Joy radio excels in Malawi sports programming -Report

The privately owned Joy Radio and TV stations have been ranked as the country’s station with most listeners as far as sports and entertainment coverage is concerned.

JOY TV studios

JOY TV studios

According to Second Quarter Quality of Service Report (April-June 15) release this week by the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) Joy is topping the list with 53 % seconded by Star Radio with 50 % while Zodiak TV comes third with 45 %.

MBC radio 2 has been placed fourth with 39 % followed by Times TV, 36 % and FM 101 with 35 %. Zodiak radio has 33 % as far as sport and entertainment listenership is concerned followed by Matindi radio with 29 % and MIJ FM at 28 %.

Ufulu radio and Capital Fm are tied at 21%, while Galaxy FM is at 14%, MBC radio 1 with 9% and MBC TV comes last with 6% of sport and entertainment listenership.

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22 thoughts on “Joy radio excels in Malawi sports programming -Report”

  1. amfana says:

    Aishoshe aiwone pa joy tv dilu palibenso pamalawi pano,enanu mukuchedwa kumaonera zinazi.

  2. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Wake up call to Zodiak, u take listeners for granted. Unless u stop your partisan politics u are destined for loss of listenership and viewership! It’s not too late to save Jerusalem!

  3. dreader says:

    kongatchuleshoni joy.

  4. ozitsata says:

    Joy radio and Star fm would top the list just because those are the stations which work on car or minbus radios which come together with the car. ma frequency ake ndi ma 80 chakut mhz. Mma minbus mmaveledwa ma radio awiri amenewo basi

  5. myao says:

    No2 star radio?mmh ma update akakale ati aguero mdi mpongozi wa maradona banja linatha kalekale pano wapelekanso mimba kwina, kulengezela mpira amatchula zigoli kamodzi pa 45 min, ma advert ama sponsor 5 miutes osadula mpaka zigoli ziwiri osalengeza. If this the rating by Macra it means ku Macra kuli akadzidzi ndi mileme basi.

  6. Mpini Walezala says:

    What kind of Math are we using here? The top two are over a 100% already combined. Am I missing something?

  7. Harry says:

    Being elder it does not mean that you are wise….MBC what is happening there and by having government funds so what are you doing?

  8. get it rightly its sports and entertainment not just sports as others are getting it

  9. Amalawi Umbuli says:

    Koma ya

  10. Matchonisa says:

    Aishoshe ayione alolealole akaneakane Coach player ,wake wa amayi ndi bambo Fote. Patsogolo ndiManong’onong’o patsogolo ndi aishoshe patsogolo ndi coach player. Ndapitaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. sain it like it is says:

    unkess joy radio was started as a sports radio then congratulations but if its not a sports radio and scores high on sports there is cause for concern coz it shows kut u are running the company in the wrong direction…so maybe its time you rebrand to joy fm the sports fm

  12. cbk says:

    MBC tv,juck up!yur programmes are too boring!imagine too many slots before news,eish.politics,politics,politics,when are you going to entertain?

  13. bunnyt chauluka says:

    alolealole akaneakany COACH PLAYER pta foty! MIDYOMBA WOYEEE!

  14. banker weniweni says:

    that is healthy, unlike having perennial winners. Let others catch them if they can. The listeners will be the winners!!!

  15. jay says:

    alore alore akane akane ayishoshe ayiwone…zowona zake

  16. Noxy says:

    Congrats Joy Radio and Tv keep it up! I expected it, am one of happy listeners of this radio.

  17. Kanyimbi says:

    Why are state institutions with all resources failing to perform?

  18. Sports Presenter says:

    Congrats Joy Radio and TV. Aishoshe aiwone. Its not about being the biggest media but knowing what Malawians want to hear and what time.

  19. Observer says:

    Nkhani yake ndi Ayishoshe Ayiwone basi. Aliponso wina???????

  20. Dango says:

    Ayishoshe ayiwone

  21. PK woyeeeee says:

    It used to be Matindi fm leading on sports. Bwana PK eish.

  22. opportunist says:

    Is this true reflection

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