No harm caused by Paladin mine Kayerekera – Malawi govt

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining has moved in to assure the nation that a spillage incident at Kayerekera Uranium Mine on January 5 2015 caused no harm to water bodies.

Dr Yanira Ntupanyama: No harm

Dr Yanira Ntupanyama: No harm

Kayelekera Uranium Mine, Karonga, Malawi (Credit -Paladin Energy Ltd)

Kayelekera Uranium Mine, Karonga, Malawi (Credit -Paladin Energy Ltd)

Some employees of the mine were carrying out maintenance of the sediment retention tank which contained non-radioactive materials comprising sand, lime and water, among other things.

But heavy rains on the day affected the tank by causing the inside rubber liner and metal to separate and release the contests in a semi-solid form which spilled into a drift between the runoff water pond and the tailings storage facility.

The ministry’s Principal Secretary, Dr. Yanira Ntupanyama, said in a statement following the incident, the Department of Environmental Affairs and Central Water Laboratory conducted inspections on 8 and 9 January, 2015, where water samples of surrounding water bodies, including the Sere River, were collected and analysed on-site to monitor for any possible contamination. All parameters were within the acceptable levels.

According to Ntupanyama, World Health Organisation (WHO) standards and guidelines for drinking water stipulate that uranium levels in drinking water should not exceed 0.30mg/l and the analysis indicated that the water in Sere River had traces of uranium but within acceptable levels.

“For example, in North Rukuru River, which is downstream of the mine, uranium levels were 0.027mg/l which is within the WHO standards for drinking water,” reads part of the statement.

It further indicates that Paladin Africa, which owns the mine, is working with the government to ensure they safeguard human life and the environment by accepting recommendations to ensure the incident does not recur.

Among the recommendations, Paladin will carry out maintenance of the affected tank and ensure that spillage does not occur again; submit a detailed report about the incident and members of the public should be duly engaged and allowed to see for themselves what really happened and the measures taken.

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Henrik – August 22nd, 2012 at 2:34 am
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Thank you Meghan for this really interesting interview.
Robert Jensen’s book “Getting Off: Pornography and the end of masculinity” is a highly recommended read.




Another Ass leaker lying to Malawians. What do you about mining mayi? Munakamwa madziwo to prove kuti ndi abwino. Munthu wakuda abale ndi mbola yeniyeni

Ralph Kyayoba

I don,t trust any govt talk about Kayelekera. They are all telling lies the danger is still there. They should let journalists visit the site.

If there is a an industry Malawians are good at it is futile talking. All day long for 51 years they have directed their arguments to argue and talk and opppose and diasparage and so on. They they turn around and say why have we not not developed for 51 years? Look the biggest mioning operation in Mozambique is MOZAL, the aluminium smelter. Moz Govt has 4% not the 15% Malawiansd have in Kayelekera. MOZAL had environmental problems whaych were resolved partiotically because this company pays huge taxes and employs massively. Mozambicans have not “talked” MOZAL out of Mozambique. Malawians… Read more »
I know that this mama is a technocrat but her position is only PLEASING THE PRESIDENT. This being the case she is also influenced by the politicians who have already received millions from Greg Walker. Malawians sazatheka. Some of the officials from Lilongwe denied to enter the deep uranium site and even the Chjef Executive of Kayelekera, Greg stays in Lilongwe, why? Its not a mistake to be born in Malawi but rather the people of Malawi are not appreciating. WE ARE DYING BECAUSE OF LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Even the technocrat are misled and follow what politicians are saying, shame,… Read more »



Bwanji iyeyo akuwoneka kuti wakatupako mmene anapitamu ndi madzi smenewo?

Douglas JB mphande

Zoona munthu wankulukulu ngati iwe kunena boza.


Dr Yanira is not a politician to lie to Malawians. She is a technocrat, so give her the benefit of doubt.


Give us actual results for analysis by an independent consultant not the interested parties. Let’s love mother Malawi

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