Jappie Mhango you are cruising dangerously!

Well, I, too, know how governments develop and sell bad ideas.

Jappie Mhango : JB is fre to come back

Jappie Mhango : JB is fre to come back

It only takes an arrogant president surrounded by a bunch of sycophants to develop. And to sell it, is nothing difficult: You only need resources, which government always has, and then a loud, overzealous and unsuspecting Minister of Information to be used, abused and then dumped. Basi (that’s all).

Not too many years behind us, former president, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, in his dream, saw that Malawi, under his ‘wise and dynamic leadership’, has developed immensely requiring changing of the national flag.

We cannot debate here if changing the flag was a bad or a good idea. It was a bad idea because, one, the development Bingu wanted the flag to reflect was his nightmare, and two, you do not just wake up, in a democracy, and start changing national emblems.

Leckford Thoto was the lamb. He packed Bingu’s bad idea of changing the flag in his travelling bag and, heavily funded by taxpayer’s money, he toured the corners of the republic meeting unsuspecting and carefully selected chiefs, in the name of consultations, to defend the move.

We all knew Thoto was cruising dangerously. The idea he was told to sell was a bad one. And history tells us that when bad ideas backfire, the casualty, often, is the one sent to sell it. I am not sure if Thoto was aware of this.

After successfully selling the bad idea, the flag was changed.

With a job well-done, we expected Bingu to reward Thoto. Yes, he did by firing him.

Now how on earth would a boss fire a servant whom, after sent on an errand, comes back with greater tidings? The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call ‘politics’ or ‘ndale’ in Chichewa.

Bingu knew that, in politics, you need some people to use and fire. Thoto, yes, was used; but there is a good reason he was fired. Bingu knew that changing a flag was a bad idea. Thoto, in selling the idea, became its symbol. Knowing too well that despite the change of the flag there were still millions against it, Bingu’s immediate means of saving his face was through destroying symbols of flag change. In doing that, he was pushing the blame away from him to Thoto. It was as if Bingu was saying: “Look Leckford, you misled me on flag change; so get away from me now’.

But why I am talking about Thoto today? It is all because of Jappie Mhango, the man, today, holding the office Thoto held and, interestingly, failing to read and learn from history.

You see, some heads in the Executive, recently, sat down and developed a bad idea of making all of us believe that Parliament is abusing our taxes.

Let us not be fooled Malawians: Stories coming from the Executive that Parliament blew K300 million ($535,714) in buying vehicles for the Leader of Opposition and the three Speakers is nothing but pure propaganda.

We all know that it is the Executive, not Parliament, which—through Treasury and the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP)—manages public procurement in a civilised democracy like ours.

To me, it is the Executive, not Parliament, which bought those vehicles. It is the Executive, not Malawi Congress Party (MCP), which bought those vehicles. I am saying it is the Executive, not Lazarus Chakwera and Richard Msowoya, which bought those vehicles.

In fact, where an official is entitled to an official vehicle it is the office that buys not the individual.

What we could have been doing, today, is actually to question why ODPP and Treasury processed the payment because Parliament only did what was in their budget. You see, I am not sure if the said government directive on spending was expected to go beyond civil service to include other branches of government. I am sure if it did, the directive could be problematic looking at the legal framework of Parliament.

Unfortunately, the DPP-controlled Executive appears poised with its bad idea of dirtening the MCP-controlled Parliament. And who is the new Thoto in this project? Honourable Jappie Mhango. Instead of being truthful on Access to Information Bill, he has become the poster boy of selling the bad idea of Parliament vehicle procurement. Take care Mhango, or ask Thoto for wisdom. Thanks.

  • The article appeared in the  Nation on Sunday newspaper
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19 thoughts on “Jappie Mhango you are cruising dangerously!”

  1. Souja says:

    Jappie is not from chitipa,he is from Rumphi,dumbheads.

  2. pixy says:

    Reduce the The speed Jappie! DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES.

  3. Mulungu adzayankha zosezi

  4. Ndinene Dzina says:

    And when he leaked the documents to journalists, only the usual corrupt wrote and published stories. The others, just drank the beers and wines and later chewed the money the Minister gave them as a bribe to write the stories.

  5. I think we Malawians must be very stupid, mr. Speaker sir. If u read through the comments, one can easily see that it’s coming from sympathisers of the two warring parties.

  6. Clement says:

    Useless article full of nonsense. Hon J Mhango is the darling of people in chitipa that’s why he was given another chance. Leave him alone and no one using him.

  7. james says:

    well written Ephraim.

  8. kumangoni says:

    Then when the Executive approves cheque to the pastor it is quite right, but when it approves to the right hand side then it is Mapwevu-pwevu. I don’t know what type of LEADERSHIP Malawi is currently have.

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    This article is not balanced.

  10. nobel says:

    Even if Chakwera or Msowoya bought the vehicles worth K300 million for parliamentary use; tell me, is this expenditure similar in value to the expenditure DPP govt spent on UNGA meeting? Parliament can not do without vehicles while the expenditure on UNGA could have been avoided.

  11. Bufalo Soldier says:

    Well done boys, so what do you suggest that honourable Mhango should be doing? He is just another messenger of the Mutharika’s government. Please point your fingers where it is due. Put yourself in his position and think about what you would go about it. Its just part of dirty Malawian politics. Do think that if Dr H.Kamuzu Banda will be happy with whats happening in our beloved contry if he wakes up from his peaceful? No!! No!! I don’t think so.

  12. Chakhalira says:

    A Ndale Zonunkha ku Malawi, mukunenazi ndi zonunkha zedi. You do not follow what others say and Never pick out the positives of the issues. Simply put for you, Ephraim is simply advising this Jappie Mgango to learn from others Like Thoto what these ndale people can do with you after their dirty assignment. Ndale zonunkha, in the way I have read your comment, you seem to follow the same misunderstanding of Jappie Mhango.

    I said the other day kuti Bvuto liri apa ndilakuti Jappie sanakhalemo mu office yolongosoka. Sadziwa office practice and Office procedures. For your free lesson, sitikana in the way you think Ndale zonunkha, we show the Bwana the positive side of the assignment and the negative side ( Ask Dr. Malewezi what he did in March 1989 when it was heard that onse a Phunzitsi a Kumpoto azipita Kwawo). In this case Jappie akanawauza Bwana the whole process kuti agule magalimoto amene mukunenawa. If Malawians would apply sober reasoning on the matter, you would be ashamed with Jappie and His masters.
    My take would be that MCP and Parliament should NOT cow to these Disaster Party Politics (DPP) including you Ndale Zonunkha. They ( MCP) should press for the procedures to procure the Government Property.

    Some of you people are just bent to hate Dr. Chakwera for no reason at all. By the way, he is the only Leader that can take this Malawi to a higher degree with Honour
    Think before you comment.

  13. komko says:

    Mufera za weni Mhango. Kodi mukati Boma ndindani.Is the executive more superior than other branches of government?

  14. Kenkkk says:

    It is high time the opposition also demanded to be held or put their side of any story through mbc to counter-act thus thieving govt propaganda. If Mbc refuses, then we will know that it is a puppet of the govt and it should be strongly exposed.

    Mbc should not be the tool of dpp to spread lies and propaganda against the opposition whilst denying the opposition to defend themselves as well. Mbc is funded by taxpayers, hence all Malawians should be able to receive the same access as the govt.

    I therefore urge the opposition to start using Mbc to put their messages across as it is done in any real democratic country.

  15. mapwevupwevu says:

    What a stupid article!

  16. The Analyst says:

    Nyondo! Why are you refusing to be up-to-date? For how long shall we discuss this K300m expenditure on nothings? I thought we Malawians are done discussing this? Are you an alien from another planet? Or you think it will be undone? Lets live the present!

    When you started the story, I and other avid readers thought you would be talking about the betrayals that Jappi Mhango has been having with his own mouth and contradictions with Francis Kasaira on the Information Bill vis-a’-vis the current parliamentary sitting? And extend the same with APM”s 25 min speech n Chakwera’s comment on the shortness hence no substance same!

    Anyway since you want us to keep wasting time discussing the K300m issue, we are all ears and mouths . . .

    Why do you seem to find comfort in the fact that the expenditure was Chakwera and his friends in crime’s entitlement? Don’t you know that an entitlement is nothing but a right to some benefits; and that every right comes with a responsibility?Why did Chakwera fail to act responsibly and stop the proposal of buying him the new cars or refuse to accept the cars or maybe just delay the same; citing the current economic challenges as the reasons? Coz he knew about it all! Can’t you see that he failed his responsibility here? And therefore you are not making sense?

    And is it a cause for smile that it was the Executive and not Parliament that bought the cars? Come on dude! It doesn’t matter who authorised or bought the cars or for whom; all we are saying is, the purchase of 4 vehicles for K300m is obscene opulence and the timing was wrong (the economy is not ticking) regardless. All sides failed to act reasonably responsibly. Ndizomwe tikukambatu! Inu simukumva pati?

    Parliament and Executive are like a junior and a supervisor in a company, in whatever order. If one makes a mistake, the other is supposed to check and forthwith correct the same. And both of them failed n Malawi is worried!


  17. Kadushu says:

    Mr. Ndale zonunkha I think you are missing the point here read the story again and see what the writer is saying. Mhango must tread carefully. MCP or Chakwrra does not approve Cheques or sign for the purchase of the vehicles. Govnt should not think that all of us we don’t understand how govt run. Mhango be carfull.

  18. Fonkongo says:

    The article lacks vision facts and figures. It’s based on assumptions and speculation lies. Thotho was fired as minister of defence for aaplogising to Mozambique cause a Malawian major sailed in Mozambique waters in nsanje project .. Osati Za bodza by the way he was not Thoto


    Chakwera is too naive and quiet to lead Malawi. He is not doing his advisory job or watch dog job of an opposition. He can be easily gagged. DPP knows that.

    This is a nice article but it lacks substance. Jappie Mhango is the minister of information. He is just doing his duties communicating the views of the government. Iwe Ephraim, umati akane kunena zimene boma lamuuza. It is part of his job. Whether he is fired or not he is carrying out his duties. Whether he agrees or not , he is simply the messenger. Why do you shoot the messenger and not the source of the message. Journalists, zinazi muziganiza

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