JB ‘assassination fears’ revealed: Plot on former Malawi President

There are revelations of an alleged plot by the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) operatives to assassinate Malawi’s former Head of State Joyce Banda when she returns home at the end of May, 2015.

Joyce Banda: Returning this month in Malawi

Joyce Banda: Returning this month in Malawi

Banda left the country in September 2014 to launch the Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI) Africa at the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. She has also been fulfilling a number of speaking engagements in Europe, Africa and America, her office has said.

According to informants close to the scheme, DPP operatives in collusion with a hired foreign assassins, have several options to adopt to implement the plot, including staging a road accident—the ‘Mwanza Murders’ way.

“We have information that the former President is currently in South Africa attending some meetings and that she will fly back home next week. The most preferred scheme to eliminate her will be to ambush her convoy as she drives from Chileka Airport.

“An ambush on her residence is an alternative scheme,” he claimed, adding that President Peter Mutharika is not aware of the plot to kill her predecessor.

B ut that the plot has the blessings of the DPP Secretary General, Ecren Kudontoni and some of Mutharika’s most loyal aides at State House.

DPP spokesperson, Francis Kasaila dismissed the assassination plot claims, saying there are not true.

“I think someone is just dreaming about all this. I can’t comment further,” he said in an interview on Tuesday.

Banda’s spokesperson, Andekuche Chanthunya said they have been tipped about an assassination threat.

He told Nyasa Times in a separate interview that the former President would indeed be returning home “soon and does not fear anything”.

The DPP government, particularly through its spokesperson, Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture, Kondwani Nankhumwa, has vilified Banda in public since she left office in May 2014.

They falsely accuse her of serious alleged criminal acts, ranging from theft, corruption and murder while she was Head of State between 2012 and 2014. No credible evidence is available of such allegations.

In February, Nankhumwa ‘ordered’ international organizations not to recognize and honour Banda for her various life achievements before consulting the Malawi Government. The minister went on to demand that Banda must always take leave of President Mutharika every time she makes a trip abroad.

But Chanthunya had dismissed Nankhumwa’s demands, arguing Banda is a private citizen who can travel to anywhere in the world without any restrictions.

President Mutharika recently alleged former President Banda had planned to kill him when he was arrested on alleged coup plot charges in March 2013. He claimed “fake doctors” had been hired to poison him while in police custody.

During a memorial service of the late President Bingu wa Mutharika at Ndata Farm in Thyolo on May 9, 2015, Nankhumwa also claimed he had evidence that former President Banda killed President Bingu wa Mutharika. Banda has since sued the Minister for defamation.

A few weeks ago, the DPP government withdrew part of Banda’s security for unclear reasons, raising fears the DPP government may be up to no good.

When Banda was Vice President in 2010, the DPP government also withdrew part of her security detail. In November that same year, the Vice President’s official vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, registration number MG 2 was hit on the side she sat at Kanengo as she returned from Kamuzu International Airport. Luckily, she survived because she had used a different vehicle.

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128 thoughts on “JB ‘assassination fears’ revealed: Plot on former Malawi President”

  1. Chisuse says:

    God will judge

  2. pressure says:

    Aliyense kufuna kupha mzake. Ayambe kupha mzake apa ndi ndani. We are here waiting for a state funeral mmodzi wa inu akapha mzake

  3. Afan ngux says:

    Aaaaaa amwene msatipusisepo yapa angobwela azayankhe milandu yomwe adathawa amat angabisale mpaka lit?

  4. Peter says:

    Therefore, we know that the story is “mere cooks” and the Editor is a PP BONAF AIDE. Osadzalembanso zimenez tili ndi mavuto ambiri manje umanya wena?

  5. Chiperoni2 says:

    A Malawi anzanga palibe akufuna kupha JB. For what? In my opinion evryone would want her alive to tell Malawians who wanted to kill Mphwiyo. She told the nation in broad daylight that she knows those who wanted to kill Mphwiyo, Azingobwera atithandidze.

  6. Chiperoni2 says:

    What has proved true in such cases before? Why not?In opinion this is a cooked story to gain public sympathy so that when she is being quized to give account on certain matters currently court, the public should be on her side.

  7. Totolitotoli says:

    The only solution to this misguided allegations is to arrest Nankhumwa and his accomplices and all to be bad mouths for uttering careless speeches inorder to preserve sanity in our beautiful country.Iam tired of useless conversation that contributes to Malawi poverty other thanprosperity.

  8. Davie Mapwelemwe says:


  9. Nanyongo Ometa says:

    inu musanamizire assassination plot chani chani apa you are a wanted criminal and you are scared of maula prison where you will end up anyway.

    Don’t worry you are wanted alive not dead JB

  10. Kanda says:

    You dont deserve to be killed.

  11. Kanda says:

    In this land everything is possible. You dont deserve to be killed. If there is secrets. My only God knows and he is the only one to Judge.

  12. DPP u are just chasing wind,inu mukulamulira mukufunanso chani kwa JB kugobadwa ndi udani basi,pano mukufuna mudanitseso Chilima ndi chiBwampini chanucho,kodi mamoyanu bwanji?dikirani afereso muofesi namakwenje wanuyo.nankhumwaso ndiye ukuyambitsa zauve tachionani!kuzolowera kuba ma certificate basi,look at u a useless man.

  13. Uhuru... says:

    Zowuluka Zonse zidzauluka, koma tsiku limodzi zidzatera . Hard task ahead.
    1. Who was behind Bingu’s death?
    2. Who was behind the attempted murder of Peter Mutharika?
    3. Who is behind the planned murder of JB?
    Heads rolling…in short, Malawi has an extremely incapable intelligence system. hehehe.

  14. mr phade says:

    titi tione mathelo ake

  15. Thia says:

    Ur most welcome mama don’t fear human being God will fight 4 u

  16. dingi mpezeni says:

    Akungowopa milandu ya cashgate Awa.Who is interested to kill her?Achakulungwa timakumana nawo mu maliro nobody has dared to lay a hand on him.The old man is always cracking jokes.

  17. Geti ya mikango says:

    Thou shall not kill.

  18. kamfana says:

    If it is true,then then the late Tenthani’s accident MUST INDEED B INVESTIGATED.Many African Politicians are fond of BLOOD SHEDDING if their Political Rivals seems to b strong.DON’T FORGET,INNOCENT BLOOD IS ALWAYS DANGEROUS.Actually what is WRONG WITH JB?Becoz she took the Presidency which APM wanted to ILLEGALLY TAKE?General Odillo is jailed just bcoz.he OBEYED THE LAW,NOT MAN.U HATERS OF JUSTICE,WHEN WILL U LEARN TO DO GOOD THINGS?SHAME ON DPP!!!! U R DENTING UR PARTY URSELF.UKAKHALA PA MSANA PA NJOBVU,SUNGADZIWE KUTI KUNJA KUNO KULI MAME.MWAMBIWU NDI SPECIAL FOR nankhumwa.

  19. kygon says:

    inu bwerani kuno ndi kwanu

  20. fear God not human being, amayi bwelani here is you home.

  21. apundi says says:

    musamungamuthe mai banda amaopa MULUNGU

  22. Yesaya phiri says:


  23. Kholophete says:

    Mai bwerani palibe angati mfwee!!! Just bring along your nephew of chigawenga Chanthunya kuti Pitala Mathanyula akadzati mfweee ndi tiapusi take azachite nawo ngati momwe anamchitira Linda Gasa. Muoperanji poti nanunso you have zigawenga mnyumba mwanu?

  24. patrick says:

    nde chizapezeka chipani chosapha? zinazi ndi boza chabe!

  25. Okay? says:

    If it’s true then hire MCP they are good at staging Mwanza Murder Scenes!

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Is the person believed to be responsible for mwanza murder scene not in dpp? Just shows how ignorant you are!!!

  26. Mafia Jungumbawa says:

    Politics at its worst. Zanu izo baphanani tizamwemwetera pa kuvironga

  27. wapankhata says:

    Muyaluka nazo

  28. Omex70 says:

    DPP is the party of mafias.

  29. Maximum Prison says:

    Dpp beat the ruling PP in this case, APM beat JB who is more disgruntled than the other between the two to warrant assassination plans? Jb wanted to assassinate APM while in custody because APM was a threat but can we regard JB as a threat at this point in time? I think it’s the opposition that is planning to assassinate the incumbent leader (APM) as she did with his brother!

  30. gibo says:

    kosowa zochita

  31. BOBE says:

    No need to kill her — You do that then the very same day MCP will take over! — Am warning you!

  32. Ujeni Phiri says:

    Why do people keep dreaming. She wants to gain sympathy for what. Let her come this is her home and if she violated the law let her answer it not hiding behind cheer sympathy

  33. raphael khundi says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm shame on dpp

  34. time says:

    Palibe cha nzeru apa. Chomwe a Malawi tikufuna ndi kudziwa choonadi pa ndalama za nkhaninkhani zomwe mayi ameneyu anaba.Palibe angamuphe uyu nkhani ndi mantha chabe.

  35. mzangandiwe says:

    Wopha mzake samaulula thats why MCP milandi yonse inawina. This is bustard at her best

  36. Dennis Manjolo says:

    Walls have ears.

  37. fawema says:

    how on earth should they kill Joyce Banda.she lost elections and there is nothing she can do now to threaten government.anyway we are ruled by evil,vampires and Satanists.but to remind you one day we shall all be on the same line expecting judgment from God.no red carpet for you by then.everything is a matter of time but yse your time wisely

  38. chechikowi says:

    but why should she assassinated since her defeat she hasn’t said or commented anything about the ruling party please let’s be civilised Malawians she is the former president whether you like it or not and she need her respect as such

  39. Chimani. Game says:

    Idiotic leadership in Malawi.useless and cheap professor of a community college in the USA making noise like you are the first to be a professor. Gaul.

  40. i love prostitutes says:

    guys, do you know how silly we look to the outside world?

  41. Banet says:

    Dpp chipani chakupha.Kudontoni munthu omvetsa chisoni ungakhale nawo paupo onyasau?unatengera uchigawenga wa Bambo ako.nchifukwa anafa imfa yowawa.

  42. once you kill this lady, you will see our revolt, we will kill you peter with a panga nkife in broad day light.

  43. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sowrd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Crap! Politics of ignorance so that the so called leaders should buy public sympathy. Is JB a threat to government the answer is NO! She lost the elections, she didn’t even come close so why the government should need to get rid of her? Crap!

  45. Nkasa says:

    Ha! Foolish Malawians these are diversionary techniques being deployed team abiti Mchila. Akuthawa testimony ya Ralph Kasambara about zija ananena atamwa ntonjane zoti she knew who shot Mphwiyo and why!

    Sadzabweranso amaiwa unless ali mu coffin, ali ndi milandu yowoopsya heavy!

    1. yamikani says:

      Komatu kulakhulaku tizindikira kuti mayiwa sali kobisala ngati Mlamba ayi.Ngati umboni wanu ndiwokwanira pali njira zambiri zowayitanira kapena apolisi akunja atha kukuthandizani, kodi mwayiwala kuti Malemu Bingu anamanga Malemu a Sata akuzambia ndikuwatumiza kwawo? Nanga inu maiko ena sangakuthandizeni?

  46. nganga says:

    Musiyeni mai was mvano vote munamubela mumuphenso?iii shame on you and god is watching

  47. Ras Mix says:

    no wonder i see plenty police & police recrutes around town & townships to have ppo have fear,ok

  48. Teketeke says:

    Kodi munthu ukamulanda mkazi, ungalimbane naye? Kapena iye nde amapanga ziwembu kwa olandawe? DPP inalanda boma, ingachedwe kumalimbana ndi PP yoti anthu athawako ndipo adakathawa? Zitsiru zopandadi nzeru!

  49. NYAKWAWA says:

    Amayi chonde musabwere kuopa dzigawenga za dpp.

    Bravo APM you are not taking part in this Mafiac act.

  50. Dig Two Graves says:

    If You Want To Kill Jb First Dig Two Grave One For Mtalita And The Other For Mama. Inu amene muti mfwemfwe kadzingodyani ndalama ndi n’dala wanu opanda mano mkamwayo.mkalimbana naye tikuonetsani komwe kunapita mano a mtalika

  51. apollo says:

    kkkkkkkkkk! kufuna kudzitchikitsa. abale inu nsambi bwanji.kkkkkkkk!

  52. black and Red church says:

    Come come here are people who like death just as the way you like life.

  53. Biyisikolo says:

    DPP killed Chasowa and hired Lungu driver to kill JB. Why is it that foolish DPP Lomwelised supporters are saying here. Bingu died pamwamba why accused JB? Ask Penemulunga and Callista who know the real cause of Bingu anali mu bombasatu!

  54. onjoya says:

    Muuzeni joyce kuti voti inamupha kale mu 2014

  55. kadamanja says:

    Apa ndiye tiwomesana a Dpp, mungoyerekedza muwona ndege yopanda mapiko.

  56. kholowa mkabudula says:

    ZA nje! Bingu mmesa anafa chifukwa chamowa ndi kuzifila kuti ndi ngwazi. Nayenso ameneyu azipemphera kwambiri mulungu azimumvela chifundo!

  57. Kadakwiza says:

    Joyce Banda is coming back, the destroyer of cash gate is coming. The mastermind of foreign reserves(forex). The woman behind Mudzi Transformation, Mayi Joyce Banda is coming. The woman who empowered many women is coming. The professor of motherhood (Joyce Banda) is coming. The woman who hate poverty is coming. The founder of Joyce Banda Foundation is coming.

  58. Ambuye Mulungu bwelani athu aja ayambanso

  59. BigMan says:

    Za Zii! Why would anyone waste their time and effort trying to kill Abiti Mtila, what for? She was never an elected president, was miserably booted out and her party cant win anything in Malawi. She’s a thief in exile.

  60. Bodza says:

    DPP yopha anthu, inayamba kale. kaya muwona apa ndiye mwatiputa.

  61. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    I told you guys that these idiots (DPP and its govt) are nothing but thugs and thieves…..what they want is to silence all sound Malawians through arrests and killings. But let them kill JB and see what shelved the hair of a guinea fowl. Many will die along with her including me!!!!!

  62. Jimmy juga says:

    Why ploting to kill JB , I dont think DPP can sink so low to kill someone who is not threat politically. She ascended to the presidency thru death and that she was a vice president then. Had it been it was thru we could think that she might have numbers to give the president atough time. Even ur writing has no impact .Her coming is a blessing to Malawians so that we can have answers if what Lutepo claims is true and wha happened to cash realised from sale of presidential jet,the so called rotten maize, and many more.

  63. Azungu Andiuza says:

    How many people have been assassinated during the current political dispensation? If anything any western type of chifwamba died a natural death with MYP and the old MCP. This woman and her cohorts are just trying to distract people and buy cheap favours from her “Azungu Andiuza” that her declined political asylum application could hold. She has realised that now she has nowhere to hide, that her Attorney General/Minister of Justice wants her in court as a witness, people want her to explain how late Bingu died when a day before his demise people wearing black attire were seen in the evening at her Mudi House, that she has to explain the disappearance of a whole jet, the whereabouts of maize from the silos, the famous embezzlement of Government money etc etc. she wants Malawians and the whole world to sympathise with her, palibe zimenezo. Come, nobody will touch you if you are indeed innocent. By the way how can people kill you at your residence when you as an ex-acting president is provided security by government of the day? Now is the appropriate time to take stock of your shortcomings and think deeply why the Executive of PP is disintegrating at a fast rate. Is it lack of leadership, fear of sinking with a ship in high waters, scared of answering the numerous charges as an entity, or what? Anthu akupheraninji musanabwenze ndalama zathu?

  64. volvo says:

    Vawuchindele ini cha

  65. DPP Guru says:

    DPP does not kill people. Give a chance to DPP it will change Malawi.

  66. MPHAKA says:


  67. mbuyuni says:

    Let us not be intoxicated with power to reach an extent of terminating other people’s lives. We have a lot of problems that need our attention. May God protect us from these evil thoughts.

  68. Ralph Chienda says:

    She is a spent force

  69. ujeni says:

    Malawi is akin to Iraq or Somalia, people kill other human beings without any slight thought of guilty. People who act like packs of wolves. Modernisation and civilisation is very far from Malawi. We have corrupt and weak Judiciary and Police service to such an extent that perpetrators are also found in the two organisations. No sane citizen of the civilised world would have the desire to invest in such a country. Assassinations are the order of the day in the failed state and the perpetrators are paid handsomely by the powers that be.

  70. Bwampini says:

    Its exactly 1yrs today, but there is nothing has materialised except watching Mr Nankhumwa in the movie making CCTV footage and waving newspapers at Ndata.

    I was expecting more miracles with more miracles than Bingu bcz he’s a professor but ummmm kulimbikira zina zaziiii.

  71. BEATON NANTAPA says:

    One Malawi one people,…no .man kill another man

  72. Parallel Market says:

    This is a lie aimed at tarnishing the image of government. Walemba mmadzi nkhanga zaona!! Nobody can plan or intend to kill Joyce Banda. We know cashgate occurred during her rule so let her come and clear herself from cashgate mud.

  73. Jonathan Willard says:

    Where is Malawi going when are going to learn to live together as one. Mr president pliz talk to your adviser this country need peace to develop, we trusted you in power now instead of hearing development we wake up everyday one is murdered, someone has sued someone God have mercy with Malawi

  74. J.K.B says:

    Time for another prophecy…2 brothers with one “prophecy”.

  75. Comrade Wellington says:

    mukunjenjemera mai. bwerani muzabweze ndalama zathu. musanamize dziko kuti pali yemwe akufuna kukuphani ngati muja munkafuna kuphera mphwiyo. ife a malawi sitingapange zimenezo ai. inu ndi inu munthu oipa kwambiri, osakonda dziko lake ndipo mukuzilanga nokha. mai opanda khalidwe ngati inu. ndiye mwauza anthu anu kuti apeke nkhani yabodza ngati imenei kuti mutchinjirize zambiri. taonani mmene anthu akuthothokera mchipani chija mai? mulimba? what goes around, chimapanga zomwezo. kuenda nkuvina mai, mthengo mdalaka njoka. mmati mutani. ntchito za manja anu zikukusatani. bwerani muzaliuze dziko lanu chilungamo. muli ndi sambi inu!

  76. honesty says:

    I think the above issue can really be true, DPP is A party of jealousy, theft, burning and killings.
    These people are so backward, instead of coming with the good solution to an issue they like terminating completely, through harming others or by just burning everything.
    I don’t support JB but I hate that stinking primitive behaviour DPP party has.
    I feel they want to assassin JB just to blindfold the Nation again about Cash gate on going issues, so that afterwards they claim ‘there is no evidence, SINCE THESE CASH GATE SCANDLES STARTED DURING DPP GOVERNMENT AND THEY CAME TO AN OPEN BECAUSE OF JB GOVERNMENT CARELESSNESS.


  77. Kangankude says:

    Guyz there iz no eletment of truth in this story,,,why shud the dpp assasinate JB at this time,when she is not a threat after all? If dpp had such intentions they wud hav done it da time She waz in power.lets face it Jb zinthu sizikumuyendera,ka chipani ka pp ndiako kakuyoyoka ngati sanza,senior members denouncing membership one afta another ar u sure dpp can hav anytin to do wit dis desparate woman?

  78. mpanyangu says:

    Koma angulu amenwa atinyansa bwanji! Kodi tinalakwa kuwavotera ? Osamalimbana ndi munthu wa mkazi apatu mapuya akusonyeza kufooka konse mchaka timati amakonda yakumbuyo!!

  79. Honesy says:

    I think the above issue can really be true, DPP is A party of jealousy, theft, burning and killings.
    These people are so backward, instead of coming with the good solution to an issue they like terminating completely, through harming others or by just burning everything.
    I don’t support JB but I hate that stinking primitive behaviour DPP party has.
    I feel they want to assassin JB just to blindfold the Nation again about Cash gate on going issues, so that afterwards they claim ‘there is no evidence, SINCE THESE CASH GATE SCANDLES STARTED DURING DPP GOVERNMENT AND THEY CAME TO AN OPEN BECAUSE OF JB GOVERNMENT CARELESSNESS.


  80. Jack says:

    the government killed chasowa a mere student what can stop it from killing joyce Banda…
    Its a blood government because its full of brutes and savages…the president muthalika should be careful as well his own subject are dangerous..

  81. Chiri kumzako usamati chigwire nyanga.Dont joke,the lady is not at peace.Face the music,come back,no peace shall be upon thee once u get Malawi,there must be more to what the minister said at Ndata,and being kept under wrap,time will tell. Profet.

  82. Karonga Boy says:

    You Think U Can Jst Work Up And Do Such A Thing,Ifeyo tili pa mbuyo pa JB,IF U WANT THIS COUNTRY TO BE ON FIRE,JST DARE JB.

  83. ujeni says:

    If there is one country in Southern Africa closer to bloodshed then its Malawi. We have poor leadership, poor security, majority are iliterate and dont understand what human rights mean, and frankly the we are a total failed state under DPP.

  84. Let Us Pray says:


  85. yeboona says:

    MG2 was hit the same side she sat luckly she used another car???

  86. John M says:

    DPP,try this and you will see what will follow!!!

  87. Namu! says:

    They will kill the body but not her Spirit. Their time will come too, noone is reserved to be replanted on this earth. May God bless anyone who is planning on doing this in Jesus name. May God watch and protect Mrs Banda, as HE is the only one who permits everything that happens to our lives. He will never let her foot slip. He cares about Joyce Banda. The bible tells us that whether we live or die… we belong to God. You who plan on killing others, the pit of fire is waiting for you in hell. You better go and find a church to repent b4 it’s too late for you. Jesus loves you, he died for your sin/s including this one that you are about to commit. Bless you!

  88. mike kamanga says:

    Amfiti awa,Satanic too much,atha kumuphadi JB.

  89. bwani says:

    is this one of the development projects under the wise leadership? kkkkkk

  90. Denguzman. says:

    Worry not mama, god is wit u okumbirani dzenje adzagweramo yekha so let them try.

  91. Kadakwiza says:

    Joyce Banda is coming back, I will sleep at the airport waiting for her. Malawians let me tell you that i still have my orange t shirt. I can’t wait to see the mother of the Malawian people. Oh Joyce Banda, Malawians miss you.

  92. matutu says:

    The saying goes “There is no smoke without fire”. There could be 2 counteracting fires. But surely, where is all this hatred of one another, the top country ppl, coming from. In other countries, we hear & see, politicians lose or fail their game. Life goes on. Does it lead to what we hear in this tiny country? No. We need a lot civil education in politics.

  93. Bibi wa Ntongo says:

    Rumours arecarried by Haters, Spread by Fools and accepted by Idiots……this is all I can say and comment now….

  94. Mthandeni says:

    Men planning to assassinate a woman,if true then Malawian men we are disgrace to the human race.

  95. Ngongoliwa says:

    These are results of careless speeches by Kudomtoni and Nankhumwa. Chonde musationongere chipani chathu, ndale zomwe mukubweretsa muchipanichi zinapita ndi madala lero musiyeni pita ayendetse chipani ndi boma momwe iye akudziwira osati ndale zachikalekale lerotu amalawi ndiodziwa osati amalawi akale. inu nokha mudabwe palibe amene amadzidzimuka ndimabodza anuwo, mukungofuna kuipitsa DPP osati kukonza ayi agaru inu. bwana akuonene bwino anthu awiri inu

  96. Koma ya! Ndale za Mulhakho.

  97. Alfred Minjo says:

    Agalu nonse inu mukukamba nkhani kapena creating nkhani zopusazi….manthatu inu amenewo. Mukuopa chiani? tadzingobweraniko kuno kumudzi mudzatiyankhe nkhani zofunikira kwa inuyo ngati ziripo kaya….

  98. kanyimbi says:

    There is no way the government can sink so low to the point of assasinating JB. Who is JB after all? She was given the presidency and only ended with cash gate because of not entering the office.

  99. Magede ndi Getu Ashowana says:

    you dpp fools dont dare touch JB. that will be your end. we are ready for anything. you have failed to run this country. hunger is all over. insecurity. no direction yet the president is snoring at sanjika. he will regret the day he joined politics. one day he will regret.

  100. Cymru says:

    I doubt if there is anybody wishing to assassinate the ex-acting president Dr. Joyce Banda even the incumbent president. This is a very serious allegation and must be invested by the secret intelligence services. Lets not sow seeds of hatred in Malawi by creating stories. If anybody is given money to write such stories I’m sorry to say you are doing a great damage to the nation of Malawi. What is special with the ex-acting president to warrant an assassination on her? What has she done or is doing that is threatening those in power as you are portraying here? Lets not create a hypothetical scenario here, a threat on somebody life especially a public figure like Dr. Joyce Banda should not silently just go, Government and other security arms even outside Malawi must investigate this report and communicate to the world the truth. It is unfortunate that people are commenting on this story blindly. I urge the intelligence services to act immediately. Such sensitive issues that can bring disrepute to the great nation of Malawi should not be entertained.

  101. Prudence says:

    This government is clueless. the want to divert peoples attention by victimising Joyce banda. but that will not happen. not under our watch. we are ready to shed blood in this country.

  102. Chaumsy says:

    Agalu amenewa atha kupanga chili chonse. Don’t come Mama.

  103. ankhoma says:

    just try it.

  104. ndadabwa says:

    sangaope kupha Joyce a DPP anapha chasowa mwana wosalakwa. ndi a mantha amaopa aliyense ndiye nanji Joyce amamuopa. inenso amandiopa. agalu akupha wa

  105. McPherson Kaunda says:

    Komanso you DPP guys are so useless,God is watching you that’s why this evil plot has come out in the open. JB is loved by God,there’s nothing sinister you can plan against her and it works,mwanyaaaaa!!!!!!

  106. Sopo Walala says:

    Nkhani Zopeka, a Malawi timatengeka ndi bodza pandaletu palibe permanent enemy musawadanitse JB ndi APM onsewa ndi ana a Malawi. Tiyeni timange malawi limodzi, okanikawi alekeni

  107. Muyande says:

    But why assassinate her?What wrong has she done?Anyway,those are kicks of a dying horse!

  108. nasimango says:


  109. dar says:

    If DPP has done with Chasowa, Tenthani and nearly killed her had been she did not use another; These people can kill; Ngati akulolera kuti kuti Staff aku MSB ntchito ithe, Inde Bank only 40; Do u think ndi anthu amenewo; these people are UFO, Allien

  110. Kenkkk says:

    You dpp people please calm down. Why are you trying to make jb more popular in the country?

    Why are you so fearful of jb? Is it because she knows a lot about the 92bn?

  111. Malawiano says:

    mwinanso tenthani mwampanga slence…….
    apa JB sanafike mwayamba kale nje nje nje……

    God save Malawi. Kuti aphedwe JB ana amasiye awaphunzitse ndi ndani?

  112. Carina says:

    JB is stubborn ndipo simumutha. Mukagwere uko agalu a DPP

  113. chalera M. says:

    Utsi sufuka popanda moto,DPP shame

  114. Prado says:

    DPP will not succeed on this one. We are watching

  115. Benzn says:

    Honestly why does DPP hate JB so much?

  116. I 4 me says:

    Yes, she and her followers will regret of their past deeds to DPP. Its tym to hit bak n tym to feel wat adas felt


    The problem is that when the Holy spirit has left you, your life is at danger to the devil. Joyce banda knows very well how the devil works that is why she is not sure about her future and she has stopped going to Nigeria to her godfather because she can no longer trust him. So you can see how confused she is. JB just repent and restoration will come on you. It does not matter how much seen you did, God is ready to forgive you.

  118. Anenenji says:

    I think that’s why they arrested Odillo too to instill fear in the Citizenry

  119. Mawu Apaseli says:

    Not surprising even the way the election was rigged that was murder!

  120. Biti Foloko says:

    I think Nankhumwa was trying to incite people to back this plan……mentally preparing Malawians for JJBs assasination!…Bulutu

  121. Amfumu says:

    Dpp Chipani Cha Chilope!…..

  122. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Will not just sit phwii watching our JB being assasinated,will hit back

  123. one malawi one people says:

    she was more a threat to DPP when she was in gvt than now…if she was defeated while in gvt , now the truth is assassination is too much a way to silence her, DPP can’t go that far….

  124. mada kuleso says:

    Zamkutu zopanda mchere. Kufuna kupeza chifukwa chokhalira kunja tabwerani apa ena akukufunani muwayikire umboni.

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