negate its responsibility towards the fight against corruption, reminding government to do as promised during campaign trail to May 20th Tripartite Elections.

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times, FND says it has learnt with sadness that government has instead opted to play hide and seek on the same and how the K92 billion Cash-gate has been trivialized.

The Forum said it is appaled with government stance that the K92billon was a mere audit query.

Kampaundi and Chonzi : FND wants not selected justice in 'K20bn '  and 'K92bn' cashgate

Kampaundi and Chonzi : FND wants not selected justice in ‘K20bn ‘ and ‘K92bn’ cashgate

“We wonder if any government official in his right senses would trivialize such  amount as a mere query and nothing to worry about. As FND we believe that the whole Baker Tilly Cash-gate report has the roots and the genesis from the same K92bn being trivialized,”  said FND  Chairperson Bright Kampaundi .

President PeterMutharika this week told a press briefing that the DPP led government of his late brother, Bingu wa Mutharika, was free of any ‘Cash-gate’ related case.

The minister of Justice, also said there was no case under Cash-gate or connected to the K92 bn
misappropriated under the eye of the DPP.

But Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Budget and Finance, Alekeni Menyani is quoted by FND argued in Parliament that: “…the Committee believes that had it been that the report was given the necessary attention it deserved, the enormity of the Cash-gate could have been greatly reduced. The laxity by the Secretary of the Treasury (ST) to promptly act on the report played a bigger role in paving way to the Cash-gate we are all complaining about. But a million dollar question is: why was the report not presented to the Public Accounts Committee after its production? What was there to hide?”

The statement, signed by chairperson Bright Kampaundi and his national director Fryson Chodzi, further wonders why government does not want to investigate and act upon the findings of the interim audit report dubbed ‘K92 billion Cash-gate’.

“We believe this is tax payer’s money too, and Malawians deserve to know what happened to their purse. We need not to remind the government that when you do an analysis of the companies in Baker Tilly report, one will note that most companies implicated are also featuring on the K92 billion, and as FND has been saying, in order to root out this practice, we need to deal with all these cases
conclusively,” demands FND.

The organisation quickly agrees with Mutharika’s sentiments whilst in the recent USA trip where he attended the UN Assembly, where he said ‘no person who has stolen from the government should walk Scott free’.

“Government should not hide behind the Baker Tilly report to hide past corruption and theft of public resources. Malawians ought to be reminded that the forensic audit was the first of its kind and summoned by the previous government while, all along our parliament has acted on similar reports like the Interim Audit Report on IFMIS,” charges FND.

The CSO, whose demands follow growing public demand into full investigation of Cash-gate and unbiased prosecution of culprits, believes that the level of seriousness to address the matter will be
meaningful if government treated the K92 bn Cash-gate as money that should worry Malawians as well and institute full investigations without fear or favor; government lives up to its campaign promise and releases the names in the Baker Tilly report.

And that government pursues all the people that were involved in the Malawi Housing Scam in 2010 and also the Lilongwe City Council houses which the National Audit Office said were either acquired corruptly or fraudulently and under the market value and recommended the houses be repossessed.

Apparently, President Mutharika, finance minister Goodal Gondwe, are some of the people that bought some of the houses in question during the late Bingu’s reign.

So far only 50-year-old Theresa Namathanga Senzani, a former principal secretary at the tourism ministry, has successfully been charged and sentenced to three years in prison on charges related to Cash-gate under the two-years-watch of ex-Malawi leader, Joyce Banda.

This comes one year after she was arrested and has had her case dragging, leading
to accusations that the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) was toothless in its pursuit to address graft.

Presiding Judge Ivy Kamanga ordered the forfeiture of money in Senzani’s company, Visual Impact, which was used to receive the money. She was also ordered to surrender cash in her National Bank of Malawi account.

She pleaded guilty on 28th August this year.

Government is only pursuing Cash-gate related cases under the two years.

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46 thoughts on “FND asks Malawi govt to release ‘official names’ in Cashgate report and pursue K92bn graft”

  1. Anonymous says:

    number 41 i support your point 92 billion it was campaign platfoam to conquer DPP but that did not happen so easy they lost so dont full us we are wise and old enough to be fooled with the fools like you FND or whatever you call yourself what your organasition name is, we dont want to hear for 92 billion or go to the grave yard and woke up late Bingu wa mutharika to respond on that one, all we want is the truth of cashgate and jetgate that lies in the darkness, NOTE they is no secret under the sun no matter how hire you can fly unfortunately you will cam back because the gravity of the earth and heavenly does not allow you to stay further so you FND we want 20 billion MK to be investigated and i want to hear from you who did it, why they did it who gave them the code to did it and how does the public money rooted to MDF just like that

  2. mzunzunde says:

    nosense fnd.fnd fo what?who r u fnd?wats ur mothers name fnd?jb?nosense.big fish z to come out.lucus akufunani nonse.

  3. hameeda says:

    if 92 bn i nat for cashgate…wat z concerned moree with cashgate?

  4. comrade says:

    It is mouth-pieces like FND that allowed Capital Hill Thieving to grow deep roots because of their selective criticism: JB sat on that report for two years but FND said nothing at the time and wish to pretend now that they cared about the issue now that their woman is out of govt.

  5. Professor Mtharika says:

    Zinazo mungotaya nazo nthawi chabe! 92 billion is not part of cashgate. If I may ask you,92 billion ndi cashgate chinayamba kubwera ndi chiti?? 92 billion anafufuza kuti ayipitse mbiri ya DPP so that they should win the 20 May tripartite elections. It was a campaign tool for PP. Contrary to their expectations,they lost elections massively! Don’t play with DPP!!!

  6. inata Be says:


  7. dave says:

    FND asowa chochita report lomwe alkulufunalo lidatuluka chaka chatha under PP government and JB hid it under her pillow and FND kept silent on this issuie why today? Mukufuna mouneka ngati abwino, mwagwa noyo basi.

  8. Pastor nyalapa says:

    Iwe quarter system ndiwedi mbuli president amalandira ndalama zingati? Nanga ma allowances ndi angati kuti alephere kumanga nyumba ngati imene ija ” Ndata” Bakili sanamange kwawo, munthu angakhale president kulephera kumanga nyumba?

  9. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    Those who underate DPP do so at their own peril. Yawina ma elections obwereza ndiye mukumva bwanji mthupi you haters

  10. JAYJAY says:

    The current President should know that Malawians of today are different fro those of Bingu’s time.What i mean is that if he is playing a hide and seek on this cashgate issue he will also die of heart attack,bcoz more is coming,osati akukamba mbuzi zinazi .sakumukonda mtsogoleri wawo.Tikatopa awona kuti munthu amatopa bwanji.

  11. Mathanyula says:

    Mpumulo wa mbava was built with cash gate money.Ask Daniel Phiri in the grave.

  12. mitsubishi honda says:

    Mpumulo, wa, matchona

  13. Munyepa Vetekhu says:

    Mukhalira mwano wanu womwewo anzanu akuyendesa boma.FND ndi ndaninso ana a JB! ANATHERA KU NTCHEU MARGISTRATE COURT AMENEWO!

  14. A DPP you end up shooting your foot kukhala ma demo anyo mukazitenga mwachibwaa

  15. Quota system says:

    And an investigation on how ndata was built including the mupumulo wa mbava/bata

  16. Mpika says:

    Malawians we must learn to let our leaders know that we will not stand for this foolishness. The leadership is full of lies and he in fact expect us to believe his nonsense. We all know very well that Cash Gate started during Bingu. MK92 Billion was swindled during his watch which makes JB’s MK13 Billion champ change. Royalties from Keyelekere mine was deposited in Bingu’s personal account in Portugal that must be probed as well. We want a government that is transparent and accountable. Malawians must learn to take to the streets and demand justice. Enough is enough. Lets take to the streets and demonstrate that is the only language corrupt leaders understand. other wise they will continue to abuse our hard earned resources. Malawians we must stand up for justice before its too late.

  17. matako says:

    A Malawi please I have said this and I will say it again. Our only hope right now is to appeal to all the donors. Send them copies of all things taking place under the this government’s watch. Donors must insist to have a complete picture of Cash gate. Please donors do not give this govt any budgetary support. It is a very corrupt government. APM must explain to Malawians as the executor of Bingu’s estate where the MK 62 Billion went. That money needs to be returned to the treasury. The houses bought by the DPP syndicate must be investigated and returned to the government. We can not seek financial support and yet we can not manage our finances. APM is the most wasteful and corrupt leader Malawi has ever seen. He is a hyena in a sheep skin.

  18. Christina says:

    Whelther names or not, theres no benefit ibani ndalamazo the way u no.

  19. Cliff K Gama says:

    You will foul pple but not GOD.HE do things on HIS own way.You think you are clever enough to hide all your friends and relatives including yourself but remember it was GOD who exposed all this mess and that same GOD will not rest until HE is through with it.You cant open what HE has closed nor closing what HE has opened.

  20. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    If you are failing to account for the MK92 billion cash gate , you better handover the government to Malawians to run their country . Malawians will not trust a Machona like the Munthalika family members who have no background of running any big businesses apart from poor three minibuses which were shunting between Lilongwe old town to Likuni. You even failed to run it. He even got dismissed because of mishandling money when he was working for PTA.

    We can’t trust you crooks .

  21. g4s says:

    Something serious is about to happen in Mw.It will not take a year to happen. This is based on the current status quo. Mark my words and record this date. No matter how much we pray. Time ripe now.

  22. Shabin King says:

    Mulli of Mulli Brothers Limited,DPP Gurus including Peter Mutharika will be netted when MK92b Cash-Gate of 2005 to 2010 will be probed…

    Who knows MK92! could be the source of funding DPP Gate up to Election Campaign of DPP…

    DPP,Peter Mutharika,Mulli had agents of Corruption at Capital Hill who were siphoning Public Funds on their behalf…These People were well connected to other campanies which are involved in Cash Gate!

    To Burry MK92b Cash Gate could be a dissaster to Malawi because Malawi is being ruled by Uncountable Government which is taking Malawians for a ride…

    Peter Mutharika must also return back the MHC Houses he bought at cheap price to show good example to Malawians…

    Treza Namathanga Senzani returned a House to Malawi Government which she built on Cash Gate Money which is rooted to this MK92b DPP Cash Gate…The same Gesture must be extended to Peter Mutharika to return back the MHC Houses he bought at cheap Price while he was a Cabinet Minister in the Bingu wa Mutharika’s Government!

  23. chakwanuleka says:

    D. P. P. stole the elections specifically because they feared the cashgate 92 billion scam. Now they will do everything possible to trivialize the looting. That’s why donors can’t assist this country becoz they know that Malawi is in the hands of thieves

  24. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    These two guys are pathetic. Their motive is sinister. From the time of PP they have never impressed me. They are fake and continue to be fake. They have no business and all they think is to to leak pp politicians and hope to dress down DPP on non-issues. Go to hell. Osamakalima bwanji?

  25. dpp inandigonetsa pa filling station. says:

    Inu a fnd timenyeleni nkhondo okhudzidwa aliyense abweza maka ma nyumba nafe tikuwafuna musasiile pompa, ndipo sizoti timve kuti akugulani a lomwe
    amenewa kukonda katangale.

  26. chatonda says:

    The two guys are up for something. They have been making this silly noise for years now against the DPP and support their PP and JB. Their faces are too bad to be in the media especially the Kampaundi’s. Its better to stay away from the media. Ukaipa , dziwa nyimbo please.

  27. mbuje says:

    A Bwana ndalamazi ndi zathu ife a Malawi chifukwa ndi misonkho yathu ngati mukuwona kuti nkhani ya K92bl ndiyopanda ntchito chokaniponi pampandopo pabwere ena omwe angatufufuzire komwe kunapita misonkho yathu Remember it’s not your money but OUR MONEY MALAWIAN WATCH THIS TO BE PROBED AS WELL

  28. jobo says:

    Ife Amalawi ndiye ndifedi opusa, tikuwona kuti ndalama zanthu tikukhazika mu thumba lombowoka koma kumapitilizabe kuyikamo. Tiyeni tonse tigwirame manja titsakhome msonkho. Chifukwa olo kuchipatala za boma chithandizo ndi choperewera.
    Ine ndiye ndawawuza kale a bwana anga amene amakoza malipiro kuti mwezi uno wokha ayesere kundidura msonkho awona chomwe chinameta nkhanga mpala.

  29. moto mwikho says:

    CSOs should also be releasing their accounts. Most of these are unemployable thieves!

  30. LENZO K says:

    More fire FND.Please keep pushing till Malawians are in some good picture of the misapproprieted MK92b.At least we have some names exposed in the MK13b(MK20b).

  31. MKWAPU says:


  32. Mc Bwampwapwa says:

    Bwanji simumamuuza mayi wanu uja kuti afufuze zimene mukunenazo. M’mene Joyce Banda amawafunila a DPP kuti awamange mukuganiza kuti nkhani ya 92 billion ikanakhala kuti ndi yowona akanayisiya osamanga munthu. Mukunena kuti mayina atulukawo ndi a DPP,ngati zili zowona bwanji Joyce Banda samatulusa list yo. Full audit report ituluka bola osayambanso kulila mukayamba kumangidwa kuti akumangani chifukwa cha ndale. Chimene mukutengela stay order kuti Lutepo asatenge ma call log mukuopa chani. Muziona simunati.

  33. Philosopher says:

    The fact that DPP is not releasing names of cashgate suspects means they are also part of it

  34. Chikopa says:

    Kodi mukubwelesa kampaundi ndi nzake osatiuza zosatila by election bwanji zavuta ? Mmalo mwake mukubwelesa izeki ndi jacob

  35. Nyapapi says:

    Mukuchedwa! If a DPP tawina chisankho kwao kwa makape amene akunamiza za secession!

    Lazalo Chakwela ndi mkazako Jessie mukumva bwanji mthupimo? Nanga Joyce United Nations president in Malawi!

    You will never win analikukuti inu, just disband your little parties and go back to preaching and cooking zitumbuwa!

  36. cashgate says:

    92 bn kaye

  37. John says:

    Finally, someone taking APM/DPP to task. I mean now that someone told them that the 92billion is not a “cashgate” but just an audit query, they are using that “query” in every sentence to divert the debate on it. Irritating!!! I mean, irritating. How can there be an audit query of such a gigantic number without suspicions being raised, and proper investigations followed. And APM tells us that DPP (read that as BINGU) is not responsible for any financial mismagement! For chrissake the guy is dead, why are you defending him unless you and your clonies are also deeply involved ( benefactors) in this! And APM is wondering why people have no trust in him, questions/ignores everything he says, want seccession/federalism and have completely lost trust in his gvt ( some will never accept his stolen votes anyway!)

  38. Chabwera Phiri says:

    FND, welcome to the other side of the divide. Six months ago timati tikamanena what you are saying about the orange thieves inu mumawakhalira kumbuyo, pano bwanji? Maso anu komanso pakamwa panu patseguka? Takulandirani. the bottom line is the same these guys are called UDF GROUP OF PARTIES, they are one and the same. Malawians use your eyes to see please.

  39. chisoni says:

    please a president and your cabinet kwanilitsani malonjezo aja munkhatiuza panthawi ya kampeni kuti muzathesa katangale.and tikupemphanso kuti mau aja munanena muli kunja kuti ‘big fish wil neted soon concerning cashgate scandal’.monga ife amalawi maso athu ali pa report kuti timve maina a anthuwo.plz lengezani maina.

  40. Ticoon says:

    The Truth Is On The Side Of The Oppresd

  41. Ticoon says:

    Haggai 2:21-22

  42. peter zimbiri says:

    release the names mr President dont manuplate it realese it as it is..dnt lie to us
    FND word up

  43. MWANONI says:

    yes be strong

  44. adam ofewa kaunda says:

    cash-gate scandal

  45. Ma says:

    These DPP thieves knows that once the mk92b cash gate is followed up, half of DPP MPs plus their president will be at Maula.

    How can a whole Min. of Justice say there is no case on mk92b? Whole president , too and then the Auditor General? Are you guys judges? You both thieves and judges? WE AS MALAWIANS DEMAND FULL PROSECUTION OF THE MK13b (NOT MK20b…fake) and the MK92B PERIOID!!!

    1. Mtumbuka says:

      May be we are too English than the English themselves, how can we trivilise K92BN as an Audit Query and make so much noise on the K1.5Bn for Mluzi? Let alone on K13Bn now raised to K20Bn? Do you concede that our Donors will take it as truth or a mere joke? We might as well forget about them and brace for more hardships. The pinch will affect the judges nor the President and his Ministers, but us on the grassroots. So Justice Minister, think of the local person in the village, and not forgetting the mbatata lunch in towns. You can do the English talk in your Gold infested offices, but be mindful of who put you where you are today!!

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