Islamic Commission making ‘nonsensical proclamations’ – Activist 

Political activist and former Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) secretary general, Dan Msowoya, has unleashed venom on Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF)  chairperson Shaibu Ajassi over calls it made for Malawi Speaker, Richard Msowoya, to resign saying he cannot combine his two positions following recent political escapades.

Dan Msowoya:  Islamic Commission out of order

Dan Msowoya: Islamic Commission out of order

Msowoya is also vice president of the Malawi Congress Party ( MCP).

According to Ajassi,  Msowoya had compromised his position – as Speaker – for offering his official parliamentary vehicle to whisk away party colleague, Jessie Kabwila, was on hunt by police for sedition charges.

Ajassi had reiterated that the position of Speaker needed someone who was “impartial.” Ajassi added that what the Speaker had done “was uncalled for.”

But Msowoya argued that as a grouping seemingly obsessed with Justice and Freedom, they should have noted that, been empathetic about the despicable denial of justice and freedom of those victims.

“It would make a lot of sense if the ICFJ had in the press conference they mounted, expressed indignation at gruesome murder of seven innocent victims, incinerated to death in Nsanje,” he wrote.

He said the Commission must be “ruled out of order” on their call for the resignation of the Speaker of Parliament

“Any person of ordinary intelligence knows that the current Speaker of Parliament is a member of the Malawi Congress Party and when he was being elected Speaker all members of Parliament knew they were electing an MCP legislator to the position of Speaker, and they did.  There has not been any call from the National Assembly to have the Speaker resign his position in the party.

“The position of the Speaker in his party of affiliation has no effect howsoever and whatsoever on the discharge of business in the August house; therefore it is a frivolous and flippant argument to proffer. Similarly the reference to previous Speakers as having relinquished their positions in their respective parties is merely an abstract and rhetorical assertion in the sense that the previous Speakers referred to still sat in their party caucuses,” he argued.

Msowoya then blamed the Commission for being impartial.

“In this regard the Islamic Commission is probably acting subjectively or worse as mere reflectors of someone’s ideas. Their assertions cannot be backed by any law or any plausible school of thought for that matter.  Speakers can only be impeached by those that elect them according to Law. It is not by such whimsical, unfounded, absurd and nonsensical proclamations as those of the ICFJ,” he ranted.


On the use of the parliamentary official car, Msowoya said the car “is not a personal car of the Speaker.”

He wrote: “Perhaps the Commission is victim of culture shock, when a Member of Parliament other than the Speaker travelled in it. That must indicate to the ICJF that each Speaker who assumes that office has his/her own disposition of character and is demonstrated by the way he/she relates with colleagues in his charge.

“It was not an attempt to dodge arrest as alleged by the ICJF and their associates. It is therefore naive of the ICJF to present use of an institutional vehicle by Hon. Jessie Kabwila or any other MP for that matter as reason for demanding the resignation of the Speaker. That is extremely immature and childish.”

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18 thoughts on “Islamic Commission making ‘nonsensical proclamations’ – Activist ”

  1. Muhammad anasululainsha alla says:

    Midyomba kuyaluka basi osamangokhala m’makondemu kherererererere ndi utelala wanuwo? What do you know? We don’t even regard you as humans because you are just too illiterate for human liking. Where is Issah Njauju? Vimitu pekupeku pa TV luckily I don’t watch MBCTv nkanakugendani, mizguli yanu ndi ambuyanu, nonsense!!!!!

  2. osamuwuza mathanyula to resign bwanji??? he is the one who has failed malawians miserably in every aspect and not speaker richard msowoya.

  3. Tombolombo says:

    musiyeni anayankhula maganizo ake,penapake panadabwitsadi

  4. Nyapapi says:

    Richard Msowoya, Dan Msowoya. Ok.

  5. shokolokobangoshe says:

    Ajasi , kazembe ndi chimwala (wankhono waufupi uja ) NFU anthu okonda kudyera pakamwa.
    Anthu amenewa kungoti adwale ma shingles yapa kamwa angabvutike kwabasi
    please agalu inu leave Islam alone !!!.

  6. Bwanoni says:

    Mr Ajass, your criticism has no sense because the speaker did not know that the police wanted to arrest Kabwira. May be you have evidence yourself that he was informed, or you think he would have dreamt about the arrests. Go and tell those who sent you that they must be procedural.

  7. Byron says:

    The correct word should be partial not impartial, implying that ICJ has partisan criticism. Ajassi, who represents it, is siding with either government or the party of his interest other than the speaker. Ajassi therefore, has moral and ethical bankruptcy.

  8. Apiti Shaibu Ajasi says:

    Ajasi chinkhope kunyansa ngati mlamba wopselera. If these ICJF akadzidzi have nothing to do let them pick kettles, go to the latrine and tawasa together with their Atupele Austin ung’oung’onooooooo. Galaxy, and MBCTV and radio are loaded with failures in life and the only things they can choose to do are to lick Muthalika’s *******.

  9. Pangatukete says:

    Richard Msowoya has done nothing wrong according to standing orders of Parliament and as well as Malawi constitution , only those who are typical ignorant like the Ajasi are seeing something wrong Parliament is not an Islam organization it is one the three pillars of Government such that for Richard Msowoya to combine Speaker Position and Vice President of the beloved MCP is not a breach of any Malawi Law neither Parliamentary standing orders , Mind you the CIF the speaker is chosen by the parliament including all government MPs as well as all Opposition MPs , Mr Ajasi keep quiet the money you have received chew it quietly don’t dress on a borrowed robs

  10. Achakulungwa says:

    Achawa amenewa achina Shaibu Ajasi ndi azinzake omwe akhala ali pa MBC TV and Radio kulankhula nsete zawozo kuphatikizilapo Jappie Mhango wamawu ngati wameza chule pakhosi, Aubrey Sumbuleta yemwe ndi nkulu wa MBCTV and Radio ndi zidzete, Aphetelere, Agalu, Nkhumba, Afinye, Abakha, Akhwangwala, Mbuzi, zotheratu ndipo pomaliza ndiwalemekeze ndi dzina loti ndi Apumbwa………..PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. M Sabiti says:

    This stupid Ajassi is not speaking for islam he is doing so for his belly l humbly ask him to leave islam alone if he is deffending some thing dont use islam

  12. Achakulungwa says:

    Achawa amenewa achina Shaibu Ajasi ndi azinzake omwe akhala ali pa MBCTV ndi pa MBC Radio kuphatikizilapo Jappie Mhango wamawu ngati wameza chule ndi mbutuma, zidzete, Agalu, Nkhumba, Anyani, Afisi, Abakha, Afinye, Akhwangwala, Abwampini, Aphetelele ndipo pomaliza ndiwalemekeze ndidzina loti ndi a Apumbwaaa… period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jane Banda says:

    Richard Msowoya has not failed parliament at any cost, therefore no need to be asked to resign. The head of state who has failed miserably to manage this country and also failed to manage ministry of education and foreighn ministry the time his brother bingu was head of state is the perfect candidate to resign immediately. He is playing with peoples lives. No medicine in hospitals, no food, cost of living so high and etc…..

  14. Shaibu Ajasi ndinamutuma ndiine chifukwa ine ndikufuna speaker akhale wa PP osati wa MCP kapena DPP iyayi, Mai Joyce Banda anandipangira zambili ine mpaka kundigulira galimoto nde lilo ndiwathawe?. Speaker achokebasi abwele wa PP pamenepo.

  15. Wamlombozi says:

    History is repeating itself. Zomwe zikuchitika ku MBC TV/Radios and Galex ndi umboni okwanira kuti zinthu ku boma zabvuta. A kuchita zotheka kuti ATETEZE APM ndi boma lake koma akuiwala kuti amalawi alero ndi openya. Kunena chilungamo mawailesi amenewa akumuchita DECAMPAIGN APM ndi boma lake. If you don’t believe assess the impact of your campaign and you will see that you are actually inflicting insults on Malawians and pay back time is drawing closer

  16. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Nonsense ya nzako ndi podyera pache! Inu mumaona ngati zomwe mumati president achite resign ena samaona ngati nonsense?

    Now you know you do not have the monopoly of stupidity!

  17. Mlangeni says:

    Atupele ndi amene anawauza zochita afuna speaker position, Atupele waona kuti u second vp udakanika

  18. ABITI MAPOSA says:

    Point of Collection Mr Editor of Nyasa times, This is Dan Msowoya who was secretary general of Aford, Mr Speaker is Richard Msowoya MP for Karonga Nyungwe constituency, Secondly let me imform Mr Shaibu Ajasi that Baleka Mbete is the South african speaker of Parliament and at the same time She is the National chairperson of the ruling ANC, so what he is talking to ask Speaker Richard Msowoya is absolutely ignorance, That’s why they don’t know the difference between yao tribe and Islam as a religion.

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