Invest in Malawi, Tembo urges UK based Malawians of Asian origin

Malawi Deputy High Commissioner to the United Kingdom John Tembo Jnr has asked Malawians of Asian origins to return and invest in their country, saying the legislative, business and political environment is conducive for any investor.

Sony Pandekar Chair of Mao introduces Farouk Alimahomed Chairman of Lesta Packaging

Sony Pandekar Chair of Mao introduces Farouk Alimahomed Chairman of Lesta Packaging

Deputy High Commissioner John l Tembo visits Fashion Fabric Transprinters

Deputy High Commissioner John l Tembo visits Fashion Fabric Transprinters

Tembo made the call after touring Fashion Fabrics Transprinters, Europe’s 5th largest  textile supplier Ismail family and Letsa Packaging Plc owned by Farouk Alimahomed family both Malawians of Asian origins.

“Malawi needs your contributions to grow economically and deliver development to its people. The new administration of President Peter Mutharika has already compiled of compendium of investment opportunities, launched the one stop Malawi Trade and Investment Centre and will listen and act accordingly in all areas to protect investors,” said Tembo.

Chairman of the Malawi Asian Organisation-UK Mr. Sony Pandekar said the grouping and its associates were now worth £5 billion pounds and considers Malawi as their home, as such appealed to Government to decide on immigration issues such as citizenship status for them to be ably invest in the country.

Alimahomed said there are close to 23,000 first and second generation Malawians of Asian origin in the United Kingdom engaging in productive sectors, paying taxes and could contribute effectively to growth of Malawi’s economy.

MAO was formed in 1982 mainly by Malawians of Asian origins who left after Government issued an order restricting rural areas to indigenous Malawians in the mid 1970’s. According to the Chairman its group members has managed to create over 32,000 employment opportunities.

Fashion Fabric Transprinters Limited is Europe’s 5th largest supplier of high quality fabric and sales between 25 to 30 million metres of cloth to top Europe’s fashion retailers while Lesta Packaging provides packaging suppliers to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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MCP ndiyosiyana ndi zipani zinazi ngati Junior adzafune kuyamba ndale zochita-chita(active politics)sikuti adzangofikila pa upulezidenti Ai.

Honest John

Malawian progress will be held back always ..when a forigner does anything positive or negative its always a racial issue and Malawian say the most racist comments against them.

When a Malawian does something wrong and its reported on news hes an individual …double standards freinds …

until we remove this racist mindset we cannot progress , do not bundle all people in one basket …we should be eductaed enough to diffrentiate

Chingwe Chambuzi

NO one and no one wants to invest in malawi. Security is nil in thatcountry. Clean up first,

Mwenye wa Malawi
Isn’t it funny (peculiar) that John Tembo junior is inviting them back when John Tembo senior engineered the removal and eventual deportation of Asians from Malawi? Malawi, don’t forget that the “Asians of Malawi Origin” have NEVER forgotten that Malawi Deported them en-masse in the 80’s after forcefully removing them from the rural areas in the 70’s. It was during the European winter and many were housed in tents in UK, Spain and Portugal. What guarantee is there that it cannot happen again seeing Malawians continue to be so racist? Everything in Malawi is about indigenous this and indigenous that.… Read more »

Let these people come on condition that they will be settled in Nsanje flooding areas.
And our president has team which goes to Amwenyez to collect settlement fee.

Anyway, the reason for leaving Malawi is not convincing me. It shows they are disgruntled Indians. Leave them there, we are OK.

Every Malawian is busy looking. And one day we have solutions to our economy.




Those who are already here same people “Malawians of Asian Origin” are being treated like dogs by every Dept. And Agents of Gov and MW Gov is seeking for more people like us.

UK guys be careful this country gov and it’s locals are gone nuts don’t come back leaving the good.


If you want Malawians living in diaspora to invest in Malawi, the government needs to accept dual citizenship.

Zanga Phee!

John Tembo Jnr primaries vs Pastor Chakwera in 2019 presidential candidate, See my name.


This is a useless appear. these are economic saboteurs and should not be allowed to come here. they stole our money and decided to invest in UK. is their any possibility of having a Malawian of Asian Origin. Malawi will be developed by Malawians and Tembo should not promote this economic colonialism.

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