I beg to differ with Kapito: Opposition not to blame for Malawi economic turmoil

During the demonstrations to draw attention to the various economic problems rocking Malawi, John  Kapito, the Executive Director of the Consumers Association of Malawi(CAMA) said that the opposition is equally to blame for the economic hardships being faced by the majority of Malawians.

Kapito and a group of people taking part in the march

Kapito and a group of people taking part in the march

He singled out the Leader of Opposition in Parliament , Dr Lazarus Chakwera , whom he accused of neglecting his duties because he had been provided with a state of the art Prado motor vehicle. I wish to differ with Mr Kapito.

I differ with Mr Kapito on the basis of the following reasons:

  1. Those Malawians who keenly followed deliberations in Parliament during the just ended session to review the budget know that the opposition did a highly commendable job of checks and balances.

Government through the Minister of Finance and other ministers provided useful explanations as a result of probing questions from the opposition. Even some of the votes were adjusted due to the
intervention of the opposition. I do not recall any probing question from members of parliament from the government side including the United Democratic Front.

  1. The opposition both inside and outside Parliament plays the role of an advisor. Anyone who has been in a position of an advisor knows the limits of being an advisor. As an advisor your role is to give the best possible advice you can. An advisor cannot compel the person to whom advice is given to accept the advice. Thus while the opposition can and does give advice it cannot compel government to accept the advice. Government may or may not accept the advice. In the case of the increase of school fees government accepted advice and suspended the increase of school fees.

The opposition and any Malawian can give advice but at the end of the day it is government that must take and takes decision on any advice given. It is therefore government that is responsible for the consequences of the decisions it takes on the basis of advice it receives.

  1. As for the remark of a Prado motor vehicle for the Leader of Opposition may I point out that the State President, his vice, ministers and other top government officials have official motor
    vehicles to facilitate the performance of their duties. There is therefore no basis for saying that the leader of opposition has neglected his duties because of a Prado motor vehicle assigned to him
    for his official duties.
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26 thoughts on “I beg to differ with Kapito: Opposition not to blame for Malawi economic turmoil”

  1. Nangantani says:

    If you dont know Kapito is one of the guys swiming in money from DPP. He chairs one of the government parastatals. All he did was not out of his own volition. He was sent by his paymaster to demonise Chakwera and to glorify his boss. For lack an appropriate word he had to choose Pilate to describe the head of state as a compromise, otherwise if given the chance he could have named the president Angel Gabriel which could have drawn him the wrath of the masses. His hate speech was directed at Chakwera and not any other person. He succeeded in pleasing his masters but failed miserably to impress the people he claims to represent. It is pathetic for people of his calibre to stoop so low and start eating the dregs from the bottom of the pot. This man qualifies to be the president or at least a minister. The question is what is holding him back? Because all these guys who are holding ministerial positions are younger and most of them not as intelligent and educated as he is. Come on Kapito take the plunge and leave this small club which is making look like an idiot.

  2. unenesko Nguwemi says:

    I have liked this opposition very much it has its heart at Malawians.The opposition is good and government should appreciate very much.In 2005 the opposition was so strong and Bingu performed miracles in Malawi.That is why in the second selection he won with landslide victory.If the opposition is sleeping the government abuses its power.What follows is mismanagement.Because of mismanagement one does not want to step down because he thinks the new administration will unearth the evils they did

  3. Vyantonda says:

    Kapita hands off Chakwera

  4. Kodi wamwa mankhwala waphankeyu guys? It seems the guy is getting mad, atola m’mabinitu ameneyu. Chakwera walakwa chani ase? Tandiuze

  5. PKM says:

    Kapito who is Judas Iscariot among Injustice Maxon Mbendera, Injustice Kenyatta Nyirenda and Lazarus Chakwera.

    If truly you are great intellectual in this land Mr Kapito you will tell Malawians the truth.

    Woe to all who call DPP leadership good and legitimate for truly a day is coming when truth will prevail over evil.

  6. Patrick Phiri says:

    Kapito is right. Chakwera is power hungry. Instead of helping PP to unite, he is working with one faction, thereby further strengthening the division. Shame Chakwera, you will never rule Malawi. Ask JZU

  7. bako says:

    Yes amakomokadi ameneyu.

  8. Mr Kapito is blindFolded by DPP subjective poverty with very tribalistict and regionalistic cowardice thinking, let Kapito be aware God cannot be blindfolded, you cheat Malawians with a hypocritical face yet you are DPP. We’ve known you sometime back Mr Kapito, your hypocrisy will not materialise. This punishment Malawians are facing is because of evil DPP gurus and Malawi will never change to any better while DPP is at the helm. DPP is worse than Kamuzus Government, just imagine MUST belongs to Lilongwe, and your denseless president is busy jabbing about a stadium in Blantyre not because its a need but because having a stadium in Lilongwe is a thorn in his flesh because he is regionalistic, tribalistic and ethenistic. Who is Judas Iscarriot in real sense here is you Mr John Kapito, a traitor of the true course of justice, a Jamboriie of evil bags and DPP masked devil so just shut up your mouth and swallow that DPP,s ban.

  9. Majighaheni Kalolokesya says:

    Advise but sensibly. If the advice is offered sarcastically then one wonders what the motive behind such sarcastic approach means, mainly when everyone is looking for mature and responsible leadership from the opposition. The issue has always been directing energy and time on petty stuff whereby fault finding is the norm and not providing solutions or alternatives. Instead of doing that all we have been feasting on has been someone wishing the head of state to resign yet most of the problems facing the country is not of his own making. Responsible and mature opposition is what Kapito is calling for other than wishful thinking that the president should step down.
    Just to enlighten those who think Kapito is an illiterate, Kapito is a graduate from the university of Malawi and he basically knows what he is doing and saying. Try not to personalise things because if you continue doing that then those are the same problems we are talking about concerning the operations of the opposition who unfortunately are earning a living from our taxes.

  10. mphuzitsi says:

    kapito ndi mbuzi ngati alomwe anzache. munthuyutu ngodwala, tangomuonani nkhopeyo. afuna adyerepothu za m’bale wake apm.

  11. john phirij says:

    One thing I like about this article is the precision of the facts. Its not the length that tells a story but the facts in the story. We actually have the most reasonable opposition since 1994

  12. DOBO says:

    The writer of this comprehensive short article is one of the few lopic followers of issues in Malawi unlike the many like Mr Kapito who just use their positions to confuse Malawians for the sake of their selfish interests without even following issues involving poor Malawians. APM seems to be a very good quite man but surrounded by people who only want to save their interests not the people. These are the people who run away when things go worse. Please, Mr President don’t stop reading nyasatmes and local papers. Not all people who say bad things about your Government are against you and not all people who say good things about your Government are for you. Those people who say bad things about you and your Government can make you think and those who always say good things will make you to relax. The position of president is so big that some of these things cannot be avoided. Sometimes its good to have some unknown little advisers like me. Not Mr Kapito who fought Bingu from all directions without solutions for the sake of position. I for 1 cannot trust this man.

  13. Nyapapi says:

    Mr Kapito is getting mad these days. He is always speaking rubbish and I think it will be a good idea to take him to mental hospital before its too late. Misala yanyanya tsopano.

  14. Khwethe says:

    Chakwera diserves a prado just like any other govt official. Pado should not an issue at all, unless Mr Kapito is trying to envy Chakwera. This time, Kapito seems to be loosing track, may be it is a result of too much drugs in his blood. Lets just forgive this idiot

  15. Marko Kalebe says:

    I think Kapito is suffering from psychosis and need to go to Zomba Mental Hospital. Gvt is not compelled to take any advice from opposition. Chakwera is neither Malawis driver nor final decision maker. It seems Kapito don’t follow parliamentary deliberations, he could have seen the great role the opposition plays in the august house.

  16. Khwethe says:

    Aaaaaaaah! Musavutike ndi Kapito, amakomoka ameneyo

  17. Jelbin mk says:

    Kapito is not living in Malawi, he is absent minded. If he was living in Malawi he would have taken note of the opposition’s inputs in the just ended session where the opposition had taken head on encounter with government including summoning the illegitimate and inept President who refused to comply with the constructional required call. Sury the opposition can not share the blame with government in any country in the world except in Kapito’s mind.

  18. Mngoni says:

    Bravo Ernest, I like your writing….so enlightening…..its all government’s fault and they need to shoulder every blame. ….
    I second you opposition is doing its best. Kapito must be confused. And I wonder what are his duties. …..things are skyrocketing on the market but he is doing nothing.
    Malawians let’s love our country, let’s learn to be objective and not subjective. …..
    Let’s discus and talk issues that can build our nation not people centred.

  19. C M says:

    Kapito that is not true. Even you can not be trusted. Food items are high, Escom kumakweza magetsi, yet you also Enjoy your self while Ordnaly Malawians are Crying. Umayamba kutokota ukati uli mmaluzi paja what do you call this Bungwe ?

  20. Mbuzizinandi says:

    Akapito uchitsilu mudzasiya liti? Inu munapatsidwa udindo ndi boma LA DPP so you must speak shit so as to please APM. Nonsense.

  21. Balamanthu says:

    Munthu wodzisata uyu walemba mfundo zake zachimvekere. As for Kapito,,it is important to realize that Kapito ku school sanapite.Ngati anapitako ndiye kuti anagodutsa kunja.sanalowe mkalasi. He is so stale and HE STOPPED MAKING SENSE ALONG TIME AGO.HE IS SO SENILE THAT STATEMENTS HE MAKES ARE NOT RELEVANT AND YET HE IS GIVEN SO MUCH OXYGEN WHICH COULD BE USED FOR USEFUL THINGS.

  22. Bwande says:

    Well said

  23. Mau Mau says:

    AKapito musatinyansepo apa,, munali kale. Nzeru zinakuchokelani atangokusankhani kunkhala Board Chair wa Southern Region Water Board. Useless Idiot

  24. peter says:

    Don’t mind Mr Kapito. The CAMA boss sometimes fails to put his arguments in a very coherent and logical way.

  25. 2016 welcome says:

    Kapito wanted to please some quarters by trying to appear to be taking a balanced view. He goofed. This government is too inept, clueless and incompetent to be defended. Trying to defend this government is as foolish as drinking your own urine.

  26. reasonableman says:

    good reasoning from the article

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