Immigration runs out Malawi passport books due to printing debt

Members of parliament on Tuesday failed to force government to issue a statement of suspension of passport book issuance after it emerged printers have stopped printing the official travel documents until treasury honours a US$22 million debt.passport

Chitipa South legislator Welani Chilenga and other backbenchers accused the government of torturing its citizens by not telling them the truth that issuance of passport books had been suspended.

Chilenga said unsuspecting Malawians spend long hours at Immigration offices queuing for the passport books not knowing they are no longer issued.

However, Home Affairs minister Jean Kalirani said the printers, Technobrain should resume printing the books any time after treasury released US$7 million to clear part of the debt.

“They committed themselves to start printing after they received the money so this issue is now over, people should not panic,” she said.

The government is facing financial crisis which has seen huge budgetary cuts to some departments and President Peter Mutharika suspending external travel as the economy is facing turbulent waters.

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In Malawi’s problems are rooted in several a places 1. Our parties lack clear ideologies and beliefs which they stand for. 2. We as a state do no have a vision we go with whatever the government of the day says we need to have a state vision which will remain regardless of governing party. 3. The people of Malawi must be politically educated they must know what they believe in and which party stands for their beliefs don’t just vote for someone because they have you a kg of sugar think long term.

Winston Msowoya

Mathanyula,how would you neglect our Malawian heroes like Dr.Athati Mphakati your countryman from Cholo/Mulanje and accept the road to be named Robert Mugabe.What has Mugabe done to our nation,birds of the same feathers flock together? Please take down Mugabe’s name and forthwith,erect Dr.attati Mphakati’s name who was brutally assassinated by Banda’s murder squad in 1983,in Harare,Zimbabwe.Attati died while fighting Banda’s evil regime and was an indisputable economist of our time.Forget about Brutal and senile Mugabe,who is oppressing his own people whom he fought for.


Sorry my Malawi, u was gud i those days but now eish or xeno itayambaso we not gonna ran away we better die here, “better she than he” May Lord hear our crial and action on it.

Tozer Tsono

When picking presidents, choose depending on the solutions you wish to see in your lives and those of others in the country. All the presidents, so far, have come from the Central and Southern Malawi. They are chosen based on nepotism and deep seated hatred, as evidenced in, voter calls like “wakuba yomweyo” (paraphrased interpretation, we need the thief himself), or we don’t need someone from the North of Malawi. Vote in a Northerner that you can hold accountable, otherwise, you will suffer under the leadership of so called leaders from the South and Central of Malawi. Get Smart!!!!!!

concerned citizen

In my opinion malawi citizens are trying their best tikulipira ma passport we aint getting then for free in short Malawian government under the ruling of peter mutharica you have let us down this is bullshit


If they are failing to run an instutution like immigration yomwe imapanga ndalama zambiri pa tsiku ndie akwanitsa ziti


Wow 22 million dollars, that is 16.5 Billion Kwacha oweing, how can any company survive with such outstanding receivables.

Something is wrong with these amounts must be 22 million kwacha,

No reason for such late payment by the government citizens pay immigration for the passport, a portion should automatically go to the supplier.

Shame on this government in creating this situation after a citizen has paid the fees.


This is bad

My fellow Malawians, just follow this link of the company that is supposed to be printing these passports. They are a Chines company. They are so many great professionals inn Malawi that are capable of doing this and keeping our national security. Just imagine, the Chinese have every passport number a Malawian is carrying right now. Do you think that is safe. When I recently landed at KIA, I was shocked to see the people implementing the passport/immigration software were all Indians. Come on now. We have great IT people in Malawi. Corruption=poverty=desperate people= instability=civil war. May the higher… Read more »
Chilungamo Chimawawa

Nothing DPP govt can do better. They are complete fools, no gutts

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