Davido reveals on Instagram plans to perform in Malawi

The Nigerian artist Davido who recently annoyed Malawians for his deplorable conduct when he was in the country for other engagements under Go Green Initiative has announced plans to perform in the country soon.

Davido: Malawi show

Davido: Malawi show

He says on his Instragram account  that he will first make his “next stop in LA, Kenya, Malawi, Burundi, Gambia, Malaysia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola.

“See u soon…Get ur tickets” he says.

During his recent visit to Malawi Davido irked Malawians for bad attitude towards his Malawi fans. The Sikelewu musician was shown in the video (https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=348855651981733) ignoring and snubbing his cheerful fans mostly the schools pupils.

As this was not enough, Davido was shown in a video wearing a long face snubbing cheering school pupils who were happily shouting his name.

The aye musician stunned the cheering crowd when he seemed irritated by the welcoming hug by the Deputy Mayor of Lilongwe Kwame Bandawe.

The Nigerian singer defiantly pushed and blocked the Deputy Mayor with his right elbow from further clinging to his hand, but unperturbed, Bandawe seemed not discouraged as he happily continued trailing behind the rude musician.

And the worst of his behavior happened at Lilongwe Hotel where he violently broke the hotel’s computers and other materials as he was refusing to pay the hotel bill of about MK1million he incurred the previous night.

He is also reported to have slapped the hotel’s guard in the process.

In reaction some DJ’s in Blantyre said were making plans to punish the musician for taking Malawians for granted by giving no air play to his music in both radios and entertainment places.

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What is that thing?the trouble maker! in MDUBS AGAIN..NO WAY!!I THINK HE MADE amistake to mention malawi,he meant mauritios.kkkkk amalawi tionekere umbuli sopano..if i liked that stupid MotherF i coould have gone to his show but mmm naaa,even though i went i would have shot him right in the leg..MR davinyo please dont come coz we r ready for you and you gonna be hurt,we can boko haram too u know..we warning u




Fuck u all malawi davido is ur boss.don’t ever compare ur bullshit country to nigeria

skirt chaser

you are very stupid! what is so special with your rubbish country? have u ever seen Malawians flocking to Nigeria like you fools do


Boss to whom .Tell him that he’s not welcome here. May he’s a boss of Boko haram

dr bakha

dont come here in malawi.do u think we are stipid.dont dare coming here.you are a bitch ass nigger.can i come to nigeria and do what you did in malawi

Mulhakho wa alhomwe

I ink I hate this thing called Davido


Iwe Davide, ooh kani Davido – ngati umamva Chichewa nachi: Usadzabwerenso kwathu kuno! Sudzapeza munthu wopita ku dansi yakoyo!

Ngati umamva chiTumbuka: Iwe DAVIDE, kwizaso kuno ku Malawi charaaa! Palije munthu uyo wizamkuluta ku vyakuyimba vyako ivyo……!

Ndikhulupilira wamva uthengawu – any well wisher may transkate for him…


Davido, or whatever you call yourself, know that you may be a musician of the moment but you are not the best. We have ever hosted reputable musicians before but did not even attempt to do what you did in Malawi. Some of them are music kings and queens in their respective countries and who are you? Stupid man!


zoba ameneyin kuno ayi


Stupid Davido, who de hell r u . Malawi is de warm heart of Africa while Nigeria is de worst country in Africa, so leave our country alone do not step foot in our country


Davido don’t come here, we hate you. Nyimbo zake ndiye ziti za season zomwezo. We listerning to Soldier Lucius Banda, Paul Banda, Don Williams, Michael Bolton, Clergy David, Justine Timberland, Joyce Bond, Judy Butcher just to mention a few everlasting songs osati zakozo ” sekelewu ndiye kuti chani. Usatikwane.

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