Friends of Prophet Bushiri group launched at Mzuzu University: Calls for ‘Major 1’ assistance on library

Students at Mzuzu University (Mzuni) calling themselves ‘Friends of Bushiri – Mzuni Chapter’ have launched a wing at their institution with spirited calls to the billionaire born Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to come to their rescue as far as the situation of their library is concerned.

Friends of Bushiri at Mzuni

Friends of Bushiri at Mzuni

The wing, with an initial membership of over 100 students from all the faculties of the university, were a sight to behold at Mphatso Motel in Mzuzu where they launched their cause as they ‘unnecessarily’ what has become Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG)’ tagline: ‘In Our Family We Don’t Stress.”

Interim chairperson of the grouping Brighton Mwenifumbo told Nyasa Times after the launch that they were “sure Bushiri was capable of bailing out from their pathetic scenario.”

Mzuni library got gutted by fire during the night of December 19, 2015. All the 45 000 books in the library got lost to the fire.

“As a chapter that belongs to Mzuzu University, we would also like to bring to the attention of ‘Major 1’ Prophet Shepherd Bushiri the bad situation that is the state of our library which got gutted by fire. The library needs complete refurbishment, starting with the physical building to the purchase of books.

“As of now, the situation is deplorable, and it is making it very difficult for us to do well in our studies most of which is research inclined. We are very optimistic that MAJOR 1 who has the welfare of, we, fellow youths at heart will generously consider our request in whatever sense,” said Mwenifumbo.

According to the chapter, they just feel “proud to be associated with Prophet Bushiri.”

In a media advisory, they said they will “in the long run be immensely instrumental in participation in charity services, youth mobilization for positive change, education on religious, economic as well as socio-political affairs.”

The new group was not open as to how much they would be getting from ‘Major 1’ for the initiatives. But, Bushiri, whose charity works has included a maize relief campaign to starving Malawians has even shocked the Malawian government for his mass of wealth.

The Chapter also took their time to dress down those who spoke and wrote against their ‘Major 1.’

“We feel it would be gross insensitivity if we do not comment on certain innuendoes that are being played against ‘Major 1’ Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. We are deeply shocked by a chorus of unjustifiable, baseless and unspiritual remarks that are being levelled against the great Man of God. These, we must say, are confused utterances coming from Malawians who have disincentive ideas in religious circles,” their statement read.

They called on their fellow colleagues to look up to Bushiri “as a father-figure, role model and inspirer.”

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23 thoughts on “Friends of Prophet Bushiri group launched at Mzuzu University: Calls for ‘Major 1’ assistance on library”

  1. Langa ndi funso,do this students want yo be friends of Prophet Bushiri or friends of Bushiri’s money?

  2. nyakaji says:

    Those who are cursing Bushiri take care God is watching you, you cannot curse the Prophet and remain the same.Mukaona zosaona musadabwe.Dont even bother to come and say sorry to him,enough is enough for Bushiri.Just imagine in a moment that he is the Prophet of God and you cursing him like that, what can befall you?

  3. chipongwe says:

    mavuto kuti buuuuu!!!!
    masiku otsiriza 2 temoteo 3::::4

  4. Boot lickers United says:

    Man achita kumasula ma button kumbuyoko mwati siatidyenao ameneo?

  5. Chief Kapoloma says:

    I can see my brother Alfred Njikho wachita kumasula mabatani tidye miracle many apa asaaaaaaa

  6. Chief Kapoloma says:

    zoti udzu watchetchedwa njoka zayamba kuyaluka simukudziwa? repent or …………………

  7. sd says:

    ‘It is easy for a Camel to go thru hole of a needle THAN for a rich man to go to heaven’. Isn’t that wat Jesus said? the jesus who christians base their faith which christians R u? Jesus futher refused to bow to satan in order to be rich/have worldly power.. Why?

  8. Jimmy mughogho says:

    Never [email protected] that he is bad. If u have never ever sinned against God in Life, u can keep on saying someone is full of evil. Along ago ppo use to ask help frm Prophet and God’s followers. So y can’t these guys ask help frm this Man of God. “We get what we see”.

  9. Geoffrey Lwanja says:

    I have attended pentecoastal churches.They preach tithe,seed,sacrifice,love offering,free will offering etc.These are some of the types of giving preached and indeed I believe it is bibilical.The preachers encourage that God will bless those who give including healing.

    However,am surprised these days to hear some of these men of God preaching against Prophet Bushiri. when he prays for different problems man faces.He does not ask for giving first before healing like them.Now they are wrongly and deliberately accusing Prophet Bushiri that he does not lead people to Jesus Christ.I wonder what these men of God want to achieve.I know that these men try to destroy Prophet Bushiri Ministry,but actualky the opposite is happening

  10. gonthi says:

    mmmmmm koma inu ndalama izi

  11. Bwande says:

    And they call themselves university students! Typical village-like thinking. Sukulu suyikuwapindulira anthuwa.

  12. khama_lipindula says:

    limbikani, mulungutu amathangata iwo odzithangatila okha. ndinso mawu amati, pemphani ndinso muzalandila. dzichepetseni ndinso pemphani kwa bushiri monga iye osankhidwa ndipo iyeyo azakudalisani ndi madaliso amene iye yekha amalandila kuchokela kwa mulungu

  13. Boot lickers United says:

    Kikikikikiki. Kissing the “prophet”‘s ass in order to receive money. Kikikikiki. Mukufuna kudya nao? That girl in a black jacket looks like she’s even ready to have sex with Bushiri.

  14. john phiri says:

    I have a problem with a problem with righteous people in Malawi, the problem at Mzuzu university has been there for some time and no one went there to help. Now that these students are asking Bushiri to help people have started talking their usual rubbish. People had no food, no one dared to help but when Bushiri gave them maize, then all those gorillas came out writing on social media. Please guys, if we have righteous wealth let us go out there and help people out. Otherwise shut up your stinking mouth. If you have the time and energy to write rubbish, then save that energy, go out there and help people. This is my personal opinion. I am not a christian, nor am I a student and never ever have I benefited from Bushiri because am not based in Malawi but am proud of him for what he is doing to needy Malawians. j

  15. Timothy says:

    tmapempha kwa mulungu osat kwa munthu…

  16. Kapemphereni says:

    gyz mukusochela ndichani.coz ndalama?siose anena kut ambuye amene akalowe.

  17. Richard Moyo says:

    I LOVE MAJOR 1. We thank you friends of Bushiri at Mzuzu University. We need to support our prophet 100% despite other who are posesed with demons. Those with jelous heart. Worry not, those who are against our prophet will soon come and repent. If they are against the Man of God, why do they take their precious time watching Him. It means they love him too and enjoy ECGs services. If not, where do they got information concerning the Man of God? Stop talking about our father MAJOR 1 and concentrate on your father of lies who is influencing you to forget the word of God which encourages us to love one another despite what. Though you hate ECG followers and its leader, but we love because we know that it is not you but the influence of demons in you. All ECG followers, let us not time time in all foolish argument. We have Jesus who is our Lord and Savoiur. Let’s continue fasting and praying for such people, they will soon be in our team. They don’t even know that they are lost. We need the Word of God more and more and His servant too!. Thanks the Government of South Africa for love, embracement and encourage. South Africa is blessed. We can’t even compare South Africa and Malawi in all angles ie Size, education, development, economy, industries the list goes on and on. This simply reduce Malawi even more when we can attach a Man of God in a such way. Let’s learn to encourage rather than discourage. I call you to Gods grace in Jesus Name.

    1. Boot lickers United says:

      You must be seriously dim witted to still believe in Bushiri after all his connery. I hope you’re joking.

  18. kayawekha says:

    tipemphe kwa yesu….mesa amapasila thru ppo?

  19. muammar says:

    uku nde kufuna kumudyela Bushiri uku chapter chimenechi simunapange before the fire gutted the library bwa. ana wakwiba inu eti.

  20. dpp_sapota says:

    pemphani kwa yesu

  21. WAMISALA says:

    Dear brothers and sisters;
    God Is Not A MAN.



    FOR US ALL..

  22. Mapiyamulupali says:


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