Inside Daliso Chaponda’s Laughgate: ‘I know who shot Mphwiyo’

With just days to Daliso Chaponda’s “Laughgate” comedy show at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe,   Nyasashowbiz chief editor Kimpho Loka sits down with the comedian and producer Q Malewezi.

Daliso Chaponda: Laughgate

Daliso Chaponda: Laughgate

Here is what we learnt – a quick guide on what to expect from the “Laughgate” show slated for this Saturday, April 25, and why Hip Hop acts Viceroy and Classick were enlisted for live performances at the event.

“Essentially every time I come back to Malawi I decide to write about new material on what’s going on in the country,” explains Daliso in an interview. “Laughgate’ comes from the popular [Capital Hill finance scandal] ‘Cashgate”.

Cashgate – Who shot Mphwiyo?

“It mimics comedians being investigated for stealing all the laughter in the country.” He goes on to say “I know the secrets, I know who shot [budget director Paul] Mphwiyo. I have inside knowledge, let’s meet this Saturday at BICC and you’ll know all the secrets.”

Prophet Bushiri – Where is his private jet?

Daliso also reveals that “Laughgate” takes on Malawian prophets including the celebrity “Man of God (MOG)” Shepherd Bushiri as he says: “People like Bushiri will come up and I have information on his secret organization which people do not know about. I know where Bushiri hides his private jet”.

Talking of prophets, the UK-based comedian does not only have Malawian fortune-tellers in his upcoming display, he also has African gossip and Nigerian prophet TB Joshua will be another topic for the night.

Bored Davido in Malawi

He reveals that musicians like Nigerian Davido running around when he came to Malawi are on the list.

Hilary Clinton and the U.S. presidency

In addition, he does not skip world events like Hilary Clinton running for American presidency and Barrack Obama leaving the White House office.

Lately, Daliso has been sharing some jokes via his Twitter account since his arrival in Malawi a week ago and below are some of them for laughs.

Hip Hop music performances

Q Malewezi of Qoncept Creative, producers of the show, was asked on how they came about enlisting Hip Hop acts Viceroy of Classmates and Classick of Home Grown African to perform at the event.

His response: “With stand-up comedy Hip Hop has always been an integral part especially when a comedian is coming on stage you usually hear a really nice Hip Hop beat.

“During ‘Presidents of Laughrica’ we had Jay-Z’s ‘My President is Black’ and when it came on as Daliso came on stage the audience went crazy, so we thought why not have the hottest names in the game right now to perform live.”

In terms of management and what their expectations are, Q says they look forward to a sellout show, which will also feature stand-up comedians Dee Satha and Neil Nayar.

Daliso promises a bigger and better show. Tickets are still available. Go get yours at Papaya Restaurant, Crossroads Hotel Business Centre, Ulendo Travel Group, Living Room Café and Flavour’s Café.

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23 thoughts on “Inside Daliso Chaponda’s Laughgate: ‘I know who shot Mphwiyo’”

  1. J Mamal says:


  2. bushiri is wicked and he is satanist God knows what am saying and he my witness

  3. otila says:

    eenhee. if you have not coined it yet, do so now. I mean the quota system and its products. consult dad George. he knows better

  4. blessings says:

    You mean Self made Men of God??? Nzawo crefflo dollar got arrested for jacking money Za church.

    You sad people who follow these self enriched Prophets hav been brainwashed to the core… Ur minds have been manipulated and fear has been injected. Kaya zanu izo

  5. John banda says:


  6. MENACK says:

    ndiinayake jst live o cashgaters coz ndalamazo wl b dere witness & wl also dere award in presence of our creater & sadzatenga ponka m’mwamba.careeeee!ss

  7. Shoffar Town Crier says:

    Daliso, please in your laugh gate do not play around with men of God. It is written, ” touch not my anointed and do my prophets any harm. Ngati mwakhuta pizza fin something else to do.

  8. sangan says:

    I enjoy jokes and their really good at times, but hey!! we don’t play jokes with God if you don’t have anything better to talk about its wise to shut up. The men of God in question are doing a great work of the Lord if you choice to make fun of them simply because you do not agree with them or don’t understand what they stand for my friend find something to talk about and I would love if you take sometime off and think about it, many people have rebuked men of God without bases many times, look around and find out what they have come to be. You see the world is too spiritual than what we ever can think or imagine if you don’t know try to check out.
    My advise to fun seekers and performers just do the right thing and be sure of what you are involving yourself in. May God bless you and have a great show.

  9. Dolo says:

    inu a Kokotowa, i was also there when he perfromed. The only reason those jokes made people laugh was because they were directed at his father who is not liked by many and at Bingu, who at the time was messing things up. They were funny because as a country, we did not like those people.

  10. sefren Khumula says:

    How much is the ticket?

  11. Thitherward Wendo says:

    #10. False prophets are Fat Profits, not men of God.

  12. Dalitso wamukomboni says:

    Kokotowa its only halfwits like you who laughs to this silly jokes.There is nothing funny munthu ndimpala wake all the way from Uk dishing such useless jokes.What we want to hear that all the cashgate money has been recovered by Malawi Govt and put into proper use.Malawi is in stinking poverty because of these greedy cashgaters supported by their old clueless woman.

  13. Kokotowa says:

    A Dolo in reality ndinu a kape! This dude’s political jokes go down, last time he.performed we had a blast laughing at jokes directed at his father who was minister in Bingu’s cabinet.

    Tangolipirani mukaonere mudzichangamuka!

  14. koma says:

    Leave men of God out of ur commedy

  15. Patriot says:

    Tazingodya za adadi ako iwe, USATISOKOSEPO APA IYA.
    Bwanji osanena joke about “farting in public”?

  16. nana says:

    Nkhopeyo mayo bola Mr ibu

  17. Jihadi John says:

    Bring it on. Next time joke about education quota system so we judge how you and your father, who is the system’s godfather stand

  18. opportunist says:

    Za ziiiiiiiiiiiuii

  19. yosefe gambatula says:

    I don’t see the funny side of mphwiyo jokes and others.Malawi is still in its knees because of these greedy vultures of the mphwiyos and other people who were plundering the little resources of the impoverished Malawi.At least this Chaponda guy has a father who feasting on Dpp looting while an average Malawian is reeling in poverty.I don’t even know if Malawians have disposable income to waste on such shows that have any bearing on lives of Malawians.All the way from UK to dish out such trash?

  20. Blessings says:

    Akumudzi owona ngat zopanda ntchito

  21. Kwizinga says:

    Ndiye mwati mu insidemo muli chani apapa anthuni??? Kukomeza bwanjiiiii amalawi???? Ine ntowonapo kanthu mu inside mwake ngati??? Ata!!!!

  22. Jovelyn Kasondo says:

    Eeeeeeehhh koma ndiye eeetu chimutucho chikamwacho dzimilimodzo mmmmmmmmmm

  23. Dolo says:

    Baba, stick to pure jokes and thought through comedy. In Malawi, polital jokes and personal attacks wont fly baba

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