‘From Looting to Kill’: Ntata’s new report on Malawi to launch Aug 18

Malawian researcher in law, anti-corruption, political governance and also a barrister of the middle temple Z. Allan Ntata has released another comprehensive report on the cash-gate scandal that has rocked the country titled ‘From a Looting t Kill’ to be launched in Lilongwe on August 18.

Ntata tells Mutharika: Debate me and let the people judge for themselvesadministration and misleading the president.

Ntata :  To release new report

Ntata told Nyasa Times in an exclusive interview in London that he will launch the report in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe during which he will also give a public lecture on the findings of the report and on “curtailing corruption” in general.

The corruption report “From a Looting to a Kill” is a follow up on his earlier report “Licence to Loot”.

“Whiles Licence to Loot looked at the corruption that occurred during th administration of Joyce Banda, ‘From a Looting to a Kill’ analyses the period covered by the (Price Waterhouse Coopers) PwC report (2009-2014),” Ntata told Nyasa Times.

“ I have had an opportunity to investigate Cashgate corruption in Malawi better and understand better how it worked, and what its cost has been over this period to the Malawian taxpayer. I also had the opportunity to review the evidence I had when I wrote Licence to Loot and clarify certain points that I made then,” he said.

“Most importantly, This new report is not just the story of what has happened during cashgate but a discussion of why cashgate happened, who were the main culprits, and what Malawians can do to influence change and justice given that the governments are failing or are uninterested in rectifying the loopholes because they benefit from them,” Ntata added.

Ntata, who is now a fierce critic of President Peter Mutharika, was legal adviser to the President’s elder brother, Bingu wa Mutharika, who ruled the country from 2004 until his death in April 2012.

President Mutharika has since labelled Ntata as a “frustrated” individual who is on a mudslinging campaign against him and his special aide Ben Phiri.

But Ntata who has challenged Mutharika to meet him any time, any place, anywhere for a head-to-head debate on corruption and governance, trashed the “frustrated” tag, saying it is Mutharika’s “amnesia”.

  • Here is part two of the interviews Thom Chiumia (TC) of Nyasa Times had with Ntata:

TC, Nyasa Times: President Mutharika calls you a frustrated failure, is he not right?

With respect to frustration, I have said this before and I will say it again: if you can show me a well-meaning Malawian that is not frustrated with the pace at which we are moving as a nation, I will show you a greedy faggot that will sing praise to the most incompetent of presidents, for personal survival.

Just like any truly patriotic Malawians, I am frustrated with APM’s leadership thus far,especially his refusal to embrace good governance given his training, profession, background and global exposure.

Frankly speaking, even in my worst nightmare, I never expected APM to prove such a disaster in such record time.

What I find very funny however, is Peter Mutharika’s amnesia. Peter Mutharika was constantly seeking my advice when we were both serving his brother.

This was the time I witnessed power plays firsthand, and saw memos of my advice disregarded, and the bad advice of DPP strongmen implemented.I still have my memos.To prove that I was not among those that misled late Bingu big time, I intend to publish those memoirs. Let’s all Malawians see what the evidence will demonstrate

TC, Nyasa Times: And claims by the President that you are ‘cooking up’ stories to turning Mutharika without any basis, what’s your take?

I have never “cooked up” any story. All stories that I comment on are always already in the public domain.

Further, as a bona fide citizen of Malawi, I am entitled to comment on matters of national interest and no-one will gag me..

TC, Nyasa Times: Last word, for now

First, I want to commend you at Nyasa Times for the great intrepid work you are doing under very trying circumstances. Secondly, I want to share a word with fellow Malawians.

Edmund Burke was very right when he said: the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

And in this regard, while we tend to point fingers at our governments for the mess Malawi continues to wallow in; we are equally to blame for creating a climate conducive to the impunity which is leading to lack of accountability, without which Malawi will continue to sink deeper in poverty, while the ill-gotten wealth of the ruling class inexplicably swells.

May God bless Malawi.

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46 thoughts on “‘From Looting to Kill’: Ntata’s new report on Malawi to launch Aug 18”

  1. baggio says:

    Ine zandale ayi koma foolbal,koma chomwe ndinganene APA ndichakuti.timphuzile
    kulemekeza ulamulilo wathawiyino ,evin Bible says plz u have to respect

  2. Alungwana says:

    Saying that Ntata is useles is the same as saying APM is nothing but a sailer in a pothole. I mean Ntata is right becoz he has evidence that can prove the visible failures of APM. Even a kid can agree that APM is a disgrace to Malawi’s high office. There has never been a dreamless leader in the history of Malawi like APM. I therefore take Ntata as our Jack Bauer.

  3. Hell - No! says:

    Ntata has no credibility whatsoever. He needs to come clean on what he did during Bingu’s time. I just don’t understand those of us, Malawians, who are giving this idiot a stand. Timaiwala msanga a Malawi and this is why anthu amatinena kuti ndife dzitsiru. We don’t wish well for ourselves and we praise anthu amene just this other day amatibera, kutizunza and all that. What the hell is wrong with us? I cant fathom this BS of taking this Ntata as a legit person to be talking about that which he is highly accused of. Ndi izo munasankha nazo wakuba wina, and now tikulira. Wake up Malawi and stop being this stupid.

  4. chingolopiyo says:

    Ntata is trying to make a name in politics. This guy failed to come to Malawi when Joyce Banda was in power and today he is being used by allies of Joyce Banda to conduct interviews and publicity. If Allan comes , she should be prepared to be jailed, not for political reason, but breaking the oath of office leaking confidential material to gain popularity. He is following the style of late . Rt. Hon.Chakufwa Chihana style. May his soul rest in Peace. He want to make noise on this online paper, but mind you Allan, we had people who has been vocal but ended up nothing. Ask Kamulepo Kalua, may be he can borrow you his military uniform he used to wear when organizing demos . By the way you may ask some advice from him, ask Thom to connect you. If you knew about corruption and you said nothing, covered it, you know what it is as you are a barrister. A piece of advice, be prepared, wakwata kwa mphezi saopa kunganima. Walira mvula walira matope. Wapatswindi anaulula wa pazala. Avitevite yakumana nieloplwelopwe. Nsinje watinkanena undathira musiizi. Good Kucky!

  5. as long as you stand for truth i will follow you.but i will need visible results.one thing am scared of is that AMP may offer you something big than that you say you denied.

  6. Mcbeth says:

    Useless Ntata as wel,go to hell.What a benefit r th Malawianz goin to get if all z done?

  7. Funso says:

    Heed the warnings. Don’t let August 18th be your last day. Launch your report remotely.

  8. nyetse says:

    George K, u are just right, koma iwe Mzondi ngati uli nawo mu cashgate u better shut up ur mouth, we are crying in our own nation because of useless pple who stole leadership from those who deserved it. Mind u God is watching, More Fire Allan Ntata, we are waiting for the day.

  9. Even if Ntata may have valid arguments or constructive ideas & advice, he is using a wrong approach to advance them.

  10. Chipwadza says:

    Ulula Mtata akhale pambalanganda,wayiwala za m’bale wake uja amkaloza Yehova ndi chala.You’re a weapon of God but you need security from above may God keep u safe.:D

  11. john telford says:

    Be very careful when you reach Malawi because for sure you will be killed or Gaoled or eliminated somehow

  12. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Allan Ntata, I believe you have all the facts with you, but your approach is too personal. You are aware that APM is very useless and he not even aware of his surroundings. Ena amati ndiwombwambwana.

    Now my expectation is that when you bring your observations, bring solutions as well. Otherwise I would suggest that you book an appointment with your DPP presidenr and party members so that you discuss the shartfalls together in a closed doors.

  13. Mtunda says:

    See no benefit on ntata’s intention. what benefit? is apm going to resign if exposed? why on the conter always n not constructive articles which can build malawi?

  14. Ntata will not provide solutions (strategies) as one has echoed. He has has been sent reveal evils which cause calamities in Malawi.

    Remember also King Ahab of the Israelites he brought calamities upon Israel with his evils from himself & his father’s house (1 King 17:18).

    Ahab wanted Prophet Elijah to bring solutions to Israelites calamities but 1st task for Elijah was to root out, pull down, destroy & throw down all the root cause of Israelites befalling calamities. But 1st Elijah brought another calamity (1 King 17: 1-7) upon Israel which would make king Ahab yo feel the pain of his evil actions.

    But still Ahsb was arrogant the more & called Prophet Elijah the troubler of Israel (1 King 17:17).

    The same thing applies to DPP, they want Ntata to provide strategies to end calamities in Malawi but with your evils on your hearts no solution will come till evil is exposed & destroyed. Ntata revelations is a tool to destroy evils of DPP dogs then solutions will come. Ntata is a servant in God’s Hands as it was with Elijah to end evils in Malawi.

    The debate Ntata is calling for is like the contest Elijah called on Mount Carmel.

    APM & your dogs allow the debate as Ahab allowed Elijah’s call. Prove yourself before the whole world through the called debate. Prove your innocent.

    I see destruction upon APM & his dogs in DPP. Ahab faced the consequences by the end of the day so it is to APM & your followers because bingu didn’t leave the good but evils which you are continuing to burn Malawians with. Ahab household was completely eliminated so it is DPP dogs now.

  15. You say Atumbuka have sent Ntata to reveal the evils of APM & his fellow dogs in DPP. It was the same Mtumbuka by the name Kenyatta Nyirenda to sell you the government. 99% of Tumbukas fight for the truth but few like Kenyatta Nyirenda are like the raven Noah sent to see is the water over the land have dried up but dead fishes blinded the raven not to report back to master Noah. Kenyatta is like that raven.

    God will use anything to reveal His Plans as it was with Balaam who even though the bribes Balak offered him was tempting but God through His Awesome & Marvelous Power stopped Balaam from taking side to evil Balak offered him.

    Whether Alomwe you want or not God will make sure Ntata reveals your evils towards Malawians.

    Malawians day & night are on their knees seeking God’s Truth & Justice to prevail in this land & this will come yo pass that your evils will be exposed, rooted out, pulled down, destroyed, thrown down to ashes through His Glorious Power in Christ Jesus name.

    Even your first evil agent by the name of bingu tried to silence the Truth & Justice from God to prevail in this land but there he died before the hired foreign security guards. His death was a shame to this beautiful land. That is why he was not buried at the Heroes Acre in LL. Bingu new that he didn’t deserve to be buried at the Honoured Acre because his evil actions haunted him day & night & there he dug his own grave to prove himself that he was not worthy to be laid at the Honoured Heroes Acre.

    This is not Atumbika battle but God’s battle to liberate His creations in Malawi. Atumbuka ate among God’s agents yo help suffering Malawians. Even people from the central region are crying day & night with the pains dogs in DPP are bringing in this land but not all can stand at one time to voice it out that is why you see Ntata & few Northerners are determined to voice it out without fear of being silenced by murders & killers in DPP.

    APM choose either to end like a dog in this land or stop your evils toward Malawians.

    Ntata will not be killed as you did with Robert Chasowa in the hands of the useless Policemen at Chichiri Police Station.

  16. mzondi mkandawire says:

    let build malawi if u have something good share how malawi can do well either blaming each other we r tired to hear alots of stories which cannot give us answer please malawian lets build our even u nyasatimes don’t only write negatives story write good for our nation .in UK, America and Europe there is corruption but de r so quite why exposing ur nation on negative things.united we stand !malawi u nite God bless malawi.

  17. alexanda says:

    am a fourth year student. doing my last semester. my experience at school is that DR. PROF make issues simpler to understand. APM is the opposit big time. Gondwe advised bakili, bakili is proved to have been foolish himself. gonddwe was given a task by bingu, he proved beyond doubt that he is a star. look at APM, minister of education, foreign affairs, adviser to his own brother, all ZERO. LATER ON a president, do you expect a miracle? worse still, akazi ake naonso, MBAVA. Ntata, start being straight. show a posible way of dealing with the situation. malawians too docile.UMBULI. BY THUNDER BY FIRE APM IS A LOSE TO US. help deal with this NSAMBAKWAKWA. even his choices. calista is beautiful chilungamo. koma eeeeeeeeeeeee!

  18. captain says:

    I laugh my lungs out with some people who defend wrong things , the president is goofing but his supporters are happy though suffering. Malawians ndi ulemu wawo. Apm is the worst president so far

  19. musolin says:

    With effect from the cash gate was discovered, I immediately stopped paying tax…i can’t be enriching these greedy politicians…

    Vindere vyakufikapo!

  20. becks says:

    He who hates Mtata gates the truth and justice. BUT truth and justice shall always prevail.

  21. Telling the Truth says:

    Whatever DPP and Peter Mutharika may say the truth is that Peter Mutharika’s DPP lacks new vision, policy and strategy to transform Malawi. The community colleges program which Peter Mutharika touts at his rallies is based on fundamentally flawed reasoning that demand for artisans far exceeds supply. The truth is that the economy is failing to absorb even the few artisans coming out of existing technical schools. With inadequate demand for goods and services even self employment is impossible.I agree with Ntata that Peter Mutharika is badly failing.

  22. MASTER PEACE says:








  23. Fanny Msanika says:

    let truth prevail! say more !Ntata

  24. chintheche says:

    He who knows not that he knows not is a fool. He who knows that he knows not is a student-teach him. He who knows not that all people know he knows not is an even bigger fool- he is a journalist. He who knows that all people think he he knows but does not know that he knows not is a President and a fool.

  25. Boma! says:

    Tiuzeni veveve wa cashgate bwana. We r tired of these looters, killers & destroyers of our nation.

  26. Stephano L Chamthengo says:

    It’s very hard to suffer for nothing, why paying tax all times without experiencing any developmental change? Is this all about leadership? And what type of leadership which is practised in Malawi? Please, action is needed.

  27. Ntata you the sell out says:

    Ntata you are now being used by Tumbukas without you knowing. You perhaps know that you have those idiots on your back propelling you with negative energy but your unquenchable desire to also milk this government as you did with Bingu’s regime is making you deaf.

    Your lengthy episodes on whether you were smarter than the late Bingu or not do not help the current challenges. Other than bitter words I have not seen you share strategy for progress, a typical frustrated man seeking attention from the elite. Please get a life and move on. This regime will not be forced to give you a post because you are insulting the president.

  28. Have my hand brother. You can as well make a good journalist apart from being a good adviser on political governance.

  29. pat says:

    Wonderful. I hope you will tell us the truth and your involvement since you were part of the regime during the said period, or better still your resignation letter and the then president’s reply to clear yourself fully of any involvement

  30. zayakunkhongo says:

    Ntata, am also frustrated with APM and his government, honest speaking we don’t have a leader to lead us to the lost glory, APM is uneducated proffessor.

  31. Moya says:

    Surely they will make sure the launch doesnt take place but Mtata make sure you put good measures so that they dont stop you dont even trust the police. More fire kuti buu let the truth come out

  32. Peter Mathanyux says:

    Thukuta kuti kamu kamu mu ma trousers a AHLOMWE . Kkkkkkk

  33. nganga says:

    Plz dnt forget to send me a copy through my email address

  34. nganga says:

    Lukn 4wad to that rport

  35. chizamsoka munthali says:

    May God bless you too Z.A. Ntata, but pitalayo olo kujahena tisakapsele limodzi ameneyo akapselele kwayekha munthu watizunza uyu

  36. Namalila says:

    And save it from perishing in the hands of the current administration.

  37. Fred says:

    Very pain that poor people are still being use milk cow very soon than later good days are coming just take care

  38. Wistombi says:

    Let’s us wait and see pomwe athere Ntata..

  39. When Hezekiah was crying to God for help when Sennacherib was frightening the Israelites that they should bow to him God in His tender Everlasting Mercies delivered the Israelites without them fighting the war (Isaiah 37:33-“38”). Malawians do not worry at all cost for God will do the same as He did with the Israelites before Sennacherib. Remember when God delivered you during the painful days under the dictator bingu who thought he had grown wings that no one on earth can dare him. There he died like s dog with heavy security around him. There he went to the grave already rotten even though he had enough cash to preserve his body but he died like a commoner in a very remote area where there are no health facilities.
    APM you think you are untouchable but see around you disaster is roaming about you. As Sennacherib was silenced by his own sons so you will be by the closest people who worship you as god. Danger! danger! danger by your closest people.

  40. Steve Ng'omba says:

    To hell with Ntata! To hell with Nyasatimes! Daily tizingomva za Ntata? Who’s Ntata? Don’t u hve gud stories to tell us

  41. Hell on earth says:

    Ntata we now know why you hate APM because said it. Peter does not seek advice from you as he used to. This is a clear indication that you miss life at state house. Grow up ZAN

  42. vyaya says:

    Be safe man these guys will use everything to get hold of your life

  43. Koma Ntata says:

    Ntata, do you love your family? Please stay where you are. Murderers are being released. People who steal pigs are being remanded. You are a fierce critic do you think they are going to spare your life. Not unless the gang is on your side. The other day we lost Makalaka, we still want to hear more from you. Please stay there in London until you ve exhausted all what you want the nation to know. Be wise. Please I begoooo! Don’t go! I am not your fan but your life is more important. Once again please don’t gooooooooooooo!

  44. Chinde says:

    Frustrated man. Achikhala awapatsa mpando awa sibwenzi akutokota. Paja ati amafuna awasankhe Director wa ACB, koma APM anakaniratu za masanje!

  45. Omex70 says:

    Ntata, you are a man. Keep it up!

  46. kadyankena says:

    He doesn’t know where he is coming from, where he is, neither does he know where he is going

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