Is DPP government punishing Malawians?

Indeed getting into political power is one thing, but what to do with that power is yet another. Surprisingly, when some people get into power, they have no idea on how to proceed. There are signs that such people were not prepared to take the reins of power. This seems to be the case in Malawi. There are some obvious signs of unpreparedness by government.

Mutharika addressing a DPP  political rally in Thyolo

Mutharika addressing a DPP political rally

Just like other presidential candidates during the May 2014 elections, Peter Mutharika pledged that his priority would be the welfare of the people of Malawi, especially the poor. Above all, he promised to bring development so that every Malawian should live a better life than before. This now looks like a pipedream. The country has gone deeper into poverty. People are facing hunger and hospitals have no medicines. No one, including government, knows where the country is heading to.

It goes without saying that government would have been showing more concern and act accordingly to correct the situation. Surprisingly, the President and his government could not care less. Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda must be turning in his grave to know that Malawi has been brought down to its knees and has slipped further among the poorest countries in the world. The booming economy under Kamuzu Banda is now in history.

Meanwhile, there are countless examples that show that government could care less. The most recent example which irked so many people and organisations is the President’s large entourage to the recent UN General Assembly meetings. This is costing millions of kwacha of the tax payer’s money. It is obvious that most of the so-called delegates were there for sightseeing and shopping.

Experience shows that, with the influence of power, some leaders in government are capable of saying: “So what?” to those who are querying government’s lavishness. Even if government and its leadership try to split hairs in trying to justify their actions on the UN trip, the fact remains that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has no respect for people as it can go as far as insulting the people who have no voice. It does not need special intelligence to know that in the current hard times government must be leading the way in controlling expenditure instead of cheating people that life will soon be better, while they are busy milking the country dry.

The ‘we-don’t care’ attitude of government seems to show that its aim is to punish Malawians as much as possible. The reason of such cruel treatment is not clear. Probably, this is done with the understanding that Malawians have no power to do anything but suffer in silence.

Honestly, the people of Malawi are being challenged in various torturous ways. They can shout as much as they want, nothing will change. For goodness sake, Malawians do not deserve to be punished or challenged by their own government. Just because Malawians are poor does not mean they cannot think intelligently.

Imagine, lately, nurses received their form of punishment. Despite the cry about the shortage of nurses, government announced that it will not employ nurses and, worse still, those who had been employed are being withdrawn. The reason is lack of funds of which government is spending lavishly. There is no empathy for unemployed nurses as well as patients. It’s a regrettable situation.

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34 thoughts on “Is DPP government punishing Malawians?”

  1. Benson T Phiri says:

    Cool down GOD is in Control

  2. nyekhu wa nyekhulani says:

    kaya amwene

  3. Kabalide says:

    Ukanakhala ulaliki tikanangoti Amem!
    Tikupita kuti?

  4. number 30 ayi mwaonjeza. mulungu akuona sikufunika kutukwana ayi, tikhululupile mulungu atisovela vuto lilipoli. Nanu atati che muthalika , tapanganipo kanthu mwachangu ,taonani mutowalakwitsa anthu potukwana, ngati zakukanikani nenani mwansnga kwa azipani zina kuti akunthandizeni, sikuti mutulepansi udindo ai koma mugwilane manja ndi opposition parties, apo bii ambwiye nditoona namutothamangisidwapo ,, khaleekhale anthu akutopelani ndinthu, aloma ndi achawa akangoyambapo kunongonezana ,,, hgozi, musazati ndi Che Chakwera. iwo angokhala kudikila mpando wawowo kuti muchokepo iwo akhale,,,, mapwiya tinene apa mpandowo ndi waeni,,,,,vuto ,,,zambiri mwanduna zanu makani ndi mwano,, kaya mumadziwaaaaa,,,,anthu alusatu moya,,,, angodikila nthawi ,,viva MCP VIVA TAMBALA WAKUDA

  5. malawian says:

    Nyani ameneyu akufuna kutimaliza, galu bwake nyani! cilibe umunthu cimeneci! kukamwa kwa kukulukuja! zoona anthu 115 yet developed countries took less than that! kuphunzira ndi kuendetsa dziko are 2 different! Mulungu kumwambako tithandizeni ndithu munthu ameneyu watikanika Ambuye!

  6. Oooo God in the heaven hear our cry coz we are still in dark of bad omen, nakha zikuchitikazi ndi chan amalawi anzanga ndi liti lomwe tizasangalare eeeish.

  7. fum says:

    Munthu wasala madzi amodzi mukuti alamulila mpaka 2019-dark cloud about to cover malawi soon or later

  8. Sapitwa says:

    Things will get worse before they get better. We always complain as if we are an economic Island. Anzathu ngakhale ku Zambia alibe magetsi okwanira citing low water levels at Lake Kariba. Even the Zambia Kwacha is nose diving badly and yet they have mining!
    Malawians are a nation of complaints and crying just at nothing! You have to face the reality because thinking if impeaching the President on economic hardships can not happen and will not happen. He is President until 2019 hate him or love him! He can also win again if voting will be on tribal/ Regional lines as is always to MCP.

  9. kondwani says:

    Paja musayiwale ambendela analengeza utsiku bola akanalengeza masana chifukwa president tinamupeza utsiku we all still sleeping including the president amabungwe muli kuti koma zomwe zikuchitika ku chipatala mukuziwona? Muzalankhula ovata onse tikazamwalila? Ife anthu aku mudzi tilibe mkuwo tikudalira inu tithandizeni

  10. clement says:

    Tiresome people. What do you want from the president?? To turn things for good needs everyone to do something not just looking at the govt to do miracles never happen. You must know that the president you are insulting will rule for the second term no fwifwi and DPP will be rulling beyond 2024 after prof Peter terms.

  11. Thako Lambeta says:

    Koma abale zimenezi ndizochita kufunsa ngati ndi agalu omwe m’makomomu akudziwanawo kuti zinthu sizili bwino?

  12. Mr zigwepano says:

    Who is to blame here?kenyata nyirenda,or may be maxon mbendera?surely not,ican still recall the big man cry uncontrolably and shaking like he has been hit by 10 pound hammer trying to put away the winning name for the so called…….ati apm?we will leave to remember that night,ndipo sitinati,

  13. It is not inevitable that Malawi will remain poor, disorganised and directionless. There is an alternative way to proceed as a people, as a nation, and as an economic unit. Poverty can be defeated. Wealth can be created here in Malawi. Individual empowerment can be realised and yes political stability and national unity is possible.

    Unfortunately, the political process is immature. The interpretation of democracy in Malawi means voting not for sound strategic industrial or economic policies but simply based on tribal/regional basis. Then when government machinery commences – that demands sound strategic industrial and economic policies – elected officials are at debilitating loss. Public outcry follows. When will the Malawi public learn to vote for policies not for region? There are no coherent policies in government. For example, fiscal policy is at loggerhead with monetary policy resulting in kwacha currency depreciation and inhumane inflation levels (high prices). Lack of job creation. Will this incompetent democracy bring about extinction of the state of Malawi in the long run?
    Well meaning Malawi get together and correct this situaion. It is through our national unity that we will rise. It is through sound policies that we can outshine poverty. It is through our people getting along peacefully on a prosperity roadmap that we will reach the promised land destination – the Malawi dream! Malawi can and will prosper when we return.

  14. Zoziyamba dala says:

    Some times i hate myself coz i have contribute this government to be in power but now am crying to see the sweet seeds i sow become bittter! The failed government indeed;(;(;(;(

  15. The real ujeni says:

    This President of ours is clueless. Secondly he has got no leadership qualities, zero percent leadership qualities. When his brother Bingu who was parachute to presidency by Bakili parachuted also his young brother to be minister, all his did was sleeping at various ministries. Today you elect him as President of the country, what a joke, this nightmare is long but it will come to an end in 2019.

  16. mbuyuni says:

    It’s us who planted this precious seed, we watered, weeding and now we are harvesting. God has done a lot of things to this nation to save His people, but just like during Moses time, some people found Egypt a good place to stay despite the hard life they expeeienced. What difference does it make?

  17. sniper from ntcheu says:

    boma latsala pang’ono kugwa ili…

  18. tsetsefly says:

    The most stupid person is anybody who casted his/her vote for DPP. Its true what Muluzi said that a big disease befallen Malawians long time ago. It is a memory retardation problem. We easily forget things. Is the DPP not the same party that almost killed the nation with famine? Did they not keep us on queues for fuel, sugar, bread and other basic commodities? Did they not call us cockroaches and brandished pangas on the street. Come 2019 Malawians will be more stupid and vote for this clueless team into gvt.

  19. Nkombokombo says:

    “Cry the beloved Country” much as you have pointed out a few of the dire cries of the Nation the more this Govt is creating. It has been repeatedly said that the “people” shall not eat “politics”, I wonder if our so called “leaders” read the meaning of these writing rightly. We don’t need to pick who speaks better or has good voice but we need someone, some “leader” who can care for populace. Priorities here are put the wrong way round. These meetings the Govt is priotising now are not the right solution to the dire immediate needs of the people. And it is not right to compare “Malawi” to our immidiate neighibours because they are already way beyond our measure. Overspending or spendind on such luxuries is a “good” sign of “I don’t care what comes” type of Govt. Remember these are the same people you will need when that time comes.

  20. Honeycomb Chidyaudzu says:

    I remember during campaign period President Mutharika saying that he wants to go into Government to clear the mess which the PP led Government has brought upon Malawians and I laughed. He said Government offices are lacking even stationery. Alas ! He has compounded the problems. The PP government was much much better than these morons. Things were getting better in Malawi during Joyce Banda’s reign despite her other failures but now they are bringing us back to 2012. This man is not a leader. Remember leaders are born not made. This Mutharika was made a leader by his late brother’s hench men. Let us take a leaf from the American’s . They look for eloquency and looks in a leader. But this our one has none of these. A President should be presentable and able to communicate with his people. You should be proud to point him out. But not this President. He hasn’t any of these qualities.

  21. Njolinjo says:

    I worked with Bingu at RBM and he was no better at all. I don’t know how RBM would have been with him at the helm. His brother is no different at all. He will be travelling to India this month end with another bloated entourage for chapati Indian cuisine.

  22. Patriot says:

    This a call to all Opposition MP.
    Once in parliament, we want you to invoke
    IMPEACHMENT procedures.
    Malawians do not want to demonstrate for fear of getting killed by this maniac gouvernment, soyou have our full support, you have our blessing.
    Vacate Mutharika out of gouvernment.

  23. Patriot says:

    The worst leader in the history of Malawi. Kulephera kulankhula dzulo amvekere “munandiona pa TV?”. What de???

  24. Saiziyakana says:

    Government is punishing Malawians because they feel every right to do so because we are a sorry lot. We were helped by natural causes to get rid of this DPP in 2012. Come 2014 we sneak the same into the house. We knew what DPP was capable of and we bring it back. The snoring prof had snored at Min of Education – and we expected different results?
    One thing that Bakili said that i think was Ironically very true was – “kuyendetsa Boma simasawera”.

  25. katakwe says:

    which people are you refering to as the voiceless? NGOs? Political Opinionists? my foot!

  26. malani says:

    Malawi has gone to dogs. We voted for mcp.we don’t know where these people came.

  27. Vyanje says:

    National life sentence!

  28. Sambaukwatiwe says:


  29. Nyasi musi says:

    Politics and leadership in malawi eeeeee chiletso

  30. oUToFtHEgRAVE says:

    Ooh God! Come to our rescue!

  31. austin says:

    Its us which chose this government…So y crying?

  32. The more things change the more they stay the same. I miss Bingu the pragmatic leader.

  33. Tengupenya says:

    Govt withdrawing nurses it employed?

  34. Zoonazake says:

    Zoona man zoona

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