Gangata brags of his ‘millions’ in Malawi Kwacha: Explains photos

A Lilongwe based youthful self-made flamboyant multi-millionaire Alfred Gangata whose pictures showing him and a woman posing in a bedroom and ridiculously flashing a bountiful stark of hard cash money have gone viral on social media like bush fire with internet trolls claiming that the woman in the picture has pilfered the money off him and that she has vanished.

Gangata and wife in millions

Gangata and wife in millions

Gangata counting his Kwachas

Gangata counting his Kwachas

Gaganta in new photo brags about his millions

Ganganta in new photo brags about his millions

However, speaking exclusively to Nyasa Times in an interview, Gangata who owns a conglomerate trading as Masters Group of Companies, has categorically denied that the money that was shown in the pictures circulating on social media was stolen saying ‘it is all false and baseless.’

Gangata whose security firm guards all Airtel Malawi towers countrywide and is heavily involved in agro-business and farming disclosed to Nyasa Times that the woman in the picture is actually his legally wedded wife and that the pictures were taken in 2013 and he had first posted some of them on his Facebook page.

A check on his Facebook timeline indeed indicated he posted  some  of the photos in 2013.

He garnered a slew of criticism after photos have gone viral on social media.

“The woman in the picture is my wife and we took those pictures sometime ago. It is not true that she has stolen the money. It is a blatant lie that she is at large. She is still with me and we are still married and as happy as ever. It is very sad that some people are bent on finding pleasure in tarnishing and injuring other peoples images and reputation,” said Gangata.

The affluent business tycoon said the pictures were taken in private and that he was celebrating with his wife after making a fortune and emphasizing that the pictures were not meant for public consumption except those he posted on Facebook.

“I was not posing the pictures for the public or for people to see my money. I had just got paid a huge sum of money in cash, it was MK20 million and I was excited,” said Gangata.

When asked to explain how his supposedly ‘private’ Kodak moments got to the public, Gangata said the pictures were saved in a memory card which he lost and he suspects that someone got it and is sharing them on social media and spread lies.

Said he: “People  should learn to respect other people. We, Malawians excel very well in mediocrity and trivia instead of exerting our energy on important issues that would eventually uplift our well-being both financially and spiritually and we wonder why we remain one of the poorest countries in the world amidst plenty of natural resources? We are a sorry people.”

Gangata said he is worried that much with what the unscrupulous internet trolls are sharing his pictures saying he works hard for his money and that he does not steal from anybody but he expressed utter disgust and disappointment over what he described as ‘telling lies to make other people look stupid.’

He said: “I am not that stupid that I can let loose all that money in a company of a person that I don’t trust? My wife is part of me. My money is her money so celebrating our money shouldn’t be an issue to anybody. People must learn to mind their own business.”

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58 thoughts on “Gangata brags of his ‘millions’ in Malawi Kwacha: Explains photos”

  1. Malibu says:

    pictures like these are not new. I’m surprised why these pictures are attracting unnecessary attention when a young self made millionaire by the name Dri Mkwanda has done the same. the young man I’m talking about is younger than the gentleman Gangata and has posted pics on SOCIAL MEDIA with hard cash US DOLLARS and not kwachas. He has posted pics in exotic places flashing expensive jewelry, cars and properties he owns abroad yet he received no attention at all.

    so inu musatinyase apa as if ka 20 million ndi kanthu kaya mwachita kupangana.

  2. Stupid person, what’s there to brag about? If you’re blessed that doesn’t make you a better person or a special person ney.

  3. forgive them says:


  4. gdaudi mj says:

    oooo yes

  5. dgs says:

    Ulowele mseu wa mchinji kuti ma brand new v8 koma alibe Matama. Bwanji

  6. blowjob says:

    MRA investigate this bastard please. Is he paying VAT etc on his contracts ? My guess is no.

  7. Wangongole says:

    Koma nde zokhwimira2 nanga kukanika kundipatsa 6 pin you owe to my office?

    Kumbukirani bwino bwino ngongole za 2015 July mudzayaluka

  8. Washington Thumbiko says:

    make your money boy.. its your time…

  9. gonapamhanya says:

    Ndizachilendo Ku Malawi kuno koma ma celeb akunja achina Floyd mayweather amapanga zimenezi kwathu kuno yakula ndi msanje, zasiyana pati ndiamene amajambulitsa pamagalimoto odula or nyumba zodula???? Umbuli bwanji amalawife

  10. john says:

    Money?,haahha you boy i award u as the dumbest man 2016 in LL,ur a salvage, there r reach ppo in MW like Aniz Osman very rich,u cat r not even in top 30 so why bosting about ur change here n wat if ppo attack u.
    From my experience, wen a person starts doing this he or she is going mad i tell u.
    AIRTEL,r u dealing with this stupid person, my friend a business person does not bost about his or her worth because u still need more from ppo.
    Gangata the dumbes ma in LL 2016

  11. Umbuli or Billgateyo munamupna akujambulitsa ndi ndalama. Mbuli ya chuma

  12. namarokoro says:

    I agree with you young man. People must learn to mind there own business. Congrats on your success on your businesses. I am happy for you

  13. Kible says:

    Learn to pay your guards on time, osati salary(15,000) ya November kumalandira january meaning 2 months osalandira munthu

  14. Muzimva says:

    Umbuli umenewu

  15. mjiba says:

    choyamba munthuyi ndalamazi ndi zake chifukwa wajambulisa nazo. Tizindikile kuti mabwana ambili amuboma, ndi amu makampani akumapanga makampani afeki ndi kuyikamo azibale olo achinyamata ngati awa kuti aziyendesa ngati ma directors. izi zikatele iwo ku ofesi kwao akumayesesa ndi kumapereka ma kontarakiti kwa makampani amenewa monga stationery, security, cleaning ndi zina zotero. izi sizachilendo kuti mwanayu ndalama zamupengesa. Tangoganizani munthu woyang’anila za security ya ma towers a Airtel kujambulisa ndi zindalama zankhaninkhani, ali mbulanda pang’ono ndi akazi ake kuchipinda. Nkumati matowers a Airtel ali safe??? ha ha Mabwana aku Airtel mwana akuyalusani uyu, makontrakiti akumupengesa. Uyu wasiyana ndi lootepo. Aja amangolandila ndalama osagwila ntchito, awa ndi chikwangwani cha mabwana kuzembesa ndalama ndi kumapereka maservices pomwe amayenela kusapereka olo kuchita declare popeleka. Ziliko ku Malawi. Ntchito yothana ndi katangale siyinathe. Criminals always amazes me, they make silly [email protected] kkkkkk elgangatttsa

  16. Re says:

    Walemela uli mwana mphwanga. Hope you have good bodyguards

  17. kabanthira says:

    kuba kuja nkumeneko cashgate should be investigated the money was supposed to be deposited not in cash as done, no company can pay this amount in cash rather than in a single leaf as cheque, deal imeneyi beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACB take acction

  18. TCHAMA says:

    Ubulu2 siumphawi okha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4wht kind of excitement is this???? chamagazi sichisowa limafika la 40 baba GANGATA

  19. Matandani says:

    Although it seems abnormal to have that much in cash, I can tell you that as far as he is in agri-business, that can happen, in season of harvesting crops like soya beans and groundnuts and even maize private companies mainly owned by Asians like to give their suppliers as a motivation to buy more produce. I work in Kanengo and I know those companies but for security reasons wont be able to mention them. All the best bwana Gangata if the money is not connected to Cashgate.

  20. Matako says:

    Dude big up, thats your cash you can do what ever you want , do not be shaken ndi zonena anthuwa zakula ndi nsanje. Keep on working Hard man , am proud of you

  21. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    Indeed we Malawians are a sorry and jealous people. We are not happy when someone makes it in life.Their are spirits of envy in our midst which is very distructive.

  22. onachi says:

    Ichi ndi chibwana, kudziitanila mavuto

  23. Nganga says:

    This guy must be investigated. Mark the dates, 2013. Cashgate guys were using legally registered businesses to steal. Who can pay K20 million cash? It must have been a cheque, so why cash it and not deposit it? He was hiding trails. All cashgate money was in cash to avoid detection. NO SECRET UNDER THE SUN.

  24. bentby says:

    Ndalama ndi zake, ulamuliro onse ngwake pa chuma chakecho. Kaya ajambulitsa akusetera, kaya ajambulitsa akuzingira ndudu. It doesn’t matter

  25. How dare would either a company or a Government institution pays such dubious payments in cash to an individual other than issuing cheque?.I think there must be something fish branding over such payments.Nayenso payee wakeyo ndi mbuli,how can he displays such huge money in public and a picture of a prostitute besides him??????

  26. johnstone chimphentheka says:

    He says the pictures were taken in 2013. That was the time JB was president and cashgate was rampant. Who pays cash MK20million. Ndalama zathu zimenezo. Munaba nawo. Mulungu akulangani. Anzanu ndi awo ali ku prison, ena ndi awo akuthawawo.

  27. mayepu says:

    palibe zodabwitsa apa. Many do same only that they are still in t
    heir cacooons

  28. Ellias says:

    Gangata, this is not the same Malawi we used to have during kamuzu era. Be careful, you can be robbers food. Why posing with cash? The same security guards u employed can kill you. Just an advise.

  29. Buyelekhaya says:

    There is more than what meets the eye!

  30. chisomo aaron Chawanje says:

    mwana ili ndi dziko udzaziona

  31. innocentmicheta says:

    bola inu

  32. Dya Mani says:

    Something aint right with this Dude. You dont pose with cash like that

  33. UKBASE says:


  34. gonondo says:

    its part of life exee

  35. DPP Woyee says:

    Mbuli za chuma. Just like rap stars and Maywaither.

    Show your assets.

    Imagine if Dangote or Bill Gates showed us their cash.

    No class.

  36. Angoni apaphata says:

    Twenty million in cash. Who paid this guy? Panali nkhani apa. cashgate. Which company pays twenty million in cash. ndiye cashier ntchito yake tsiku lonse linali transaction yakeyotu…..

  37. odala says:

    Nkuluyu ali sharp zosililitsa izi

  38. Namila says:

    Senior nurses pay in uk is over £30,000.00 per a year so most of us here are millionaires in Malawi!

  39. Namila says:

    Chimanga cimalola opanda mano! Use the money for a makeover then you might look the part

  40. mbanga says:

    kuli anthu a dollar kuno. eBay. For example Tom Mpinganjira Zagaf Ninkawa etc would they do that stupid act.

  41. GRM says:

    Zimupweteka mwana ndalama uyu. Anzako sititero

  42. Pitala Paulendo says:


  43. Mthanyula Peter says:

    Typical of black men when they make money, they show off thinking they have achieved. Rich white men show off by investing for the good of community, especially the less fortunate. Take example of Bill Gates.

    And this guy was stupid enough to risk taking all that money into his house? Akabwela akuba udzati walodzedwa kapena A malawi ndi oipa?

  44. Kenkkk says:

    Kaya zanu zimenedzo. K20 million is nothing but a lot and life changing for most of Malawians.

  45. lazyman says:

    It is u who is foolish do u think we should be clapping hands with your show off. Your wealth must not make us look stupid simply becoz we are poor.Kunalinsotu anzanu onyada ndi chuma nde mufunse kuti zinawathera bwanji?

  46. Maliseni says:


  47. The Analyst says:

    . . . Many of us do the same. When we are sent out abroad on a workshop, we take pics of our dollars/pounds/rands, euros e.t.c. However, we are just modest not to publish the pics or deliberately drop our memory cards so that they can be picked and have the pics shared.

    . . . While working hard and becoming successful is a mark of intelligence and smartness, being modest is a mark of wisdom. You see, when you are rich and modest, even if by whatever misfortune your money says goodbye (e.g. along illness hence collapse of your business empire); you don’t worry about finding a place to hide your face.
    . . . Most importantly, we need to be careful how we advertise or brag about our success or riches; because there is always something about our success that even your best friend is not happy with. Therefore, if an attempt on your riches fails, there is an attempt on your life.
    . . . Yet although money and other material possession make our life easier; life itself is much more important than the money and the material possession. Thus, must be guarded jealously.

    I know it’s difficult (especially if poverty is what a bigger part of a person’s life has seen), but intelligent and wise, are those who are rich but modest. So few they are, but.

    This, is an advice from a friend!

  48. vendor says:

    Koma iwe Gangata ndiwedi mwana eti, kodi siukuziwa kuti ma PS ndi ma Commissioner a Police ndi ma Senior Officers ku Army amalandira K150000000 gratuity? Komanso kumalandira K1000000 pa 14?

  49. respect says:

    young boy work hard so that you achieve a goal you still have along way to go
    admire dolar billionaire us dolar millionaire ky

  50. Truck says:


  51. contrator says:

    young boy you dont know money people stopped talking MK along time ago talk million pounds or atleast a million dollar

  52. Chalume says:

    Our own Floyd Mayweather! lol!

  53. alpha says:

    I totally agree with 2016 welcome.Unfortunately salipo yekha, nkagulu ndithu ndiye kaya ndi umbuli, I just don’t know. Chauta adzingotikhululukira

  54. chemuyaya says:

    i smell lack of education

  55. Gangstas says:

    Twenty million kwacha is equivalent to £20,000.00. So about a year and half’s work pay for an ordinary worker in UK can turn you into a multi millionaire in Malawi.

    Sad nation.

  56. 2016 welcome says:

    Chilipo chikukutsata iwe. We have had rich people in Malawi but the show off in other ways not parading cash before the public like that. Remember the public is diverse siwonse akukuona ndi diso la bwino. Mwina uli ndi security yabwino mzathu.

    1. The Analyst says:

      2016 welcome,
      A person is only just as safe as the security of his house is. And never safer than the security of his house.
      The guy is just as safe as the security of Malawi is, the building that houses us all. And you and I and others know what/how the security/insecurity of Malawi is, now.
      Its a good advice you have given him.

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