Harry Mkandawire seeking favours from DPP – Political scientist

University of Malawi political science professor, Blessings Chinsinga, has queried parliamentarian and wealthy businessman Harry Mkandawire for his reasons for resigning from his position as vice president (northern region) of former governing People’s Party (PP), saying Mkandawire is continuing with the trend of political realignment for self-aggrandisement.

Mkandawire:  Political realignment

Mkandawire: Political realignment

Mkandawire has said he has resigned from his position but remains PP member, claiming that he can no longer serve a party that is linked to the plunder of public resources known as Cashgate.

He told reporters that there was no serious effort from the party’s leadership to clear its name from the Cashgate scandal which occurred when it was in power between 2012 and 2014. The plunder, according to national audits, indicate that they started in 2005 under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rule.

Chinsinga commenting on the resignation said Mkandawire could have resigned sometime back when the issue of Cashgate was new if he was sincere with his claims.

“I am very surprised because the party leader [Joyce Banda] tried to explain her side on the matter. It is not strange because he is being optimistic by buying political favours,” said Chinsinga.

He said it is obvious that most politicians want to have connections in government for their businesses to survive because they are assured of getting contracts.

There are reports that Mkandawire met President Peter Mutharika and he was promised a cabinet post but was sidelined in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

The parliamentarian is also reported to be under pressure to seek amnesty over reports of possible prosecution on timber smuggling in Chikangawa forest and tax dodging crimes.

He is reportedly also seeking business favours from government and the move is set to open up his “political bidding.”

PP’s spokesperson Ken Msonda said the party learnt about Mkandawire’s resignation through the media.

“I cannot comment on the matter,” said Msonda.

Before being appointed PP vice president (northern region), Mkandawire was the party’s treasure general and his position was taken by Ephraim Mganda Chiume, the former Foreign Affairs Minister.

Mkandawire, who once served as UDF north regional governor, dumped DPP when he was arrested on political motivated charges after criticising late President Bingu wa Mutharika for promoting tribalism by championing a controversial university quota system.

He was DPP director of political affairs and governor of Northern province but at the height of DPP’s autocracy, he wrote a critical open letter questioning Mutharika’s endorsement of the quota system in which students were selected for university on the basis of district or region rather than merit.

Mkandawire also raised concerns about undermining the rule of law as a result of Wa Mutharika’s backing of the system, despite a Malawi High Court order outlawing it.

He was arrested for alleged sedition.

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24 thoughts on “Harry Mkandawire seeking favours from DPP – Political scientist”

  1. Kavuluvulu says:

    I know Harry. He is a big political prostitute and has a gullible appetite for money .No wonder !

  2. amakhosi mukulugenzi says:

    Zilikoliko abwana.

  3. New Blood says:

    Ivi ni Vyauchindele Chomene, Ka icho mukukhumba nchichi wa Mlekanjala?

  4. pajatu munthuyu ngwa biziness ya ziwalo remember pano akufuna atayamba nawo ya mafupa avutawa.

  5. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Omega- mzuzu …0999195520 – harry a political prostitute ,,u fought 4 the mp seat many years ,the decision u have made is personal not from u’re pple # 4get returning the mp seat come 2019

  6. Kadakwiza says:

    I understand Hon. Harry Mkandawire is from Chiradzulu. Because the real Tumbuka is not like him. What I know is that northerners are people of principles.

  7. Jimmy juga says:

    Mukamati cash gate inayamba ndi dpp mukutanthauzanji. Nanga bwanji mayi joyce banda sanawagwile nkugwila amunthawi yake.poti wokuba akagwidwa amayesetsa wina ayipenso. Amalawi otsatila zinthu akudziwa kuti 92 billion ndi audit querry. Azungu akudziwa ndi chifukwa chake alibe nazo chidwi. Koma inu a pp chifukwa chosadziwa.

  8. Mathanyula says:

    Politics of frustration, Malawi will never change with such greedy politicians.

  9. mwene says:

    What do you expect from recycled politicians? All these MADALAs can’t develop Malawi,their heads are malfunctioning because their brains are upside down. Youths in Malawi should start being proactive and save themselves from this painful unemployment!!!!!!!

  10. Mhesha says:

    We told you long ago and earlier on…DPP rules and therefore calls the shots. You felt I was lying. ..next in the line very soon you will hear and see. Ana Mwachepa!

  11. Kanyimbi says:

    Koma mukangomulandira ku DPP, kuvuta. Politics of whores is gone we want change.

  12. Mmopiwa says:

    Now I have come to believe rumors which have been circulating in Nirthern Region for s long time Harry Mkandawire squired his wealth fraudulently whilst working abroad .The guy is also involved in the plunder of Chikangawa forest ,He was selling timber abroad and the proceeds in US$ never came back to Malawi,
    ACB please investigate the guy.

  13. tikhala says:

    M’mesa cashgate inayamba ndi DPP- kumene Khumboyo akulowerako. Muuzeni aziwiretu asadzaname kuti samadziwa

  14. Phodos says:

    DPP please catch this big fish which is just salivating over the bait(cabnet post).

  15. zakusimba says:

    Ndiye mtumbukayoooo. Mutochita kudabwa.Walowela uku walowela uku ngati galu wachiwewe.Mudzingonyambita basi.

  16. Chibanja tv says:

    Timvera kwa inu anzathu ozisata!

  17. Guys remind me kodi alipo wa pp chiyambireni dpp wapasidwa mpando ndi peter

  18. Charombanthu says:

    Political prostitution at its best. I am the voter and I will decide in 2019 and mark my words, I am not stupid, I am watching you… Cashgate yaphulika lero muzikanena kuti mwachoka chifukwa cha cashgate. Who do you want to fool. Blessings Chinsinga has just hit the nail on the head.

  19. kuhn says:

    Harry should be reminded tht all people know him better.we are tired of crooks.pretends to be cleverer mmmm.

  20. Dala lanu says:

    Ngati mwatopa ndi ndale za malawi pumani mudalemera kale musatiputsitsepo apa agalu inu.

  21. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Mmodzi mwa agalu amene DPP itagwiritse ntchito kupha PP. I hope JB ndi Ken Msonda and all PP loyalists take my eye opener seriously!!!!

  22. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkk mkandawayo mtumbukaaaaa

  23. wochenjera says:

    Mukufuna kudyera maboma onse bwana. That is not ethical. Muzatha ngati Khumbo Kachale mukapanga masewera. DPP is not happy and its politburo is watching u.

  24. honourable says:

    One part i like about mkandawire is that he is open minded, he doesn’t hide his feelings although is a political prostitute

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