Interpol hunt stolen cars in Malawi: Mphwiyo cars suspected to be ‘hot’

International Criminal Police Organisation(Interpol) with Malawi Police Service officers have joined the hunt for stolen vehicles smuggled into the country with former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo, whose shooting on 13 September 2013 led to the unravelling of the systematic looting of millions of government money dubbed ‘cashgate’, has had his two cars checked.

Mphwiyo cars on Interpol list: Packed at MRA offices

Mphwiyo cars on Interpol list: Packed at MRA offices

In their operation, Interpol will fan out across the country, mounting random checkpoints on major Malawi roads and stopping vehicles they suspect to have been stolen.

The international police team have so far visited Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) offices to inspect the two – a silver Mercedes Benz registration ZA 361 and an unregistered black 4 Matic GL 500 – which the body impounded in November last year, suspected to have been stolen from South Africa.

Deputy National police spokesperson, Mable Nkhata, confirmed the Interpol operation, saying the “vehicles are suspected to have been stolen from South Africa”

The Interpol operation is said not be targeting at Mphwiyo as most of the “high end” vehicles belong to the senior members of government, high profile politicians and businessmen.

Mphwiyo and his wife Thandizo were recently arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau on charges of theft, money laundering amounting to K2.1 billion and obstructing the course of justice.

They are currently both out on bail.

The former budget director is also a principal state witness in his attempted murder case where five people including former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara are answering an attempted murder charge

Mphwiyo’s shooting unravelled ‘cashgate’ and the resultant discovery that up to US $30 million was minted from the government payment system, where politicians and businessmen colluded with civil servants for payments for goods and services not rendered to government.

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34 thoughts on “Interpol hunt stolen cars in Malawi: Mphwiyo cars suspected to be ‘hot’”

  1. freespch says:

    Afa uyu zachulukitsa. Tisamathamangire moyo ndi pangono pangono..

  2. ujeni says:

    Do you people understand what Interpol stands for? If you bought a car from RSA who knows it might be a stolen car was sold to you. Dont justify this by bringing Mozambique and Zambia and that is false

  3. max ajida says:

    I don’t understand these guys “interpol”. For a person to take a car out of South Africa is a long process. You take your car papers to police stations to check if the car isn’t a stolen one and even to traffic offices and even at the boarder they check authenticity of papers. Then they allow the car to be out their country. Alll this process why they come say they’re looking for stolen cars. Our government must demand refund before they take these cars out. It is the work of corrupt South African police that rob innocent Malawians as Mphwiyo. Something must be done ,especially a refund to the victims like Mpwiyo.

    1. Zagwa says:

      What’s there not to understand about Interpol? Your accomplices who steal cars in the RSA forge and bypass these papers you are talking about and smuggle out these cars for you wannabes to buy at cheap prices in Malawi and you still do not understand that? Are you not surprised that a brand new car is costing a quarter of its actual value? Ndinu Akuba akulu! Kufuna kukwela galimoto yoti nthawi yanu sinakwane! Wait till you buy one from a crime scene where someone was murdered… Mudzaona polekela….udolo wachimidzimidzi!

  4. ShameMalawiGvt says:


  5. Viny says:

    Ofuna kupeza galimoto la hot amalengeza? Tabisa kaya.. Mulibe nzeru etI?/?

  6. samarakwa says:

    Go to Congo most of the vehicles there are hot but you will never hear that interpol what ever you may call it is busy hunting the stolen vehicles from South Africa why only MALAWI?wake up my people,if you can drive a Japan vehicle in RSA it will easly been stole and I have ever hear that there is Malawi Interpol in South Africa be careful

  7. NN450 says:

    Is my car stolen

  8. ujeni says:

    Some people need alot of schooling on these posts. Mphwiyo did not steal the cars but he may have bought stolen cars. The question is how did he acquire the vehicles and from whom? Mwamvano mbuli mwachuluka mdzikoli

  9. Zambia and Mozambique banned these Interpool fools because they discovered that 99.9 percent of these cars are not stolen but there is an arrangement whereby South Africans conive with thieves to make the Authorities ie the police believe that there cars have been stolen so that they end up claiming huge sums of money from insurance companies.Remember its so easy and common to buy an expensive car on loan thete, get it stolen and claim cash.At the end of the day Malawians loose.Thats why these Interpool guys have been told to get lost in Zambia and Mozambique.

  10. Ngwenyama says:

    Zopusa zimenezo sizingachitike ku mozambiq amawawuzilatu kuti zopusa zawozo ku moshico ayi ,bwanji boma lathu ku mbwambwana ? Ndani angatulutse yekha galimoto mu R S A opanda eniakewo kuthandizapo tachangamukani aMalawi

  11. DA says:

    What they don’t understand is that people like Mphwiyo will not have actually stolen their cars as it would be too risky for public show. They would have stolen money from the treasury or taken bribes and used this money to buy cars. Therefore it would be impossible for these car hunters to actually find out where the source of the funds for these cars was from as they would have to dig deep into the cashgate reports which is not the business of the car searchers.

  12. Young Batile Tikuswera says:

    Nearly 95.9 % of all Toyota Fortuners driving on the roads of Malawi are hot.

    Worse still immediately Interpol communicated their programme to Malawi Police, the crooked policemen in turn relayed the message to the suppliers of hot cars as they are in league when it comes to registration.

    The suppliers in turn notify all the owners to have the cars parked at safe locations for the duration of interpol spot checks.

    Trust you me, apart from the Mphwiyo cars, interpols visit won’t yield any results.

    I beg to move.

  13. Challo says:

    gentlemen, let’s b civilizd n’ patriotz. Coz Hlomwe, Tumbka,Yawo, Sena, Ngoni Shangani etc. etc. Are all one one country one Nation. Tribelism No! No!

  14. nanjinga says:

    Mphwiyo nthawi yakwana pAno kuti unen Zoona za magalimotowa otherwise ukachedwa kunena akumanganso mwiniwake ali phee kumwa. Tea wachifunga ku USA

  15. nanjinga says:

    Tafufuzan maGalimoto ambava no1 inathawira ku America.

  16. ujeni says:

    Are those Mphwiyo’s cars, he was driving them painted like that? Koma amangwetu osanamizana ife aMalawi we have shet taste. Galimoto painted like float ya trade fair

  17. dawood says:

    How they did ragistration

  18. angoni says:

    What was his salary? Last time i checkhed he was paid 120000 gross as of 2004

  19. Tiredofnonsense says:

    No Malawian can just go to South Africa and steal a Vehicle. This is what we call Syndicate between the people of South Africa and foreigners. At the end of the day South Africans claim at their Insurances that their vehicle has been stolen we have now known it fully of the South African Crooks. I see now reason why Malawians should always be punished for nothing.

  20. DZIKOLI. Ena akugula Nyumba :K3,000,000.00 nyumba ya K50million

  21. namz says:

    Start with mikhutho. He’s the biggest hot cars owner and crook. Interpol saphulapo kanthu if those at the top are right behind the crimes. Angobwerera

  22. Alufeyo says:

    Kodi paulo wakulakwirani chiyani. Who told you that salary inalemeresa munthu. Working in govt doent mean having no brains. Some of you earn millions but you have no financial acumen. Kulemeratu si salary bambo koma nzeru

  23. fkr says:

    well mr reporter thanks for letting all thec thieves know that Interpol are here. now they will simply hide the cars away until Interpol is gone… dumb ass


  25. MALAWIAN says:

    Ikamulaka AIDS munthu chivomerezi chimamupeza.

  26. Rafik says:

    its not only Mphwiyo who is driving stolen vehicles, go and investigate how bosses steal company vehicles at tobacco control commission

  27. Chilungamo says:

    Koma yaaa Mphwiyo sizizamuthera!

  28. Dodi Dufonso says:

    Theft is so, so destructive; so pernicious.

  29. ndadabwa says:

    mullinso afufuzidwe mungolimbana ndi mphwiyo

  30. monkeybay says:

    I dont understand either. Zonse zomwe amapanga mphwiyo attracts huge sums of money. Amapanga chani kwenikweni ndipo how much does he get per month? I wonder! Oterowo nde akugona mnyumba zawo koma oba nkhuku ali ku ndende. No wonder we are ranked number 1 poorest in the world NOT ONLY in africa koma dziko lonse. So painful! Those enjoying are robbers, murderers and thieves. mxii

  31. fedrevolution says:

    All i know is that the police verify all vehicles when registering so what happened?

  32. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    i wonder if they were to rank these thieves in order of who stole the most by tribe, what tribe would top the league

  33. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    How did HE afford these cars

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