Gulf in Malawi cabinet over self-enrichment: Tembenu in ‘bribe’ claims, as Kaliati, Nankhumwa spar

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is heading to civil war in its rank and file which has exploded to cabinet infighting, bordering on issues of self-enrichment of corrupt deals.

Kaliati: Government will provide the former president with security

Kaliati: Told there is serious infighting

Nankhumwa: Everything is ok

Nankhumwa: Everything is ok

Tembenu (right) with President Mutharika: Any loot?

Tembenu (right) with President Mutharika: Any loot?

President Peter Mutharika is already on record admitting worsening corruption.

Several stories are flying around about how top government officials, including ministers are busy jumping up and down sealing corrupt deals.

And others have gone sour.

One of the known spat is between Minister of Civic Education and Community Development Patricia Kaliati and the powerful Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa, which apparently, triggered cabinet reorganisation for Kaliati to be shoved away from being government spokesperson.

A recorded telephone conversation clip between Kaliati and a DPP party cadre is in circulation on Whatsapp in which it shows deep division between the two Mulanje lawmakers.

The conversation also accused Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) boss Godfrey Itaye of betraying Kaliati.

In the audio clip, Kaliati listens to an advice that several ministers were not happy with her speaking on behalf of ministries without consulting the ministers responsible.

“Madam, there is serious infighting in government, not just among juniors but even at cabinet level… and that is why the President (Peter Mutharika) is being exposed,” the DPP official told Kaliati.

The DPP operative also claims that propaganda plans that a sinister meeting of the ruling party and some directors of Ministry of Information held at Hapuwani Lodge in Mulanje were not being rolled out.

The meeting reportedly, among other things agreed that DPP cadres should silence government critics through violence, abductions and mudslinging.

Kaliati has played down the gulf between her and Nankhumwa.

And Nankhumwa also played down the soured relationship, saying “everything is normal”.

Nankhumwa did not comment on the clip, saying he had not listened to it.

Since the cabinet shake-up, Nankhumwa has been making headlines both online and press linking him to corruption and wrongful self- enrichment.

He suspects Kaliati is being his exposure, both at MACRA and Malawi Defence Force.

Meanwhile, there is cold war between Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Samuel Tembenu and a special aide of President Mutharika over $850,000 alleged bribe which has not be shared properly.

And Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, George Chaponda is also in the mix as he demands review of all fertiliser contracts suspecting that his cabinet colleagues have pockets bribes.

But sources within cabinet have also threatened to spill the corrupt deals involving Chaponda to do with boreholes.

“Its fighting fire against fire now, we should all eat or we roast each other,” a senior minister told Nyasa Times.

And last Thursday, a state spy reported that he tracked Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Goodall Gondwe in company of Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development at Golden Peacock Hotel in the evening.

The two ministers were using same car MG270M Toyota Prado with only a Chinese national in it.

But after a brief meeting in a room at the hotel, they came out with a black briefcase which had been stuffed with money – believed to be gratification.

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I listened to an audio tape recording the conversations of kaliati and her colleague yesterday it was nasty. This is the beginning of the end. More will come soon believe it or not. Mulungu simwana. You can’t hide from evil acts sooner or later you will get exposed. Its important for the president to act now if he loves this country and his job zinthu zisadafike poipa.

Apao Kugola

Unless DPP changes big and improves the economy, thinking that this party will rule Malawi for the next 50+ years political myiopia to say the least. It just shows how blind followers get obsessed in their gullibility. People are suffering and nobody should think that Malawians are such a fool lot that they will never react and call for change. Nobody thought Kamuzu could be removed until every patriotic Malawian accepted and agreed that enough was enough. With this high level of mediocrity DPP may not stay longer.

The Fearless Samurai (Jwampiriu)

You people it looks like due to opposition lack of campaign strategy every issue in the DPP is taken as a goal to weaken it. Be it known that conflict between Kaliati and Nankhuma or Chaponda cannot weaken the DPP because no one among them is saying ”Iam leaving DPP”. None of these MPs is telling his or her constituents to leave APM and the DPP. Where then do you take the nonsense idea that the DPP is going? This is different with what is happening in MCP where the top men are having swords on Chakwera. Mind you that… Read more »
Sidik Mia has been using a certain gentleman t conduct MCP rallies in lower states.He also invited chiefs around Ngabu area claiming himself as a running mate for M C P. On 18th if not 20th July 2016, Chakwera visited Mia at his new residence at Ngabu near his cattle farm. These are indications that Chakwera is breaking M C P rules and regulations because of Mia PP-MCP alliance agenda. In fact, there is big and ugly conspiracy involving Mia, JB and others to grab MCP using cash incentives to Chakwera camp. Although MCP leadership akudyeratu money, the MCP+PP alliance… Read more »

Which MCP rules is Chakwera breaking amwene??
I dont know any MCP rule which stops him from meeting anyone


Even if what you are saying is true, what poisning would that be. That’s what Malawians would love – so that the stinking DPP goes. If you would be worried with DPP going then you stink, every genuine MCP wants DPP to go yesterday




Abale Peter Mathanyula akutani inu, munthu uyu anaba nawo ndithu.Ndizoona zafika poululana nduna ndi nduna koma president nkumanena kuti 24hrs andipatse maina a rotten ministers. This government will collapse shortly and declared bankrupt. Peter Mathanyula must be impeached we will not entrust him with our money never this guy is gone and I don’t know ku UN azikataniko nduna kuno zilibusy kuba ndalama za misonkho ya a Malawi. Chonchi ndiye mmati mngapikisane ndi Reverend Dr Chakwera mukunya nonse.


hahahaha you wanted to kill MCP now you are killing yourself mwaonatu kulimbana ndi muthu wa Mulungu mudzagwa chagada Chakwera woyeeeee 2019 Bomaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!


Now we can see why Mutharika had to do this most recent reshuffle of cabinet… I always had a suspicion that it was about Kaliati… Not long ago she was given reins at the Ministry of Info and Propaganda. It is now abundantly clear what’s going on… Cashgate continues in other forms.

Fair Play

Koma zinazi, how did you know the briefcase was stuffed with Cash??

Baba wa Boyi

You might as well ask.

Sumbu and Gloria
Make hay while it shines. 2019 will judge everyone accordingly. Voters are watching, listening and monitoring everything which is happening. After all, some of these Ministers, MPs are long over due, they expired if I may use that word. We need fresh and energetic people to stir the country’s economy. We no longer need greedy and corrupt Ministers and officers. We need people that can be trusted with tax payers money. We need prudent servants who can jealously guard the government’s purse and use it accordingly for everyone to benefit. Malawi needs leaders who have poor Malawians plight at heart.… Read more »

Do you still believe that MCP will rule Malawi again? If it happens, then not in the near future. Mark my word. DPP will rule for the next 50+ years. Chikumpweteka aphulike.

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