Govt defeats opposition in parliamentary vote: Bill to trim Malawi President’s power on ACB on the Order Paper

Legislators sitting on government benches in parliament, including cabinet ministers on Thursday morning cheered and patted each other on the back following a narrow win in a parliamentary vote.

Government benches celebrate win

Government benches celebrate win

The win might not have been of great significance and bearing but it is greatly symbolic to government which is in minority in parliament even after adding Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF)  back benchers.

Speaker Richard Msowoya moved a motion to find out whether question time should continue or parliamentarians tackle government bills after opposition MPs protested government decision to table the bills on private members day.

Lilongwe South-West member of Parliament (MP) Peter Chakhwantha (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) was set to table a Private Member’s Bill that seeks to trim presidential powers in the appointment of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) top brass.

After the vote was put, the opposition got 73 votes against 76 from the government, thanks to some independent legislators who sided with the government.

Opposition Mzimba Hora MP Christopher Mzomera Ngwira also sided with the government, the second in just a week prompting legislators and cabinet ministers give him a standing ovation.

Ngwira was booted out of Peoples Party (PP) following his political moves to oust Uladi Mussa as acting leader of PP  in favour of former vice President Khumbo Kachali.

Meanwhile, government is reportedly offering independent MPs and others from the opposition monetary and other rewards if they vote against the Bill, which is appearing as Corrupt Practices (Amendment) Act, 2016 and appears as P.M.B number one of 2016 on the Order Paper,  which seeks to amend sections 5 and 7 of the Corrupt Practices Act (CPA) to enhance the independence of the operations of the ACB.

The Bill proposes that Section 5 (1) of the CPA which reads that “the President shall, on such terms and conditions as he thinks fit, appoint the director” should be deleted and be replaced with “the director shall be appointed by the Public Appointments Committee on such conditions as the committee shall think fit”.

Chakhwantha proposes an additional Section 5(3) which outlines that the director of ACB would be appointed after the committee calls for nominations from the public through an advert placed by the Clerk of Parliament.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu argued  that powers of the President to appoint were entrenched in the Constitution and the Public Appointments Committee to provide checks and balances in the work of ACB.

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21 thoughts on “Govt defeats opposition in parliamentary vote: Bill to trim Malawi President’s power on ACB on the Order Paper”

  1. Legacy says:

    Some independent Mps leave their brains outside parliament and not a surprise to see Hon Ngwira showing his true colors lacking content not fit be a leader. Malawi will never develop because of greedy individuals posing to be leaders!

  2. john says:

    mzomera ngwira is digging his own grave!

  3. shakeshake says:

    Ndalama zikuononga chilichonse ku malawi,shame on you malawi will remain yes bwana for everything stupid mps.

  4. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    Boma ili ndiye mabvuto eni eni. Ndalama zogulira mankhwala muzipatala kusowa koma zogulira ma MP otsutsa boma kuti asapotele zopusa ndiye kupezekako.

    Chauta akuona zonsezi.

  5. charie-hebdo says:

    if they vote for a bill to reduce my powers, i am going to veto it, o yes, i wil not ascent it. Mumuwuzeso yoswa ndi achelongo akewo. Ine imandimvetsa kukoma parliament ya ku south africa. Presdent samamuseteka kuphazi ngati zinazi.

  6. alexander says:

    let people decide in the way they feel its oky . If we are against something doesnt mean that others can look at it in the way way we sight it. This is democracy lets respect everyone accordingly.

  7. gigo says:

    Infact the opposition has won coz its the DPP manifesto that says presidential powers will be reduced . Apa mwadzikhomera nokha msomali.

  8. Tengupenya says:

    tit for tat politics. kick my ass and I will not vote with you.

  9. peter says:

    No evil system survives the test of time! Watch out you the corrupt and oppressors!


    DPP 2019 BOMA


  11. mukharapwio says:

    you MP’s be merciful that guy is already powerless,if u trim those powers he won’t have authority,already he fails to talk sensibly,falls anyhow,finds any problem complicated,asks for solutions frm the voiceless

  12. Jahan says:

    Sad really….

  13. Thats why MALAWI will not develop because MPs are very poor kungowapasa sikone basi zatheka.

  14. Peterson Zumbwe says:

    Where were these MP’s all this time and for how long has ACB been in existence if I may ask? And what has made them think of trimming the Presidential Powers this time around?

  15. Mkuluzikaoneka says:

    Sindidzadabwa kukuonani mukulira after 2019 muli mbali yotsutsa inu omwe lero mwanena kuti “ayi” ku votiyi. Ngati ndizoona kuti mwatero kaamba koti mwafumbatitsidwa, mudzamva kunyung’unya mutayiwala kuti munanyambita masikono a blue. Ganizirani tsogolo la mbado ukubwerawo.

  16. Taweni says:

    This is Malawi where not many realise why they should go to parliament.


  17. YABWANYA says:

    I THINK the Opposition MPs are becoming weak because of Absenteeism. why should the Govt. in all votes be winning when they are in minority? this shows that opposition MPs are usually absent in many sittings, MUKUTIPWETEKESA because GOVT MPs will vote for anything for their Leader even if they know that it is not right.
    Look at Atupele kuombela manja MFITI.

  18. kambwali says:

    mulungu akukantheni nonse mukusewelesa amalawi. mzomela ndiwe munthu omvesa chisoni wadyela ndipo chauta akuona

  19. mjomba welewo says:

    Mpaka amjomba anzanga kuyankha NO,koma dzikoli…kutchinjiliza abambo kuti mlandu wake wa k1.5 billion ungawuyambilenso? time flies azakalowa ameneuja even those of k577 billion azalowanso nthawi ikwana dikilani,ena azakomokanso…

  20. Gerard mapanga Phiri says:

    I never heard in my life that lawmakers can be bought just like that sidelining national interests. I think we(Malawians) are corrupt to the coral. I think our education has alot of holes. It doesn’t preach country First and me second everything is opposite

  21. mjomba welewo says:

    All who said NO to that question by speaker are IDIOTS,MBUZI,AGWAPE,AGALU achabechabe odana ndi chitukuko…mbuzi nonse…

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