Homosexuals are human: Undule advocates greater acceptance for gays in Malawi

My country’s debate on homosexuality has been emotional and negative. Our emotions have misled us even think that the word of God is not premised on love, tolerance and co-existence. And recent legalization of same sex marriage in America has raised more fears that the Americans as usual will force us to do the same.

Lesbian kiss: Malawi urged  to decriminalise sex between consenting adult men in private.

Lesbian kiss: Malawi urged to decriminalise sex between consenting adult men in private.

My mentor in Christ Pastor Elijah Chisiza whom I have debated many times on the issue of homosexuality said in one of his many inspiring teachings that he does not see any problem with US legislation as long as that does not affect us believers in serving our true GOD.

You might agree with my Pastor as I do that what has happened in America should not bother us at all. Why worried with something we had little influence to curtail? Why the cry now? What I know is that pro-gay movements and supporters are very strong, vibrant, solid and well connected. They have an agenda and purpose to achieve. While believers in anti-gay voice are scattered, weak with no clear purpose to sustain themselves. Their voice in resistance to homosexuality is in wilderness with no impact at all. Believers need to go back to the drawing board, they need to ask for GODs voice otherwise they will keep on crying and chasing the shadows.

But my question has always been why are we so homophobic to homosexuals? Did Jesus not come to save lost souls, did Jesus ever reject sinners? Why this hatred, anger, discrimination, violence, exclusion against homosexuals? Are homosexual’s worse sinners than those adulterers, drunkards, smokers, drug users, thieves, those witches, wizards and satanists we nurture in our religious circles? My straight answer is NO!

As one of the believers I strongly stand to reach out to them with compassion and without making their sexuality an issue. Under no cirmustancses should we separate ourselves from them as long as it does not mean partaking of their sin and this should apply to all other non-believers.

In my spiritual being I have not taken homosexuality the principal issue, the issue is lack of relationship with GOD. I don’t see them as evil sinners because they are homosexuals but that they are homosexuals because they are sinners and that Jesus Christ paid for every sin in their lives.

I believe it is against the will of God to victimise, persecute and advocate homosexuals should be killed just because of their orientation instead of helping them. GOD’s word is the light and must guide us in finding solutions to homosexuality not only in Malawi but worldwide. Certainly putting them in jail, condemning them to death or excluding them from active society will never be a solution. Homosexuals are human being first before their sexuality.

Brethren let us reflect on our position on homosexuals like all other marginalized groups. Look at them as children of God as you are. I therefore leave you with the message of compassion and love.

  • The author is former Executive Director of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and now a Nyasa Times columnist
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110 thoughts on “Homosexuals are human: Undule advocates greater acceptance for gays in Malawi”

  1. Observer says:

    Well said, indeed homosexuals are no worse than witches, murderers, wizards, satanists and so on and so forth, but why is that homosexuals want homosexuality to be legalised? What’s special about it? We have lived with all other kinds of sin since time immemorial but none has fought for their decriminalisation, what’s special about homosexuality? Only homosexuals know better!!! They want to make a very big Sodom and Gomorrah out of the earth. They can practice it privately as others do but don’t involve every one.

  2. Moya Jombajomba says:

    amenewo akathamangitse akazi awo ndi kukwatira amuna anzawo kuti titengerepo phunziro osati maso pa ndalama basi or akafotokozele makolo awo ngati akawavomereze angofuna kutisokoneza basi amenewo akagwire maganyu gay ndi boko halamu sitikuifuna

  3. Man vin says:

    Mmm anakwatra mkaz ameneyo.mukasatra ameneyo mchita kuposa ntchebe(galu) what for,homo?

  4. ethel says:

    Mmmh we n last daes en reveration has proven t.tiime pomwe tili but t is so stupid for aman to du such an evil thing yet umaziwa kuti bible lukana

  5. kwali says:


  6. malume says:

    you people amene mumayamikira za ma gay sindimakumvesani.taphunzirani kwa nyama maka agalu omwe mumaweta ngati amapanga zomwe mukupangazo.so we should say that dogs are wise than gays?galu wa mphongo amasaka thazi,munthu wa mamuna akusilira mamuna mzake pali umunthu apa?

  7. grey says:

    Wow to my country,sodom+gomora was as my counrty want to be.some postors there devil sevants.LEVICUS 18:1-34,Exodus 20:14.Read this verses ife u want to be ril christian don’t just follow what ur postor saying but ask HOLY SPIRIT to teach u and guide u He is only the good teacher,[Hard it bein ur father does not marry and meat ur mother wonner u Born,wonner u be apresedent,chief,king,poster etc position u have THINK this in ur HAERT]

  8. dydmus says:

    Me fire burn de chichi man and the lesibian kip fire burn its not true dats Babylon system man to man girl to girl that’s long straight

  9. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Undule is 100% correct. People should be worried on how they will get into heaven, not worry about how homosexuals should be punished on behalf of God.
    Why do people want to punish sin on behalf of God? Why do heathens want to be judgemental? Is this not the same reason people with leprousy were being persecuted? Is this not the same reason albinos were being murdered because they were different from “us”.

    I am glad South Afrucans can see through this issue. If there are two things that cause emotions, these are religion and culture. So many crimes have been committed against humanity in the name of religion and culture. Gays are citizens first.

  10. vin mongu says:

    a undule inu… once a lost sheep always a lost sheep. this is a case of preaching wolves in sheep skin. no wonder you are living in comfort since the LGBT funds are still flowing eti…. Many of the LGBT want to use xtianity and the bible talk about tolerance selectively just to make them comfortable in their lives but neglect the whole message. Jesus had disciples and in his teachings he used to rebuke them and was even able to pin point a murder conspirator, Judas. was judas a saint no but he was an accountant of the jesus ministry. So Jesus never said we can accept sin. undule get this right.
    us and the west got this wrong and many things wrong that is why he world is moving east because western morality has been compromised. and those talking that sin is sin so why only homosexuality? we need to understand we have not condoned other sins since we have been equally against them but what is the issue is making a sin acceptable is what is the debate and point here. and undule trying to wrongly use christianity as a base to make gays accepted in church. even biology which is secular will tell you that sexual organs have right places where they ought to be put to and putting them in wrong places is wrong. come out clearly since when you were with CHRR it was clear to all of us but for you to tell Malawians that you will use the collar for this nonsense, you will face Uhuru Kenyatta the man of the moment who said it as it needs to be said to your ‘sender’ Obama in his face. There were no further questions after that , your honour!! Undule do not try to tell people that there is honour amongst thieves because it isnt there!!

  11. Kamuzu Banda says:

    Undule, Undule, Undule….You and your pastor are wrong in your judgement. USA sets the pace on several things and the ruling by the supreme court should worry us because, now it will be used and its been used as standard judgment on how the LGBT issues should be taken from across the world. Secondly, while you agree that it seen, I am discomforted why a supreme court okaying sin should not worry you. Like you rightly put homosexuality is just like other sins, imagine a court okaying stealing. You say we should not worry how do you react to churches being taken to court for refusing to officiate gay marriages? Do you have a bigger picture where these things are really going????

  12. mapwiya says:

    God want us to enter his kingdom but lucifer is cruel of us thus why he has brought maufulu osadziwika bwino so be careful of these kind of freedoms cause other freedoms should lead us to hell its what all lucifer want

  13. zanga pheee says:

    Sodom ndi gomola – tingoti phee tione

  14. Allie says:

    I agree 100% with Undule. All sins are equal. Lets also be vocal with all other sins

  15. Dave says:

    Let the homosexuals be…akuziwa chimene akupanga…

  16. Nicholas says:

    Sibwino kuvomereza zopusa inu anthu amulungu,chikwati chimakhala pakati pa mamuna ndi nkazi osati zinazo ayi

  17. Nagama says:

    You Undule, you are a born again to Satan not to GOD

  18. Mike Nkhoma says:

    This has been discussed for so long now, but the fact is,a lot of Africans are doing this and are comfortable with that. We cant stop them. The only thing we can do is to pray without ceasing till God intervenes.

  19. You man, if you are serious with God you cant surpot these fulish, what is long with you? ngati ndinu wokwatira nde kuti simuganiza, bwanji mukufera ndalama anthu inu, muyembekezere kuyankha mulandu kwa Mulungu inu, Mulungu sangakhale opusa kulenga mwamuna ndi mkazi amzelu mukakhale inu samalani.

  20. Stunner says:

    If only we cud talk about other sins like corruotion,theft,murder,gossip,even judging others as much as we talk about homosexuality as a sin,maybe just maybe our the world wud be a better place

  21. Ulumba says:

    Its non negotiable singakambilane ndi satana kwake kunatha

  22. Watcher says:

    Brother Mwakasungula,

    A true child of God cannot be thus and remain a homosexual or gay or even a heterosexual who has multiple sexual partners. Not to go into Bible study here but if you do your study into the Holy Bible (a thing I strongly urge you to do on the subject), you will see that God wants us to love them (i.e. the aforementioned groups) so much that we should tell them the truth that God loves them sooo much for them to remain that way…and I write as one who was formerly homosexual and now lives for Christ.

    Thank you

  23. till we meat again says:

    I think dadaboma you dont know what you are talking about,by the way are you real talking from the mouth? GFB.

  24. mlowoka says:

    in what times are we now?

  25. johnM says:

    Malawians have never persecuted homosexuals. There is a greater chance of gays being abused and killed in the US, UK, South Africa than there is in Malawi and if you ask the police to give you a report on the number of gay people they have arrested in the last twenty years, you will discover that not one person has been arrested except for Chimbalanga and Monjeza.

    Malawians, are however against forcing this issue down our throats. Our love habits have always been personal. Malawians of heterosexual orientation have never show their affection of their partner in public so this homosexual promotion issue is out of order. Frankly speaking, this how things should be. Why should homosexuality be forced down our throats?

  26. Bristone Mabichi says:

    I do not blame you CHRR, that is where you get paid. Do your job, otherwise you will languish with your family.

  27. Manga says:

    I think Undule is very right ..,. We are a nation full of judgement of others …. These homosexuals needs our love and support … If we feel are sinners and we are christsians let us deliver them but just shouting nonsense online will never help us. Am telling you one day you will find the nation changing laws for the sake of inclusion because those guys voicing against homosexuality have no muscle at all. As Undule says voice in wilderness …. Keep on sharing Undule whether we agree or not but we appreciate your views and writing….

  28. John says:


  29. Phil says:

    God is watching you, he is not blind why trying to mislead people, gayism is bad its a sin, was God wrong to create a woman???

  30. dadaboma says:

    There are two types of sins:
    1. Disobeying God, i.e. doing what God forbids
    2. Doing hurtful things to fellow humans or society, i.e. failure to love other people.
    Homosexuality belongs to sin no.1. God forbids this practice in Leviticus of the Bible. Government must concern itself with sin no. 2. Laws of a country are aimed at protecting society from hurtful or harmful acts of other humans. Homosexuality does not harm or hurt anyone. Two consenting adults do it in their private confines without harming anyone. It is not like adultery where a spouse of a wayward person is hurt. It is not like stealing, killing, lying, etc where someone will be hurt. If there is anyone hurt by homosexuality that person is God alone. Government has no business regulating actions that hurts no one. It has no business arresting someone whose actions hurt no one. And no human being should punish another for actions that only hurt God, because God himself is capable of doing that. Sins like adultery, stealing, killing, etc are worse than homosexuality because they hurt both God and fellow humans. That’s why govt should also regulate such actions even if God himself will punish the culprits also. But govt (and all of us) should leave homosexuals alone; they hurt no one except God. Only God will know what to do with them as He will do with all of us. We are not qualified to work on behalf of God, because we have our own sins, even bigger sins than homosexuality. Let us accept and love each other in spite of our different shortcomings and human frailties. With these few remarks, I support Undule. Yours truly, dadaboma.

  31. Jelbin mk says:

    Actually Mr Dalitso your psychology is so selective and indefensible because you can’t clarify as to how adaptive are brains for people who do sleep with their daughters or even step daughters. Are you still telling me that such kind of people do have special brain built up? Did god design our brains differently from each one of us? To believe that then is as believing that human evolved from a monkey while the facts they present are ridiculous and are failing to answer that why don’t the current monkeys evolve into human beings?. So Mr Dalitso keep your research to yourself we don’t need it because its too shallow and absurd. I can give you an assignment to go further and study true psychology which will tell you that human come to earth with a blank brain no memory no behaviour and even no vision all a human being does learns while here on earth so stop cheating people with your fake psychological study from cypres university.

  32. ZZ says:


  33. Chiphwusi says:

    What’s this obsession with faeces? Its disgusting. Homosexuality is pure satanism. This is a learned behaviour there’s no scientific evidence that some people are born homosexuals,this is a clever way by satanists to destroy the family unit.

  34. Soko says:

    A Nyasatimes. What is wrong with you. Are you promoting homosexuality? Tikungokuwonanitu.

  35. Soko says:

    Pajatu Ife timati onse ndi a Chawa ku mwela. Mwayiwala. Iwonso kemwela amati tonse nda TUMBUKA kumpoto kuno.

  36. lesta says:

    Homosexuality ia a sin and an abnornality at the same time,no excuses,these homosexuals need psychiatric medical attentition.

  37. clement says:

    Gayism is an inborn disorder. Few others learn by association though were born normal. My son was born left handed. But I had to correct him to greet people using his right hand. An abnormally trait can be corrected if there is good will. But others enjoy and prefer to do things that are naturally against the order of nature. Undule must advocate for legislation that will create rehabilitation homes for gays, just as there are corrective homes for naughty children. Most of the sins we commit have a bearing in our genetic make up. Its a daily struggle of trying to do Gods will against our weak flesh. If we try to legislate everything to accommodate our human ‘faults’, we may end up legalizing all the ten commandments. Eg : two consenting adults (man and woman) may decide to have sex by the road side at noon. The two, principally, have not stepped on anybody’s toes but the state will charge them of public indecency. Another lobby might come in future to legalize road side sex. Sin can only and must only be practiced in secret to avoid ‘infecting’ others. Our children must grow knowing that gayism is a sin even when they are born with that inclination. If we legalize they will assume its normal and will not make any effort towards correction

  38. timothy mtambo u give bad picture in our God fearing nation to promote gay marriage please God will punish you by the end of ur nonsese thing

  39. Namukachapa says:

    It’s all Jesus this and Jesus that as if Africans really had any affinity to Christianity. You Nyasalanders forget that you were blindfolded into Christianity because you were conquered by the West. If the Atabs had colonized you you would have been swearing by Allah, if you were under Indian rule you would worshiping via the Budha or some other Krishna type. What’s my point? Christianity is not really part of your culture and those who imposed it on you are moving on, leaving you clutching to yesterday’s shadows. Get this: homosexuality is NOT a sin, nor is it an abnormality. Nature is extremely complex and some human beings are born different. Our African ancestors, who were not brainwashed by Western and especially now American evangelists, understood this and devised ways of accepting and respecting those who were different. Ask the elders in the villages they will tell you homosexuality was not brought by the white man. Undule is calling it a sin because he’s afraid of the marauding crowds, wants political correctness. Mark my word, one day, it could be twenty or a hundred years, with sufficient education , you nyasalanders will wake to this reality and accept that gay people are ordinary people too deserving of love and definitely, I repeat, not sinners.

  40. mandozo says:

    Homosexuals are humans too…but so are murderers,rapists,armed robbers,cashgaters and adulterous people….all these have their own rights there is no need to discriminate them……..

  41. Xander Jimmy says:

    Undule is perfectly right and I totally agree with his opinion. Church or faith community need to preach about love not advocating for earthly punishment or administering punishment on behalf of God. God is a capable God that’s why he emphasis on us not to judgemental in spiritual terms, because he well know human nature is wicked….hence lack the full analytical ability to judge at same level as God.Hence Malawians let us not hide behind church or any faith or grouping whilst carrying out our on personal motives in the name of God. Remember what happened to Jesus? Those church leaders crucified him in the name of God….raising various issues of which based on their custom then thought it as blasphemous for one to be messiah…..as Christians we need to follow foot steps of Christ!..did Jesus at anytime advocated for sinners to be imprisoned by any earthly authorities?…..mmmmmh never! Unless proven otherwise….that’s why he even recognized separation between earthly governance and heavenly or spiritual ( za Kayezala(ceaser) kwa Kayezala…..za mulungu kwa mulungu)……He well knew that earthly governance tend to be more accommodating to other sins whilst before God sin is sin and no sin is more than another……hence God is the perfect judge for because has an access to even hidden information……So please church continue preaching the gospel as it is (hope, forgiveness, love etc)…..don’t try short cuts!!…..hate sin and not sinners as theyre human, they need dearly your Gospel! For them to return to God!……Jesus didn’t advocate imprisonment of Zakeyo wa misonkho, that prostitute, anakapanga advocate for would have been lost opportunity to preach the gospel……hence current advocancy is really lost opportunity to reach out to those imprisoned due to that…….as it wIll not make sense to visit very same people you condemned as outcasts and resulted in being thrown into prison…….following these observations I feel country’s laws should be in line with ensuring wellbeing of everybody…….hence human rights without discrimination is non negotiable…….these issues generally I feel theyre being mis presented…..if laws to confer are given it doesn’t really mean all people will turn to be gay…..status quo most Christians don’t allow polygamy, moslems allow that…..country’s laws are silent means it’s acceptable….are all Moslems in polygamous families? No!…….does the difference between 2 faith groups make it illegal? No!……….as per our culture chokolo is acceptable……nanga ndi tose timalowa chokolo?…..nanga bible limati
    Chiyani munthu wogona ni mkazi wa bro?………so does that fact justify kuti amangidwe?…..hence approaching this sober mind and diverse/secular/earthly approach is necessary!…….church don’t be lazy in preaching the Gospel…..kufuna kuti wanthu likulangileni boma?

  42. Dalitso says:

    Soko; no need to ask me a question that sounds argumentive. Debate normally not like sick person. If you do not know do not comment as if you do have all the facts. From my experience studying issues of gays; there are animals that practice such and I. saying this because I learned and saw the case study of such animals who are called Romeo and Juliet. Brain controls everything so if you do not want to take this free learning , that is up to u. I know myself that I was someone who was against gaysim and little did I know that I was just being unlovely to God creation and unknowledgeble.

  43. Mthunzi says:

    If the acts of homosexuality are done in private, why should homosexuality be legalized?

  44. maganizo muganizeni says:

    There are more important issues affecting Malawians such as poverty, poor health care, inflation, water and power cuts, unemployment and corruption. Homosexuality is a non-issue for us right now. Maybe when we are done with issues articulated above, and many pertinent others, just maybe, we may begin thinking of whether we should think about discussing issues to do with men who like inserting their penises in other men’s rectums and women whose vaginas are allergic to penises.

  45. Yamie says:

    Dalitso needs help, i think you should prayed for, if we legalize homosexuality then every sin should be legalized, those who rape children, steal etc they will claim that its an inborn character

  46. Malawian Patriot says:

    It is true that Jesus paid for all sins that anyone can commit. Therefore, indeed there is no condemnation as far as God is concerned for sinner who has become a follower of Christ through baptism and being born again in spirit. We get God’s favour through his grace not our works. Remember not everyone is called and this is why Jesus was careful to side with people who knew their shortfalls rather than Pharasees that knew how to keep the law. Are we saying then it is right to stay in sin? The answer is no because sin kills and makes the physical body sick while the spirit remains in tack in holiness. Moreover, sin makes human relationships dysfunctional bringing misery and conflicts. Therefore, anyone who continually sins makes himself/herself vulnerable to satanic attacks. Satan is a thief he comes to kill, steal and destroy. The choice remains for one. Therefore, anything which separates one from the love of Christ has to be well analysed before being practised.

  47. Yamie says:

    Homosexuals needs deliverance, the demon behind this evil act should go

  48. Native says:

    Legalizing homosexuality is like legalizing adultery, killing, stealing. in short its like legalizing all sins which means the purpose of lawyers, police and courts is not needed.

  49. Yamie says:

    Undule! you don’t the word of God. what you are defending is an abomination
    Leviticus 18: 22, 20:13

  50. Judge Joash says:

    Shut up Undule you faggot!!! Are you trying to ressurect your satanic obsession with gays in the name of sympathizing with them? I thought you are a reformed man but alas! a pig back to his own vomit proverb is really true!!!Chitsiru garu iwe!


    Research done over the last 3 decades has shown significant differences in the brain structure between gays and ‘straights’, suggesting that no one is gay by CHOICE: being straight or gay is almost certainly an INBORN trait. Between these two “extremes” of human sexual expression you get their variable combinations.
    But then, again, one has to interact or befriend a gay person to appreciate how special some of them actually are.
    In short then, blanket condemnation of homosexuals is counterproductive. Instead, perhaps, one ought to hope for a real breakthrough in our understanding of the embryogenesis of sex.
    Such cutting-edge advances in embryogenesis could lead to some CURES, but a philosophical question arises immediately: who between the gay and straight man should be treated of their “condition”? I suspect that both would not want to be treated.

  52. namchuchule says:

    Undule is now totally confused. If I were nyasatimes,I wouldn’t give this confusionist any space to continue leading innocent souls astray.

  53. Tom says:

    Very stupid indeed ndipo satana anakakhala gay sibwenzi atanyenga Eve…bwenzi atamupanga seduce Adam…koma this Evil…

  54. chakuda says:

    My dear Malawi where are you going ? homosexual is a sin & there is no any verse in the BIBLE that allow that . I burg to you JESUS kuti mutimenyele nkhondo imeneyi patokha sitikwanitsa

  55. wabwino nndani says:

    bravo bravo mwaka sk so this was how u wanted to work this out.u wanted to first bcome a bornagain so that pple will eventually trust u as our own by the time they realise u shall have delivered ur message.wow! u did it.however i agree with u that there r worst sinners than homosexuals and that they serve their sentences outside jails.we always r condemning others while ignoring our own sins.but still though, u tricked us u!.

  56. Mbuli says:

    Undue is raising issues on human rights not the sexual aspect of being gay. As usual stupid people who always comment on Nyasatimes attack the person without facts.

  57. vyaya says:

    Agree with Mwakasungura it’s like homesexuals will go to a special hell BUT majority of sinners who comments on this fora like drunkards, womanisers, cash gaters, liers, gossipers, tithe stealers etc will go to heaven. God is a God of justice, so becareful how you judge these homesexuals for with the same measure you judge others God will use the same.


  58. TruFactor says:

    Which God are you talking about? Do you mean “God” or “god”? Do you read the bible? The bible is very clear about this.

  59. homohabilis says:

    Homosexuals are worse than dogs and need counselling because its a disorder. Doing something against it nature its what we call madness. Undule is married man to a woman. Why not marrying Timothy Mtambo that dunderhead or that fool Gift Trapence. This tadpoles are good at emblezzling donors money disguising in homosexual yet they are normal human being. I want to vomit eishhh! I hate homosexuals.

  60. yunusu says:

    Undule utipatse verse ya mbaibulo yovemereza zautsiruzi asatana otha ntchito ukapeze zoyankha kumwamba galuwe

  61. LWD says:

    interesting. while any sin is sin before God, He also did provide that some sins deserved capital punishment. The issue to me is who casts the first stone!

  62. Bornface c Mwale says:


  63. mose walelo says:

    Let,Makasungule abandon his wife and marry his fellow man

  64. Wamandasi says:

    Undule has less vision. Unule is job. he depends on western money to voice and promote what white people want. This goes with most activists. The bigger picture of homosexuality is to create emotional short time relationship that will obviously have an impact on HIV transmission. The white people manufacture ARVs. Government will buy expensive ARVs and give freely. Malawia will ask for loans from white people and Malawi remains in debts.

    They want loyalty. For African to be loyal must be poor. it’s logic if you want anybody loyal to you make them poor.

    When Bingu rose his finger and said we need economic independence, they fought against it. They said we are not ready. We can start as they did. Europe and America were poor before. Undule must see beyond his nose

  65. Mungawa says:

    let us not judge anyone, but He Himself is the best Judge!!!!

  66. Undule sadzatheka basi I have questions for you Mr Undule
    if your son tells you Papa I am going to Wed Steve tomorrow and your Daughter Gertrude how would you feel?
    If your Parents were Gays would you be around today?
    Stop defending indefensible,and if you don’t know the sins you’re referring to above are punishable in Malawi
    Genesis 19:1-13. The wicked men of Sodom attempted a homosexual rape of two messengers from God who had come to visit Lot.
    As a result of this and other widespread wickedness,
    God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in a storm of fire and brimstone.
    The next two mentions are in Leviticus

    You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.

    Leviticus 18:22)

    If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.

    Please I am begging you Mr Undule don’t be selective when leading your bible when it comes to verses

  67. Patrick Phiri says:

    A question to this misguided Undule: Kodi abambo ako akanakwatila abambo ake a John, ukanabadwa iwe?

  68. Patrick Phiri says:

    Stupid reasoning. To say homosexuals are humans is the same as saying thieves are humans and we should accept them. Is that what you are saying?

  69. Paradiso says:

    My problem is that you guys want government to legalize gaysim. Should we say government should legalize robbery because all sins are the same? No. Let them do the sin but it should not be made legal. It means you as men of God, you are not helping the folk. If government says this is ok, the church cannot come and say this is a sin and you expect people to take you seriously after you so called men of God have supported it to become legal. Think twice my friend. Be sure that what you are advocating is really in line with God’s teaching otherwise I would remain quiet.

  70. kyunguchief says:

    What good can come from Karonga , Kyungu area in partucular, apart from. Homosexuals, traditional witch doctors and fake pastors. Just hear the names Mwakasungula and chisiza debating on Homosexuals.

  71. Jefune Kanamaso says:

    We can’t judge on somethimg we a not sure of I say that is between God and them

  72. mo says:

    Useless,nyasatimes if you don’t have stories to write better ask other pipo who have same,undule waiwala kale anadwala lija ndi liti, do u kno what he suffered?ask him if he believes in God sure akuuzani,his brain has been corrupted by money,this guy azafa ifa yokooma

  73. Dongle says:

    Undule misala yakoyi suzathekatu. Mulungu azakukantha Sodom ndi Gomola adayiotcha chifukwa cha zimenezi iwe ukuvomeleza. Shame on you iwenso Maya uli mwana wasukulu sukulu zapadziko lapansi. Sukulu ikhale yothandiza anthu muchikhalidwe osati kusocheletsa anthu. Ndikwiya nanu.

  74. chimuzanga Majoti says:

    Why are you married to your wife Undule why did you not marry a hung man like you? Gayism defies biological sense. Period. Surely you cannot expect to marry a person of the same sex and expect to sire offsprings. Lesbians and gays are just worse off than dogs and pigs. At least these animals can differentiate an will shank their opposite. Spare us this crap about same sex sex marriages. Its purely unMalawian!

  75. I support Undule. I am bisexual and enjoy it. Tisamasalane

  76. mwana mulopwana says:

    Undule you need to repent, it seems you don’t understand the bible and your mentor in Christ does not understand the bible either, We don’t discriminate individuals just because they are human but we discriminate them for their ACTIONS, homosexual is EVIL in the eyes of God,

    You need to understand that Jesus did not condemn evil people but he condemn evil things and he taught people to follow his path, this is why you will see that he changed Saul to Paul because he did not condemn Saul but he condemned what Saul was doing and this is what you will see that the same God used the same Saul to preach to the very same people he was persecuting,
    from now onward please learn to tell these Homosexual the truth, , They have no place in God’s Kingdom and if you accept them to do their evil things , you also need to know that you are a servant of the devil , I rest my case.

  77. chenamalaka! says:

    Jesus died our sins?Gay & Lesbians are also human?Soldom ndi Gomora mwayikumbukira?komatu kudali akuba,omwa mowa,afiti komanso akaduka.why God chose to punish Gay & Lesbian only?think b4 u force malawi to accept it pls!!!!!

  78. line says:

    Undule, gayism has been the worst sin since the world was created. If you check God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah when the main sin was homosexuality and lesbiansim. He was so angered that the punishment was very severe. And Christ said that the last days will be like “as it was in the days kf Lot” Lot lived in Sodom where this sin was being practised. Lets be careful and be praying for these fellas (gays). Ever wondered why they want special recognition? The answer is: The Arc Deceiver, Satan wants the world to be deceived and make that which is sin look right. Watch out.

  79. Dorobuchi says:

    What is being said here really is what many christians say. Homosexuality is anti God. It is a sin. Undule is agreeing. He puts it together with other sins:z drunkenness, witchcraft, gossip, adultery, stealing, smoking, etc. Undule says in America they have legalized homosexuality. This man is going to mislead people, he became born again when he was sick, now he is healed he is back to gay campaining, wapsa eti?! What true believers say is that homosexuals are sinners, whether you like or hate them is your choice. Likewise, whether you like or hate smokers is your choice.

  80. Everson Sichali says:

    Thank you very much Mr U. Mwakasungula for voicing out that we are indeed in the END TIMES. May God have mercy on you. As it were in the days of SODOM AND GOMORA, so shall it be when the SON OF MAN is revealed.

  81. myao says:

    Akukhululukireni ambuye,palibe tchimo lochepa palinzake

  82. chikwezga says:

    Much as I appreciate Undule’s individual view, I as well am subjective to WHY Undule now? Mind u sexuality in the context of same sex is not always circumstantial, but quite innate and born with. People in many a circle of life have personal inner fights as to why and their Qs remain unanswered cos they are born that way. Undule just as most pro-gay activists have personal egos to achieve, they ain’t genuine in their view. They fundraise to meet their personal ambitions than eye can see. To me this is unjust but telling a tale, gays lesbians and those non conforming are born that way – we should preach tolerance and one love. Nelson Mandela once said even the dirtiest drop of rain won’t make the whole sea dirty – thus being gay within a common society will never make everyone gay. The journey won’t end now cos generations to come will also bear kids born with a different sexual preference. So while we preach tolerance, yes lets do it in good faith and not cos we are short financially. Typical of Undule and the rest of U’s, pple know what u have in the name of sexual minority. Be positive osati kumapanga khalidwe limenero yet some pple are rendered destitute by their familes yet u do nothing but cash in n pretend u work with them – God’s watching u! I claim forensic audit, tione ngati mungayankhule apapa, it’s outta respect pple don’t unlace u n ur team! U r so autocratic n oppressive n we know that!

  83. nthano zatha says:

    Not interested

  84. Othyola Tea ku Thyolo says:

    Just because a phenomen has a scientific or social explanation or basis it does not mean that it must be regularized. Psychopaths are also a normal occurrence and so must be legalized.

  85. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Undule udwalansotu matenda osaziwika ukayamba za ma gays pano nde pastor wako wa ku area 25 azalephera kukuchilisa zisiye izi mulungu akukanthatu ndii super ebola

  86. Khwethemu says:

    Is this all the nonsense Undule will be writing about. Wat a waste of time. I wont be reading this column. Zitithandiza chani nkhani za mathanyula? Lembani zinthu zina ngati mmene amalembera Loose Cannon. Zanuzu za zii. America si Malawi ayi. Different cultures.

  87. Jelbin mk says:

    I don’t think homosexuals are marginalised people as undule and other advocators including this commentator calling him/herself Dalitso want us to believe. In my research I have found out that most of these homosexuals are drug abusers hence the impaired thinking they are not born that way fir us to feel sorry for them. I will only feel for someone who has not contributed to his/her misery but to the person who has chosen to be what he/she is has to be held responsible for what he/she has put him/herself in. Next we will hear from me Dalitso with his fake scholars that even cashgaters are having an adaptive brain for corruption therefore they shouldn’t be prosecuted. I like the way Kamuzu was thinking because he believed in himself not in some some so called expert’s advice who advised him that it was not going to work establishing the university of Malawi in a tiny country like ours but he defied that advice and went ahead with his dreams of which we are still enjoying up to date. Likewise these days experts advise parents to be too soft when instructing their children to the extent of praising them even when they are not doing a good thing and what do we get out of that? Undisciplined children who grow up into unprecedented criminals. Let me tell the world about what I believe and it is true. Every human being is born blank whatever you find in the behaviour of any human is a learned thing which includes language the only thing a human being inherits from his/her parents is DNA and the looks if any the rest is a learned behaviour so we shouldn’t say homosexuality is a natural thing no it is not so is theft,murder,prostitution etc. Even the bible encourages us to discipline our children to the extent of whipping them which is more Godly than facilitating their destruction in submission therefore facilitating evil is being as bad as the evil doer.

  88. eketi omora says:

    Undule, why did you not take your time and write about albinos? Mufuna kuwoneka ngati anzeru, Koma mukukambazi nzopusa. Kukhala konseko, sungamabwere apa kuzakamba zopepera ngati zimenezo. Pajatu Yesu anapanda makofi anthu opusa ngati inu mtchalichi, coz of trying to mix zinthu za Mulungu ndi zopepera zanuzo. Osakhalako ndi nzeru Bwanji? Asiye mahomo azipanga zawo, iwe ukuwalankhulira Bwanji? Komwe amanyenganako mmakhalako? Mahule nawonso ali marginalised…Bwanji osalemba zamahulezo. What’s all the fuss about mathanyula? Zaukape Bwanji.

  89. win says:

    First let me say that no christian, true christian can hate homosexuals, they are sinners like all other sinners but we are against legalising it that we recognize it as right thing to do, just as we cannot legalise adultery, stealing,incest etc becoz they are sins. I m sure you know what happened to homosexuals in the Bible and what the Bible says on this issue.
    Advice to you brother author of the article, I hope you are writing articles not for any financial benefits from donors or we hope you are not just hiding behind being a born again to further your homosexual agenda, this will be treasonous before the Lord.

  90. Zamtsogolo sanena says:

    Ngakhale ziwanda nazonso zimamudziwa Mulungu,munakakhala kuti mumawerenga Baibulo nkulivetsa bwino bwenzi mutadziwa choonadi ndinso kumatsulidwa.Genesis ndi bukhu limanena bwino za chigumula komanso za Sodom ndi Gomorrah,funso nkumati,zinali motani kuti Yehova alange motere anthu omwe iye mwini awapanga yekha?

  91. Sapitwa says:

    Are Lesbian and Gays being dismissed from work for this reason, being denied access to schools, hospitals, churches to worship,to public transport and all public ammenities? If the answer is yes, then they are being discriminated.
    If a Gay and a Lesibian are in their private homes in their bedrooms for that matter, has anyone including the Government have a right to invade their privacy? If the answer is No, then they are not being targeted.
    The unfortunate part of these people is that they always want a right to get married in a Christian Church, kiss in public( public indecency even to man and woman relationship), dress in the opposite sex’s attire and unfortunately these rights are not available to anyone who wants things done on the contrary.
    The Churches can not wed Gays and Lesbians, people that already married etc. Why should they single themselves out as being not loved?

  92. Madududu says:

    Za ntiii

  93. mikongoni says:

    Zisilu za wanthu inu, akapoli, ana a mdyerekezi.

  94. Chimpazee says:

    Homosexuality must not be torelated; its a threat to the society. Its against the established natural order of procreation which even animals recognize. Homosexuals! U must reconsider ur practices b4 it is 2 late coz it is not 2 late until it is 2 late!

  95. Patriot says:

    Homosexuals are Human filled with Satanic Evil Weak Spirits.
    We will always reject homosexuality.
    Anyway, THERE IS NOT HOMOSEXUAL CHRISTIAN ON THE PLANET. If they want to be recognize as such, then they have to refocus on the right thing to do, I.e. man-woman relationship not otherwise.
    I WILL NEVER ACCEPT HOMOSEXUALS unless they repent.
    [ 1 Corinthians 5:9-11 English Standard Version (ESV)
    I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people— not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one.]

  96. angoni apaphata says:

    I will not tell you if I am homo or not. Why do I have to know who you fuck?

  97. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Malawians are hypocrites alot.So homosexuals are sinners alot than the evil cashgaters who has been cleaning us of our taxes that would have been used to buy drugs in hospitals.Homosexuals are adults who do their stuff in privacy without affecting others.So prostitution with straight people is not sin.?Mahule onsewa ali pa Malawi akugawa matenda and you think they are holier than gay people?All these armed robberies happening in Malawi.cashgate has become a way of life from the citizen no 1 to the cleaner in Malawi and you call this is a normal society in comparison to gays?Alot of evil things are happening in Malawi than having a pick at gays who are consenting adults doing their own things.So just simply shut up as longer as they are not forcing you to do their things.God is their judge them than you pretenders.Jesus loved all sorts of people including unclean and prostitutes.Even if u pray 24/7 and u you don’t hv love you are just noisy gongs.Go and read Corinthians chp 13 vs 1-4.

  98. thoko says:

    This is total rubbish. You need to get born again Undule.

  99. kabotolokamo says:

    Gentlemen do not mislead people with your explanation , go and read the Bible again , what you are doing is playing with fire .

  100. ANALYST says:

    Owe “Soko”, Undule si mtumbuka pleaseeeee! Undule ndi wa ku Karonga, ndipo ndi m’nkhonde; why the hatred with Tumbukas??????

  101. Soko says:

    Dalitso, could you talk like this if your mom was a lesbian? THINK BEFORE YOU SAY. Even dog know where the goods are. So you are saying you are better than a dog?

  102. Tamanda Sauka says:

    Ndivomereze poyera apa. To some extent am a lesbian too

  103. Truck says:

    God said a Man will marry a Woman not a Man will marry a Man and Woman would Marry a Woman that’s all don’t just follow culture of Whites akupusitsani you remind of the story which happened last week in Swansea in UK people had Rooms where they sleep with different type of animals and the closed their Business they are demonstrating.What is wrong its wrong that’s all.Our Culture doesn’t allow that then we follow our Culture if the Whites its their Culture then they can do that not forcing us to follow to do that.

  104. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    Mwakaaa!, plz try to start loving God not money.

  105. Gladys Banda says:

    fortunately the Bible is clear on homosexuality. It is not acceptable God hates it that’s final whether people are doing it or not the Bible is clear so that does not justify sinning knowingly similary God hate aldutery and unfaithfulness. But we cannot say let’s dcreminilise adultery because many are doing it some are obssesed etc when you married and u are caught the law will deal with u

  106. Chinde says:

    If homosexuals are people, how do they fuck each other? Amachindana bwanji? Apatu Undule waonetseratu kuti Uboni Ageni wake ndi wafeki. Amangoopa kumangidwa chifukwa cha cashgate imene anapanga ku HRCC pamodzi ndi Azibusa akugwa Mayaya ndi Sembereka.

  107. Bwengu says:

    My brother born again! Read Luke 17:32, Lot’s wife was destroyed with the Sodomites though she had the chance to get out of Sodom. I know you are looking back to what has been your source of bread before and it has been a well paying job.
    You may feel that you are born again now but your looking back to advocacy for gay rights shows that you only rebranded yourself with just adding a new cover but old wine. Don’t cheat people that you know God, you can not save 2 masters at once. The God you claim to know destroyed Sodom because of so many sins and one of them was these uncalled for weddings. Let me say it will be great if you can lead by example. Get yourself a male partner, I believe you’ll call that one wife, so that people can emulate you.
    Don’t be like Lot’s wife, musayang’ane koma kunkachoka chakudya cha banja lanu. Look forward munga onongeke opulumuka kale!

  108. Exon tsukwa says:

    God help us on this one! Kuima molimba mtima mkumakamba za gaysm relating to the word of God? a BA amenewo .Masiku omaliza owerenga khala mmaso poti iye adza msanga

  109. Soko says:

    Mwamubvatu. Ndiameneyo. Mtumbuka sadzatheka. WALANDILA ZINGATI. Born again my ASS.

  110. Dalitso says:

    Great explanation Undule and how can I say I love God whom u have never seen but hate and discriminate against fellow human beings just because someone says he Is gay. Lack of understanding scriptures brings no light at all. To me as a student, taking Psychology I do understand homosexuality in different manner. There are scholars who have spent much time studying why some people behave that way. A certain scholar discovered that a brain of homosexual man is made in a manner similar to a woman. Will I say that someone who was born disfigured should not be part of our societies? No, we all need the love of God. Indeed how many people in churches today do not the will of God? Is it because their sins are invisible then all we can concentrate on is sin of gaysim? No, brethren let us preach the good News without fear or favor and our duty should be loving marginalized people as the word says. By grace we will all ‘ve saved. I can tell u Now that most people who are gay wish they would have been straight; it is like they are trapped in somewhere. They desire to do the will of God as we all do but we do fail God too.

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