Gun-shot survivor Mphwiyo is cashgate ‘main architect’ –DPP

Former budget director Paul Mphwiyo, who is facing charges of theft and money laundering of K2.1 billion ($4.7 million), has been fingered as cashgate ‘mastermind’, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale told High Court in Lilongwe after presenting an affidavit of convicted Leonard Kalonga, former assistant director of tourism at Ministry of Tourism.

Mphwiyo:  Gun shot survivor in Malawi 'cashgate' is now called main architech

Mphwiyo: Gun shot survivor in Malawi ‘cashgate’ is now called main architech

Kalonga has been convicted on his own plea of guilty for stealing K3.7 billion in the cashgate affair.

The top prosecutor told the court that Kalonga has “boldly determined to accept personal responsibility for his part in the frauds. “

She said Kalonga has “helped unlock the secrets of others involved with him, from one of the main architects, Paul Mphwiyo, to many others who should have known and behaved better.”

Mphwiyo is a victim of the shooting outside the gate of his Area 43 residence in Lilongwe when he was budget director in the Ministry of Finance.

Former justice minister Ralph Kasambara, Pika Manondo and McDonald Kumwembe are defending themselves on the attempted assassination of Mphwiyo.

But DPP said Mphwiyo was key player in the looting Mafioso.

She said ‘Cashgate’ 2013 remains a blemish upon the reputation of Malawi.

“ It was a sinister conspiracy by criminals who betrayed her people in defrauding them of approximately MWK 20 billion. It was a highly organised, in part highly technical and certainly a highly placed raid on the Reserve Bank of Malawi,” Kachale aid.

“No explosives, weaponry or disguises were necessary to rob the Bank- just a toxic combination of self-promotion, ingenuity and personal greed. The indifference and avarice of the principals remains difficult to comprehend: they were completely ruthless in stealing public money meant for the people of Malawi, in the provision of public services,” she added.

Kachale said despite the number of participants, inside and outside many government departments and institutions, the planners and facilitators of the conspiracy did not fear exposure.

“Despite the inevitability of the discovery of huge, unsustainable losses, they believed in their own impunity. They relied on the complicity of those with whom they conspired and acted, all tainted with their own brand of criminality; and they were and are intimidated by the fear of retribution if they expose their fellow criminals and by the prospect of conviction and State punishment. They relied on the tenuous mutual security offered by a further conspiracy- of silence as well as protection from the long arm of the law,” summed up Kachale about the cashgate.

In his affidavit, Kalonga told the court on Wednesday that Mphwiyo was in-charge of cashgate operations, saying he “stressed that there were a lot of players involved in the system.”

“ He (Mphwiyo) assured us that he was going to make everything available and he gave details on how he was going to do so, so as not to attract suspicion when it comes to single payments involving millions ,” reads in part Kalonga’s affidavit.

He adds: “He [Mphwiyo] told us to select suppliers who were in the construction industry, to avoid raising suspicions when they were drawing large sums of money.

Kalonga said per instructions from Mphwiyo he recruited Angella Katengeza’s company, Faith Construction, among others, to share the proceeds of fraud.

He said Faith Construction later recruited Mchemani Construction.

Reads in part Kalonga’s affidavit: “I was recruiting as per the scheme and the companies knew that they were just being used to have cheques cashed.”

Kalonga was first arrested on October 17 2013 by ACB for allegedly conniving with different people to defraud government. He was charged with money laundering and theft by public servant.

According to Kalonga, it was Mphwiyo who explained the scheme to him and later asked him to sell the idea to people who matter at the Ministry of Tourism.

“Initially the scheme entailed actually requesting for extra funding and production of fake documents to process the payments, but once Mphwiyo became budget director, the modus operandi changed. There was no longer need for the Office of the Director of Public Procurement to issue no objection letters to the department of buildings to issue fake interim completion certificates. It was said that the Accountant General Department was fully on board,” reads the court statement.

Kalonga said Mphwiyo assured the cashgate team that “there would be no problem at all as people were already in place at all levels to make sure that these transactions passed through without any problems at all.”

He said Mphwiyo did not specify the people but Kalonga later discovered that they were:Accountant General, Terence Kandoje; and Mr Madzi, in the Accountant General Office- responsible for making sure that the cheques were duly processed and signed.

“I never met Mr Kandoje but heard from Mr Mphwiyo and Mr Madzi that he was a cheque signatory and one of the influential persons in the scheme,” said Kalonga.

Reads the affidavit: “The first round of funding, payments and collection of cash was towards the end of April 2013, involving just four suppliers. Mr Mphwiyo was responsible for collecting cash from WG Construction and I collected cash from Kanengo Construction, WEK Construction and Madula Construction. During the scheme, my suppliers would call me and we would arrange where the cash should be delivered, mostly at my house in Area 18. “

Kalonga said when he was arrested by Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), during questioning by investigator Kondwani Zulu, he expressed his desire “ to tell the whole truth regarding Cashgate issues,” on condition that they consider treating him as a State witness.

Kalonga, who was also linked to the procurement of five 65-seater Scania Marcopolo buses allegedly on behalf of the ministry, said: “From my limited involvement in taking instructions from Mr Mphwiyo to deliver a MWK 520M to Mr. Limbikani Gumbo in relation to the buses at Automotive Products , I believed at all material times and still believe that Mr. Mphwiyo was behind the purchase of the six buses from APL.”

Mphwiyo’s shooting outside the gate of his Area 43 residence in Lilongwe on September 13 2013 is widely believed to have exposed the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill in what many suspect it was an attempt to his life after a deal had gone sour.

Forensic auditors from British audit firm, Baker Tilly, established that under the administration of Joyce Banda, about K24 billion was looted at Capital Hill between April and September 2013 through inflated invoices and payments for goods and services not provided to government.

Earlier this year, a financial analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) also established that about K577 billion in public funds could not be reconciliated between 2009 and December 2014 owing to abuse of the central payment system, Integrated Financial Management Information System .

The first person to be convicted in relation to the high-profile case was former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Tressa Namathanga Senzani, who was sentenced to three years in jail.

Several others have since been jailed, including Maxwell Namata, Caroline Savala, Luke Kasamba and Wyson Dzinyemba Soko.

Western donor nations and agencies, which provide 40% of Malawi’s budget, froze vital aid in reaction to the scandal.

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80 thoughts on “Gun-shot survivor Mphwiyo is cashgate ‘main architect’ –DPP”

  1. kazeze says:

    Yes, a comment number 62 is right, where is the Secretary to the Treasury and the Minister if finance in all this? I would add where are the controlling officers in the respective ministries affected, the PSs, the Governor, and the former Secretary to the President and Cabinet? They are too silent for my comfort, they need to say something about why or how such a break down of the government system would take place under their noses? Or is the DPP believing what JB SAID THAT ANAWA AMAWADELERA MA PS NDI KUMAPANGA ZAWO ZAWO without their knowledge? WHAT BULL SHIT FROM JB!!

  2. Pete Nyandoro says:

    Mzake amuchemelera kuti wa Ivy League, Ivy League alemba chani sopano? Wa Ivy League wakuba, amamunyemera kuti azimuchemerera.

  3. musisipala says:

    Why is Kasambala left scot free? .Mphwiyo mmemtioned him and he also mentioned JB. Is he immunes to prosecution ord else is above the law, How much did he claim as compensation when young democrats invaded his office . Was it justfiable. Something fishy

  4. Chalawa says:

    Kasambala will soon be smiling all the way to the bank…..ya zilikuno ku Malawi!

  5. bwantasa says:

    criminals who robbed a poor villager of essential services such as medicine! God should forgive them.

  6. MAJONI says:




  7. mr fair comment says:

    I will ask DBR Gaming to place their machines at maula prison 4 kalonga and mpwiyo thrse were big customers spending over a million a night kodi mumasereerra za cashgate zisiru inu timakuonani maxmum bets munya muona

  8. Mpolice says:

    Lets kip in mind as well that the 92b saga iz also part nd parcel of looting so be mindiful of dat

  9. Unenesko says:

    Maybe if you follow up each and every procurement or contract you’ll know who exactly was involved in all these department. Who looked at the quotations and approved Savalas and the rest companies. Who signed what voucher, or cheque. Who approved these cashgate purchases at ODPP without proof

  10. Unenesko says:

    Kwatsala Pika Manondo. Paja naye adati adzaulura panthawi yoyenela. Kaya ikwana liti

  11. MBWIYACHE says:

    apa ndiye ma vacancy apezeka basi PAEC yanga imangokhala, now hope ilipo

  12. BENGO says:

    ASaaaa! Mwayamba liti criminal law mpaka “attempeted assassination” pankhani ya ndalama? chonde a reporter tiuzeni zoona ana athu akuphunzirira pa internate pompa nde zizungu zake zimenezi? CHONDE!!!!! Apatseni a Editor anu aone

  13. ochewa says:

    Koma mphiyo just be open and honest ngati mmene wachitira kalonga. Vomelani kuba and mubwezeko ndalama izi. Sheee amalawi tasauka chifukwa chainu

  14. bendwase says:

    Wait a minute. Where is the Secretary to the Treasury in all this? You mean he played no role? This is very strange. How about the Minister of Finance? Please educate me

  15. Mvithe says:

    Akafufudzetso mwadongosolo ku Army, Police, Prisons, Forein Affairs ndi ma Embassy a Malawi onse, komanso ku Agriculture, OPC, Education, Home Affairs ndi ma unduna ena.

  16. mbanga says:

    a Kalonga tinali nawo pa Poly in those days. together with their brother. what a clever guy. walking almost frèe by bargaining and implicating others.

    1. Bob says:

      Leonard Kalonga was at Chanco, his brother Richard was the one doing Engeering at Poly.

  17. Mabotcho neighbour wa Jr pretoria says:

    I can agree with u gyz that Jb was indirectly involved. She said that she knew who was after mafia Mphwiyos life cause he was protecting gv money. People who were involved were financiers of her party and she said beneficiary siwakuba. That means she knew where the money came from. It’s just unfortunately that she was clever not being involved direct. If u can investigate further u find out some idiot ministers were the ones collecting money from these guys without signing, that one day they can defend themselves once the bean spills. She was so clever that she rounded these guys up in her era that what ever the guys say in their statement should not implicate her.
    All in all Mphwiyo was master minder on instruction. Joyce and some of her cabinet blessed the move.
    I wish Peter would do nothing on K577b. He is part of it, his players may not mention him anywhere in their statements and later will be the hearsays.
    Malawi changamukani the best was to vote for another party not linked to PP or DPP mukadaziona mutu wake otherwise they will be even shielding each other chifukwa amabera limodzi mboma la Bingu

  18. David says:

    Amai Kachale

    It is very clear now that Kasambara was in no way connected to the cashgate. JB was connected and it should be the one who arranged to kill Paul. She wanted evidence eliminated. The theory that the deal between Kasambara and Paul went sour does not hold water here. Neither the statement to the effect that Paul was guarding gvt money is not adding up.

    JB, I think for reasons best known to herself wanted to use Kasambara as sacfricinal lamb. None of these suspects/convicts mention Kasambara in their voluntary confession statement. Kindly consider dropping his charges. It is bad from christian point of view prosecuting somebody you know very well he did not commit any crime.

  19. Commissioner of Truths says:

    Ntata ndi wozelezeka! A small time rumor monger who gives his gossip a veneer of credibility by writing what he calls ‘reports’

  20. bingiza says:

    Atumbuka, mwazazanapotu apa. Kalonga: Karonga; Mphwiyo: Chitipa; Katengeza: Rumpi; Kandoje: Nkhata Bay; Madzi: Likoma. Mwaiwala wa ku Mzimba, Bwana Kalonga.

  21. mbimbi says:

    are we Malawians this daft to believe the JB connection is easy to prove?imagine,just imagine that one Paul Mphwiyo was just just using JBs name to make some money and kill the trail of questions from his ‘victims’.I mean how do you establish that the money was really ending up in JB’s backyard?i see a big schemer here.Has Paul told us what his take was?was he ‘working and coordinating’ for free as it looks?and on the buses, were they really going to be for campaigning,and if so we are told Kalonga never for once met JB How was it him who gave the tourism cheque to Gumbo and not Mphwiyo?am thinking these buses were for kutakata a Kalonga yemweyo not PP cos I see no clear connection yet between JB,PP and Kalonga.Remember it is Kalonga who bought these buses and he is not clear on whose instruction.Mphwiyo is ‘clever’on the other hand remember he could change the terms willy nilly about the percentages to remit to those who cashed the cheques without further consultations and probably at the very end Mama Joy only got chitseka pakamwa.Think think think.!mabus amenewa bwenzi pano akutakata Lilongwe Joburg ali a Kalonga asatipusitse.Naye Mphwiyo is theo one who got the lions share,paja ndi naye katakwetu.ndalama ndi toilet paper,anazitenga kuti?

  22. george chimowa says:

    koma nkhani zimenezi zizath?

  23. frankhara says:

    no secret under the sun

  24. Chigawaneni says:

    Palibe chinsinsi pa dziko lapansi. Ziululika basi zimenezi, kaya wina afune kaya asafune. Amalawi ambiri sitingamangozunzika chifukwa cha anthu ochepa adyera ngati amenewa! Mulungu lowelerani ndi kuchita zodabwitsa pa nkhani iyi.


    Chigumuyoyo shupiti ndinatero ine?


    According to maliseche iiiii my research, Mphwiyo is innocent, he was the one who was protecting the loot……if he was involved why could they shoot him………Sorry i take cannabis sometimes and i have STDs on my private part which affects my reasoning… live my friend phwiyo alone

  27. adeaconess says:

    If mphwiyo was the master minder why wud they want to murder him? I thought they shudve wanted to spare him so that he answers on how he did it.?. Wud u want to kill the prime suspect? Someone tok to me

    1. Bob says:

      Simple. He was shortchanging them

  28. Brazilian wax says:

    A lot was already said on cashgate. But to see people like Mphwiyo walking free is an insult of any well meaning citizen’s intelligence. At least when such people get arrested and jailed it will be the only effective way of deterring the would be offenders. Malawi is bigger than any other individual or any group of people. This country belongs to us all. Those in government now and think they are untouchable you should know this; there is always a wind of change. And change comes in different ways.

  29. Protocal says:

    Silently watching as the mafia move starts now

  30. Kalanka says:

    Hahaha akuti Mphwiyo anaphunzira kwa namandwa Dumbo?!!!!

  31. johnstone chimphentheka says:

    Mary Kachale please arrest all these people. But go to the banks as well. RBM and commercial banks were complicity to cashgate. I know you are a fearless woman. Tackle all who were involved! I pray God should protect you, your husband and your children as you dedicate your energies towards national duties. You were chosen by God to be DPP

  32. Bonkers says:

    To prove how this country has gone to the dogs, you should just see how much respect Paul Mphwiyo still commands among his peers. Here is a heartless thief who has caused untold misery to the country including needless deaths of our own people, yet he is still treated as a king. You people are stupid very stupid indeed. Next time ndikazamva mukunena mboba mboba ndizakupatsani makofi. Makamaka inu makape a Reserve Bank Socials lunch Lilongwe

  33. Mulangizi wa APM pa za mthibulo says:

    Alien Mtata you have made my day …lol! Thanks for your comment, very succinct!

    Basi apa zadziwika tsopano kuti ndalama izi zinalidi zopangira campaign. Allow me to suggest one thing seeing that we have wasted a lot of time since the dawn of multiparty.

    What I would propose is similar to what Cashgate convict Lutepo suggested about the formation of a truth and reconciliation commission. All our leaders: Bakili, APM and Amayi should give back to government some of their fortunes in return for forgiveness from the people of Malawi.

    APM must resign and call fresh elections soon. All previous politicians connected to cashgate should not be allowed to contest in any political positions.

    Otherwise I don’t see how Malawi government is going to manage to prosecute all those cases speedily yet successfully. Do they have adequate resources? What if Kachale was to die (God forbid) would it not stall the whole court process?!

  34. Jang'ala says:

    A cashate onse akalowe ku jail sitikufunanso kumva za akanyimbi amenewa! Zikutinyansa kwambili.

  35. jomba says:

    Wandu oSope wawiyi full stop

  36. Makamuchiwo says:

    Yea, Righteousness exalteth a nation; Sin (theft) is a reproach to any people.
    Zonse timachita Mulungu amaona.Nzomvetsa chisoni, a Malawi tikusauka chifukwa cha umbava!

  37. Zidura Mtengo Undigwere says:

    Thanks to this website for elucidating on some of the most important aspects of Cashgate.
    And congratulations to DPP Kachale, for her eloquent presentation that is now in the public domain.
    Mr Kalonga is going down, to be sure; but he will make sure he goes down with others. I support him even if he gets a lenient sentence on the basis that he turned state witness – this is acceptable in law, if the procedure is not corrupted.
    Avarice is a good term for the DPP to describe these criminals. Hedonism, self serving, rapacious, narcissistic, are some of the words that come to mind in describing these thieves. These people are essentially no different from hard core criminals involved in armed robberies in our cities!
    Anthu ambiri azagwa nazo za Cashgate msogolo muno (More people will be implicated and prosecuted). Ditto the former president, JB. Many of her ardent defenders will start cowering pretty soon, as there will NOT be credible bases for her defense.

  38. Since Kamuzu time all former are cash gaters. Bakali Muluzi changaged overnight from near bankrupsy to richest man in Malawi that time. Then Bingu came on board from driving a dilapidated car to stinking riches. Then Amayi JB had to do it fast because she was not sure her presidency . In all these cases no one was tried and convicted. That is the biggest motivation to steal – impunity. As a country we are too weak on integrity matters. In Hong Kong protesters slept on streets for weeks to fight oppression policy. In Malawi if this was called up only ten people will come up. why because we do not believe stealing is evil !

    We have had rotten governments ever since Kamuzu. I am sad why God gave me this country as my home.

    I call upon ACB to do your job professionally and arrest all suspects or you too are now suspects/supporting Cashgate.

  39. Lucky says:

    Only God Knows nobody knows

  40. soldier says says:

    wandalama kumangidwa nkufuna ndende ndi ya amphawi

  41. caesar mbewe says:

    kaya timva ine nde kunalibeko…zikundikhuza ine..amayi koma akudziwa kuti zaamba kuululirika? zimenezi zipangidza kuti amayi asabweresotu…

  42. Alufeyo says:

    Zopusa basi are you a child that you would believe whatever you are told? The buses were purchased by tourism and not mphwiyo. Who originated the documentation such as vouchers etc? Was it not ministry of tourism? You stupid man you heard about Kandoje but you never dealt with him. Ndiwe chitsiru wotengeka ndi wopanda nzeru. You stole and enjoyed so dont kupaka anzako. Koma ndizoona that you could hand over all that cash ngati khobwe without evidence? JB is intelligent enough to steal smartly like Bingu. Mboma sitimaba choncho we over price bambo. Galu iwe.

  43. lusungu says:

    Nyasatimes why are shielding Joyce Banda in the cashgate scheme. mwadya nawo za JB eti

  44. nachisale says:

    Apparently, Ntata says Mphwiyo is a victim of Cashgate but Mr Kalonga`s confession has dismantled his thesis now he needs to write another report `Loot to Confess`. These revelations have shamed Ntata, he needs to recalibrate or just shut up…

  45. .... says:

    Nde poti sakafuna kolowa yekha, akanena kuti kubako anayamba nthawi ya Bingu, ndipo azaulula kuti wakuti wakuti wakuti wa mu chipani cha DPP ananyambita nawo.
    A DPP through Allan Ntata amafuna kuphipilitsa izi, agwa nayo.
    Mphwiyo, don’t go to jail alone, take your DPP friends with you.

  46. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Whoever believeth Mphwiyo wasn’t part of cashgate is INSANE and UNPATRIOTIC.

  47. Amodzi says:

    azimai samabvekedwa zibangili kulikonse pa dziko

  48. Khwinda says:

    Awawa ngati sakalowa ku jail tizapha tokha amntjstsayin ndato pa nazo izi nkhani ikungosovedwa iyi pamene paphata pake mukupaziwa

  49. moya says:

    The pieces of the puzzle finally coming together, now we have names like phwiyo and others so simply take them for questioning and identify whether it all started and ended at mphwiyo ? Or mphiyo was also reporting else where as alleged. Interrogate all the names kalonga has mentioned.Soon we will know why kamanya shot himself there was more to it than just losing elections probably, its sad others were just used ofcourse they benefitted somehow but apwetekekela za eni.

  50. Zagwa says:

    And this was just one ministry (Tourism). Kwinako simunagwileko athakati inu?

  51. IBRAEGO says:


  52. God saved Phwiyo’s life on that night for a reason ,others may wish to know for what reason may Almighty God save a thief’s life ,honestly the reason is simple, for him to face the consequences of his actions,to dance the tune of his own music
    Its just a matter of time Amayi nawo avale dzibangili kkkkkkkkkkk

    1. Amodzi says:

      azimai samabvekedwa zibangili kulikonse pa dziko

  53. The real ujeni says:

    No no no! Main architect is Bingu, he is the one who started it all, to an extent Bakili too, Mphwiyo learnt from Dumbo but became big time crook after seeing Bingu getting away with it.

  54. Alien Mtata says:

    I have done some research and analysis in my head just using my imagination, motivated by a deluded sense of self importance and I Alien lawyer Mtata have come to the conclusion that Mphwiyo is not involved..

  55. joj says:

    Don’t we wish Kamuzu was here to feed all these crooks to the crocodiles?

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kuja!!!! says:


  56. Kizito says:

    arrest him, he z a big idiot

  57. Tengupenya says:

    the scheme may not have started with the PP in april 2013; but then mbala ndi yomwe yagwidwa. Kafukufuku apitilire ndipo zina mbava zipezeka.

  58. Bob says:

    Kalonga has spilt the beans. He has given you names of many others who were involved in cashgate. It up to you to make arrests and uncover the whole saga.

  59. Bwande says:

    Mphwiyo should have been in custody way long time ago. Koma mukuchedwa naye kenako mumva kuti wang’ambikatu. Ubwino wake sangabisale ndi fender inapindikayo. Mukwidzingeni msanga chonde. Joyce Banda wasted our resources sending him to receive expensive treatment akudziwa zomwe zimachitika. Yalakwatu apa amayi paja munkati anawomberedwa chifukwa chofuna kuthetsa umbava chonsecho mbava ndi iyeyu

  60. mjiba says:

    when is this Mphwiyo going to have his bail revoked??????

  61. GRM says:

    I agree with the one who commented that bankers who allowed the withdrawal of such amounts and RBM Governor need to be charged. I was thinking how big is the 3.7 billion loot. Eeesh. It comprises of 1 million bunddles of Malawi kwacha totaling 3,700. Now what sort of carrier bag will it fit in? Shaa it is about two tone vehicle. Now, can this been withdrawn in the banking hall? Not at all. This cargo was withdrawn at night. Eeesh GIVE ME A CASHGATER, AND I WILL KILL HIM.

  62. Lizulu says:

    Ena mwina mumaba mkumazunza mkazi ndi Ana. Pano okAphikila ndi mkazi Ana mkumazunzzikabe.

  63. nanzikambe says:

    No evidence against Mphwiyo. Pardon me.

  64. Bubu says:

    The issue here is not Joyce Banda. All presidents in Malawi think being president is time to steal and enrich themselves. Bakili Muluzi stole big time. Late Bingu stole big time, Joyce Banda stole and Peter is continueing from where he left with his brother.

    The only solution is kill all of them who are still alive today. Yes, you may disagree with me, but this is the only solution out there.

  65. Matako says:

    Hahaha Mr Kalonga documentation is originated by ministries and not Mphwiyo so don’t say Mphwiyo was responsible for the buses saga. Binge anali dolo he just used Mota to siphon funds. İnu mumangotapa Ngati zamasiye? Henry Mussa was a beneficiary and the architect with Mpoola. Zanu izo.

  66. Peter says:

    Mr ALLAN NTATA said former budget director is not part of cashgate what a barrister at law UK…….which anlysis baba ntata kkkkkkkkkkk tiuseninso zina koma yayaya

  67. captain says:

    Baker tilly failed to identify mphwiyo’s involvement why? Penansotu zinthuzi ndi za manyi. I could prefer kalonga to be a state witness on this case? I can see why Joyce tried to protect mphwiyo by saying he was trying to protect governments money. Joyce Banda ndi careless thieve i can see

  68. zokumva says:

    ee ! ntchito ilipo apa.

  69. Attati Mpakati says:


    1. Dido says:

      Revolution..!! For what? Is it black african culture or arabic? We can’t borrow a leaf which is already riddled with bullets. Africa has its own way of solving its own problems.

  70. makito says:

    Here is my theory:

    This is not new. Governments have been stealing from us all the time. All the past governments had a strategy of identifying sacrificial lambs to save the many thieves, including themselves. Muluzi government: Dr. Safuli and Mwawa were the sacrificial lambs. Bingu government: Dr. Kutengule filled the gap. Joyce Banda government: the same strategy was to be used – one Ralph Kasambara, SC was to be the sacrificial lamb. The 40th day came in, coz they did not think carefully about the choice of the lamb.

  71. msendaluzi says:

    Mercy Lord,what a selfish motive and a hard way to punish poor Malawian.

  72. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:


  73. Truck says:


  74. cypress says:

    Whoever appointed Mphwiyo as Budget director at that opportune time of cashgate genesis is the Godfather. Follow this trail and you will get the ultimate big fish. I have spoken. Case closed.

  75. haffa says:

    All of them are thieves including BAKHA ali kunjayu.Milanduyi ikuchedwa kwambiri Savala testified against Kalonga and his girlfriend Florence Chatuwa bwanji chatuwayu sakugwida ?Kasambara mukumuopa despite all the evidence sanalowebe kundende.Malawi Malawi why?

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