Fuel pump prices up in Malawi

It’s time to dig deeper into pockets following the upward adjustments of pump prices for  fuel by Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA).

Fuel prices up

Fuel prices up

Jere: Mera announces new fuel prices

Jere: Mera announces new fuel prices

Fuekl prices have gone up effective  this Friday in line with the automatic pricing mechanism (APM), the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) announced last evening.

According to MERA statememt fuel prices have been revised upwards by 47.21% on retail price.

The regulator said petrol is the lowest increased prices as it’s  price has gone up with 4.41 % from K711.90per litre to K743.30per litre.

Diesel is now selling at K722.80 per litre from K671. 30 per litre representing 7.67 % rise

Parrafin which is mostly used in rural areas by average and poor Malawians has risen with a 10.28% as it is now selling at K580.40 from K526.30 per litre.

In a press statement, Mera said it considered recent trends in the world petroleum products prices and other macroeconomic fundamentals, such as the exchange rate of the kwacha against the dollar.

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This problem was created by IMF. They dictated to government that when the the kwacha falls by 5% they should automatically increase the price of fuel.

John Mwalungila

Mabvuto tilinawo tikuphula njerwa zamoto.


Where is the economy heading to ? Ordinary Malawians are indeed going to suffer more,We just need a New Jerusalem to come where there will be no economic woes.


World Fuel prices have been going under many times but here we are having an increase.Machende anu inu a Mera, Jere and apm

nanga ntani

Where is the privatization commission, please please please advertise this country so that some pple with wisedom can subdue us from this bondage agule athu ena dzikoli mwina moyo mkudzasintha

Goodall G

Which petroleum products have gone up? Petroleum products are going down on the world market. If you can just talk about the the depreciation of the kwacha against the dollar it could maybe make sense. Malawi economy Eish


Kukokera timisonkho kuti mwini ka bomaka kayende. Koma tkhaulitsana nanu a tombolombo inu. Kodi a Malawi apuma liti kuti muzingotibera. Mwakanika kuyendetsa boma a DPP.. Zinthu zikweranso.

chiwa kogoya

Mera whast shit are you talking about? fuel price suppose to go down not up! inu fuel wanu mmakatenga kuti? why raising the price here while our friends in south Africa are reducing the price! why kubela amalawi? sitilola zopusazi makesure you reduce the price not increasing it ok.

Victor C

Nyimbo yabwino.Tinazolowera!!!,zowela!! zowela kugula zinthu podula .Either Fuel prices goes down or ma goes up, timagulabe.Kodi mbava inu, muzayamba liti kuwenga mafuta mu Lake Kazuni ndi a Chirwa ku Zombako chifukwa chili chonse chimakwela mafuta akanga rise, poti amachoka kunja. Mlemele ndi kutchuka inu mukutibela makwacha athu tikuona !!!.


Malawians wake up please. Zandale sizikuthandizani mumangowonetsera umbuli paliponse mukamangoyankhula zanuzi. You mean you haven’t heard kuti mafuta akuyendera mitengo ya pa world market? You mean you haven’t heard on TVs and news papers that prices of oil have gone up internationally?


So how on earth the very commodity the price is droping while others are encreasing 69 cents down here Mzasi


Just a few weeks Russia and Saudi Arabia met and agreed to keep crude oil output at the current level so as to ease down the glut. No wonder prices are rebounding now! Here we are! uMzantsi Afrika (IsiXhosa) and uMzansi/iNingizimu Afrika (isiZulu)!

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