Hackers hit Malawi government websites

For five days and counting, the official websites of the Malawi Government and official Malawi News Agency (Mana) Online Websites have been down due to hacking.

Chikondi Chimala, an official in the Government Information and Communications Unit (Gicu) under the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture, said on Tuesday the hacking suspects are believed to be from Turkey operating under the name Turkish Cyber Army.

<However, Chimala assured the nation that the websites—www.malawi.gov.mw< and www.manaonline.gov.mw­—have backups.

In the case of ManaOnline, he said the most recent backup was done on June 22 and for the others it was June 19; hence, when the websites are restored the data would be recovered.

Said Chimala: “Currently, the E-Government Department is weighing options as to what measures to take as this is becoming a common occurrence. There is, however, assurance that everything is being done to have these websites live again.”

Besides, he said the department is also working on finding long-term solutions to the problem.

In the absence of the websites, the only available online outlets for Mana and Malawi Government are Facebook Pages and Twitter handles.

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16 thoughts on “Hackers hit Malawi government websites”

  1. obwande says:

    Deliberate move by government.

  2. Jimmy Martson Tomoka says:

    This is a shame. Is it a country or just an organization?? Is it as a country we dont have any security in our websites?? If we cant secure our crucial info, can we secure our citizens??

  3. Moses Makoko says:

    Where is the malawi defence force? Let them fight these intruders not beating innocent people on their way to dzalanyama and football matches! Our defence teams are a shame!

  4. Bm says:

    Even if they used IPv4 it was still very easy to hack Malawi Govt web servers for there is no ICT in Govt.

    Food for thought to reformers n this confirms that Govt ICT needs urgent reform before anything else. It also tells us there is a crucial gap in Govt which needs urgent action to fill. ICT gap

  5. fredpa says:

    why dont they hack you,let them hack you fools.

  6. Gonapo says:

    This gorv is full of evil pipo. They r driving us to hell. Don’t listen to them, its their hands.

  7. Kenkkk says:

    Stupid dpp govt, as someone has already pointed out, the hackers are absolutely not Turkish. It is just a pseudo name like the many commentaries to nyasatimes where the contributors use different pseudo names. The hackers are Malawians and more likely in collusion With the same dpp govt. Next they will move to financial records and destroy them so that the money stolen and its culprits are not traceable.

    This is just trying to find an excuse in advance of real hacking of financial records to steal more money and destroy any trail or even alter the information.

  8. Nkhedu says:


  9. GIFT WA GIFT says:

    mbuzi ikalawa mchere siletseka mpaka mutaidula mutu basi!

  10. umziya says:

    We know DPP. They will steal cash and then blame hackers for the loss. Ndi mbava izi. mxiiiiiiiiiii

  11. Roots says:

    Can you bring sanity and protocols in Information? Who speaks for the Ministry? Is it the EO or there is somebody appointed to do that? Can i ask the new PS to see to it that order is maintained and that hierachical protocol is strictly observed. This Ministry seem to ignore the basic Government protocols. Chimalala please dont speak for the Ministry. You are too junior, these are sensitive issues that require senior positions. Simple advice youngman

    The MANA journalist, please also learn to follow hierachy, dont act like a free for all cause you are in the same office. Dont say i didnt warn you

  12. Zanga Phee! says:

    What!!!!!!! are you crazy government please don’t run the state as a club please,how? why? where?,the guy is connected you think we don’t know. see my name.

  13. Rich nduna says:

    Let me help you..the suspects are not turkish,they are nigerians and they use turkish protocol version with IDs.they just have connections in instabul and ankara in turkey..have your best investigation IT team and you will get them..they are using IPV6.(internet protocol version 6).dont forget to investigate other nigerians living in Mw..i cud hv helped you bt am far..wish you the best Malawi wanga

  14. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    DPP did the same during general elections.

  15. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Remember kuku bwera zisakho ayamba kale sorry its too early please guys

  16. Samarakunjuta says:

    Thus bad for mulakho belt

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