India gives Malawi 34 Mahindra tractors for agriculture sector: Grant-in-aid

President  Peter Mutharika  says it is important to invest in the agriculture sector in order to attain the country’s goal of national development and to uplift the welfare of the people.

One fo the tractors outside Kamuzu Palace

One fo the tractors outside Kamuzu Palace

Mutharika receiving the keys

Mutharika receiving the keys

The President was speaking at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Tuesday when he received a donation of 34 tractors valued at $1million from the Indian government.

The Mahindra Tractors which include allied implements (Hallowers, Ploughs, and Ridgers) have been given under the grant-in-aid to the government of Malawi.

Professor Mutharika said agriculture remains one of the government’s sectors that is propelling Malawi’s economy and remains the country’s priority.

“The sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP remains relatively significant and I believe the situation will remain the same at least for the foreseeable future,” he said.

According to the Malawi leader, there is overwhelming empirical evidence world over that mechanized farming increases productivity and that farm machinery such as the tractors are crucial to agriculture development in any economy.

“Malawians will agree that reducing the burden of manual labour is a very important way of improving people’s quality of life. Reducing the hours spent on the farm and off-loading those hours to other off-farm activities is very important for the development of our communities especially to our women,” added President Mutharika.

He then said the donation will promote and help smallholder and medium scale farmers to graduate from the use of hand-hoe to modern methods of agriculture production.

Speaking during the same function, Indian High Commissioner to Malawi Mr Vanlalhumah said the donation does not symbolize that India has a lot of resources but that it realises the importance of friendship and sharing.

“We share common problem with Malawi since our relations began in 1964 but as a nation we value friendship and sharing.”
“We hope these tractors will help to strengthen these ties and improve the agriculture sector which remains Malawi’s bedrock for the economy,” said Mr Vanlalhumah

Minister of Agriculture Dr Allan Chiyembekeza said the tractor hire scheme will be distributed to farmers who are in cooperatives.

He said under proper management and usage, the scheme will help ensure food security in the country.

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18 thoughts on “India gives Malawi 34 Mahindra tractors for agriculture sector: Grant-in-aid”

  1. redeemed says:

    The negative attitude by a vast number of Malawian is a worrying factor interms of development. We need to improve our thinking pattern in order to be able to acknowledge the good gestures. With the current state of mind we are no where near attract more donors and eventually we will continue to suffer. Mind you no matter how poor the country can be, its leaders and there families are always least directly affected. Ask Zimbabweans.

  2. Myao says:


  3. makito says:

    Abwanawa is left handed?

  4. kajedza says:

    Waste of Indian Tax payers money. Recently tractors that were donated a couple of years ago were sold by the government . Where did the money go. Also at the same time when the tractors were being sold of,Min. of Agri was publishing tenders for procurement of tractors.

    The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Even the Indian High commission did not do its home work and wasted tax payers money

    Anyway ETG has made/ will make money on this deal


  5. Charombanthu says:

    It is our hope that these ones will be put to good use for the benefit of the nation as opposed to the ones that we received from the Libyan government under the Muluzi regime. The other lot was idle for the entire Muluzi/Bingu/JB tenure until they were sold off recently to party zealots at giveaway prices.

  6. Youn says:

    Malawi desperately requires ulimi otaya madzi. Ma tractor amenewa mukhoza kugawana. Paja kusolola ndichikhalidwe cha masiku ano.

  7. NN ONE says:

    DPP make use of this things,a lot of idle land in Malawi which can be used for crop production using waters of Lake Malawi,Shire river etc etc think deep

  8. Big Boy says:

    No 8, let me school you. india makes quality machinery and is improving and moving forward. Mahindra tractors are of very good quality at a good price. Similarly, Mahindra Tricycles, TVS Tricycles are also of good value in their own right, ask local Malawians. TATA trucks bought by the MDF, amidst misguided beliefs that they were of inferior quality, during Bakili and Malewezi reign, are still running, a testimony of reliability. Becareful not to be judgemental, times are gone and changed when we were brainwashed that only MADE IN ENGLAND goods were best. We cant develop with this type of thinking.

  9. Alex Likoswe says:

    If technology suits , let us focus on small and manageable tractors which we can afford to maintain and put to better use.

  10. nganga says:

    What is a tractor doing at Kamuzu Palace?

  11. The real ujeni says:

    Remember TATA vehicles, all got grounded within a year. Come back after a year and report how many are still running. Nothing of high quality and durable comes from India. Here govt will spend more than the cost of buying the tractors just by buying spare parts. Other African countries got clued up about India a long time ago, here in Malawi we are still sleepy and stupid.


    Government had some tractors in all the ADDs but surprisingly were sold sold off a few months ago as nobody knew how to manage them.

    Can the relevant officials assure the Nation that these new tractors will not be left idle on the sun in the ADDs and later on sold off in in the near future.

  13. Mac Hende says:

    Ndikambuka bwino iwe peter, unanena kuti boma liri ndi maganizo otsegula farm ku salima along lakeshore ya mpunga ndi mango kodi ? apa ndimaona ngati ndimwayi kuti ena atiyamba njira ife tingopitiliza pomwe anzathu asiyila, ndiye ukamanena ndi kupanga zinthu uziganiza kuti boma lathu silosauka ayi koma likusowa nzeru zopangira ndalama and unakakhala wa nzeru ma tractors amenewo unakawaika ku ma farm a boma kuti achina lutepo ndi anzake azikagwilira ntchiyo ya boma kubweza ndalama zimene anaba ku boma limene mukuti ndilosauka.

    ukuononga ndalama zambili pogula chakunya cha akaidi mwalo moti adzizipangila okha, mukumanga munthu for 13 years inprisonment ukuganiza kuti adya chakudya cha ndalama zingati after that 13 years? nanga takhala kuti akulima mu farm yaboma po gwilitsa ntchito ma tractors amenewa angapange ndalama zingati 13 years? ndiye udziti malawi is a poor country !!!!!! idiot

  14. Manish says:

    Please do comment in english.

  15. Mwana wa masteni says:

    Ma cadet mugawana ma tractor amenewo. Sizipindulila a Malawi akumudzi, muzandibvomeleza tsiku lina.

  16. chindez says:

    Akukwana boma lililonse imodzi imodzindi basela pompo

  17. Alex beu says:

    bola apase alimi ma tractor wo asabe

  18. pasimaro says:

    Kusauka ndi tchimo sure

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