God is not President of Malawi

At the opening of the auction floors on Wednesday, President Peter Mutharika was charged for no good reason other than that he seems to have discovered a strand of eloquence and a mean streak in him with which he wants to position himself as an assertive leader. But it may turn out to be a disaster.

Mutharika speaking at the auction floors

Mutharika speaking at the auction floors

If he were not President, I would have been tempted to ask about what he smokes or takes when he is all by himself and seeking a distraction to kill the time. Whatever it is, it is doing him and the nation no good. He is the President, however, so I will resist the temptation to question his choice of hobbies, lest I fall foul of some obscure, primitive laws.

Weighing in on Malawi’s food situation, Mutharika went ballistic blaming the one Being who never crossed anybody’s mind but his.

“Let’s not politicise hunger,” charged Mutharika, “hunger is not caused by DPP or Peter Mutharika, but God.”

It was a brief, loaded message that was an inaccurate act of blame-shifting and an abdication of authority for which he was elected. Whatever happened to thou shall not mention the name of your God in vain!

Mutharika conveniently forgot to mention that Malawians—at least 36 percent of them—did not elect God; neither did they, for that matter, elect APM to apportion to other people his failures to put in place policies that would provide solutions to people’s challenges.

Whether we like it or not, climate change is here to stay and Mutharika’s remit was to find solutions that mitigate the problems. As a country, we need someone who prepares for and is ready to deal with calamities, natural or man-made. That is leadership; blaming God is not.

God did not manufacture climate change that has brought about phenomena such as El Nino and brought flash floods in Mzuzu and other parts up North; it was man’s own foolishness and lack of foresight.

Get me right, I’m not saying the disaster up North is of no importance. But is it a disaster that we cannot manage by ourselves? This disaster should not come as a surprise because the weather gurus did warn us beforehand that the weather patterns this year will result in floods up North. Why, then, are we acting panicky and pressed?

It is us that brought this disaster upon ourselves. We have logged all our forests bare. And we are not relenting even when experts are warning us that this is the cause of these weather-related disasters. God has nothing to do with our foolishness. So let’s leave him out of this.

By the way, would Mutharika have declared the State of National Disaster had the flash floods in Mzuzu not occurred?

It has been months since weather experts and the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee warned of El Nino and how it would test our resilience to respond. Yet despite suggestions from several quarters to declare a State of National Disaster ages ago, Mutharika snored on the job and is only coming out now aiming his loaded gun at God.

The devastating effects of the El Nino are continental, yet why are we the only ones crying out loud and taking out our begging bowl? The problem as a nation is that we are easily shaken; we lack resilience because we have been so used to everything being done for us. We have been in a State of National Disaster since independence—only the financial aid in budget support and development aid we received from donors cushioned us from being exposed as such. Now that the donors have abandoned us, we have been exposed.

We need a leader who can remember that Malawi is a basket case that needs delicate handling and who should act when prompted—not someone who goes to open an auction floor and forgets why he was there. But can remember to blame God.-Source : NPL

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38 thoughts on “God is not President of Malawi”

  1. mfumujay says:

    anamwa ntonjani ndi new world order yake atitha a malawi munthu ameneyu. i regret i voted for the devil, atipwetekesa kotheratu ameneyu. God forgive him.

  2. Charles says:

    Dear Hon. Yr. Excellence Mr. President,

    Kindly take time and read the book of Daniel chaps. 4 – 5. about Nebkadreza and Belshaza. After that take to think where you are now, you will find that you have weighed short and yr days in powers are numbered. Please wake up quikly and put yrself together as quick as possible Look at all corners of yr admin how fails! What abig shame!! I’m sure after readin the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation chap. 21 – 22 you will change you will not be as you are today. God Bless you.

  3. mtengo wagwa says:

    Pray for him and the nation.

  4. Mtchona says:

    What a shameful leader,it was just a matter of time before he showed himself that he belongs to satan.A God fearing someone cant say like that because the Bible is very clear about why we face challenges in life.Now I believe this homosexual thing comes from him using his subjects.BUT HIS RULE IS NUMBERED.If he ever read a Bible he could have known already what happened to his friends who blasphemy the name of the Lord.SHAME.

  5. Zahra says:

    OMG! present day “Aaron” does this mean the “ndilibe problem ” was a scathing attack to God?

  6. Zahra says:

    you DPP guys christened “Bingu” as present day Moses remember?
    you were claiming he got us out of “Egypt ” with God’s guidance and that former wiped out hunger hence his adoration.

    ok, what can u say about this “Aaron” is God furious now? then get him out of the post so God doesn’t punish us any further!

    No wonder he selfishly said “ndilibe problem ” God niye avera kuwawa??????

  7. zamfufu says:

    abwana ngati mwatopa ndi ulamuliro you better stay quiet

  8. Ed Crom says:

    Please, Leave God Almighty, Our Lord and Saviour through His Son Jesus Christ out of issues pertinent to: CEASER!!!

  9. James says:

    tombotombo, hunger is not nature…God controls nature. mutharika ought to put in place plans/policies to beat hunger; rain or drought! ask African Development Bank how many irrigation schemes in the east bank (chikwawa-nsanje) area that they have funded? now, how many of those are being utilised?
    it is said; in the abundance of water, only fools die of thirst…Malawi is a perfect fool.

  10. The bystander says:

    A bad hunter blames his gun…
    We created these problems ourselves through deforestation and misuse of natural resources in general. now we are dancing to its music and therefore appealing blame to the Supreme authority is such an immature thing to do

  11. Njala says:

    Mathanyula, you are the president and you were warned about El Niño last year. Your response does not give Malawians any reason to believe that you are in control of this country. You are totally clueless

  12. zakwathu says:

    His hobby is to read war stories hv u forgotten.

  13. Banzo says:

    The person who write this article it seem he/she is not matured. It’s like his/her aim is to criticize the President. I don’t see any reason for President saying that the problem that we are facing is by natural cause. Moreover he said these asking for the well wishers to assist us. What else would you expect him to do ?

    If you are saying that he was supposed to prepare the nation to get ready for such, you the writer and the other Malawian who ate like you what have they done ?

    This disease of blaming President in everything is killing many Malawians.

  14. Manuel malzan says:

    we have a leader who don’t fear God so what do we expect? Malawi will do better after this leader…..

  15. Charles says:

    Aclueless Leader,mwakhalamukunenaza Greenbelt Komampakanaleropalibechimenewachita

  16. Ze Roberto says:

    @10, You are right when countries like the US and UK and indeed any other developed country are hit with natural disaster they don’t blame their leadership. The simple reason for that is that the countries’ leadership handles the problems on their own. But when Malawi is hit with a natural disaster the best thing the leadership does is to call for external help.. What does that tell us about our leadership? So for you, it’s okay people should not blame a leadership that is inept, not so? Blind loyalty! People like you, @10 ought to know that leadership and in particular presidency is a society symbol of problem solver as such it must perform to society expectations. Of the abundant natural resources ( water) the country is endowed with, don’t you think it’s a clear case of lack of sound leadership to be crying of hunger every time the nation is hit by natural disaster?

  17. sanda says:

    alimi akakolola zambiri it is because of government policy and subsidies, when they fail to yield it is because of God

  18. Timothy Singini says:

    boring…this message is boring

  19. Themistocles says:

    Stop this thing about blaming the people who are not responsible for something. Munthalika wasn’t wrong to point out that God is the one who controls nature. It’s only that there might be something else attached to it. The issue of hunger is not a new thing,it has been there and it’ll continue to be even if there will be a regime change. We understand that some crisis are created by readers but this one is quiet exceptional. We didn’t receive enough rains and that’s the causative agent,so let’s not put the blame on the president as if he has a hand on that.

  20. Jehoshua says:

    That s a man who fears God. he he very well know that there’s a supreme power above his own. the power that controls nature. he knows you can be on high position but you cannot be higher than god to control nature. Nature is controlled by god alone.

  21. Jehoshua says:

    That s a leader who fears God. he knows he can not do anything and knows well that there is a God(supreme power than his) up there. the God that controls everything

  22. No Need For Pointing Fingers Here.After All Oyera Ndani In Our Country?We Are Breaking God’s Commandments Each And Everytime.Don’t Compare Our Leaders With God.Do All Malawians Fear God?Why The Killings,adulteries,thieves, Sabbath Breakers,false Witnesses And Many More Sinners?

  23. tombolombo says:

    He is not blaming the most high.He is simply saying God controls nature.

  24. MKP says:

    APM religious aide Khoviva is blinded by bloody money APM had been stealing from account number one. The Spirit of God left Khoviwa years back and He can’t speak of God in Truth and Spirit. Khoviwa is like that raven which Noah sent to see if the water has completely gone down and give the feedback to Noah but it didn’t return for it was feasting on dead fish and water animals. Khoviwa is a raven that is feasting on stolen cash by APM which was to uplift lives of poor suffering Malawi. Khoviwa is being guided by the devil and he can’t advise this illegitimate leader in any way to Walk the Path of the Lord.

  25. Stuart Ligomake says:

    Peter smokes chamba and is a whisky drunkard

  26. Salva says:

    So this foolish clown called president doesn’t know
    that elements such as El Nino and floods are natural hazards while starvation after such hazards is a man-made disaster. We hold you and your bunch of red nose clowns accountable, not God.

  27. mbanga says:

    Guys. These things are our fault. The country started very well and fools like JC started chasing whites as early as 1915. anyway that aside if a claim type hits America they help themselves. when it hits Malawi we beg. so the leaders are to blame.

  28. ineyo says:

    Lake Malawi full of water surrounded by several hectares of irrigable land but all 36% president can do is to blame the most high God.

    He should really be asked his hobbies and smoke he puffs in if at all he does.

    Always finding scape goats for your failures won’t help u pitala. I would suggest to u that u need to see your religious aide khoviwa on this issue. That is total blasphemy@

  29. Chambe says:

    Ever thought that Britain could be taken by shock by the floods that happened this year? Advanced as they are, did they blame Cameron or Conservative Party? They all accepted that it was an act of God.
    And those floods that happened in the US, did they also blame Obama or Democratic Party? No! They also accepted it as an act if God.
    So why should a poor third world country’s people act differently and blame the ruling party and the President citing lack of leadership for similar mishaps? The act of God knows no boundaries of preparedness or clued leadership.Ngati mwasowa zolemba, katsewereni bawo; sha!

  30. Ze Roberto says:

    Some societies create their future by planning for it while others wait for the future to occur on them. Malawians, and perhaps most African countries live in a fantasy world. No wonder Africa is the most stinking continent. It’s my continent and I love it but I have to be honest with myself.

  31. kwenda says:

    peter you must think before you open your probosis.

  32. nyanja says:

    Malawians are funny creatures. We can not blame God neither can we blame Peter for these calamities. We are all to blame for this mess.

  33. Mwene Kenedy says:

    Malawi is self made hell: Malawi means hell, its the same as drowing yourself into the dead see, do you expect to live? Malawi a moto, hell with living creatures inside, do you expect them to think of developing the land? Frm the head to the tail, its all hell. I sugest name change, to a better meaning name

  34. Mlomwe says:

    Where is this country going to.Pakamwa pamaononga zithu ndidanena ine mlomwe si munthu Bingu adanyoza atumbuka nayo Pitala akuti kusefukira kwa madzi kuja ndichifukwa atumbuka.Kod ku Nsanje ,chikwawa ndi mulanje chinali chifukwa cha Alomwe.Ambuye kusalana kapena kusakondana kwa a Malawi chifukwa cha atsogoleriwa chonde 2019 zawonetseni Ukulu wanu a Malawi tidakalira

  35. Bon o bon says:

    Mutharika ! Dont blame God! stop acting like mad….ah,? you started attacking prophets, clergy and now its God himself? Much as we are poor but your administration does better on politicking and not laying down policies and shape the direction as a country. ..uchiziwa iwe ndi kulimbana ndi Chakwera…uzaloza chani pa campaign wa 2019?

  36. chikopa says:

    Kodi Chachacha ukuti chani? The president is right that people appear to blame for the hunger. Jumbe of Parliamentary Committee and from MCP was on Zodiak and Times talking nothing but shit that subsidized fertilizer scarcity was to blame for shortage of food in Mangochi. My foot! This utter nosense. We should not blame the president for hunger. This is what he is saying.

  37. Nyamakumutu says:

    I did not hear him saying that because I don’t have time to listen to a radio or watching TV. If that chance comes I tune to Zodiak and only seat for TV when my football team has a game other wise I don’t.

    But if indeed this President said this is cause by God then he don’t know what God does. Yes we have idiots in our country as the VP said the other day. This man must be one of them. We are to blame as Malawian. We have all the arable land with us. We have such a huge lake and many rivers and dames all are gifts from God but we have chosen to seat phwiii. We don’t have commercial farmers and what we depend on is the subsistence farming for their family to be on the plans for food security. Kamuzu Banda had all these systems in place but you decided to destroy them and not you blame it on God. What you should know is that our God is able to fight his own battle and he will fight for himself. Kaya zanu izo.

  38. MBUMBA says:

    So many water engineers
    Collecting huge sums
    Of money from govt
    Judt playing bawo

    And yet we blame God
    Really ???

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