Goodall defends pay hike for Malawi President

Malawi Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe has defended the  controversial salary increase of President Peter Mutharika and his deputy Saulos Chilima, saying they were justified as part of salary harmonisation  policy of government .

Gondwe: Salary hike justified

Gondwe: Salary hike justified

Gondwe told a news conference on Sunday that the pay hike was not proposed by the Democratic Progressive Party led government but was carried forward from the previous Peoples Party administration.

“When we were taking over the government in May this year ,  there was  already a proposal on the same for the elected leaders, we just implemented the proposals,” he said

Gondwe said government was still carrying on salary harmonisation and that pay packages will be reviewed to be in line with the policy .

The Finance Minister said while the new salary structure for the presidency has been put forward, the Head of State and vice president have deferred the pay rise for themselves.

The 80-percent increase for the President had drawn criticism with the rights campaigners calling it “insesitive” and “inappropriate”.

Gondwe collaborated what chief secretary to the government, George Mkondiwa, said on Saturday that while the proposed salary increase may be justified, President Mutharika and VP Chilima decided to forego the increase “in solidarity with Malawians who are presently undergoing very tough economic hardship.”

In the new salary structure announced on Saturday, Mutharika, who came to power after defeating Joyce Banda in May elections, was to be paid $5,263 (2.7 million kwachas) a month. He will now revert to his old salary of 1.5 million kwachas.

His deputy Saulos Chilima, who was to be paid 1.8 million kwachas, reverts to his old salary of 1.0 million.

Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa said the new salaries were “in line with the budget” which was passed by parliament last September.

The budget includes a deficit of $205 million after Western donors suspended aid worth $150 million.

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71 thoughts on “Goodall defends pay hike for Malawi President”

  1. Mwana wamtonga. says:

    Stupid government. Peter pls pack your stuff and go back to NDATA-ni. You are acomplete vote of no confidence. Va alomwe vodya mphenembe machende anu.

  2. freedom says:

    Finance minister,please don’t hesitate to adjust all the salary structures in the civil is not something to negotiate with as the truth was known way back in parliament where all the MPs asked for pay rise and it was please we are all in Malawi and facing the price rise in on form.dont try to make your job difficult my dear uncle.adjustment of salaries with the current living cost will also help you to collect the collect revenue from tax payers.don’t allow people to suffocate our lovely DPP led government.we have great respect,expectations from this government.please pay attention to what people are saying about this with soberly mind sir.

  3. Chindazi says:

    These pipo wakonyofu fiyo……….why not increase salaries for other civil servants as well……


  4. Mabo says:

    Mr Goodall ulendo uno zakukanikani. mwati mwasata zomwe pp idakonza zowonjezera malipiro zimenezo sizowona ai. Mwakonza nokha koma poti zalakwika mufuna muwanamizire amai.

  5. akumudzi says:

    we just need to go on the streets as we did with Bingu because iwowa sakuva kuwawa pakuti they do not pay taxes

  6. anidz0 says:


  7. Kabichi says:

    Dada Gondwe these increments can not be defended.
    An error was made and you need to correct it.
    Mwabanthu ndimwe wakusaambira imwe na President winu and so you cant be making such silly mistakes

  8. oooooho/ says:

    EEEEEEHH look…!


    Much as I respect you dada Gondwe but I think at your age, the ministry and the economic mess in which the government is in , is too much for you.. this is time for u to be at home and relax dada not be stressed unnecessarily with public issues like these….what else do you want? money u have.. house u hv.. u just need a peaceful rest Dada at home enjoying your retirement

  9. kukhala says:


  10. Dedza Guy says:

    The minister is too Old to think. He should be Home playing with grand children.

  11. dreamteam says:

    JB must be laughing her lungs out – at least she just proposed. She knew when to implement or not. These old people have all lost their heads!!

  12. Goodal Gondwe musana,izire amayi JB adiministration yao kuti ndiwo anachita proposal ya 80% kwa president pamene mlonda wa grade P 15% zausilu basi.

  13. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians please just ignore this man called Goodall what, what. He don’t know what he is talking about. He is confused. Ignore him please.

  14. MKango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    I think they will borrow cashgate from the pp too

  15. jkkkk says:

    We voted PP out because they had lost their heads and now DPP says they r implementing the bad decisions of PP. This guy is now too old to make any sense. This is the problem. Goodall is 20years above retirement age.

  16. MKango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Indedi Goodall. Zinthu zadulirainuyo ndi a zibwana anzanuwo mpaka kumagawana ma over 300 percent.Think.

  17. Boko Haram says:

    Goodall chindele chakufikapoooo kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  18. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Whether it’s as planned or not, the national economic situation is bad. You should be responsive to change and not rigid. The president will get much more in allowances and benefits, using the back door. Whether budgeted or not, stop the insane raises for malpractioners (ministers) and malawi pigs (mps) for now. You insensitive people.

  19. wabonza says:

    I have always questioned the credentials of Goodall Gondwe . How can a whole minister talk full rubbish at one goal . , how silly can one be to even blame PP on this he is full of shit . ANATHEDWA NZERU UYU

  20. Bazuka says:

    Government has a lot of money thus why they manage to increasd salaries for MPs, ministers, VP & President. TUM & MCTU, where are you? Akupatsani sikono ya blue moti you can’t talk. Foolish

  21. Mbwiye Wapata says:

    koma abale a Gooddal nkhope ngati Chule choncho…ndalama zonsezo osagulako ambi shubaba bwanji kapena ponds bwanji…..ndiye kuti madotolo a khungu(dermatologists) kulibe ku malawi ko.Komanso Manowo Pepsodent bwanji poti akupanga yellow ngati mwadya bwemba…kapena ndinu a UDF…mpaka mano kufuchilila abale inu,….ayi ndithu you deservedi increase….

  22. walewaley says:

    Guys DPP has completely failed to govern this country, they are using TRIAL and ERROR. The entire learnt Minister of Finance can not boldly say that the salary increase proposal was initiated by PP, are they telling kindergarten kids? or grown up persons? I mean cant they see for themselves how people are suffering in Malawi, do they have economic proof such that they don’t feel it?

    Please Malawians lets give this country to serious leaders in 2019, who can take the country to the greatest heights, never should we allow these bafoons to come on the stage again. They have completely failed

  23. namwali says:

    Ndiye ifenso as part of harmonisation process mutikwezere ndi imene mwakwezera a APM ndi SC

  24. H Kamdidi says:

    What is a million to the president compared with their massive benefits. I am, sure the turning down is just on paper but they will still get it else where

  25. okwera says:

    I am failing to understand gondwe he says that the have taken the increase from people party idea of increasing salary. Doe it mean he agrees with the peoples party incerease in the salary? Does it mean that peoples party is still ruling this country? does it mean we are using peoples party constitution? does it mean that all ddp peoples are empty headed? i have alot of questions to gondwe but because he is suffering from senile dementia let me stop here.

  26. fkr says:

    Previously i had thought Gondwe was an intelligent man, now i know I know I was wrong and he is just a dumb puppet. Iam sorry anyone that suggests an increase is justified when you have NO money. Just look around and see the poor people and then you have the extreme extravagance of the so called VVIP’s. Is a sham and a crying shame to see.

  27. Gongoni says:


  28. Ben Phiri Kahuna Mathanyula says:

    Heyi Mr. Goodall and your Mathanyula, this is one reason why Idi Amini amakokolola nkhalamba zonse ndikukazitaya mnyanja. It seems you guys your reasoning is in reverse gear.

  29. chengolo says:

    All of you who are striking because you want pay hike, please don’t just stop. BOMA ili has lots of money tiye naloni. Kodi zinthu zakwerera Pitala yekha ndi nduna zake. Civil Servants nafenso we need 100% now because we know the govt has money and it is justified. Varsity students K60,000 you are demanding is not enough conmsidering that the government has a lot of money. Demand for K100,000 because it was budgeted for and justified.

  30. Onasiwelo says:

    Zauchisilu basi

  31. chimwendo says:

    It is justifiable that university staff should get 75% tiyenazoni ndalama zilipo guys forward ever osachita masewera

  32. I wish dere wz no leadership in mw

  33. Namalu says:

    Kodi mwati President is getting MK1.5m, VP MK1m (difference .5m), but in the new salaries President gets MK2.8m, VP MK1.8m (difference 1m), salary harmonisation yotani imeneyi??? To me it looks like you are reducing salary ya VP or you want to tell me in a layman’s language that VP is overpaid and you want to reduce the gap? Haaaaah! Mukumubera mwana, mavoti anu akuthawa kupita kwa Saulos ndithu. Zikomo Kwambiri.

  34. Bigdwag says:


  35. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Ndiye a PP’wo sanapange propose malipiro a anthu ena ogwira ntchito m’boma kapena mwangosankhapo izo zokha zokomera inu? You must feel ashamed! Kudzikonda basi, mbolo zanu nonsenu! Kunyasa ngati galu woti kumupatsa nsima ya ufa woyera amakabiba deya!

  36. Air Falter says:

    If this is not the right time, why are you announcing it? Kodi mukuona ngati a Malawi tilibe nzeru? Mkondiwa is now brainwashed completely. Bwanji ukukhala ngati sunagwire ntchito m’boma for over 25 years? From when will the adjustments be effective???? You want to fool us …….next thing the President and VP get paid 12 months in arrears! Agalu inu! Simuthatu 5 years ndi manyi ake ngati amenewa. Mxm.

  37. ochewa says:

    God the land you gave us is becoming the land of your coming fulfillments.

  38. Kanyimbi says:

    Ine ndikuvutika ka salary kanga K70,000.00 ndichotsepo msonkho K15,000.00 ndiye wina akuti K1,000,000.00 yachepa? Izi ndiyenso za chamba zeni zeni. Kangongole Ka feteleza ka FILP simmenenso mukutivutila nako.Kodi tinalakwa kubadwila ku Malawi?

  39. Mofolo says:

    Useless is the so called CSTU. The leaders of CSTU are stupid how could they accept a meager salary increment for the Civil servant worse still the increment to be from october yet increment is always from new fiscal year which is July. Mbuzi sa CSTU mwalephera tulani pansi undido. Look now, dont you realise that you have been duped? idiots.

  40. ADE says:


  41. Chuma chobisika says:

    Goodwill Gondwe chimenecho ndi chibwana cha mtumbo lende nanga a makampani ndi anthu ogwira nchito m’boma mwatani

  42. Mr.Bambo says:

    Goodall Gondwe resign please otherwise we will come at night and petrol bomb your house.

  43. AMUNA BAWO says:

    Public universities also justfied to ask for 80% pompopompo basi!!!!!

  44. A fool nd his wisdom is alwyz on de wrong side behind de truth,,,,,,,,wea iz de logic here,,,,,,koz its de presdent,,,,,,,?nanga ine mundganizira bwa?,,,,,,,,this iz foolish,,,,,,,,2hell

  45. chindere says:

    kodi chifukwa choti a pp ndi amene anayambitsa ndekuti ndi zabwino inu mupange implement basi,zopusa zimene mukuyambazo a dpp.zitsiru nonse a DPP

  46. Alufeyo says:

    Absolutely nothing wrong with the salary hike. 2.7 million for a president is an insult. Ndiye akamapanga katangale mudziwanena. Stupid country full of imbeciles.



  48. moto mwikho says:

    All you losers; are you qualified for anything? Are you employed? Why do you get angry when qualified people get salary increases comensurate with their responsibilities? Go get a job!

    1. Ngo Ngozo says:

      Oh so we are ‘losers’ today? Are we not the ones that put these people into these positions? muziyankhula bwino

  49. VISYULI says:

    Kodi nkhani zokweza malipiro zizingokomera amene ali kum’phika okha basi musamakhale ngati mukulankhula ndi dzidzukulu zanu ife a Malawi kenako tikwiya ndikupita pamsewu mukatiomberenso ngati pa JULY 20, tisamango ku khomerani msonkho kuti muzisangalala ndi ma hule anu ifenso ndalama tikuzifuna. Ndinunomwe munaba 92 billion Malawi si estate yanu mulibe ndi manyazi omwe a Gondwe mwakalamba ndi nzeru zomwe.

  50. Mfwethu says:

    When he was arrested on treason this man had BP and other such related problems. Dear God I pray, afflict this man with the same ailment, when your people in Sodom and Gomorrah wronged you you struck them down. This man has wronged your people, Malawi that you love, do unto him as you did with those wicked people. All wicked people must perish, oh Lord, hear this prayer struck this man and let all those who celebrate in the suffering of your people, the civil servants, teachers, judiciary, ACB staff, know today that you are a God who will never forsake his own people. You heard our prayers before when someone whom you had thought would lead Malawi to its glory grew into a devil, you struck him down mercilessly, I pray you do the same to this man.
    Even the man of God whom we thought would be a new bloom has silently and accepted to be in cahoot with these people who are plundering this great nation, thank you lord that you never gave him the top position, now we know why! You are a God who really knows what is best for us your children.
    I pray dear Lord struck all the wicked men and women plundering the resources of this nation.

  51. Mxii says:

    Zimenezi ndiza uchitsilu. Ndizowonadi kuti kuphunzira sikuchotsa uchitsiru,ndi kupusa.

  52. Ineyo says:

    Pure nosense,this old rat gudoro is pathetic

  53. Sikusinja ndi Gwenembe says:

    This old man is losing it. He implemented a zero aid budget with a USD250million deficit and increased salaries by these ungodly percentages. Did he even get such increments himself when he worked for world bank and IMF which are rich organizations. If it was 20 to 45% increment we would understand. But this is not adding up except MP’s wanting kubwezeretsa where they spent during campaign since most borrowed money from relatives and friends.

  54. mm says:

    Sindikumvetsa chifukwa chiani ma salary a anthu ena are justified while for others kulibe ndalama. Ndipo unanama kuti support yakunja sinasokoneze chuma. Why is life becoming expensive ndi kukweza mitengo ya zinthu monga ma passport

  55. DPP says:


  56. MC says:

    DPP has been blaming PP for everything. I don’t like it. Much as am not PP fan, I don’t believe everything going wrong in this country is because of PP. On this one, PP just proposed, they didn’t implement it. You should have shamed the devil by going public and say “PP wanted these increments to be implemented but we are not doing it because we feel the economy doesn’t allow for such things.” You would have gained lots of points, am telling you. Koma ena (judiciary, varsities, teachers etc) mukuwauza kuti palibe ndalama and it is at that point you feel like it is the right time to make such increments for senior guys? Where are you taking Malawi to? So it means the only good thing PP did which you fully agree with is the proposal for such increments? Be ashamed of yourself for once

  57. Patriot says:

    It is also justifiable that students gets K60,000 instead of K40,000.
    It is justifiable that Judiciary Support staff be incteased by 70%.
    It is justifiable also for ACB staff
    Etc etc etc. Honourable Sir.

  58. samsung says:

    We are just implementing!!!! with one nose closed. It does not giving sense because this is not the right time Mr finance minijita!!!

  59. Phwilephwile says:

    Inu bola mungo mwalila mwayamba kuti bowa. Apo bi muzituluke mwakalamba.

  60. ungwelu says:

    So Goodall did not seek approval from his boss on implementation or the boss caught cold feet after the general outcry? If there was no approval, then he should be fired!!!. In any case I know that APM has EVERYTHING free!!!!.

  61. namanyozela says:

    your talk is cheap goodal. find better excuse. you mean you can go lavish knowing you have nothing in your pockets? why didnt you follow all the policies pp had put on the ir table? if this indeed is true they knew where to get money and they were not going to go on zero deficit or defeacate budget

  62. nellia says:

    I really dont understand Malawians. Why am I the only one who supports the hike? Pay people well and they dont put their hands in Govt coffers…honestly a whole President should receive 5000 dollars? The only excuse I can take really is that the economy is not doing well right now otherwise, the salaries are a pittance. On the other hand, I dont support salary increase for the MPs.

    1. Aluta says:

      @ Nellia
      It seems you are saying nothing as you are not communicating anything at all?.

  63. Sammy says:

    Moyo ozikundikila,mumatikonda nthawi yazisankho,mavoti munaberawo mipando simuinjoya Mulungu akulangilan pansi pompano.

  64. godobaman says:

    you are not talking to babies old, and on judicially? Rains? stop pushing the blame on others plizzz!

  65. Manolo says:

    Harmonization of salaries what ever that means should not have started with Mathanyula and his deputy. This is simple common sense.

  66. John says:

    So, your reasons for justifying the hikes are:
    1. Because they were not DPP’s ideas, but PP. Within that thinking, if we are to blame anyone we should blame PP? Is this guy nuts? Can you not just, for once, take responsibility and accept your goofs? Life would be so much easier than blaming every moving object for your mistakes. Even if it was PP’s idea, did they force you to adopt it?
    2. He says salary hikes are justifiable. Goodall, where do you live? You seem NOT to be in touch with reality baba. Look around you? Look at teachers, the judiciary, varsities, hospitals, the whole civil service. Then look at the escaliting basic needs comparative to the the available “salaries” you pay people. In your vocabulary, just what does the word “justifiable” mean? Besides, if you were in touch with reality, you would know that people are not questioning the justifiability of it, but the TIMING. It is making you look greedy, rapacious, selfish and kleptomaniacs who always want more than you deserve!!

  67. Mr Ebola says:

    Goodall is ageing hence his head is growing mad

  68. BISM says:

    If you are just implementing what PP proposed, what is the difference between DPP and PP then????

  69. BISM says:

    “It was proposed by PP, and we just implemented”!!! Hee??? Implementing without thinking??? Old guards!!!!!

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