JB return date not yet out as October nears end

Former President Joyce Banda said she will be returning back home in October but the month ends this weekend with her return date not yet disclosed.

Good bye, see you : Banda when she left Malawi

Good bye, see you : Banda when she left Malawi

Banda, however, says she does not fear any arrest as she has never collided with the law, the spokesman for her office has said.

Spokesperson for the office of the former president, Andekuche Chanthunya said the program for Banda has not changed and will be jetting back home.

“If she fails this month-end then most likely early next month but she is definitely coming,” said Chamthunya.

Banda will find some of the top officials in her party, the Peoples Party resigned or defected to other parties after she spent over a year abroad.

Some of the officials who quit their positions in her absence vice president of the party Brown Mpinganjira, deputy secretary general George Zulu, her running mate in the 2014 polls, Sosten Gwengwe and former deputy minister Abel Kayembe, among others.

Chamthunya said the State has not indicted her of any offence therefore it is hearsay that she is marked for an arrest.

Some unconfirmed reports indicate that she would be arrested upon arrival to answer charges related to the plunder of public money in the infamous cashgate after convicted Oswald Lutepo implicated her despite not being named in the official forensic audit report.

Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu said the last phase of cashgate trials, involving politicians, starts soon but did not name the powerful people involved. If arrested, she would be the third former head of state to stand trial after Kamuzu Banda on murder charges and Bakili Muluzi on corruption charges.

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31 thoughts on “JB return date not yet out as October nears end”

  1. Mzungumbuli says:

    Ngati Joyce akuthawa pamaso pa anthu ochimwa a dziko lapansi, nanga akazaona ” Jesus Christ” ( King of Kings, Judge of all Judges,) adzathawa bwa? She is afraid of her own shadow, she is being hounted by her own dreams. Alas my Joyce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. levelheaded says:

    Sapitwa and The analyst, you guys are making my days in and out. I really feel being in the company of Malawians.

  3. kusauka sizinthu says:

    Ngati zikukunyasani osamalima bwanji, zaulesi basi kuti lowland kulandila.

  4. kusauka sizinthu says:

    Whatever you say Banda has money n u got nothing. Live her to enjoy her time u just work hard. NOT DIS CAN’T U ANYTING

  5. kusauka sizinthu says:

    Anthu osauka mbalume eni amadziwana tiyeni tipange zathu

  6. rather don’t, come only when Mutharika is gone he is a dangerous man like his brother you will be killed like Chasowa. let’s eat wors here, all mutharikas have bad hearts trust me

  7. Ngwenyama says:

    Iiiiiii koma joyi gule wamkulu weni weni

  8. Watson says:

    Ife a boma tizawamanga. Period!!

  9. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Joyce abwere kaya asabwere palibe kusiyana, tilibe naye ntchito

  10. zeze says:

    coming or not coming, to me it is the same; she is a traitor and a danger to the nation. Watch out!

  11. Mdzachi says:

    Amai takusowani Zedi bwerani ndithu

  12. Nenazako says:

    Amai we miss you plz come back . The country is going thru a very rough patch as never before. Today’s cry is about increase in electricity usage, tomorrow it will be something, , essential commodity prices are going up daily. Cry my beloved country

  13. Bubu says:

    Who is a better thief her and APM.

  14. Ngwenyama says:

    Kodi sindikuwona bwinobwino,Joyis kodimmene amkachoka muja anavala nyawu?

  15. Ndaipalero says:

    Welcome back mum we miss u kuno zinthu zikuvuta mum l think kubwera kwanu its agud development

  16. CITIZEN says:


  17. Japan sapuma says:

    Chamba eti? joyce banfa walakwa chani apa

  18. Azibwera ngati akufuna zosakakamizana. Your farewell, what was that mean aaah?.chauluka chizatera. Whether you came or not we r not forcing you coz you’re useless.

  19. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Sure Joisi Banada can come back to Malawi anytime she wants.
    Why did her supporters announce that she would returning in October, prematurely? Her supporters, the few that remain, deserve an honest explanation; for obvious reasons.

    The public would be angry if, eventually, the long arm of the law does not catch up with her when she returns. Cashgate is NOT a political story. It is about massive financial corruption during Joisi Banda and her soon-to-be-defunct PP. Do PP supporters get that?

    Many of her confederates have already abandoned her; only the “suicidal” ones remain. That party was only temporary anyway. It has no aura or honor. Just odor now. There was no winning culture in that party; only a culture of entitlement and disgruntlement. PP is finished. And good riddance: caused so much hardships in many ways, in our daily lives. And our children will suffer the consequences, possibly, for the next decade; if not longer.

  20. Truelly says:

    Thank you Mama, please stay there until things are better here. Musazanamizilidwe ain’t hi zathina kino. But keep praying for us kumudzi kuno. Love you Mama, mxaxxxxxxx.

  21. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    Fellow Malawians, if Mama will not be arrested upon arrival, then all Cashgate cases should be declared null and void. I have a strong feeling kuti as far as Cashgate is concerned, this madam knows something. Thanks to disagreements that ensued among her boys, the likes of Mphwiyo and team. Anthu ananyanya kukondwa, kumakapanga w/end kunja. And izi amakakamba kunja kusekereza chithandidzo izi amount to treason.

  22. Watereka says:

    Olo musabwere mayi ine sindimakudwalani to HELL

  23. Woyipa athawa yekha. JB is afraid of coming back to Malawi. With these cashgate convictions she knows the lutepos she used will not protect her. Mama come back! Face the music.

  24. Believe Gumbo says:

    you are most welcome, pali ponse pali si onse angakukonde kapena kukuda.
    that’s part of life.

  25. jimbo says:

    Don’t hold your breath over JB’s return to Malawi. We have been told she is to return several times over the past months. What has she got to return to? Her party has disintegrated and she has nothing to contribute to the country’s wellbeing. Does it matter whether she returns or not? APM has established a firm hold on his position during her absence. If she does return in the near future, she is too late to have any impact on the government. What does she have to say that anyone wants to hear after she has stayed out of the country for so long? She is now an irrelevance and might as well continue gallivanting round the world giving her speeches and addresses and collecting more useless accolades and ‘honours’.

  26. sapitwa says:

    Who can be happy with your coming back after betraying Malawi to Azungu to ensure they shouldn’t resume Aid? Kutoulula chiri chonse ndi underwear yomwe ya Mai Malawi kuti Azungu akukondeni; asa!! You gave Malawi for bad publicity as if you will never need her. Why do you want to come back; and who needs you mother fucker? Take note: Spouses can have fights as an internal matter in the house but upon the arrival of visitors, the two become a united family to an extent of cracking jokes to the visitor as if they were not fighting 5 minutes ago. This implies that a good citizen can not speak bad about their country what ever. You are not like this and I have no doubt that abambo anu a kunyumba is under petticoat government as they say charity begins at home. You are a very bad citizen with bad wishes to Mother Malawi and no one can love such a person. If you come and get arrested for cash gate, who would care? You would be a number added to such criminals.
    Shame on you!!

  27. KALULU says:

    I’ll be happy to see MUM home

  28. George phiri says:

    Akadzafuna adzabwera. Her coming or not does not change anything.

  29. Lenadi bonke says:

    Azafera nthengo amaiwa. Kufika pa Malawi ndi unyolo basi.

  30. Ulemu Kwa YHWH says:

    The nation looks forward to the coming of Amama. The country is in total chaos. Aim to shift the citizenry’s attention on shortage of drugs in hospitals, skyrocketing of basic commodities, lack of security among others will fail. Each passing day is taking us closer to 2019.

    1. drogba says:

      kodi Inunso achitsiru mukuti chani?? kodi kamwendo mnjiraa wanuyi mumatenga ngati mulungu bwanji kuti akangofika mavuto anu onse atha? za zii. mmalo moti muzikalima ukooooo kuti mupeze mgaiwa busy glorifying this dull, incompetent loser?? Inunso a nyasatimes why do u make this chidude famous?? each n everyday tizingowerenga about this dull woman on this forum?? enafeeee amatikwanatu pilizii

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