Federalism forum accuses DPP Cadets of disrupting Zodiak debate

Forum for the Advancement of Federal System in Malawi (FAFESM) has accused ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of organising and sponsoring its Youth Cadets to disrupt the federal system debate held at Grand  Palace Hotel in Mzuzu and aired live on Zodiak Radio.

Dr Bina Shawa: DPP stifling debate on federalism and using intimidation tactics

Dr Bina Shawa: DPP stifling debate on federalism and using intimidation tactics

The forum chair Dr Bina Shawa  noted that DPP organized a youth group to disrupt the debate.

“They made a lot of noise and insulting remarks to people who were contributing to the debate. We know that they were DPP because they came on a DPP vehicle and after the debate, they went chanting in the streets of Mzuzu. We also know that they are DPP because when the police was asked to get out one of the youth they said they were from government just like the police and they could be seen challenging the police and the moderator by saying they are government and no body including the police can chase them out,” Shawa said.

Shawa and forum secretary Patrick Jonathan Mwale said DPP should use North Malawi to create a situation that would lead to rioting and subsequent killing of the people as it happened on July 20, 2011.

“People in the north are peace loving and law abiding. And government must stop provoking the people,” Bina and Mwale said in a statement emailed to Nyasa Times.

The forum said the actions of the DPP youths are contrary to what President Peter Mutharika is saying about allowing a peaceful and sober debate on federal system in Malawi.

“The forum  strongly condemn DPP for their action and using the youths. We also strongly condemn the police for failing to act when they could have done so. The forum  strongly condemn government for using intimidation which is contrary to section 88 of the penal of the republic of Malawi,” reads the statement.

But DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said it not true the party organised its youth to disrupt the debate.

“That cannot be true at all because the DPP government is encouraging  healthy debate on federalism,” said Kasaila.

The forum however hailed private broadcaster Zodiak for organizing the debate in Mzuzu and to the moderator who asked the police to take out the boys who made insulting remarks, and for encouraging people to contribute to the debate.

Shawa told Nyasa Times in a separate interview that said the federal type of government will allow self rule, determination, self esteem, reliance and equitable sharing of resources to ensure balance of development between the three regions.

“All what we want is federal type of government which will promote equitable usage of resources thereby enhancing development,” said Shaba.

He said among others, the federal system will enhance transparency and accountability of resources and reduce regionalism and nepotism in the country.

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DPP..dont provock the northenes u have aready kil them


These thengeres are just being selfish, akufuna amwe okha oil wa mu Lake Malawi!

Missed -Call

Disruptions or no disruptions federalism is here stay no matter how long it will take to be accomplished.

Federalism woyeeeeeeeee!

Odala Ochibwe

Ithink Malawi Will Not Continue With Peace As It Is Now Because We Are Taking This Issue In Tribe Way And If This Continues Expect More Than What Happened In 20 JULY U Are Talking About.


sending people to disrupt other peoples gathering is as primitive as going to harare by foot.what are they afraid of?a mere debate?what if a referendum date is set will they not pee in their trousers?weak minded politicians.fedulo woyee!!!

If you want atumbuka to go why are you then dragging your feet? Why don’t you let them go now? You can’t because deep down you know that your country will completely collapse since it will be run by 100% mbuli zokha zokha and besides the North has everything a country needs in order to prosper and they don’t need you but it’s you who need them. This country is country of impoverished people up to the bone and it will remain like this until Jesus comes and we from the North don’t want to be part of it but… Read more »

Bola a group 4

Arthur G.M. Mtambo


Every thing you talk is about a Tumbuka. I feel a Tumbuka now is time to rise up and forget yourself to have your freedom. You have been sidelined alot. And the northern region every body is described as tumbuka. But thats not true we have Ngonis, Tongas, lambyas, ngondes, nyaqusas apart from Tumbuka people who are in minority there. I dont think it can be proper to call all pple of the south mijombas, or maphwiyas. We have been sidelined for along time, because we are in minority. Dont think that we will fear any body. Its time to… Read more »

Federalism will combat monopoly in representation which mean no region will be over representated on national issues as a result there will no deviation of projects as has been the case in the past due to the other side being more reprinted than the other. The president will still be one and all the state if you prefer to call them will be reporting to him on what projects they are undertaking, This is a national issue which cannot just be decided over night though. After 50 years I think it’s absystem worth trying.

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