JB says EU support was key in fight against corruption in Malawi

At the Women In Parliaments Global Forum Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, former Malawian President Joyce Banda spoke exclusively with EurActiv’s Rick Zednik about the support she received from EU officials in rebuilding her country’s economy.

Banda:  became the West's darling for her reformist agenda after the death of her autocratic predecessor, said she should be given credit for tackling the graft head-on.

Banda: Said she tackled the graft head-on as soon as she got wind of it

“For the past 15 years, corruption had been going on, 30 percent of our resources were being stolen,” Banda said.

“The EU ambassador [Alexander Baum] told me that our financial system in government was being abused,” she added.

She says her zeal to crackdown on cashgate earned her bruises and smear campaign by the allegations of involvement, but would not be deterred.

Banda argues that she initiated appropriate steps, including investigating, apprehending and prosecuting suspects as soon as she became aware of the allegations of cashgate

The financial management system which looters abused was adopted in 2005 by the late Bingu wa Mutharika administration.

Banda became president in 2012 following the sudden death of Bingu wa Mutharika; she had been vice-president although she had been fired from the then ruling party and had formed her own party.

As one of only two women to have held that office in an African country, she was named the most powerful woman in Africa by Forbes in 2014.

Since leaving office, she has focused her energies on the Joyce Banda Foundation, a charitable organisation that focuses on women and children.

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Che mdala

Zoona Mama ndinu nokha amene mumalikonda dziko lanu enawa ndi amacholowe


Koma ndiye kulikondaditu ma Cashgate onse aja?


A coward. Real leaders do not run away.


phokosolo nkuzibisa tatopa nanu ife. panga zanu lekani ena agwire job mai.

chatty man

Mama am sending you all my love! Ntchito munaigwira povumbulusa cashgate. Kupanda inu mai akanapanga ndani? May God Bless you mother Malawi!


Thats why Bingu anamchosa mu chipani JB. Amadziwa kuti JB akumuwerenga . Amafuna kuti atalikire asamaone zimene Bingu amachita. Tsegukani maso a Malawi. Mwaiwona imeneyo! BRAINSTORMING. A solving problem tactic! Another tactic, 5 WHYS? Why Bingu or DPP emphasised to remove JB? Another tactic. Lewis forces . Two sides having two interest s to remove each other from powers. Pitani mkalasi kuti mudziwe izi. Its all about Project. All what is happening here is a project to acheive a goal. Leadership to gain something. Panyopanu!

Ackson Kalaile Banda

You will never found a leader like JB


Yap we will indeed nt find such a stealing leader lyk JB


It is time JB ceased her travels around the globe speaking to this group and then that group. She should be here in Malawi striving to put her ideas into operation. Her first act after becoming President in 2012 should have been to put the plotters on train for treason. Had she done so, APM would not now be President and Malawi would perhaps be moving forward. JB has too much to say in foreign lands; she should be here working to improve her country.

joseph makuya

Everything that goes up will definetery comes down amayi. Kwanu ndi kwanu nthengo munalaka njoka. WHAT ARE YOU FEARING TO COME BACK HOME YOU WOMAN?


Big shame. If u r honest abt what ur saying come back home

Lovemore Kwiloni

Zinawakanika kale amenewo moti sanganene pano zanzeru.

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