Japan hands over to Malawi six Community Secondary Schools

The Japanese Government has handed over to Malawi Government six Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSS) which it re-constructed and expanded at a cost of K 4.3 billion.

The six schools namely Matenje CDSS in Salima, Mkwichi CDSS in Lilongwe,Liwalazi CDSS in Nkhotakota, Zolozo CDSS in Mzuzu,  Mpamba CDSS in Nkhata-bay and Izondweni CDSS in Mzimba were reconstructed and expanded in the phase two of the Re-construction and Expansion of selected Community Day Secondary Schools project.

A completed school block in Lilongwe

A completed school block in Lilongwe

Speaking when he received the facilities on behalf of Malawi Government at a function which took place at the new look Matenje Community Day Secondary School on Thursday, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Vincent Ghambi said the infrastructure will go a long way in complementing government’s effort to provide quality and accessible education.

“On behalf of the Malawi government I appreciate the good work which the Japanese are doing in assisting us in our efforts to provide quality accessible education,” said Ghambi.

Ghambi said that he was happy that the Japanese Government project for Re-construction and Expansion of Selected Community Day Secondary Schools will enter phase  three soon.

“It is pleasing to note that the project is entering a new phase where 11 schools across the country have been earmarked for expansion and re-construction,” said the Deputy Minister.

The Ghambi also appealed to students at new look Matenje CDSS and the other schools to take care of the facilities.
“As government we are worried at the rate at which infrastructure especially schools are being damaged by unnecessary vandalism. As a measure to stop this unbecoming behavior, the ministry has put tough measures which include dismissal for those found deliberately vandalizing school property,” he said.

In his speech the Japanese Ambasador to Malawi Shuichiro Nishioka said that good education is a foundation of national building and an investment for better future.

He commended the Malawi Government for priotizing the education sector and implementing various measure and policies to promote education for all, such as the introduction of free primary education in 1994.

“The government of Japan has continuously provided support in the education sector in Malawi through Various projects like, the project for strengthening of Mathematics and Science in Secondary Education (SMASSE), offering of grants for the rehabilitation and expansion of secondary school facilities through the CDSS projects,” said the Ambassador.

Speaking on behalf of the local communities Traditional Authority Khombedza promised that the community will safe guards the infrastructure and continue to participate in development works.
Khombedza said that the people in the area are shining because of the new look school and advised parents to encourage their children especially girls to seize the opportunity and complete their secondary education.

The new look schools all have new administration block, new assembly/dining hall and kitchen, new classroom blocks, two new girls hostels and new teachers houses.

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30 thoughts on “Japan hands over to Malawi six Community Secondary Schools”

  1. ung'onoung'ono says:

    needs assessment done; work started, completed and now ana aku secondary school akaphunzire mu makalasi abwino. ziri boooo!

  2. Bottom Line says:

    No, Japanese schools do not look like this. They have air conditioning, automatic doors, automatic toilets, white boards, projectors and projector screens, laboratories that can rival those at Poly and Chanco. And you want these facilities where? WHere there is no or intermittent electricity or water supply? Where they don’t have enough budget to replace louvres or basic wooden doors, chairs and desks? Who is mocking who?
    Do you know that a Japanese concessionary loan built KIA and provided the then state of the art navigation system? And do you know that Malawi never finished paying back the loan and had to be written off? And you have the cheek to insult them. Mbuzi ndi mbuzi basi!

  3. moses selemani says:

    zinthu ziri bwino bola kumaganizirana kunkhani yamalipiro.osamuzunza mphunzitsi.

  4. Teacher says:

    The school bock picture is misleading. I have two of the CDSS built. They are of very high standard. Apologies to our Japanese friends for insulting remarks below

  5. mW says:

    Beggars are not choosers it’s the bitter truth it’s take or live it and looking at our present economic position we had no choice but to accept whatever they gave us

  6. eye eye says:

    Sha? 50% of the schools in northern region alone. wow ..no quota system eeeh? ivo ndivo tikhumba ise wana mpoto…Mzimba/Mzuzu 2 schools? kukondela yayi uku ? iyi ndiyo tikuti equitable distribution of development….

  7. Gologolo says:

    As we are moving away from quota system, we will make sure that our children are sent to school in north. Bravo APM.

    1. apm says:

      inunso umbuli uzakuphani inu. peter wkahala 100 days only, do you think angamange masukulu within these days? kamayamikaniko kuti amama anayesetsa pa saizi yawo. she was not a total failure. in 3 years time ndipomwe tidzaone ngati mr money ndi uyu … apanga achieve kapena ayi. kikikikiki

      1. kadamanja says:

        Mwawauza chilungamo umbuli basi, in 100 days mpaka kumanga sukulu kumpoto kutipatsako ma Dec osati university. Stupid.

  8. Nansani says:

    When u go to their country say fr shopping,they ask you the quality of goods u want to buy- They hv 3categories: High,Medium and Low. I will not be surprised to hear that what they hv given us as refurbished community school is just the std we chose. Cutting costs??

  9. Wamandasi says:

    I disagree what overseas cooperation donate to Malawi as schools. No high school Japanese student can enter into that hall and call it a classroom. We must only receive school facilities according to world modern standards. We see lots of blocks and call them schools. This must stop . We cannot expect a student at Phoenix, St Andrews, St Patricks etc to be on the same level with a student who graduated from those blocks of bricks

    1. apm says:

      mukunama akulu. ine ndaphunzila muma blck momwemo koma pano am enjoying ma university otsogola pa dziko lonse lapansi. it doesnt matter you are from the block or st andrews. but what matters is the teachers and the surrounding. thats my opinion. ngati sukulu discipline palibe, komanso maziphunzitsi ngosapanga qualify to be teachers, then expect disaster. komanso mafumu ayesetse kuti bibida asamaphikidwe pafupi ndi masukulu. chifukwa zimaononga ana. goodal gondwe i support nfundo yako yopanga ban masacheti.

  10. Check de lst of xuls,dea is xul build 2 mmwela side? Ndye nkumat Mr P favour kummwela koma2 inu!!!

    1. Lady Gaga says:

      Nanunso a John, all those projects are foreign donations, after they saw that your so called Mr P failed to build them one. All our taxes end up in the south, while maiko akunja akumamvera chisoni ma region enawo. Your observation should be, why there is no school built in the south by these Japanese? Kuli kale ma school ambiri omangidwa ndi boma pogwiritsa ntchito misonkho ya ma region ena.

  11. Atate with Kamphongo wa kwa Masikini says:

    I agree with Charter that during Dr Banda’s time this type of classroom blocks would have been constructed by the communities. The problem is that nowadays even clearing of a path we need the government to do the work while we are busy drinking Masacheti. We should work hard as Malawians because the money that was used in constructing these school blocks donated by hardworking local Japanese people.

  12. mtumbuka galu says:

    palibetu xul yomwe yamangidwa ku south apa agalu inu

  13. duduzi says:

    Thanks the Japanese Gvt for fair assessment of which schools to be renovated otherewise if they had told Peter’s/southeren Region gvt – the current one is not Malawi gvt even in sleep, he would have said ………. renovate all CDSS either in Thyolo or Southern Region…period.

    So foreign gvts can assess fairly than ourselves because of our stupid political eyes.

  14. Jenda says:

    Atumbuka, how many schools are for the north on the list? How many are for the rest of the regions? Even come here at COM, POLY, CHANCO, KCN, and see how many children of usovenges are here.? You can not imagine that quota has trimmed them down. Usovenge language all over. Even how many Tumbukas are heading public and private sectors, its all the usovenges. SO check your mouth over federalism.

    1. Dyeratu says:

      Eyetu,ndiye yache.Mukabweretsa quota,ife tingosintha maina,ma surname,basi,tadutsa.Koma anthu ake ndife omwe aja.You dont play with the modern world.Chotsani chi quota chanucho,otherwise,its all useless…dzina chabe.Re-introduce level playing field.Its even dividing this country.Koma ammwera samamva iyayi,kugontha mkhutu ndiye nambala 1.


  16. Dzikolathu says:

    Really, Malawi is a blessed country with good soil even for bricks. In most countries to have red bricked building is very very expensive. We are really blessed with good soil.

  17. Hmmmmmmmmm…Loading…

  18. Collins says:

    Half the schools are in the North, and none in the South. Now anyane Kukaya munvetsa why we have students from the South in national secondary schools in the North.

    1. BIWI says:

      If you want quality education go to north !! theres no education in the south masacheti ndi kuba basi !!

      Thats why its very hard to let north go !!!

  19. moses selemani says:

    that is what we need.

  20. Maxweii says:

    Rich Countries Have Now Realised The Importance Of Helping The Poor Masses Out There Dirrectlly Than Through These Cashgaters !! A Very Big Thank You To JAPAN !!

  21. MAMA says:

    Rich Countries Countries Have Now Realised The Importance Of Helping The Poor Masses Dirrectlly The Way JAPAN Is Doing Than Through CASHGATERS !! A BIG THANK YOU JAPAN !!

  22. Charter says:

    Do school blocks look like this in Japan? Certain things we call aid are questionable. During Kamuzu’s times, blocks like these would be built by communities around the school with little expense save iron sheets and cement. This is a mockery!

    1. mtumbuka galu says:

      iweyo ndi anganga ako mukuleka lero bwanji kumanga block yoterei kwanujo osamangoyamika bwanji mphawi iwe

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