Its Kasakula vs Khanje in MISA Malawi elections

Battle lines have been drawn at the forthcoming Media Institute for the Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi chapter elections and its a two horse race for the top post.khanje

Nation Publications Limited (NPL) Weekend Nation editor George Kasakula will face Blantyre Newspapers Limited (BNL) business editor Thom Khanje for the position of chairman on December 13 in Lilongwe.

Speaking in an interview with Nyasa Times, Kasakula said: “I want to run for the position because I believe I have the ability, maturity and stature to take the organization to greater heights and make every journalist proud of their profession in this country.

“My vision is simple, I want to see more interaction of journalists at all levels, get them demand driven and home grown training and find ways of improving their welfare together with other organizations of like minds.”

He added: “Let us not lose sight of the fact that this is a regional body whose core values are to foster free, independent and diverse media. There is a lot of unfinished business in that regard. We have Access to information Bill which is yet to see light of day although there is hope with the present government promising to take it to Parliament. I will work hard day and night, if elected, to make sure the media and other stakeholders in Malawi get this weapon.”

Khanje, who is the current vice chairman and only eligible member in the outgoing National Governing Committee to stand, on the other hand, said: “My contesting is not about bringing changes but continuing from where the current leadership has stopped only that I want to take it to a greater height.

“I believe I am only the link of continuity with my experience, I have ideas of how to mould a successful MISA chapter because I know where we are coming from and a good direction for a bright future for journalists locally.”

“Though our main is to fight for media freedom, we cannot run away on the issues of journalists welfare, we look into the issues of salaries too,” he said.

Meanwhile, Times TV has organised a debate for the two contenders to share their vision for Misa Malawi and media freedom in general.

The television debate to be moderated by  Brian Banda will be held on  Friday, November 21, 2014 at the Old Mutual Auditorium from 6 pm.

Misa is a media rights watchdog .

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25 thoughts on “Its Kasakula vs Khanje in MISA Malawi elections”

  1. Nature says:

    George is d best option btwn d two. He has all wat it takes to be a journalist.

  2. Palibe Zamtundu says:

    I have not read much of Khanje’s writing, but Kasakula certainly goes around sniffing for anything negative about the north. So tribalistic! I urge REAL Malawian journalists not to vote for him.

    By the way, where are you lady journalists – Penelope, Suzgo, Cheu, Marie, Sibongile etc etc?

  3. Omex70 says:

    George Kasakula is the better of the two.

  4. Benard says:

    George Kasakura is better than Thom in all aspects, academically, professionally as well as in articulating the values and aspirations of fellow journalists.

  5. Trust says:

    I will ask at ahoy about the Alfred FriendlyScholarship which he scandalised and since then no one from Malawi has benefitted from the training. Let us not make the mistake of getting people whose credentials are dubious. As a matter of fact Thom has no credentials professionally. Kasunda was a form four guy and we cannot take this organization to greater heights with form four men. Lets us see and emulate other professional organizations which are led by people with proper qualifications in their respective professions. not Thom.

  6. Henry says:

    I Totally agree with 11. Thom is very tribalistic. Professionally he is also not mature. He will sell us all to DPP. He does not inspire confidence.

  7. Thandiwe Mangulama says:

    Between the two I would go for George. Apart from his academic credentials he is less of a DPP diehard. THOM was among the first people to accompany Mutharika on his first external trip as president of this country. Why. He was being rewarded for his role in ca,painting for DPP. He is still very much DPP at heart. THOM has little to contribute in terms of bringing pride to the organization. He does not even have a diploma in journalism. He was fired from a scholarship in the US for plagerism and fled to the UK. This was when he was working for the Nation. The Nation then fired him for the same. Let us choose someone who can bring dignity to journalists the majority of whom are graduates and diploma holders not THom.

  8. Mbuchindele says:

    Vote George, adagometsa azungu pa Leeds university. He is good.

  9. Kamps says:

    Khanje will carry the day,he is principled. osati zinazi.Bravo khanje.

  10. Alinafe Nyerere says:

    You want to know the people who hate the TRUTH? It’s simple, they’ll tell you they HATE George Kasakula’s Diary!!! Man, I just love people who are straight, no mincing of words, calling spades by their baptism names…

  11. Shymantis says:

    I stopped buying Week end Nation because of Kasakula’s emotional diaries which are always critical. He does not write anything good only criticism.

  12. Hardy C says:

    Tom iz tribalistic.Hatred iz written all over his face about northernerz.

  13. kij says:

    While it is true that Thom lacks educational qualifications but I still think he is the better option of the two. He is hardworking and willing to learn. Jealos down, for a form guy he has done well for himself than the Kasakula guy. Kasakula ndiwozimva, he has a temper and he is unapproachable. I don’t think he will have welfare of journalists at heart. While Thom is a DPP sympathizer he can also be professional. Don’t we all have a political party that we support? Thom is good and he is not afraid to speak in public, he will represent us well regionally – Go Thom Go Thom

  14. kanchenga says:

    Sounds scared too. Are you political hand clapper

    1. kanchenga says:


  15. ! says:

    Looks like MISA Malawi is screwed either way. Ife kwampenya

  16. Cicero says:

    From the look of things we have two devils that have a blue heart & blood. Both are a DPP thugs. MISA shall be DPP chapter. Mark my words. If you read opinions of Kasaukula on Federalism, he has deep hatred for the North. With him at the helm will spread hatred to all southern africa

  17. bonya says:

    go kasakula. we will vote for u. thom u need to rest.

  18. Makaka says:

    Is this debate for tv? How will the nation benefit? It only shows Times Tv lack content and they take anything! Reserve such debate for national issues. TV is serious business. I have sampled your programmes. They are very poor.

  19. ANALYST says:

    Thom Khanje atiwonongera MISA-Malawi; “Jijo” Kasakula is the better option! Laborare est orare George!

  20. Mbolozidana says:

    Apa zikuchita kuonekeratu kuti utsogoleri ukupita kwa kasakula chifukwa ali ndi mfundo to bring change rather than continuing with the dormacy and mediocrity of the outgoing committee. Qualification wise Kasakula is far better of a masters degree, bachelors in education languages, experience as a former secondary school teacher and having risen through the ladder to top newsroom management position is something enviable worthy to bring meaningful change and dialogue to international networks. Khanje has the potential as well but is weak academically as his credentials remains in shroud.

  21. nikisi says:

    Kodi thom khanje si uja amalemba ma lop-sided stories pa malawivoice or maravipost? nanga otsogoleri wa misa autha?

  22. mboma says:

    I would support Thom Khanje, this guy kasakula is very emotional thug, even his weekend articles will show how emotional his writtings are, very emotional, he cant lead people who have dissent views from his, he belongs to his kitchen, not leading people, no people skills, his views in weekend national are biased opionion, which lack critical thinking and then u want such a thug to lead hundreds of people

    1. Mr.Bambo says:

      You sound more emotional than Kasakula himself,what do you think?

  23. Jando says:

    Khanje has been writing articles against federalism without proper research on the meaning of the subject. He has been misleading people with hate speech in his articles instead of disseminating balanced information for the people to have freedom of choice. What type of leader is misa likely to have in him?

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