Joyce Banda addresses UNDP Africa Retreat in Ethiopia

Former President of the Republic of Malawi Dr. Joyce Banda delivered a keynote address at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Africa Retreat in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Monday, February 24, 2015.

Banda addresses UNDP Africa Retreat

Banda addresses UNDP Africa Retreat

Dr Joyce Banda addressing the meeting

Dr Joyce Banda addressing the meeting

JB in a group photograph as her keynote address

JB in a group photograph as her keynote address

UNDP recently went through a corporate restructuring exercise resulting in the regionalization of its assets and capacities. Now the staff and capacities for Africa reside in the Regional Service Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Leadership and responsibility for supporting UNDP’s country offices in Africa, national and regional partners, civil society and other stakeholders in the continent will be from the Regional Service Centre.

A regional retreat was organized for more than 120 UNDP staff members from all over Africa including the Associate Administrator and Under-Secretary General, Director of the Regional Bureau for Africa and other senior leadership of the UNDP.

The UNDP Regional Retreat was sought to gain a better understanding of the the drivers of change in the world and how they are affecting national development processes.

UNDP desires to contribute to the economic transformation that is taking place in Africa in ways that are equitable, inclusive and sustainable.

Former President Banda reflected on the time she was Malawi’s and how she dealt with the challenges her and her government faced. She cited four policy areas that influenced her term of office—conflict and governance; economic management and poverty reduction; fighting corruption and accountability; and women and youth empowerment.

Banda acknowledged the role and support UNDP plays in Malawi. She cited how the UN and the in country UNDP office mediated the conflict in 2010 between Malawi Government and citizen groups; and the support to elections, funding of women parliamentary candidates and the National Export Strategy to strengthen the export base of the Malawian economy.

She urged the UNDP and other international development partners to work with local players on the ground in order to achieve equitable, inclusive and sustainable development.

JB as Banda is fondly called said that since women and youth are in majority in the world, no meaningful development can be achieved without meaningful engagement of women and youth.

“We have seen some African Governments that have moved from conflict to peace, from stagnation to star performers and from underdevelopment to middle income economies. We also have witnessed women leaders emerging in all sectors of society. Again still odds, they are breaking barriers and entering new frontiers of life.

“These great women are heralding a new message that women will no longer be spectators, standing on the fence asking for mercy and favour. But as equal players, they are taking up positions in state house, boardrooms, market place and in science.

“This is good news indeed, said former President Banda, adding that this provides hope for some of the toughest places in the world to further combat poverty, increase prosperity, secure peace, and widen the global circle of development.

“It is my hope that the UN family will take leadership on this journey,” she said.

Later in the day, the former Malawi President met with the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Dr.Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma where she briefed the chairperson on the African Union Election Observer Mission to Botswana in September 2014 where she was leader of delegation.

JB congratulated the African Union for declaring 2015 a Year of Women in Africa. Dr.Nkosazana Zuma appreciated former President Banda’s leadership during the AU Election Observer Mission to Botswana where the programme went on very well.

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60 thoughts on “Joyce Banda addresses UNDP Africa Retreat in Ethiopia”

  1. yale says:

    of coz Madam JB you doing good out side there, but multi-million dollar question is that why cant you come to your own land and see for your self the way your brothers,sisters ,sons ,daughters and nephews are suffering in your country? Being a former President ,you were supposed at least to come and go back if want

  2. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    She is a woman of substance. Mayi munamuphula Malawi pa moto walawilawi ena akumubwezeretsanso. Malawians do not appreceiate what good others do. Nsanje
    too much. Malawi is going back wards since you left power. We are now back to the clueless nepotistic leadership.

  3. Martin says:

    Continue blessing us, AmaI,very proud of you

  4. Chino Chino says:

    Walakwa chani wa Davite? sanje,kaduka a Malawi tipita nazo kuti? kuzolowela kuyamikila munthu aka mwalira.Tcheya sunaname……

  5. Che Tepeka says:

    Amao wele pangali wanesoni wakututyosya soni mpela wao. Achikamjale wesope tukwapochera soni Ambuje apunde kwajaliwa

  6. Jimbo says:

    Instead of pontificating on the ‘world’ stage, JB should be in Malawi helping to move the country forward. What is she hiding from by staying out of the country for so many months. By May she will have been outside Malawi for a year!! Who is footing the bill for her travels? What did she really do for her country when she was President? Malawi didn’t suddenly become the poorest country in the world under PM’s rule. JB has absolutely nothing to boast about. Is anyone really listening to what she has to say? Actions speak louder than words. She has achieved nothing and has therefore nothing to say of relevance or importance.

  7. jjk says:

    JB ndi deal ndagwirizana nawe koma pali ena oneka ngati alindimaso koayi ndithu sapenya amafela zoti ndi akumwela kuka akuika songolo ana ndi azukulu awo mutsinga zauphawi ndi masoka

  8. apao says:

    Let her alone, she knows what to do, when, and how,

  9. Seems like a useful and productive meeting

  10. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Kodi abwera liti ameneyu ? akuthawa chiani? Anzake akubvutika ndi cash gate. Madolar akudya kunjawo anawatenga kuti. ndichifukwa kwacha yathu imagwa kwambiri

  11. Taweni says:

    Please note Mai that country has now been classified the poorest in the world. All this with the compliments of APM. The man has no networking knowledge nor is capable of handling an economy that was growing very fast.

    In fact he has forgotten that over Mk92bn (1.0bndollars was siphoned during his brothers’ era.


  12. Maggie Lucius says:

    Kikikikikik mbewa zikatha a manona ndi a swiswiri!!!!! What a miserable conference. This is from here to zero scenario. Just come back home dear Mama

  13. ambele says:

    Jelasi at its best, JB as an individual is reaching levels any Malawian would be proud of.
    Nsanje, Ufiti zakula pa Malawi pano, palibepo ndale apa mwana wa Mtila ndi ulendo abale. Proud Malawian

  14. Newspaper says:

    Mayi ameneyu bwanji kodi. kufunabe kupanga maintain status. ZERO kakhaleni pakhomo mukalere zidzukuluno aaaaaa osatopa…???

  15. Madududu says:

    Our own mother. Doing what she’s best known for

  16. Kanyimbi says:

    Of what importance is this to Malawians? This is a useless issue. Next time you will tell us that JB went to toilet.

  17. moto mwikho says:

    This is actually a disgrace. Our former President is so desperate for the limelight that she has reduced herself to a trophy. She does not even understand the speeches that are given to her to deliver. She is simply a puppet!

  18. william says:

    mai JB musadzabwerenso mwamvaaaaaaaa

    ndipo zikatero zikhalabwino heavy coz kachipani kanu kaja katha ngati shirt yothiridwa acid. kikikiki

    especially Ka Gwegwe kanu kaja kakungolira kuno

  19. Zyola Benyanga says:

    Bvuto la a Malawi ndi kuyiwala. Nthawi yomweyi aiwala kuti ndi Joyce yemweyo anawathulutsa muukapolo wosowa mafuta. Men had failed to find a solution until she came in by God’s grace to bail us out of fuel poverty. Now that things are okay after she had set the foundation you are talking as if all was well ever since. Please Malawians learn to appreciate where someone has done well. Let Mama rest in peace. She did a lot to us. All Malawians of good will agree with me on this. Mulungu adzakulangani ngati simuphunzira kuyamikila pamene anzathu achita bwino.

  20. LIVESTOCK MAN says:

    Best wishes. Panja anati sangagawe nkhuku and ng’ombe kwa osauka. Umphawi ndiye ukutikukuta. Malawi yagwira Ndondo ndi disitishon 1 pa umphawi padziko lose lapasi. Ambuye ativere chisoni.

  21. Mwandiputa Dala says:

    Musamatha mau mpila ukuseweledwa mudzamacha manyazi2

  22. Fathara says:


  23. Zisiyeni za ndale Mai.

  24. John says:

    kutaya nthawi. It does not seem to me like a serious meeting worthy having the whole former president.

  25. mjiba says:

    running from the law wanted for questioning over CASHGATE in short FUGITIVE

  26. sathwk says:

    Yoce okuba iwe satana

  27. Nyaude Kamanga says:

    Since u left mama ,tinasiya kumwa mkaka ,Taonda ama bwelaniko

  28. Okay says:

    Don’t worry. Joyce will come when Kasambara want her as his witness in the dock! Just ba calm.

  29. eeee ujeni wa DPP says:

    Koma munatenga chilolezo chakutero?
    Ife tatopa ndi kulandira kwanu kwa ma awards kapenanso kulankhula mmisonkhano musanamudziwitse pitala.

    kkkkkk kulankhula kwa olephera kkkkkk

  30. Mutharika says:

    what a Malawian ambitious woman.For sure like Mandela,she will die with good reputation. we did nothing in plotting to destroy ur image by conniving with civil servants but now we have realised that donors still loves u.long live JB

  31. Nkhombokombo says:

    Ever riding higher! Hope you convince these guys to come back with their purse, we are suffering here. Help Mr Profesor to find the right formulae to run this poorest Nation of the world. Cry for my beloved country!!

  32. chatty man says:

    keep it up ama, we love you continue doing a good job.

  33. Arthur says:

    Amai mukadabwera kuno kwathu kuti tizathandizane dzikoli.. Amaaa munatithawa ngati siife ana anu! Why??? Mzeru nzanu tukuzisowa kuno. Ngati tinakulakwirani mutikhululukire ndipo mubwere kwathu kuno. Fuso ndilakuti, kodi mumaukonda mtundu wanu kuno kumalawi??? If yes munatithawiranji?????

  34. Arthur says:

    Amai mukadabwera kuno kwathu kuti tizathandizane dzikoli.. Amaaa munatithawa ngati siife ana anu! Why??? Mzeru nzanu tukuzisowa kuno. Ngati tinakulakwirani mutikhululukire ndipo mubwere kwathu kuno. Fuso ndilakuti, kodi mumaukonda mtundu wanu kuno kumalawi??? If yes mukutithawiranji?????

  35. Mmodziyekha says:

    Mama what does other indications irrelevant mean?You did say economic manegement and fighting corruption as were among policies of your office so why Cash gate has came to pass.on other hand you talked about women and Youth empowerment on that one iwould atleast agree, paja deal inali yauchembere wa bwino ndi ah chairman amfumu Kwataine.

  36. nambwiyo says:

    Mulekeni Pano akupanga zake. Inunso Pangani zanu. Mukufuna akabwela akamamuitana anthuudziti akukupingani? Mulekeni

  37. opportunist says:

    JB ndi deal

  38. Me says:

    Amayi zibwerani, kuno zinthu sizikuyenda; mavuto mbwee

  39. ine says:

    Akubwera pangonopangono, anali ku USA now pa Ethiopia pompa, kenako pa Tanzania finally pa Lilongwe.

  40. Ayandikira pano sizingatheke kubwelera ku America osadzera kumudzi kuno kuti adzaone ana

  41. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Phada lenileni……….Mtima kupweteka kkkkkkkk khekhekhe

  42. Geoma says:

    Atleast Amayi ayamba kusendera Kumudzi…

  43. Kadakwiza says:

    Amayi Joyce Banda chonde bwereni muzaone. Amdala aja munawasiyira mpando, amangogona mu office. Pano akuti tizilipira mu zipatala nanga ndalama tizipeza kuti? Pano ntchito zikusowa. A Malawi tikulira pano. Akuti anzanu aja mpaka pano ali ku kitchen akuti kuphika sitidziwa kuti akuphika chani. Bwereni Amayi. Pano zi ntchito nazo akuphatsana pa mtundu wawo okha.


  45. Yamikani Chimwala Jere says:

    Zolipira kuchipatala mwava Mai

  46. Pichi says:

    Who is this lady representing? Sometimes UN is so naive in its dealings.

  47. ndadabwa says:

    koma Peter ndiye ukulimbana ndi Joyce. is she a threat to you. ndiye wakhaulatu. Joyce ndi wotakataka musalimbane naye. dzilimbanani ndi ma bank gate a malawi savings bank mwayambawo

  48. just got says:

    Pa Ethiopia pompa. please come home mama, we miss u

  49. Mapwala Mthalika says:

    we love you mama. you were not nepotistic, tribalistic like the one we have now. you were neutral

  50. Mai Bwerani kaya nzoipa pena zabwino tizionere limodzi.Love YOU!

  51. agoroso says:

    Koma akuti nchiyani kwenikweni? Koma abale tchimo silabwino eti! Munthu kumafuna kuyendera ku ma floods koma kukanika kuti utuluke ku una kuli kubisala kumeneko. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  52. losco says:

    Simkaona anthu kodi amayi kumudzi.?Nanga pa Ethiopia pomweapa mpaka nkumapitanso Ku Aneerica kenako nkumanena kuti ndine mayo WA chifundo? AAA mafllood adavuta kumudzi kaonekoni! kikikikiki

  53. Nyambitoni says:

    osamabwerako bwanji kumudzi? am sure a retired chief jastasi atopa ndi kukhala kunjako. ine former neighbour wanu wa ku Kabula Hill

  54. MBACHI says:

    Joice Banda we admire you. We wish you all the best.

  55. Bigdwag says:

    Ama, kodi mubwera liti kuno? Ife tikukusowanitu!!

  56. manyasa says:

    Donors love her more than this unknown Proffesor we voted for

    1. Mfulatuvi says:

      Yes thats why the same donors voted for her and she’s still the malawian head of state. She should know that africans in general hate white people because of their genocidal tendencies,so she will be hated by association as well.

  57. Roy Kachale says:

    Amama zibwerani basi ndakusowani please come home is dad with you there say hie to him nanu Ada Banda malonda londa

    1. Jang`ala says:

      Takusowanidi Mayi bwerani muzamangidwe munthu wamayi okuba mowopsa pa Malawi

  58. ADIMI says:

    kodi maesa unkati umakonda anthu akumudzi khotatu akuone

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