Hero or villain? Muckraking on Z Allan Ntata

F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ Or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours”  –Zig Ziglar

Allan Ntata is a street-smart guy – suave, sharp, creative, everything that makes a guy ‘a man about town’. The guy dabbled into film-making the other year but his real creativity came to the fore when he took to social media to campaign for his dear party, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).



If there is a guy who put social media to good use in the run up to the 2014 elections it was Ntata. Using creative aliases, Ntata used any available art form – be it music, video or prose – to beat up all those who stood in the way of his dear party’s one-way ticket back to State House.

After a brief hiatus, the lawyer-cum-political strategist is back on social media, this time as a guy with a lot of issue on his mind and lots of scores to settle. If you are not a social media buff, Ntata’s first bomb on Facebook was to complain loudly that one or two individuals he did not name have ‘ring-fenced’ President Peter Mutharika.

In brief he said the cabal around Peter is keeping away all those who fought hard to put him in power.

Like during the campaign, Ntata seems unstoppable. While the dust from the first bomb was yet to settle here came the guy ‘spilling the beans’ on the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the infamous ‘Mid Night Six’ during those ‘three mad days in April’.

While he did not exactly tell us anything we do not already know, what Ntata succeeded in doing was to confirm that – despite other quarters dismissing the subsequent treason charges as ‘stupid’– those who participated in those nocturnal conclaves were up to no good.

Being President Bingu wa Mutharika legal aide, Ntata said he and the government legal team were tasked “to look at how the Vice President (Joyce Banda) could be prevented from taking over”. Perhaps to cover his own back, Ntata cleverly stated that the legal minds told the then Justice Minister Ephraim Mganda Chiume – who, according to Ntata, “repeatedly advised that we were to use any means necessary” – that “we were not going to do anything illegal”.

Ntata also delved into the controversial proposed sale of the troubled Malawi Savings Bank (MSB), stingingly accusing authorities of sugar-coating “selfish motives” to hoodwink Malawians that the sale was beneficial to the bank. He alleged that “a few individuals” and “a tribe at the pinnacle of power” were conspiring to “rob Malawians of their asset”.

He went on to dub President Mutharika as a “puppet”. “You know you’re dealing with a puppet,” asserted Ntata, “when every time you try to say something (you’re answered) ‘talk to my assistant’.”

Now this is toxic stuff especially coming from a self-confessed DPP die-hard. And he warned: there is more from whence this is coming!

Shah! I would be worried, very very worried, if I were a DPP strategist. The DPP will dismiss or ignore this guy at its own peril.

Let us interrogate a few things in Ntata’s controversial narrative. First, what is the motive behind this exposé? Why now? Is Ntata only exercising his right to freedom of expression or these are rantings of an ambitious but frustrated young man?

A bit of both, if you ask the Muckraker. Look, Ntata was close to the seat of power. He was one of the most trusted aides of the first President Mutharika. So when the Big Kahuna suddenly dropped dead his life crumbled around him.

In what some may call an act of betrayal or sheer cowardice, Ntata unexpectedly skipped the borders even before the body of his boss was interred. Ok, it may be just a coincidence that his PhD studies coincided with Bingu’s death but could his university not understand if he asked it to delay his enrolment for a few weeks to bury his dear boss? Death is death, as John Tembo famously said; surely the respect surrounding death – especially that of a president – should be the same whether you are black or white.

Ok, maybe the doctoral studies could not be put off for a few weeks. But was it also just a coincidence that Ntata came back at the heat of the campaign and stayed on when the DPP snatched the State House keys from Joyce Banda?

Ntata campaigned heavily for Peter and the DPP. He chose a platform that is popular with the youth, those crucial first time voters. Of course, the majority of Malawians are rural based where telephony penetration is minimal but still a significant number of Malawians are on social media nowadays.

So was Ntata looking for a reward of some kind? He will tell you a straight ‘no’ if you ask him. He says he is comfortable with whatever he is doing. But his own writings kind of betray him. Sample this: “Many talented and capable young men and women,” he writes, “led the DPP push to power. These need to be given an opportunity to now utilise their talents in promoting national development agenda.” To put it in plain English, Ntata is subtly saying, “These talented and capable young men and women need to be given government jobs!”

He may argue he is not talking about himself but you must be living in la-la land to believe that balderdash.

Of course it is not a crime to expect a slice of the national cake but we must be frank about it.

Be wary of the loose canon

But, like I said earlier, it will be foolhardy for the DPP to dismiss Ntata as a frustrated young man seeking attention, favours or sympathy. Ntata may have the verve and platform to air out his frustrations. But there could be a million others within the DPP who are suffering in silence.

For such toxic stuff to come from someone who ate and drank DPP it is indicative that not all is well in the governing party. The DPP must take a hard look at itself and amend things before these fissures reach the breaking point.

Ntata’s coming out now, while embarrassing, may be a blessing in disguise for there is still time for the party to correct things. While I do not advocate abusing tax-payers’ money by doling out government jobs to party cadres, giving an ear to such disgruntled fellas may do the trick.

One of the issues Ntata is wailing about is that a cabal that is surrounding the seat of power have ring-fenced Peter. While the President cannot give audiences to each and every Muckraker, over-protecting him may sometimes be dangerous for he will be made to live in an ivory tower where he only hears one voice – his own.

Like Ntata has rightly observed, Malawians gave the DPP a second chance because it promised not to be a re-incarnation of the toxic DPP of old. The Big Kahuna lost his marbles because he arrogantly refused to listen to the voice of reason.

It may have been Bingu’s own arrogance that closed his ears with wool. The new guy must be helped to learn from his big brother’s mistakes.

The surest way Peter can learn how not to be Bingu is to listen to everyone, even the supposedly mad ones for do we not say in Chichewa ‘Wamisala adaona nkhondo’? As Max Ehrmann rightly puts it in ‘Desiderata’, “Listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.”

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76 thoughts on “Hero or villain? Muckraking on Z Allan Ntata”

  1. Simpleman Kawale says:

    What goes around comes around.

  2. kk says:

    F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ Or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours. Indeed for Ntata he “Forget Everything And Run” he run away when Bingu died and never returned to bury his Elder Brother Dr. Ntata a Lecturer at Chancellor College who died when this Coward was in exile. He indeed run away when his friends were in Jail at Lumbazi or Maula Prison. What a Coward? only to come back when Peter was elected President of Malawi inorder for him just to benefit. This Ben Phiri you are talking about was there behind Peter, he was beaten with PP youth cadets and it’s time for him to enjoy for the pain he suffered for. Iwe unathawa balira choncho. BIG COWARD.

  3. Malawi's Finest Idiot says:

    So the government should make sure that every Jim & Jack who made noise for it during the campaign period gets directly rewarded for it? What sort of politics is that? Ntata is just one frustrated fella who should not hold the whole government machinery at ransom, where was he all this while when the poor Malawians languished in poverty when his late Boss to swindle 61billion Malawi Kwacha? why didn’t he make such noise? stop wasting our time and feel the pain that we Malawians have always felt since you selfish morons thought it wise to enrich yourselves. You and your selfish ambitions should just get blown away by the winds of change and truth, we are past that time of cheap politics with no substance.

  4. apundi says says:

    nttata ukubwera boooo

  5. innovative says:

    Weigh people,s contributions and if you feel require more education, then visit their consent and establish ingredients of seriousness. Like I would like to train the youths,can you please find time to interview me and really grasp the intent. Amen

  6. tikhala says:

    Actually , Ntata’s ramblings befit to be called: Loose Canon not the other staff we read under this heading column

  7. tuvitwana says:

    So Bingu was a FOOL to trust Ntata eeh from what is said here. A Lomwe stupid pipo kkkkkk

  8. ohoo says:

    That’s why Malawi will not develop……………
    this is all nonsense… he just want to but attention and sorry my friend this is another Malawi.
    take your stupidity out of our minds man we have a lot to think

  9. Weakliks says:

    is this the son of an SDA pastor from Neno. Indeed its true what they say that carpenters make beds but sleep on mats. People like Ralph and Nyasatimes glorifying such a maniac. This man desrves to be treated at Zomba mental hospital then sent to Zomba maximum prison. He is such a stupid boy who thinks he can pick a fight with Ben Phiri and expects to win. Ben Phiri defeated jiants like Tembo in the section65 vs Budget and Joyce Banda tried to kill him using Lemani but they all failed. Ntata stink

  10. luke says:

    why dont you writte about the accident which happed on sartuday @ golomoti road i was waiting but o

  11. soko says:

    Comment thanx tenthan for the unbaised analysis. Ntata has more to tell us. Let him do so. Mr ben phiri is telling from experience . you can get one or two tips from him. Ntata loves this nation he doesnt want malawians to go thru the bad experience twice as we did with bingu

  12. Ambele says:

    Achibale anawoletsa maliro nanga wapatali angatani

  13. Allan Ntata atsachukire pa social network coz Peter Mutharika tidamuyika ndife a Malawi ndipo akadakhala kuti sadawine Peter chisankhochi sakadabwera kuno kumudzi kumatitsokotsa ndi mfundo zake zopusazo,every Malawians knows that Z Allan Ntata left his party and favoured to search the green pasture to UK,he also chose to ignore attending the funeral of his master Bingu although everybody knew better that this young lad was a right hand messenger,today he now starting fingure pointing at Ben Phiri that he’s Prime minister who is controlling this country which is total lie to him,mr Mtata let me advise u one thing ‘LOWLINESS IS AMBITIOUS LADDER’ musadzikweze kwambiri becoz Malawians are better judges.

  14. mackelvin says:

    No comment as of now…

  15. Hoitty says:

    Why are people so hard on Ntata leaving before Bingu was burried as if he was his brother or father? Chamba eti palibe chibale pakati pa awiriwa ndipo he had no obligation to stay for the funeral. What you should be talking about is the disrespect the body of Bingu suffered due to Peters wish to ascend to presidency. He started decomposing like a dog on the road side. Due to actions of his brother. Peter was obligated to treat the body of Bingu his brother with respect.

  16. Wonder 27 says:

    Coward Villain can never be a Hero.Dont abuse the word of the hero for a coward Ntata.Bwanji kukweza changa mtengo?

  17. nkhuku says:

    Allan is a great opportunist, if he did not run away, why did he not attend the burial of his brother?? Why did he land in Zambia and entered Malawi through mchinji secretly and returned to uk using the same means. Allan is not smart but a coward who is seeking public sympathy. Akagwere uko, fotseki.

  18. waganyu says:

    Politicians politicians. Money hungrey and greedy!

  19. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    Raphael Tenthani is a good writer. He writes objectively and analytically. Critics will loathe him but you cannot take away from him his writing prowess. On the subject of Ntata he presents him in an ambivalent manner based on his past and present actions to allow the reader to judge himself who Ntata is.

  20. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Mr Raphael Tenthani don’t portray Allan Ntata as a street Smart Guy since he scampered like a chicken to the Queensland while the body of his dear leader lay cold in the state house.He was a coward to face to the circumstance as a real man while at least the six midnight opportunist devised ways to hoodwink Malawians that Daniel Phiri was in some foreign land sick and recuperating and will soon be back in Malawi supported by the woman witch Kaliati who likes painting her face like a doll.Even his own brother who fed the same breast was hard hearted to tell Malawians the real truth about his own brother’s death because he desperately needed the position unconstitutionally from the accidental clueless woman who claims to have a large following of students from the states feeding them some gibberish talk about impoverished nation of Malawi.The rantings of Ntata are that of an opportunist and Raphael Tenthani should stop lying to Malawians that they gave Dpp a second chance.It was the decision of the lawyers to make decisions for Malawians in the midst of the night while the guilty Mbendera overseer of elections was crying like chicken after that he has cheated Malawians.For sure it is only a handful lomwes who likes this party of crooks and a few money loving outcasts from other areas.

  21. Tiyanjane says:

    Allan Ntata now you know why there is a movement for federal govt. You do go blind and your ears get plugged with corridors of power. Welcome to the Malawi you did not see and feel before 5 April 2012.

  22. BigMan says:

    Tenthani and Mtata in the same boat! a bunch of jokers.

  23. Kandakhute chinyetenyete says:

    Mhiiiiiiiiiiiiii oho????

  24. Kwitanda says:

    Ukadya chamba chamba chako uko usamaone ngati a Malawi tonse tadya nawo. Allan don’t take us as fools to your kanundu state. Suli serious wanva.

  25. Hoitty says:

    Confusion on the enemy camp. They stole the vote from a prsuerful man . They came in one direction they will. ran away in seven firectiobs

  26. tate says:

    Ralph can never finish an article with demonising the Muntharika. 99.99 percent of his article are against the Muntharika and this time around he has recruited a disciple Ntata. this will make a good team of stupid cry babies. DPP can not be scared by these stupid boys. we won elections when you never gave us chance and we will win future elections

  27. Khalidwe Madeya says:

    Honestly, the mid night 6 need to tell the nation what they were discussing that night. Any CCTV Cameras?

  28. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    Some people just follow others blindly because they have something in return. A genuine party supporter has critical mind to shade light on things that are not in order. Ntata is such a party supporter. Wandisokosera walinga utamva. Dzimvere muntolo.

  29. Aseleka says:

    Ikew Z.Allan Ntata,since 1964…..

  30. Big brain says:

    Wa chamba uyu taonani the way he looks

  31. Aseleka says:

    Ikew Z.Allan Ntata,since 1964

  32. Nganali kombweke says:

    Kaya zanu izo. Enanu kukonda kususuka.

  33. Mngoni says:

    I doubt if you Tsogolo La Malawi, your really tsogolo la malawi if not cousin to Ben Phiri! Shame on you and your rubbish you call a comment! Nsanje zakozo sizikuthandiza, mutu waukuluwo!

  34. Boyka says:

    My question to Ntata is, should the DPP govt stop selling MSB so that they continue milking it or sell it and eat the monies they owe the bank once and for all?

  35. pamsundu says:

    We hope Peter is a listening Leader they will discuss his concerns

  36. abiti says:

    Its interesting normally thiefs always fight after the make big catch. Mmene mumabera chisankho munthu was mulungu mumayesa mulungu amagona. Tieni nazo muisova. .simunati mulungu amend timapembeza ndi wachoonadi;!!!!

  37. mollen says:

    Pathetic parasitic perambulating precocious porous preening pneumatic pneumonia prternatural probing pimping punctually protoplasmic pieces of poop. This describes both Allan Ntata and Ralph Tenthani. I rest my case.

    1. Chemtukanika says:

      Mollen,are you another Dausi with such words as canpenian fero postionian mui gonventmantiam ledia byie Friofissoli Petrerie Wamithrikiear?The Nicodau language.Kkkkkkkkk

  38. Jihad John says:

    He is simply a frustrated person just like Heatherwick Ntaba. Malawi is hard to live without a job. How do you make ends meet? That is the problem of working with politicians at a very young age. Ntata is paying the price of running way from trouble. He should have stayed and face Joyce Banda. He is simply a traitor and never came back to attend the funeral of his own brother. He wants a trouble free life.

  39. Promise says:

    Ntata’s antics are of course surprising. It’s indicative though of what the so called politicians look for in return of their lies to the leaders and Malawians. Its a shame!

  40. CIA says:

    Ralph you have now started druming support for Ntata the prodigal son. yes he contributed something to the DPP but he lost the plot towards the end by saying nasty things on the Goliati incident and the choice of Chilima as running. He did not give DPP chance and he started siding with the she cashgater in orange towards the end thinking she would win. He is stupid instead of just apologising he wants to be clever. stupid boy

  41. Patrick says:

    DPP is preparing to lose in 2019 elections…

    Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.

  42. Dickson says:

    Sweet Boy, I strongly believe that you are totally misguided.
    It us high time you need to accept the fact that during campaign period there were uncountable people fighting APM but they all failed and insinuating that what Allan Ntata is posting on social media will cost the DPP votes, then that a clear miscalculation like the way Chakwera and other candidates missed it.
    For your information, there are more capable men and women ( well educated, exposed and experienced ones ) in DPP that made it during the 2014 elections.
    You may need to be reminded aswell that Allan never campaigned for DPP during the 2014 elections but rather decompaigned it by posting bad stories about APM including talking ills about his trip to US when the campaign period was closer.
    Allan Ntata was a DPP boy during the Bingu regime and NOT APM regime and the writer of this story including Allan himself doesn’t have evidence to show that he helped in campaigning during 2014 elections….
    Do not mind Allan for his actions is just a drop in a ocean that can not bring an effect or change.

  43. G man says:

    Zingayambe kuyiwalika tiyeni nazoni more fire Ntata

  44. munthu says:

    Comment Beautiful article. Facts flowing with a sence of humour in between. Keep it up Ralph

  45. malawiana says:

    People, we have all complained against political cronysim and this is what Peter is trying to address. I,therefore, don’t see any sense in the Ntata rantings!

  46. zingati zanu says:

    Ralph is the best we have.

  47. andy kanyamanyama says:

    Tsogolo la Malawi,
    Joyce is not an issue here. She did her part. Whether she is travelling in USA or not is none of her business. She doesnot have any power to make decisions-foolish or otherwise-on behalf of Malawians. It is your self-seeking Peter Muntharika who is the president of this country. Therefore Raphael Tenthani has every reason to criticize him. Moreover there not much positive to write about APM and dpp. They don’t have the best interests of malawians at heart. They are in position to destroy and not to build. Just wait and see!

  48. Chimutu says:

    Ntata has moles inside DPP who are telling him what is going on therefore if you believe he is writing what he is writing because he is frustrated, then know that his informants, who are inside DPP are just as frustrated.

  49. I will say again that Ntata is an disgruntled person fighting for a second chance in govt. However, no sane person will take this man seriously. DPP has been told about their weaknesses several times and I know if they are serious they must work hard to rectify these mistakes with or without Ntata.

  50. thiodora fanrosam says:

    iwe tenthani,who does not know your motives?you are campaining for Ntata so that he can be ashered a position into so that he in the end loosen the strength of the migthy DPP.sorry ,you are too stupid for this article.Bullshit.

  51. Milward says:

    Ndiye wina adzikhala busy kulangiza ana ake kuti limbikirani sukulu kuti moyo wanu udzakhale wabwino! What nonsense!! Nanga ameneyu sukulu yamuthandiza? Lawyer ndipo pano akuwerenga zoti akhale dotolo wa zamalamulo. Koma mukawona zochita ndi zoganiza zake, hopeless!!

  52. man EK says:

    Timangokuonani mukubwebweta
    nkhani inali tipate mwachangu pamalawi.

  53. Sweet Boy says:

    Much as I agree that what Allan is insinuating holds, I just feel his choice of fora leaves quite a lot to be desired. He once was in the ruling clique and very much in the mix; as such he should be aware of how to go about handling issues like these, or is he not old enough, well informed and sane? The whole world knows how the so called “Personal Assistant” is damaging the good name of DPP each passing day. By the way what qualifies him to be called what he is? If APM is not careful he will regret it in 2019. Where in the world have you heard that a political party enjoys patronage from one tribe/region? The problem is that the President has chosen to surround himself with uneducated fellow tribesmen in the likes of Ben Phiri, Chimwemwe Chipungu, Chisale, Mukhito and Co. If these guys are brave enough and know what they are doing let them tell the nation their qualifications. Then this Nkasala clown has even got the clout and audacity to take to an anthill and start talking highly of his brother Ben, why and for what? The leadership has chosen to sideline proper people who could see and assist the party progress, but alas!! Governing has been thrown to the DOGS. Obviously there is no way you can compare Chimwemwe Chipungu with Mrs. Dorothy Ngoma (previous Director of safe motherhood) who apparently boasts of higher qualifications than those of Chimwemwe (a mere medical assistant from Malamulo Medical School). The other lot is just total crap!!!!!!!! Let us wait and see.

    1. selfish says:

      Sweet boy, you sound so educated, and indeed you fitting to be one of those in inner circle. But unfortunately wherever you can go I mean globally that is how democratic regimes run, you never get surprised to see in white house members of the Democrats the current ruling party in US, sometimes let’s stop pretending as we don’t know.

  54. Fathara says:


  55. man in diaspora says:

    You never seize to amaze me with your crafty writing Ralph. thumbs up

  56. mwana says:

    Ntata wobwera pa zabwino zokha la mavuto amathawa

  57. Excellent and objective analysis.There is more to this than meets the eye! This sounds like objective truth without being subjective. The DPP Hierachy is advised to bring back Allan to”the government fold…”

  58. field marshall says:

    l can see this frustrated ntata choking the DPP soon..they should takecare..the cockroach is about to face the sudden bulb lighting after enjoying savagely in the dark.

  59. papa says:

    DPP especially the President and Ben Phiri plesase read this article. It is very important and wise than the other articles.

  60. Mr Ralph Tethani is it possible for you to write an article which does not mention or criticize your President. I am not sure what the point of your article is? However it is very boring and predictable. How about writing an article about your previous unelected President, who managed to increase Malawi`s National Debt by 2/3rdsin 20 months and who now travels extensively in USA,. She is not suffering the way I see poor Malawians suffer. She has plenty of Maize, whilst others in Malawi are suffering malnutrition, because of her failed leadership.
    I challenge you to write a truthful article about JB.

    1. The Observer says:

      Tsogolo laMalawi, try reading the paragraph headed ” be wary of the loose canon ”
      The object of this article is clearly stated there . Enjoy your reading !

    2. Bob says:

      Man for your information Tenthani is not criticising the president or anyone he is simply analysing issues and advising basing on true issues its up to the concerned to take it or not. Penapake aMalawi dont look at issues negatively.

  61. Dr Mapulanga says:

    Nkhani ya nepotism, regionalism and tribalism ndi imene yikutinyasa kwambiri. Ku MRA through Kamoto, Mbilizi and Kaliati Patricia alemba ma drivers and some officers strictly on party influence. Enaso anali ma bar man pa warehouse. Enawo chifukwa choti amayendetsa magalimoto a DPP nthawi ya campaign. Iwe Lingo and Ian ma certificate akulemberani ntchito munatenga kuti?

    Ntata more fire.

  62. Irrigation Services says:

    Maka nkhani ya nepotism, tribalism and regionalism zikutiwawa kwambiri. Ku MRA alemba ntchito eba oti anali ma bar man

  63. marvelick says:

    Gud Article …. wakumnva amnve!!!

  64. Mama says:

    How about this one, False Evidence Appearing Real?

  65. Mbonga Matoga says:

    A frustrated man he may be but Mtata has said what he wanted to say and to many Malawians it makes sense;

    First, I too, can smell a rat in the way the sale of the MSB is being handled, I can see Mulhako mafia at work.

    Secondly, to those who had any doubts about the mid night 6, well Mr Mtata has set you free.

    Lastly, after hearing stories from those who have recently been shown the exist door from state house, It is obvious that Ben Phiri, Mukhito and a Mr Chisale APM’s top bodyguard have ring fenced Muntharika by intoxicating him with their lies to earn his unwavering trust.

  66. Machinjiri says:

    this is typcial for malawian when they see no future for them ,Allan this is time for others your is gone pliz give others chance

  67. Western Cambriger says:

    Ntata did not campaign for DPP,If anything he was there to destroy it , remember how he commented on Goliati cenerial where a Police Officer was killed. All in all Ntata is a foolish dog buck at a flying bird

  68. Tony says:

    Amwene mumatha kutsatila nkhani. ur articles are indeed making sense. wuuuuu!

  69. Madududu says:

    Write again my brother, Rafael. You just hit the nail where it hurts.

  70. Judge Joash says:


  71. Dick says:


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