Head count exercise scare Malawi civil servants: Crackdown on Ghost workers

Malawi government decision to head count each and every civil servant has met with resistance from some quarters amid fears of ‘ghost workers’ and recruitment without following procedures fears.

Msowoya: Normal exercise

Msowoya: Normal exercise

Ministry of finance spokesperson Nations Msowoya confirmed the exercise is going on now and that his ministry is doing the civil service population census.

“We want to curb theft in government,” he said.

There are fears of hundreds if not thousands of ghost workers in civil service and another bunch of hundreds of civil servants who never went through normal government recruitment procedures but were picked simply because of connections to powerful people.

Among others, enumerators are asking for letters of appointment, academic qualifications certificates and pay slips.

However, some civil servants are said to be jittery over the exercise fearing for their jobs.

But Msowoya assured there is no need to panic as the exercise is normal.

In the 1990s the government did the same exercise in the ministry of education and managed to wipe out thousands of ghost workers, names which were on payroll but real teachers never existed.

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27 thoughts on “Head count exercise scare Malawi civil servants: Crackdown on Ghost workers”

  1. angoni apaphata says:

    This nonsense was tried in2008. I was a civil servant then. The confusion it brought was massive. People deleted from payroll because of data entry errors. Three months minimum to rectify. Then some were reentered in the system on wrong grades. In the end they resorted to referring to the same old information. No work done. I don’t see what will be different this time around.

  2. munyaradzi says:

    will this exercise work? Arent Those who create ghost workers the same people who are carrying out the head count? Angalore kuononga podyera? Pano si ayimbirana kale mafoni to cover up the deal. Zingoonongetsa ndalama zovuta kalezi.

  3. munyaradzi says:

    will this exercise work? Arent Those who create ghost workers are the same people who are carrying out the head count? Angalore kuononga podyera? Pano si ayimbirana kale mafoni to cover up the deal. Zingoonongetsa ndalama zovuta kalezi.

  4. fatsani chimera says:


  5. Emmatuwa says:

    Gwira mbava za cashgate za m’boma. good exercise

  6. Good Citizen says:

    Paja amenewa ndiye a Mnsowoya eti!

  7. Manyi amowa says:

    NIB nayoso ifufuzidwe ,kumangolemba anthu ntchito opanda ndi Jce yomwe za mathanyula eti

  8. koma muwauze ama bank to produce free statements.otherwise it is too involving

  9. nzeru says:

    DPP siboma la chibwana. Count them to eliminate cashgate through ghost workers.

  10. juLi says:

    Tiyeni nazoni, good move

  11. hst says:

    Archaic. I bet this will yield nothing. This is the digital age and there are more smarter ways than manual head – count.

  12. Yam says:

    No Need To Be Scared?

  13. Alfred Newmann says:

    Good move, if carried out diligently. Also look into the pension scheme. There could be lots of guys being paid while in their graves. Yes, they may deserve recognition, but not remuneration!

  14. Dwambazi says:

    Head count in this day and age?

  15. Joel Maganizo says:

    This is a good move by the government of Malawi. There are lots of stupid comments from people who evidently don’t think and are bend on criticizing everything government says. What type of citizens are you people? Good for nothing! This is a good way of cutting unnecessary expenditure and we should applaud government for this. If you have nothing to say please shut your smelly mouth rather than criticize all the time. Nxaaaaah!

  16. Thako Lambeta says:

    Koma agalu awa mpaka bank statement amadziwa kuti zimenezija timalipira? Hav u eva had a thought of how much people are gonna cough on that statement? This of the juniors you idiots.

  17. thako la mmwenye says:

    akukanayo ndani? please fire everybody refusing reforms so the americans have spoken.

    kukhalira kuba basi. sopano mumati mukaba mmalo moti muzilipilire school to attain higher qualifications you were busy fucking bitches at bwandilo. lero ndi izo munali bwana koma ndi JC basi koma matama mtown thoo ngati kusukulu munapitako. munya muona muiziwa bangwe chaka chake ndi chino. okuba aliyense afe ndithu

  18. Patriot says:

    Akapeza ma ghostiwo na pulumutsa ndalamazo,
    sagwilitsa nso moyenera.
    President wachilomweyu azaononga ndalama zonse tsiku limodzi monga mene wachitiramu.
    Taganizani, misonkho yonse, Zonse atolera ku road traffic, zonse akutilanda a traffic polisi munsewu, kubvutika konse tikubvutikaku,
    Pulezidenti wa Mbendera/Nyirenda watenga ndalama zonse, zonse tu kupita nazo ku America.
    Mawa muzizati wapangitsa ndi JB.
    A nyapapi inu mxiiii

  19. Careful Banda says:

    This is good! but be vigilant also to see that civil servant also are at their work stations too. many are working at other jobs. It is bad. that is why they are scarred

  20. chepetsani says:


  21. civil servant says:

    peter Goodall you are stupid leaders, go to hello

  22. Zakeyo says:

    Implement the national ID system!! That’s the only sensible way forward!! Stop embarrassing the nation with your old fashioned way of doing things! Manual head counting of civil servants?? Come on, you can surely do better than that!!

  23. Phwado says:

    Tiyeni nazoni.Ena abibidwa kale kumene zayambaku.hahaha!

  24. Ndea says:

    Good move

  25. captain says:

    Its a good idea yet u are employing DPP Cardets at the same time

  26. Zakeyo says:

    The major drawback is that you only look at the certificates without confirming the authenticity of those academic qualifications with the issuing institutions!! There are so many holders of good for nothing and fake academic qualifications in the system!! No wonder Malawi is still very poor after 51 yrs of independence!! Shame!!

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