Hundreds more students graduate from Exploits University

Exploits University on Friday 24th Aprilgraduated 460 students with Diploma’s and degrees in various programmes ata function which was held at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe.

During the graduation

During the graduation

Exploit University graduation

Exploit University graduation

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, the Chancellor of the Exploits University, Dr. Kingstone Ngwira urged students to be exemplary, saying they should not endanger themselves in corruption, nepotism and other cooperate lives in the organizations they are going to represent.

“My expectation is that the students should live to their qualification because the expectations out there are very higher and we also expect them to carry exploit university flag by behaving in a professional manner,” he said.

Ngwira also urged graduates to swim above challenges and stay focused,.

“I would like to urge you graduates that you should make sure to move forward interns of your strategic vision, you will face challenges but never say die and you should not think this is the end itself because education is along life experience.

He added that he is optimistic that the graduates are going to be assets in different organizations saying the University has quality programs which are delivered by qualified and experienced lectures who know their job.

The University Dean Mr. Madalitso Mukiwa also asked Graduates to put God first in their endeavours and apply knowledge gained whilst working hard and upholding ethics saying Malawian youth have potential to do better if they employ discipline, God’s guidance and diligence in their escapades.

Mukiwa said since exploits university was introduced, it has nurtured hundreds of young men and women with expertise which they are employing in various sectors of the Malawi’s economy.

One of the students who made it with distinction in Bachelor of Business Management, Ella Chimbalanga said she is ready to contribute in the economic growth of the country using skills and knowledge acquired from her studies.

“Am very grateful for the institution for awarding me with a distinction and I believe it will make me to open major doors in the society and I am ready to contribute in the development of the country.

“There were challenges yes! But I believe, challenges are school fees to success”, Chimbalanga said

During the ceremony, 47 students graduated with diploma’s in management studies, 165 students Degree’s in bachelor of accountancy, 125 students graduated in bachelor of Business administration, 32 bachelor of arts in Human resource management, 41 in bachelor of arts in health systems management, 41 in bachelor of arts in logistics and supply chain management and 4 students master of business administration while 3 others graduated in Doctor in business administration.

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18 thoughts on “Hundreds more students graduate from Exploits University”

  1. stuart gondwe says:

    Exploits is really a very good university regardless of environment it has experienced lectures please register you sons and daughters I have just graduated there this 24th april wooyyee exploits

  2. wochenjera says:

    What is Exploits? What a name? It must be exploiting ignorant Malawians. Sukulu za anthu olakwa MSCE izi.

  3. shaaaa! says:

    chibanja is right,hule lina lake ku JTI ACCOUNTS, likuchemelera abwana ake,limvekere abwana anga ndi abwino kobasi kusiyana ndi mwamuna wanga sapemphera,ukanadziwa hule iwe.kuombera mfiti m’manja

    Munthu wabwinobwino ungamachemerere beast,mgona mahule,oopyeza ancthito pakhomo
    chikfukwa cha mahule?dobadoba,zabweka,thakati otukwana achipembedzo.zosadabwitsa,half baked schools with six months training.akuti galajuweti kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Unima inali kale kuli Kamuzu osati zalrlozi! today what they know are demostration and destruction in towns . University yopanda stable calender!! Komanso its products are the worst in govt and organidation coz they are involved in cashgate cases, its lawyers very bad examples; they swindle their clients, they are mentioned in cashgate and other corruption. A university graduate is supposed to be exemplary but unima ones,iiiihh nyasi!! Theres nothing to be proud of. 50years of indipendence a university still depends on government subventions and doners? meaning UNIMA products cant innovate-and you call yourself a credible university? Look at the infrastructure development in Malawi, the low standards in agriculture, etc and we have the so called unima graduates maning these institutions. All our parastatals are underperforming, tell me what is there to be proud off? SHAME!

  5. shaaaa! says:

    Ambiri ndi mahule.masana ndi sukulu,usiku khola la nkhuku.azimayi omwe amagwira ntchito ku fodya zimene amachita ndi ti mabwana tawo,akatuluka kuka sukulu kameneka,ndi zometsa chisoni.akuti bola kutsanzikana pakhomo nda abambo.zamanyazitu azimayi.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. makwinja says:

    Are u really in Malawi not to know that Exploits is accredited

  7. Jason says:

    The whole Thom Mpingajira (sitting on the right in the second photo) one of the most successful Malawians ever, chose this same Exploits University to do his PhD. Who are you to question the credibility of this University? This is why Malawi is still poor. You think a university should only be government owned? In other countries this concept of private universities came a long time ago. For your information this university is fully accredited by the government of Malawi.

  8. mike kamanga says:

    Umnmm some are really foolish! mukonya Exploits,but your English here is just poor inu mukuti a ku UNIMA.What is this:”they does not know” shame!

    1. Zedi Allani Ntatapa says:

      Indeed “they doesn’t know” kkkkkk

  9. SIBWENI says:

    U r right bolingo EXPLOIT IS TRYING THAN ACHINA biu,skyway ndi ena .The best private university so far

  10. BOLINGO says:

    xool iyi ndiyabwino bwino enanu u r just jealous for nothing ,A malawi mwatani kodi

  11. Mwachande says:

    Ma Graduates aku UNIMA nde Nkhuku zotheratu!
    They can’t even use a simple Ms Word on a computer.
    Abakha eni eni!

  12. marika says:


  13. ujeni says:

    Exploits University? where in LL? another briefcase so called university. Too many of them have mushroomed of late kikikiki ziliko ku Malawi.

  14. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Briefcase Universities. Sukulu mumayidziwa bwinobwino anthu inu?

  15. Nathan Longwe says:

    It sounds fake. Government doesn’t recognize this Exploits University. Not credible.

  16. Chibanja tv says:

    The graduates whom I am working with from your institution are all stupid and doesn’t know what they are doing apart from miseche and too much nkhanza in the offices. They lack philosophy in their dealings (alibe umunthu ngakhale mpag’ono pomwe), one would wonder if they indeed went through the university corridors and qualified for a degree.

  17. john says:

    Koma osamabwereka ma unima gowns this university accredited?

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